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A Pornstar Escort Provides her Famous VIP service

Lucy dashed to open the door to her incall client for the evening. His name was Pete and a hard week’s work had encouraged him to turn to his favourite escort agency in London in search of some fun with Lucy. A popular pornstar escort in London, Lucy was known for being as naughty as they come. Since he was a regular client at the agency, the incall escort was to provide him with her famous VIP service. And so it began with a glass of cava each. They sat back on the sofa of the pornstar escort in her luxury South Kensington flat. As he sipped at the cava, Pete admired Lucy’s incredible outfit which was partially covering her equally incredible body. It was a silver dress that clung to her skin in all of the right places. At the front it hung loose over her chest just enough to reveal the very top of her fantastically large breasts. The Eastern European incall escort was blonde, busty and worked as a pornstar as well as an escort. So joining the two professions seemed to make perfect sense and clients certainly weren’t complaining! While sipping their cava, Lucy was showing off her polite, sociable side of the VIP service but that wasn’t to last long. The blonde pornstar escort had her hand on her incall client’s leg and it had slowly crept higher and higher so that it now rested on his upper thigh. The busty pornstar escort noticed a growing bulge in Pete’s light blue jeans. ‘Well look who’s coming out to play!’ exclaimed Lucy excitedly. Pete grinned and happily let his sexy incall callgirl take him by the hand and into the bedroom. Within seconds he was on his back on the bed and having his jeans enthusiastically unzipped by Eastern European pornstar escort - this was all part of the VIP service! Lucy yanked at the denim and then at the pair of Calvin Klein boxers underneath. Pete’s penis sprang to attention, much to the delight of the sexy incall escort with blonde hair. ‘Do you want me to suck your dick, Pete?’, Lucy asked, clearly teasing her client as she lowered her head nearer his crotch. Pete gulped. ‘Yes please. That would be great.’ The words had barely escaped his mouth when the busty blonde plunged her mouth down onto his penis. He gasped as he felt it surrounded by the warm, wet haven of her mouth. She was a true pornstar escort as he was rapidly finding out. There was to be no real foreplay – the busty incall escort had already begun deep-throating. A gurgling noise escaped her throat as she plunged Pete’s cock back and forth. The VIP service included many sexy options such as OWO. Pete groaned in pleasure and would have closed his eyes and sank back had it not been for Lucy pulling at the front of her dress. Her big breasts tumbled out, hanging and bouncing back and forth as the pornstar escort continued her OWO efforts. Aware that her client had begun to pant rather heavily, the Eastern European incall escort removed her mouth from his dick with a pop. Licking her lips, the blonde pornstar escort hitched up her skirt to reveal a perfectly shaved and glistening pussy. She wasn’t one for wearing panties on dates. They just made her feel so inhibited. Pete groaned as Lucy lifted one leg over him. With a cheeky smile, Lucy the outcall escort dropped down onto his hard dick which was lubricated with her saliva. The Eastern European incall escort was as naughty as they come – after all, she was a pornstar! It was at this point of the VIP service that she liked to talk dirty: ‘Fuck me, Pete. I want you to pound my pussy…’ Pete’s eyes widened in response and he thrust his pelvis up and down in sync to Lucy’s consistent bouncing. ‘Oh yes…my pussy is so fucking wet. Do you like the way my big titties bounce when you fuck me?’ Lucy’s client could only murmur a jumble of sounds in response as he felt the pornstar escort’s pussy continue to jerk his dick, milking it for all it was worth. She watched in fascination as her client fought against the ever-increasing pleasure – resisting the temptation to come. It all became too much for Pete as his eyes rolled back and his legs jolted as he experienced the most powerful orgasm of his life. Making a man cum was Lucy’s specialty as a pornstar escort and the hot incall escort achieved that in mere minutes. This was one VIP service that Pete was almost certain to repeat in the near future!


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