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First Assignment for a New Escort

Abi adjusted her skirt as she stood outside the door of the hotel room. Her heart was beating hard - this was her first hotel outcall assignment as a sexy new escort in London. She knocked on the door. 'Come in!' came the answer from within. Mr Smith was lying on the bed in his dressing gown, holding a glass of champagne. He was a good-looking guy in early middle-age, going a little grey around the temples but still trim. 'Hi,' she said, 'I'm Abi. I'm your escort for..' 'I know who you are, sweetheart,' he said. He stood up and put his arms around her waist before kissing her passionately on the lips. She hadn't expected it to happen this fast. She ran her hand between the lapels of his dressing gown and found bare chest underneath. Nervously, the new escort moved her hand lower and lower until she found he was completely naked underneath the gown. She wrapped her thumb and forefinger round the base of his cock. It was rock hard, and it was big! Mr Smith murmured, and turned her round. He stood behind her and kissed her her neck. She looked at herself in the large mirror on the far wall. The outcall client undid Abi's blonde hair from the prim, tight bun she'd wrapped it in, sending it cascading down her shoulders. Next he worked on the buttons of her blouse and revealed the lacy black bra underneath. It barely held her young and pert 32D breasts. Methodically, he popped each one out, and, still behind her, began to toy gently with her nipples. Aware that she was the professional escort, she turned around and pushed him back on to the bed. His dressing gown fell open to reveal a large erection. She was just about to get down to give Mr Smith some OWO when he interrupted: 'I'd like to be inside you,' said the outcall client, 'now'. He gently took hold of her wrist and motioned her onto the bed with him. 'Right now'. The hot new escort swung one of her slim, stockinged legs over him so she could straddle his cock. It pushed hard against the fabric of her thong which she pulled to the side. All of a sudden, Mr Smith pushed his full length deep inside her. He was big - she could feel the end of him stretching her pussy tight. She sank on to him as hard as she could, then, teasingly, lifted herself off nearly all the way before sinking back down again. Mr Smith shut his eyes. His hands strayed upwards towards Abi's breasts. Her nipples - which were always super sensitive - were fully erect. She shifted her weight backwards a little, changing the angle of his cock inside her so that it rubbed against her clitoris. Ever so gently, she swung her heavy young breasts so that they brushed against his chest. He groaned. She could feel the pleasure building in her own body - she'd never had a cock this big before. He put his hands under her bottom and lifted her off. Before she knew it she was flat on her back on the bed. She tore off the remains of her clothes. Mr Smith was now straddling her chest. Abi felt his fingers begin to search out her clitoris. She gasped as he found it and began to make gentle, circular motions against it with the end of his fingertip. The other girls at the escort agency had given the sexy new escort some tips which she decided to put into action. She reached down to find his cock and began to wank it. She started to use both hands - one hand pumping the bulging shaft, the other reaching underneath and gently brushing the base of his balls. He was amazingly good with his fingers - one was right on her clit while another was beginning to penetrate the wetness of her pussy. She could feel that she was soon going to come, and come really hard. Mr Smith's fingers began to move faster. Abi now had her entire right hand gripped firmly around his iron shaft. She was beginning to spasm and cry aloud - if his weight hadn't been holding her down she'd have been bucking and writhing uncontrollaby. As it was, being pinned to the bed only intensified the pleasure. He was working her clit really hard now - she couldn't hold back much longer, and shouted as the waves of pleasure rolled through her. As she came, she gave her outcall client one final tug. With a shout, he joined her in orgasm. Abi hadn't expected so much come; it spurted all over her breasts, neck and face. As he came she took his balls in the palm of her hand and squeezed very, very gently, as the other girls had taught her to. This encouraged a second burst, which landed near her lips. Making eye contact with Mr Booth, she slowly licked it away. He groaned, and collapsed on top of her, exhausted. His cock stayed rock hard, and she kept a tight hold of it - she could feel it still throbbing. There was more life in this particular client yet, and the new callgirl intended to make the most of it!


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