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A Horny Teen Call Girl in Academic Pursuits

Jemma was a horny teenager escort. She did incalls and outcalls for a top London escort agency, seeing incall and outcall clients all over central London and beyond. She'd been to a lot of places doing outcall assignments as part of her escort career, but she'd never before been asked to turn up at the British Library! The sexy young escort showed the ID that had been sent through to her escort agency by the client, and was shown into the main reading room. Like most sexy central London outcall escorts, she was a student studying at a London university, so she was quite at home in the academic environment. She worked as an escort in her spare time to make a little cash, but also because she just loved sex and couldn't get enough of it! She was a cute brunette with a slim and sexy figure and pert 34B breasts. Her jet black hair was straight and, to look the academic part, the sexy escort had tied it up in a prim bun. She was also wearing glasses rather than contact lenses to complete her transformation from erotic escort to an academic girl. She had dressed appropriately, too. She was wearing jeans and a high-necked jumper, as instructed. But underneath she had on her sexiest lingerie. As the cute and horny teenager strolled through the quiet reading room of the library, she felt the eyes of all the men in the room tracing up and down the lines of her sexy body. She noticed her outcall client quite quickly. He had told her that he would be wearing a maroon sweater and mustard corduroy trousers. He looked the typical academic type and this really turned Jemma on. The client's name was Stephen. He had provided the horny teenager with some very specific instructions. Jemma wasn't to talk to him - talking was banned in the reading room. She was simply to sit down opposite him and pretend to do some work. After a while, when she was sure nobody was looking, she was to creep under the table and provide him some OWO. That suited the horny teenager down to the ground. If there was one call girl that loved giving OWO, it was her. She liked nothing more than the taste of a cock in her mouth. Actually, there was one thing she liked more - the taste of cum. The call girl sat down opposite Stephen and smiled at him. He smiled briefly, and resumed his work. She pretended to work for a while, reading the photocopied sheets in the folder she'd brought with her. They weren't anything academic. In fact, they were erotic stories that she enjoyed reading from time to time. They always succeeded in making her very horny! After a few minutes, Jemma looked around. The reading room was quiet, and she was sure nobody was looking their way. She briefly looked over at Stephen and deliberately dropped a pen on the floor. Seconds later she was under the table. Getting over to his side of the table, the teenage escort gently eased Stephen's knees apart and put her hand between his legs. Through the thick material she could feel that he was hard, and he was big. She was going to enjoy this. Jemma was a call girl who loved having a really big cock in her mouth almost as much as she enjoyed having one in her pussy. Gently, she eased down the zip of his trousers. His cock sprang out - it was a clear eight inches. She gave it a slow and lingering kiss, running her tongue over the salty tip. It grew harder still. The horny teenager took the whole shaft deep into her mouth, feeling the tip push against the back of her throat. She exerted strong suction on it, taking long strokes and working her hand underneath to feel his balls. She took slow, regular strokes, giving his balls a squeeze before speeding up and increasing the suction. Her finely-tuned escort instincts told her that he was growing more and more excited, and close to the point of filling her mouth with a big load of cum. When she knew he was on the point on no return, she took three quick strokes in succession. She felt his cock twitch in her mouth, and his balls contract. An instant later the sexy teenage escort's mouth was filled with the cum she loved so much. Delighted with the taste and volume of it, she swallowed it all down in one.


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