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A Teenage Brunette Callgirl Provides Pleasure to an Adventurous Middle-Aged Man

At 55 years of age, Keith was no spring chicken. Everything about his life seemed to reflect his increasing years. From the comfortable car he drove to the relaxed Saturday evenings at home, he often wondered what had become of the adventurous young man of years past. Having recently suffered something of an acrimonious divorce, Keith knew he needed something positive, something exciting. That’s how he came to be with a sexy teenage escort. It was Saturday night and the middle-aged man was at home as usual. However, this time he had company in the form of a sexy teenage escort by the name of Ana. It wasn’t the first time Keith had booked a young callgirl to keep him company but it had been a very long time since the last. She had arrived on time and looked exactly like she did in her profile photos. Long dark hair, a slim and sexy figure, long legs and a magnificent bust made her a very attractive package! Suddenly, Keith felt like a young man again. Ana was on her knees in front of him, her mouth closed around his cock. The teenage escort was extremely good. It had taken her no time at all to strip out of her clothes. He admired the young callgirl’s big breasts as her head bobbed up and down. Her mouth was so wet, so warm. She smiled and switched to her big tits, enveloping them around her outcall client’s shaft. They were so soft and warm, Keith wanted to blow his load there and then. But he knew that he had a job to do. Bending his sexy teenage escort over he slid his dick inside her. This was so much better than a Saturday night at home alone! Ana’s pussy was tight and soaking wet. This was the advantage of choosing a young callgirl. She groaned as he started to fuck her, her big tits swinging back and forth as he did her doggystyle. Keith found he had energy again - his strength coming back to him. Harder and faster he fucked the young callgirl who was now practically begging for his cum. Before he adhered to her wish, Keith wanted to try another position. He loved having a woman on top. So having a young teenage escort bounce up and down on his cock was just too good to turn down. On Ana climbed, her wet pussy easily taking in Keith’s sizeable member. With one hand, she guided one of her gorgeous breasts into her outcall client’s willing mouth. He sucked away as she rode him, both of them getting closer to orgasm. Keith’s hands brushed her hips and felt their way around to her magnificent ass. Ana had a perfect body and he felt so lucky to be experiencing what she had to offer. As she leaned in to kiss him, Keith felt his cock twitch inside of her. His balls exploded and he came hard. Blood rushed in his ears and his head clouded as it overcame him. Over all of this he made out the teenage escort moaning as her own orgasm claimed her. It felt fantastic to just forget about everyday life and just live for the moment. Keith had decided he’d be doing it again next week! Angels of London - For the best girls to book in London


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