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A Very Special Incall Appointment For a Young New Escort

Emily was one of the horniest and sexiest escorts in London. She was 23 years old and about five foot four with short blonde hair and a cute face. Her blue eyes, rosy cheeks and cheeky smile gave her the appearance of an innocent student girl. Every week she was booked for many an outcall or incall appointment to demonstrate her sexy skills! She may have looked innocent, but she certainly wasn't! She worked for one of the finest escort agencies in central London. She loved all kinds of sex, and had done nearly everything. Her incall clients had done her up her arse, pumped hot cum all over her breasts and had her in conjunction with other sexy escort girls. Bisexual action was what Emily liked best of all. For all that she loved to take cock in her arse and pussy, to swallow mouthfuls of cum, she lived for bisexual duo sex with other escorts. It gave her the longest, hardest orgasms, and she put herself forward for duo appointments as often as she could. There was one particular girl that she was anxious to try out. Vicky's photos had recently been posted on the website of Emily's London escort agency. Vicky was only nineteen, with short black hair and sexy big brown eyes. She was slim callgirl, but had a very prominent pair of breasts. The first time Emily saw Vicky's pictures she knew she just had to have the sexy brunette teenager. Unfortunately, Vicky wasn't listed as bisexual on the site. Emily decided she would have to change that! A few days after seeing Vicky's pictures for the first time, Emily the horny escort had an incall appointment. The manager of the escort agency told her on the phone that this was a first-time client, who would ask Emily to be gentle. That wasn't a problem. Emily had seen several first-time clients before so she knew what she was doing. Feeling relaxed, she opened the door to her incall appointment client. But her relaxation quickly turned to quivering excitement. The client was Vicky! 'Hi,' said Vicky nervously. 'Can I come in?' Dumbstruck, Emily ushered her in. She couldn't bring herself to say anything, so it was Vicky who spoke first. 'I know it's kind of unusual for one escort to book another, but I want to be able to advertise myself on the website as a bisexual incall and outcall girl. I thought you could give me some training?' Instantly, Emily's tiny thong was dripping wet at the prospect of being able to make love to this beautiful young girl. She was still nervous, but now her escort instincts were beginning to take over. She smiled, took the sexy teenager by the hand, and led to her to the bedroom. One there they fell upon each other. Vicky may have been relatively inexperienced, but Emily could see why she was going to be a great escort: she was adventurous and completely uninhibited. She quickly stripped herself off, and had most of the older escort's clothes off, too. Very quickly her head was between Emily's legs, finding out what it was like to plunge her tongue into the warm, tight depths of another escort's wet pussy. Emily loved the sensation, but she had a better idea for the incall appointment. She pointed the horny young teenager in the direction of the bedside table. Vicky got up, her huge yet firm breasts swaying slightly as she moved across the room. As she opened the table drawer, her eyes widened. Reaching inside, she withdrew Emily's favourite possession - a long glass dildo. Like all glass dildos, the one in the sexy brunette escort's hands was made of medical-grade pyrex. It had a bulge at the end that was going to penetrate Emily first. Down the shaft were long, swirling ridges that would rub and stimulate the walls of her pussy. Most of all, it was big. A full ten inches long and three inches wide, it was the ultimate pussy penetrator. And it was about to penetrate Emily's pussy! Not entirely sure what to do, Vicky pulled out the tube of lubricant that also lay in the drawer and looked at her new sexy escort girlfriend quizzically. Emily shook her head. There was no way on earth that she was going to need artificially lubricating. Her pussy was so wet that almost anything would slide up there with no resistance at all. Returning to the bed, Vicky gingerly placed the bulbous head of the dildo between the cute blonde callgirl's widely-spread legs. The sexy blonde escort had felt a lot of great sensations during her career as a London escort girl, but she could never stop herself shuddering whenever the cool glass of that dildo touched her pussy lips. Lining up the glass shaft with great care, the busty teenager began to push it in. Emily gasped as her tight wet pussy swallowed up the swollen head of the artificial prick. She felt it begin its journey inside her. Vicky was good. Clearly wanting to prolong the erotic moment of the incall appointment, she slid the dildo in very slowly, so that Emily could enjoy the different sensations as it moved up inside her. Emily began to breathe heavily as the walls of her pussy closed around the ridged shaft. Leaning quickly, Vicky began to turn the great glass dildo slowly as she pushed it in. The twisting made the horny blonde escort gasp and reach for her clit. Vicky intercepted her finger and gently moved it out of the way, placing her own finger instead on Emily's clit and beginning to work it. Vicky was admiring the lovely sight of the pink walls of Emily's pussy closing around the transparent dildo. She could feel her own pussy getting wet at the very sight of it. When she felt that the glass cock could go no further, she began to pump it up to a good rhythm. She worked her finger around Emily's clit in time with this movement. Then an idea struck her. She moved her finger and bent her head down before running the tip of her tongue firmly over Emily's clit. Overwhelmed by the huge cock inside her and the great oral sex, Emily came harder than she'd ever come before. After a quick rest it would be time to teach the novice escort some tricks of the trade! This was turning into an exciting incall appointment!


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