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An Escort Girl for an A-Level Appointment

As far as Clare was concerned, one of the best things about being a sexy London escort girl was the very high level of freedom it allowed her. Apart from a handful of incall and outcall appointments each week, she was pretty much free to do whatever she wanted! Had she been office-bound, Clare would very quickly have drawn the attention of all her colleagues because she was truly beautiful. Her dark, wavy hair framed a friendly, attractive face with high cheekbones, clear skin and a hypnotising smile. The young escort girl's 34D assets meant that she was exactly the kind of girl that her escort agency's clients loved. Add in to the mix one of the friendliest personalities, and Clare became a combination no red-blooded man could resist. Like most London escorts, Clare was the type of girl who just couldn't resist a little sexual experimentation. She'd done all the usual things that London escorts do such as bisexual experienced with other callgirls. She'd even had a threesome outcall with two guys. She enjoyed a little light bondage, and with trusted clients was quite happy to play a submissive role. Yet one thing she had never done was anal sex. At first, she hadn't been sure that she really wanted to, but after talking to other girls who worked for her escort agency she decided that she wanted to experience it. The hot escort girl didn't have to wait long. Having notified her London escort agency boss that she wanted to meet a client who was interested in "A" levels, it was only a couple of days before one turned up. His name was Steve. He'd seen her photos on the escort agency website and immediately booked an appointment, specifying his desire to test out her a-level skills. It was to be an outcall appointment to a central London hotel and Clare turned up at the appointed time. She was nervous but excited at the prospect of a new sexual experience. Having taken the advice of some of her escort friends, she arrived at the hotel with some appropriate equipment in her bag. She knew that some extra-strong condoms would be needed, as well as some suitable lubricant. Steve, as it turned out, was a very nice guy indeed, and very soon the escort girl and he were sprawled on the sofa in his hotel room kissing passionately. They began to fumble with each other's clothing as they kissed, and within a few minutes they were both completely naked. Steve abruptly stood up, extending his hand towards Clare. She took it, and he pulled her over towards the bed. In a second they were both on it, burrowing under the duvet and warming the cool sheets with the heat of their bodies. Although she was excited, the hot and busty young incall and outcall escort was becoming increasingly nervous. Would she enjoy being taken up the arse for the first time, or would it hurt? She was soon to find out. Before she knew it, Steve had her face down on the bed and was spreading her legs, diving down between them and licking the inside of her thighs and the back of her pussy, getting her wet and excited. The cute escort girl's client then broke off from what he was doing and retrieved the lubricant from the bedside table. Clare the sexy brunette lay exactly where she was, hardly daring to move. She heard Steve unscrew the cap on the tube of lubricant, and then a dab of coolness right on the pucker of her arse as he spread her tight young bum cheeks. Suddenly Steve was on top of her, his lips kissing the back of her neck as the end of his cock probed for her lubed-up arsehole. It wasn't long before he found it.  She gasped as the tip of his cock nudged inside her tight young arse. The other girls at her escort agency had told her that it was more enjoyable if she was as relaxed as possible. So Clare took a deep breath and welcomed the anal probing. Steve edged his cock further in, giving Clare a very satisfying and sexy sensation of fullness as the length of his shaft penetrated her virgin anus. At first the sexy young escort girl wasn't at all sure whether she liked the sensation, but after a few gentle thrusts from her considerate client she began to enjoy herself very much indeed. The sensitivity of the area around her anus, combined with the pressure on the back wall of her vagina and g spot soon had the cute and horny escort moaning with pleasure. Noticing that the sexy young escort seemed to be enjoying her first anal penetration, and that she wasn't suffering any apparent discomfort, Steve began to pound her harder, wrapping his arms around her midriff in a bearhug and fucking her hard in the arse. Clare was loving it. Steve pounded harder and harder until, with a groan, he came - Clare could feel his hot spunk filling up the condom buried deep in her arse. She'd loved her first experience of anal sex, but she hadn't yet come. As Steve slid his cock out of her she turned over, hoping he would recover soon and give her a more conventional fucking.


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