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All Wrapped Up in Hot Call Girl Sylvie's Long Legs

He put his glass of champagne down and moved through the warm, soapy water. The escort from Eastern Europe watched him approach. Her blonde hair was piled on her head and scented bubbles formed a low-cut cover for her sexy body. He could make out the swell of her breasts beneath her slender neck and graceful shoulders. Taking a bath with Sylvie and her sexy long legs was his favourite part of the excellent GFE service that she provided. A smile played across her beautiful face. His lips met hers and they kissed, slow and sensual. She put her champagne glass down. Her arms folded around his neck and she pulled him in close, her soapy breasts pressed against his chest. Reaching under the water with his hands, he found her slippery thighs. The buoyancy of the warm water lifted her legs and she wrapped them around his body. The blonde escort had the most incredible legs. They were long, toned and supple. There was nothing better than being wrapped in Sylvie's long legs. The warm water caressed their naked bodies and Sylvie's long legs hugged him to her. He French kissed her and she responded with rising lust. Her body was moving against his in a parody of intercourse. He lifted the beautiful escort and pulled her in even closer. She settled into his lap, taking his hard cock into her pussy and wrapping her legs tighter around his body. The bath was large and deep and the water lapped back and forth in a rhythm that suited them both perfectly. His cock stroked the inside of her pussy in slow thrusts. Water splashed onto the floor and they reduced the tempo a little, laughing at their own enthusiasm. Sylvie's nails pressed into his back and she rubbed her cheek along his, little gasps fluttering against his ear. Their bodies rocked together as rapture slowly built to a crescendo in their tightly locked bodies. He kissed her neck where it met her shoulder, his teeth sinking softly into the sensitive flesh, causing her to gasp in pleasure. The young escort abandoned her sense of control and he happily went with her. Waves of water splashed onto the bathroom floor but neither of them cared any more. They thrust in union, locked together by Sylivie's long luscious legs. He cried out as his body twisted in a spasm of ultimate ecstasy. The beautiful blonde escort followed him to a joyous climax. They rocked together in the considerably shallower water, bodies pressed together. He held Sylvie's thighs tight to him - he wasn't ready to be released from her erotic embrace just yet. Angels of London - For the sexiest ladies to book in London


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