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The Perfect Recipe for Sex with Blonde Escort

'So,' said the blonde escort as she looked around, 'nice kitchen.' 'It is, isn't it,' replied David. He watched as the sexy young blonde escort prowled around his island worktop. Her high heels clicked on the floor. When she was facing David once more she lifted herself up and sat on the marble surface, crossing her long legs so that David could see nearly all the way up her tiny skirt. 'So what's on the menu?' she asked. David and Fiona had shared outcall and incall appointments before and he knew what she liked. He reached into the fridge and retrieved a bowl of freshly whipped cream. There was a tablespoon in it. Seeing it, Fiona lifted the strappy top she was wearing over her head and unclipped her bra. The young blonde escort's breasts weren't enormous - a respectable 32C - but David knew how sensitive they were. She gasped as the cold metal of the spoon made contact with her breast. David worked the back of it very slowly around the nipple, which quickly became hard. Fiona had given him some great GFEs in the past but tonight he was going to give her a BFE - a boyfriend experience! He took the spoon away, and used it to scoop up some cream. He smeared this on her other breast, and bent over to carefully lick it off. Fiona gasped again. As he worked his tongue around her nipple, he moved his hands down the call girl's sides, and around the small of her back. He unzipped her skirt with one hand before slowly easing her back so that she was lying on the cold marble of the work surface. He pulled her skirt down. Stockings and suspenders but no panties - just how the blonde escort liked it! Fiona's pussy was perfectly shaven. He gently ran the cold edge of the spoon between the outcall escort's labia, then put a dollop of cream right over her clitoris. He bent over and licked it off, the cream mixing with her juices. She gasped and began to massage her own breasts. When the cream was nearly gone, David eased a finger inside her. There was no resistance - she was really wet. 'I don't want your finger,' the call girl breathed, 'I want your cock.' David was only too happy to oblige. He unzipped his suit trousers and hauled out his eight inches. before aligning the tip with the glistening crack of Fiona's pussy. He pushed in. Normally he liked a little OWO before sex with an escort, but tonight was special. He pushed in until the base of his shaft was flush with Fiona's labia. Then he teasingly pulled out nearly all the way, until the tip of his cock was only just inside the escort. The sexy blonde escort looked at him imploringly, keen for him to enter her pussy again. So he buried himself deep inside her once more. He placed his hands on her hips to steady her sexy young body and began to thrust in long, hard and deep strokes. Fiona, deep in pleasure, reached out with her hand into the bowl of cream. She scooped out a handful and reached down, grinding it into her pussy and the lubricated join between her and her outcall client. The cream frothed up as she rubbed it into her clitoris. After a moment or two of this the escort sat up and wrapped her arms around David's neck. He responded by sliding his hands under her sexy young arse so that she was lifted off the work surface. David's angle of entry changed and he penetrated deeper. He started to thrust hard and fast. She gasped, and he thought she was on the point of orgasm. But she wasn't ready for orgasm yet. 'Turn me over,' she gasped, 'take me from behind.' David swivelled her around so quickly that her feet barely touched the floor and his cock never left her dripping pussy. The front of her pelvis touched the edge of the work surface. He put his hand in the small of her back and gently pushed her forward. She caught her breath as her sexy round breasts made contact with the icy marble. He slammed inside her harder and deeper than before. On each stroke he pulled out nearly all the way and then hammered home. The hot blonde escort was close to coming. She began to shout and claw at the surface as the first waves rolled through her. As usual with David, their orgasm was simultaneous. In the midst of her ecstasy she felt the tip of his cock twitch inside her, and she knew that a big load was being emptied out. After they had both come hard, David leaned his weight against her so that her stomach was pressed into the work surface. He moved his hands round to touch her face. Taking the opportunity to hint what she wanted to do next, she took one of his fingers into her mouth and sucked deeply - time for some CIM! Angels of London - For the best callgirls to book in London


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