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A Teenage Eastern European Callgirl for His Birthday

At 18 years of age, Jack wasn’t exactly experienced with women. So when he received money for his 18th birthday, he decided to make good use of it! Keen to gain experience before he went off to university, he booked a Lithuanian escort for the weekend that his parents were away. Saturday evening soon arrived though the wait had felt like an eternity to Jack! He was nervous but had booked a teenage escort to help him feel a little more comfortable. She was called Hannah and she was from Lithuania. She had long brown hair, a sweet smile and a lovely petite body. What’s more, she was relatively new to the London escort agency. So they were both in the same boat to a certain extent! Fast forward to 9pm and Jack and his Lithuanian escort were on the living room sofa. Jack had bought a bottle of wine - he’d obviously needed to present his ID to purchase it. After all, he was a fresh-faced teen, much like Hannah. She was absolutely gorgeous and had instantly made him aroused with a flash of her dazzling smile. The fact that they were both the same age had meant that they’d hit it off. The more experienced of the two, Hannah leaned in for a kiss. The cute brunette pulled Jack’s face closer to her, their lips brushing softly. Her lips tasted like strawberries and their tongues explored each others’ mouths, tasting some of the white wine that they had only just finished drinking. The wine had certainly helped break the ice, and, feeling brave, Jack’s hand wandered, brushing the smooth fabric of the Lithuanian escort’s top. Hannah let out a little moan. Her petite breasts could be felt under the top, the nipples perky with youthful excitement. All of a sudden, they were all over each other, stripping each other of their clothes. Their desires had taken over them, their need to fuck was just too great. Jack ran his hands over the petite body of his brunette escort. She was perfect from her sweet smile down to her slim legs and pert breasts. Taking Jack by the hand, Hannah led him upstairs. By instinct, Jack tried to go to his bedroom but the Lithuanian escort had other ideas! They entered the bedroom of Jack’s parents. The big, king-size bed would do nicely for what Hannah had planned! Pushing her outcall client backwards onto the bed, the sweet brunette climbed on top of him. She knew he was inexperienced and didn’t want to make him cum too early. Deciding to do away with too much foreplay, she squatted above Jack’s erection and lowered herself down onto it. Her outcall client groaned with pleasure. As expected, the pussy of the Lithuanian escort was extremely tight and wet. This was why it was such a great idea to book teenage escorts! They had great bodies and knew exactly how to use them as Hannah was now demonstrating. Hannah gave Jack the ride of his young life. She bounced her little ass up and down, her pussy grinding his cock. It turned her on knowing that Jack's parents could - in theory - be home at any time. She lowered her perky breasts onto Jack’s willing mouth and he sucked as he came, his hot cum filling the Lithuanian escort’s pussy hard and fast. Now that Jack had cum, Hannah knew that she could play a few more games with him without worrying about him finishing too fast!


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