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A Pearly Gift for a Fabulous Blonde Callgirl

The sexy London blonde escort knew that she looked breath taking. Entirely naked except for a string of pearls and a pair of killer heels, Adella moved towards her naked lover. He stood there hypnotized by her incredible figure as she moved towards him. Her hips swung with predatory grace while her pert breasts bobbed with each step. The young blonde escort watched as her lover drank in every detail of her sensual body. She reached him and pressed her hand against his bare chest. With a firm shove, she pushed him up against the wall. Her hard nipples pressed against his body. She moaned at the intimate touch. The Eastern European escort's eyes were filled with lust as she fixed her gaze on his parted lips. Without any further encouragement, he kissed her hungrily. Adella felt her ardour swell and his dick press insistently against her hip. The beautiful blonde escort smiled through their kiss and dropped down his body, squatting in her high heels and facing his straining cock. 'Take off your pearls,' he said, 'I want to give you a new pearl necklace.' Adella's sultry eyes looked up at him and she smiled her sexy, knowing smile. Carefully she removed her precious pearls and placed them in his hand. He gasped as her mouth closed around his hard dick. The young blonde escort was an expert at oral - she loved giving OWO. He groaned with each thrust and suck. The beautiful London escort slid a hand over her pussy and began to rub her clit. The little gasps in her throat added to his pleasure. He pulled her head back by the hair, looking down at her beautiful face as she continued to rub her clit. A flush of arousal was spreading across her sexy breasts. 'I'm ready,' he said. She slid a hand up and down his swollen dick several times. His body stiffened in response and he called out with the strength of the pleasure that pumped through him. His spunk splashed across Adella's throat, leaving a rope of small white pearls on her smooth skin. The blonde escort reached her climax as his hot seed hit her, the waves of erotic fulfilment evident in her eyes.


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