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A Lesson for a New Escort Arrival

Dave wasn't exactly a senior guy in the escort agency he worked for, but he certainly got some interesting jobs. It's worth saying straight away that he most certainly was not an escort! The exclusive London agency he worked for only represented female escorts in London. Dave's job was driver which meant transporting escorts to and from London appointments. One of the more interesting tasks was picking up new London escort girls from the airport. Like most top London escort agencies, the one Dave worked for was mostly staffed by sexy young escorts from Eastern Europe. When they arrived in London the agency often sent Dave to pick them up from the airport as a courtesy. Dave was used to meeting good looking girls in his job, but the young cutie he was asked to pick up on this particular day was even hotter than most. A nineteen-year-old Latvian, Maria was a cheeky and petite brunette. She was slim with a huge double D bust and had the most suggestive baby blue eyes Dave had ever seen. He had a feeling that this new escort was going to be a handful as they exchanged pleasantries. It was 10pm in the evening, and the roads were as dark and quiet as they reasonably got in London. Within half an hour they were parked up in a service area, having hot sex. To be fair, it wasn't what Dave had expected. But not long after they had set off Maria had turned to him and put her hand softly on his crotch. Smiling, she simply said, "Please...I want to learn how the English fuck." As you can imagine, Dave was only too happy to help the cute new escort on her educational quest. He'd barely managed to reply in the affirmative when the cute young escort girl had her head between his legs and was unleashing his cock. The next thing he knew, Dave felt his cock being taken deep into the hot young callgirl's mouth. He gasped as he felt the tip of his cock brushing the back of Maria's throat and savoured the sensation of her tight young lips sucking up and down his shaft. Dave realised he couldn't endure too much of that sort of treatment without shooting his load deep into the sexy young escort's throat. She was clearly a natural, because she seemed to sense it too. After a couple of final lingering strokes she sat up and immediately straddled Dave in the driver's seat, taking care to hitch up her skirt. He could help but notice that the sexy new escort didn't seem to be wearing any underwear. "Now I fuck you properly!" she exclaimed. And fuck him properly is exactly what she did. His cock was recovering from being thoroughly sucked and was now being treated to one of the tightest pussies he'd ever experienced. Putting his hands on Maria's sexy ass, Dave began to thrust upwards, driving his ever-hardening cock deep inside her. Maria was clearly an expert and she fully expected Dave to enjoy himself. So that he could appreciate her assets, the hot Eastern European call girl pulled her top over her head and let Dave get his hands and mouth around her spectacularly large tits. Dave quickly wrapped his mouth round Maria's left nipple and began to flick his tongue back and forth over it. It hardened, and the new escort began to moan and breathe deeply, riding him even harder than before. They fucked harder and harder, making the car rock on its suspension. Maria had her mouth pressed against Dave's ear and was practising her English. "Mmmm, yes...fuck me, fuck me big boy. Fill me up with your cum". Unable to hold on any longer, Dave did just that, pumping Maria full of his hot spunk. She groaned, her body going rigid and shuddering with a powerful orgasm. A moment or two later she was sitting up again, smiling brightly. "Was good - now we go do it in bed, yes?" Dave felt it would have been rude to refuse.


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