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Sex with a Taxi Driver in London

"Damn this traffic is busy today! How much longer will the taxi ride be?" asked Cindy the high class London escort. She was on her way to her boyfriend's house in a London cab and didn't want to be late. "Sorry, I don't really know. Maybe 30 minutes or so if this traffic clears a bit" replied the taxi driver. Cindy's phone rang. It was her boyfriend and he was angry that she was late, telling her to hurry up. "How can I hurry up the taxi ride?!" Cindy angrily replied, "The traffic is hardly moving. Do you think I have a magic wand? Lay off the attitude - I'll be there as soon as I can." This answer clearly didn't satisfy her boyfriend who only became angrier: "Well if you got your lazy ass out of bed in the morning then maybe we wouldn't have this problem!" Her boyfriend's anger only made Cindy angrier and she began to shout down the phone. "You know I work late and am far from lazy. I'd work a regular 9-5 office job if you weren't so awful in bed. My job's the only way I can actually get a decent shag. So fuck off - we're finished!" With that, she hung up and switched off her phone, keen to avoid any more angry calls or messages during the lengthy taxi ride. It was all rather awkward because the taxi driver had clearly overheard all of this. Cindy made eye contact with him via his rear view mirror and said "You might as well take me back home now. You heard it all. I'm certainly not seeing him now." The taxi driver coughed a little uncomfortably and said "Yeah I did. Sorry I couldn't help overhearing. I guess if he doesn't satisfy you then he is better off dumped." Cindy was feeling down and felt like getting revenge on her idiot ex-boyfriend. She leaned forwards and looked closer at the taxi driver. He was a little overweight but she could see the bulge in his trousers - he was packing! She asked him if there was anywhere they could go for a little privacy and his jaw dropped. He took a few turns and the taxi ride soon took them to overlooking a quiet London park - it was a Wednesday morning so most people were at work. The taxi driver got out of the front seat and walked around to the back door. As he opened the door he undid his belt, letting his cock slip out of his trousers. Cindy gasped. It was a huge dick. She slipped her hands between her legs and pulled aside the white cotton panties that were beneath her skirt. Her fingers began to rub her clit and she felt her pussy getting wet at the prospect of being pounded. The taxi drivers penis was fully erect and she wanted a taste. Instead of moving along to make space for him in the back of the car, Cindy stepped out and grabbed his cock with both hands, feeling its girth. She then slid it into her mouth. It was a challenge to deepthroat the huge cock but she took great pride on her zero gag reflex and the super-stretchable mouth. She ran her tongue up and down his shaft and over his dick's purple head. She could hardly breathe with her airway this full and she knew that she wanted to fuck this cock right now. She released the beast from her mouth and bent over the outside of the car. Grunting, he lined up his huge meaty package against her tight pussy and slid it in. Cindy's pussy was so soaking wet that it slid in weath ease. Cindy felt her pussy very full - it was not only long but wide too. She began to bounce against it, her ass cheeks clapping slightly with the motion. Her pussy was now dripping as the taxi driver grabbed her ass and rammed her hard. At this point they didn't care if they were seen - they were each determined to cum hard all over each other. Surprisingly, it was Cindy who came first. She rode that cock as hard as she could until she felt her body tightening and her orgasm hit her hard. She screamed out and came time and time again on top of his cock. He joined her and his cum was no disappointment - wave after wave of it gushed into her. What had been her boyfriend's loss was the taxi driver's gain. At least the taxi ride hadn't been boring!


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