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Blonde Escort Dina for Tied Up Client

He tugged against his restraints but the blonde escort had known what she was doing. The gorgeous blonde escort giggled at his attempts to free himself. Each moment he became more and more aware that he was completely at her mercy and his dick got harder and harder. Dina slid her small hands up his spread thighs, her soft and sensual body cradled between his legs. His eyelids fluttered in response to her mouth around his cock. OWO at its best, without a doubt. The heat of her wet inner cheeks and the insistent draw of her sucking mouth he made him groan out loud, fighting against his restraints, desperate to get his hands on the blonde escort's lovely lithe body. The high class London escort withdrew her mouth from his rigid dick. He could feel her saliva running down his shaft, pooling on his balls. 'You're being very naughty,' she purred. Kneeling up between his spread legs, Dina slid her hands up his torso. The young blonde escort's breasts hung over his body, so close that he could almost touch them - so near, yet so far. His frustration added to the building heat in his groin. 'We agreed that you were not going to touch,' said the South Kensington escort as she straddled his hips, her pussy poised above his straining cock, 'We agreed that I would take my pleasure from your helpless body,' Dina ran her hands over her toned curves, grasping her breasts and circling her hips. He moaned and thrust his hips upwards, succeeding in brushing the tip of his erection against her slick pussy. 'Please,' he begged. The sexy Eastern European escort grasped his slippery cock in her small fist. 'You want me to fuck you?' the blonde escort teased as her hand slowly wanked him. 'Yes,' he gasped, 'Yes.' 'You are a lucky man,' the sexy blonde escort slid the tip of his dick inside her tight pussy, 'Lucky because as it happens, I want what you want.' Dina thrust her hips against him, taking his entire shaft inside her hot body. He cried out in ecstasy. Finally, the erotic wait was over. Her fit and flexible body undulated above him, her pert breasts jiggling with every deep thrust. He twisted and groaned beneath her, tugging against his silk restraints and feeling his climax pooling in his groin with a growing pressure. 'You've waited such a long time,' said Dina, 'This is your reward.' She fucked him faster, her supple body glowing with her effort as little gasps of pleasure fluttered from her lips. His climax hit him like a freight train, slamming through his body, exploding inside her sexy body. 'Yes,' shouted the London escort, 'Yes, so good.' He felt the blonde escort's pussy tighten around his throbbing dick as her orgasm drew the last drops of ecstasy from him.


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