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A Hot Callgirl Provides a Sexy Massage For Perfect Foreplay

Viktoria had warmed the oils to the perfect temperature. Her client had come to her incall Bayswater apartment for some hard-earned relaxation. He’d requested the Hungarian callgirl’s famous sexy massage. The service the incall escort provided was the perfect foreplay. She rubbed some of the warm oil into her hands and gently placed them on her incall client’s back. He groaned as her small, feminine hands ran up and down his back, caressing every inch of him. The Hungarian callgirl was clearly a professional and her hands had surprising strength. Viktoria focused on some of the knots in her incall client’s back before working her way down his back to his bottom. The beautiful incall callgirl loved massaging client’s asses because it made the sexy massage even sexier! Viktoria knew that rubbing this area of her client with her warm, well-oiled hands would provide him with a big erection – if he didn’t already have one! The Hungarian callgirl let her hands caress his ass cheeks, even letting them slide down between his legs to where his cock and balls lay waiting for her. But she was only teasing – this was all part of the foreplay! Next the hot incall escort climbed on top of him, as if she was going to ride him. Steadying herself on her knees on the massage table, she lowered her ass and let it brush against him as she continued to rub the oil into his skin. She noticed that her incall client was very quiet and was clearly relaxed from the sexy massage she was providing. The Hungarian incall escort bent over and whispered in her ear for him to turn over. He did so, revealing that he indeed had a huge erection. Clearly her sexy massage had worked! Viktoria got to work in massaging his chest, even bending down to give him a sensual kiss on the lips. The incall client kissed his Hungarian callgirl back with a passion. Noticing him looking at her cleavage, the sexy incall escort unbuttoned her shirt and lowered her bra, allowing her big 34D breasts to swing free. Her soft hands slowly slid down his chest, all the way down to the ever-growing cock which was now standing proudly to attention. Attention to that special area was all part of the sexy massage service! The sexy Hungarian callgirl's hands were once again covered in warm oil and then wrapped around the big, veiny dick. The incall client groaned with pleasure as she slowly ran them up and down his shaft. One of her expert hands began to jerk his shaft while the other massaged his bulging balls. The incall client began to groan as the speed of Viktoria’s hands quickened. The hot Hungarian callgirl was now wanking him furiously – this was one hell of a sexy massage! With an almighty grunt, he came hard. Viktoria giggled and gave him a kiss – hopefully he still had a little more saved up for her. After all, that was only the foreplay! Angels of London - For the best escorts to book in London


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