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American Escort fucked me at my Uncle's wedding.

I hadn’t seen my family in just under a year as I lived away in London due to work. I come from a posh family and to them the fact that I didn’t have a wife, or a girlfriend yet was always frowned upon. It was just months away from my uncle’s wedding when I realised I would be the subject of topic yet again for not bringing a date to the wedding, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and I booked myself a sexy American escort to be my date to my uncles wedding. When the day arrived, I couldn’t believe my luck when the most stunning blonde I had ever laid eyes on met me. She was completely perfect, and she had no problems at in in pretending that she was my girlfriend, in fact she seemed to quite enjoy the challenge that I had set her. We drove for just over two hours to get to the location of the wedding, we discussed where we met, how we met, what she did for a job and all sorts of other little details that may have been asked. It was fun and exciting, and I began looking forward to spending the day with her. She was extremely classy, she had natural blonde curls and beautiful blue eyes along with the most stunning body I had ever seen. Her name was Isabella and she came from America, which was perfect because it meant there would be no language barriers between her and my family. When we arrived at the church all eyes were on me and my stunning date, my parents looked as shocked as anyone that I had a female on my arm, and they looked pleased. My stress levels started to lower as the day progressed. Isabella played the perfect girlfriend, she stayed by my side all day and all evening and she looked ravishing in a floor length floral dress. I was proud to have such an elegant and sophisticated lady on my arm and she was fun too, I liked her carefree attitude and her smile. As the day progressed to the evening the drinks started to flow, after champagne toasts and wine with dinner I started to feel a bit tipsy and a little bit horny too. I hadn’t expected anything sexual to happen with Isabella as that was not what I had intended her for. So, when she collared me outside the gentleman’s bathroom, I was shocked and in awe. “Weddings always make me horny”, she whispered into my ear whilst giving me a sultry look. With that she grabbed my hand and pulled me into a nearby store cupboard. Her hands were instantly on me and her tongue was straight in my mouth. I felt my dick harden immediately and I started to ravish her back. I kissed her deeply and found myself running my hands up her dress to feel her already soaking wet pussy.  Her hands fumbled with the belt on my trousers and she soon found my dick and pulled it out. “Fuck me”, she commanded. I didn’t need to be asked twice, I lifted her skirt up and pushed her against the wall. I was soon fucking her hard and fast inside the small cupboard. Her legs were wrapped around my body as I drilled into her. She started to moan, and I covered her sweet lips with my hand as I continued to take her. I was obsessed, it was quick, fun, passionate all at the same time, I wanted to cum inside her and make her scream in pleasure. I pulled her nipple free from her dress and bit it between my lips as I licked and twirled it under my tongue. She had perfect breasts just like the rest of her stunning body and I couldn’t control my need to explode inside her. I went at her, pounding her hard against the wall until I exploded inside her and filled her with my cum. I felt her body shuddering as she followed me into orgasm, her tight pussy gripped onto my dick as she fell apart in extasy, leaking her juices all over me. I placed her down on the floor and she looked at me and smiled. “Well that was unexpected”, she said with a pleased look in her eyes. It certainly was, she had given me the best date ever. My perfect little American escort had pleased my family and let me fill her with spunk all in a day’s work. We returned to the party and no one was any the wiser, it was our naughty little secret and that’s the way it would stay. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of hiring an escort sooner!


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