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A role playing escort with a warrant to search me

I was nervous about the crime I had committed; pacing up and down in my apartment, knowing that the police could be knocking at more door at any moment. I heard a knock at the door and I nervously went to answer it, a stunning blonde police woman stood in the door way. She had on the sexiest uniform I had ever seen, with a whip in her right hand. “I heard you’ve been a very naughty boy”, she said in a stern tone whilst flogging the whip seductively across her sexy sun kissed thigh. She barged her way in to my apartment, “I have a warrant to search all areas of this premises”, she said in a seductive voice. She continued her way in, pulling a set of steel hand cuffs from her bra and dangling them from her finger tips. She grabbed hold of me and pushed me to sit down on my dining room chair, she took my wrists and handcuffed them behind my back to the furniture. I was unable to move. She quickly pulled off my trousers and launched them across the room. She knelt in front of me with her juicy arse in the air, poking out from under the tight leather of her sexy uniform. My dick twitched in arousal, I was getting hard. She lowered her head and sucked the tip of my erection into her sexy mouth as her hands grazed my thighs and teased my balls. My dick was rock solid in her mouth and her head and arse bobbed up and down as she sucked vigorously on my penis. I felt her tongue circle the head of my dick, teasing me slowly before she shoved it hard down the back of her throat. I felt like I was going to cum. I moaned loudly as continued the rough and sensual torment of my cock. I could feel her hand moving between my legs and I felt a small finger-tip brimming the edge of my arse hole, she suddenly placed one finger inside my most intimate zone. The feeling was strange at first, I wasn’t expecting it, but it started to feel nice, the mixture of her violating my arse whilst she sucked on my rock- hard dick. She stopped and pulled away, she started to undo the buttons on her uniform, one by one until her massive, juicy breasts were revealed. They were delicious and full, the sexiest breasts I’d ever seen in my life. She bent over and placed my dick between her enormous assets and started rubbing my cock inside them. She grabbed my dick and tugged it whilst twisting it between her sexy breasts. I could feel myself about to cum. I couldn’t help it, I squirted my load all over her breasts; watching as liquid dripped down of her hard nipples. I was panting, and breathless. I’d never cum so hard in my life before, I was beyond aroused. She suddenly stood back and looked at me in disgust. She grabbed my wrists and roughly un-fastened the hand cuffs and dragged me over to a radiator where she made fast work of re-doing my hand cuffs around the gaps in the bars. She grabbed her whip, “how dare you cum on my big titties”, she said in anger. She whipped me hard across the bare cheeks of my arse, it hurt but in a nice way that left me aroused and wanting more. She repeated her torture until my arse was red raw and my knees began to buckle. I was panting and extremely horny, I wanted her to climb on top of my dick and fuck me. She moved her body around me and undid the cuffs, whilst pulling me to my feet. She seductively pulled me to my bedroom, “this way young man, your punishment has only just started”, she growled at me. I was about to get my wish. This was one role playing escort I wasn’t going to forget in a hurry!


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