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Sexy Duo Escort Dress up to be an Easter Bunnies

One of the big advantages of being a London escort girl is that life is never boring! Every day brings something different, and the sheer variety of the job is one of its chief attractions. Certainly, this is what had attracted Cassie and Nadia to the career; along with the opportunity for lots of horny, bisexual sex of course! So the chance to dress up as a pair of sexy Easter bunnies was just too good to miss! The two girls were from quite different backgrounds, and had met quite by chance. Nadia, who was Lithuanian, had arrived in London hoping to work as an escort, and had been set up by her agency with a flat in Great Portland Street. Cassie worked as a secretary at a nearby estate agent's office. She'd been hired mainly on the basis of her looks, because she was a terrible typist. Living in the same building, they one day met in the corridor and were immediately taken with one another. In fact, within an hour of first meeting, there were in bed together. They were already naked and kissing passionately. Their dainty feminine hands explored each others' bodies. Neither girl would have thought of themselves as a lesbian or even as bisexual. Yet there they were. They made each other incredibly horny and had as much sex as possible. You could say they were at it like Easter bunnies! The decision to go into business together as a pair of horny bisexual escorts had been a natural extension of the hot sex they were having most nights. Cassie moved in with Nadia and they both began working for the same agency as a bisexual duo, seeing horny clients for outcall and incall dates. Being completely insatiable, they both loved it. What made it even better for clients was that they looked so similar they could have been sisters; both were tall, slim and had beautiful blue eyes. Their favourite client was Martin, who had a particular thing for booking them last minute for incall dates. He'd often turn up with sexy costumes such as nurses, teachers or Easter bunnies for them to wear while they sucked and fucked him. Martin had booked a two hour incall appointment with the two escorts for Easter Monday. Martin being Martin, they fully expected him to turn up with some kind of Easter-themed costume. They were not disappointed. Within ten minutes of his arrival at their incall flat on Great Portland street, both Cassie and Nadia were dressed in identical Easter bunny outfits. Martin was sprawled on the bed, admiring the bodies of the two hot young escort standing in front of him, and wondering which one to fuck first. Always a careful planner, he had decided not to include any sort of knickers in the bunny girl outfits. Two trimmed pussies stared back at him, each seemingly begging to be nailed first. The London incall client decided he'd fuck Cassie first. The sexy young blonde London escort straddled him. Her bunny ears flopped as she used both hands to gently feed his long hard cock into her pussy. She was already soaking wet with the thought of being penetrated by such a long dick. Martin's length was soon deep inside her, and she began to rock back and forth, fucking him cowgirl style. Nadia couldn't bear not to be involved when her bisexual escort girlfriend was being fucked. So she knelt down next to Cassie who was riding Martin's cock. Ducking her head down, Nadia wrapped her mouth around the nipple of Cassie's right breast. Her right hand slid down and managed to make contact with Cassie's clit and began to rub and circle it enthusiastically. Nadia's efforts were immediately rewarded as Cassie gasped and began to ride harder, obviously loving the double effect of her client's cock and her bisexual girlfriend's fingers. With her left hand, Nadia reached underneath Cassie's cute young arse and gently grasped Martin's balls. She squeezed and tickled them, occasionally moving her fingers up to encircle his shaft as it drove in and out of Cassie's tight pussy. The pair began to fuck harder, Martin driving his long cock deep inside the callgirl's pussy, spurred on by the feeling of Nadia's cool hands caressing his balls. Within a few moments both were coming hard, Cassie driven to an intense orgasm by the deep penetration of Martin's cock coupled with the effect of her clit on Nadia's fingers. When they had both recovered, they noticed Nadia on the bed next to them, bouncing up and down with excitement, her bunny ears flopping. She wanted to come too. Which of them would help her?


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