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Sexy Young Callgirl for the Maths Teacher

Although he was in his forties, Mr Rye did his best to keep himself in tip-top physical shape. As a maths teacher he had a very demanding job, and it was important that he kept his brain engaged with a daily workout. Most days he went for a run either before or after school. However once a month he arranged a special treat for himself: a one hour incall or outcall appointment with a sexy young escort from a top London escort agency. When the date was an incall he'd leave work and take the Tube to the incall flat of whichever horny blonde, brunette or redhead escort he'd selected from his favourite escort agency. But very occasionally - and this was where Mr Rye gave free reign to his naughty side - he would book a horny and sexy young escort girl to come and visit him in school. Working late is quite common for teachers, so none of the pupils or staff would ever suspect that he was hanging around to do anything other than mark exams, let alone that he might actually be waiting for a sexy GFE session with a horny European or Oriental escort girl! It was 6pm on a Thursday. The school buildings were nearly empty, and it was one of Mr Rye's special nights. The escort girl he'd chosen was called Amanda. She was a petite blonde which he particularly appreciated. But the main reason Mr Rye had chosen Amanda was for her busty 32DD figure. He smiled as he let her in and led her towards his classroom. It was November, and quite dark; slipping the horny escort into the school building and ultimately into his own classroom was easy. He had a key for the classroom door, but he didn't bother using it - leaving the door open was part of the thrill. Mr Rye always made a point of asking escort girls to turn up to incalls and outcalls in their everyday clothes. He didn't particularly have a schoolgirl fetish, and hadn't asked Amanda to wear a uniform. Instead, he noted with pleasure, she was wearing a short skirt with black stockings and a tight green long-sleeved top. The horny 22-year-old female escort had dark blonde hair, full lips and a look of sexy innocence that made him want to bend her over his desk there and then. But, like many mathematicians, Mr Rye was a creature of habit. Amanda had clearly been talking to some of the other sexy girls at the escort agency, because she seemed to know that he liked to start off with a good session of OWO. He sat down behind his desk, and, as was his habit, began to mark books. The horny and sexy young escort got down on all fours and crawled under the other side of the desk. A moment later, Mr Rye felt his zip being undone, and the cute female escort's small hands delve into his boxer shorts and unleash his cock. It was already hard. Under the table, Amanda wrapped her soft, warm lips around the hard shaft. As Mr Rye felt his long, hard cock being taken deep into the busty blonde escort's willing mouth, he barely flinched. He found the pleasure was intensified if he sat very still and enjoyed the escort's expert OWO while correcting weak algebra in exercise books. The outcall client did note that Amanda gave seriously good OWO, and he sank back a little in his chair so she could better take more of his cock into her mouth. The sexy young escort willingly did this, and within a moment he felt her lips right against the base of his shaft, and the tip of his cock nudging the soft, wet flesh at the back of her throat. She rhythmically applied and released suction, making his cock even harder and giving it intense stimulation. This was very quickly getting to be too much for Mr Rye, especially when the horny young escort began to cradle and gently squeeze his balls. He felt the busty blonde callgirl take hold of them and pull gently - she clearly understood that restricting their contraction at the moment of orgasm would greatly increase the intensity of her client's pleasure. And so it proved. Amanda upped the intensity and strength of her suction, and after a few moments Mr Rye was on the verge of orgasm. He dropped his pen, threw his head back and grasped the edge of the desk tightly. Sensing that he was on the edge, Amanda made her mouth and tongue go crazy, making it feel like she was trying to swallow Mr Rye's whole cock. He came with a gasp, shooting a considerable amount of cum into her willing mouth - cum that the sexy young escort swallowed greedily. Mr Rye's head lolled back and he looked at the clock - it was only ten past six, and there were fifty minutes of the outcall date remaining. As Amanda stood up, Mr Rye realised that he was going to have to bend her over his desk and give her a very square root indeed.


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