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A Hot Teen Callgirl Learns a Lesson

Alex was a geography teacher. He wasn't an old fuddy-duddy with a tweed jacket and elbow patches. He was young and sexy with dark brown hair and a nice smile. In fact, all the girls he taught fancied him. He was also a really horny guy who liked nothing better than to book a sexy young escort once in a while. He'd booked one for tonight - a 19 year old escort whose photos had just appeared on the website of the escort agency he regularly used. Sarah was a very sexy young escort indeed. She had long dark brown hair and was a slim figure callgirl. She was quite a tall escort, too, judging by the stats on the agency website. She wasn't a student anymore, but that didn't mean that Alex couldn't teach her a thing or two! He let her in when the buzzer sounded. The sexy young escort was even cuter in the flesh than in her photos. She was wearing a long coat and her hair was in a ponytail. They went through to the bedroom, and Sarah took off her coat. Underneath, as Alex had requested, the escort girl was wearing her old school uniform which consisted of a a short skirt, white shirt, blue-and-red striped tie and a dark blue blazer. Alex could see the lacing of her bra through the thin material of her shirt. 'Right, young lady,' he said. 'It's time for your first lesson!' 'Yes sir,' she replied meekly. The sexy young escort was playing her role as a schoolgirl perfectly, just as the escort agency had said she would. 'I think the first thing you should do, my girl, is strip to the waist. It's important to be properly dressed for lessons.' The sexy young escort slid off her blazer and coyly begagan to undo the buttons on her shirt. She took her shirt off, and stopped. 'Why have you stopped?' 'I - I'm shy sir,' she replied. 'Shy? Shy? We can't have that!' Alex put a hand under each bra strap and pulled down hard so that the bra was virtually torn off the sexy young brunette call girl's quivering body. Her breasts were not huge, but they were perfectly pert. The outcall client took a nipple between his forefinger and thumb and felt it became erect quickly - the gasps Sarah gave out were somewhere between pleasure and pain. 'Now,' he said, 'I believe that students should have a say in their education. What would you like to do?' 'Please sir,' said the cute young brunette escort, 'I'd like you to push a finger inside my pussy, sir.' 'Are you wearing your knickers?' asked the dominant client. 'No sir. I knew you would prefer it if I didn't.' He reached underneath her skirt and raised his hand. Her pussy was indeed bare. 'I see you've been keeping yourself trimmed down there.' 'Yes, sir. I like to be neat and - ' but the last word turned into a sharp intake of breath as the sexy young escort felt two fingers being pushed roughly inside her. They rotated and probed while his thumb searched out her clitoris. When contact was made the brunette escort gasped and nearly orgasmed on the spot. 'Ohhh - sir...' 'Silence!' He continued to pump his fingers. He was taken aback by just how wet the young escort was. She clearly responded well to discipline. It was time to take her education to the next stage. He took off her short skirt so that she was naked apart from a pair or short white socks. Then he pushed her back so that she lay on the bed, legs spread and ready for him. Unzipping his trousers, he withdrew his cock. The sexy young call girl gasped and her eyes widened. His shaft was a clear eight inches long, and rock hard! Before she had a chance to say anything, or even express her admiration for the length of his shaft, he was on top of her. There was no foreplay here: this student was going to learn her lesson good and proper, the hard way. The end of his cock quickly found her dripping pussy. He thrust hard, pushing his entire length inside her in one hard push. Working his hands underneath the brunette escort's body, Alex clasped the cheeks of the brunette escort's arse and began to pound her hard. She raised her legs in the air and began to moan and groan in ecstasy as she felt the bullet-like tip of his cock working deep inside her. Silence!' he said, between thrusts. 'I won't have you making silly noises while I'm trying to teach! Any more sounds like that and there'll be no more cock for you!' He pulled out nearly all the way, just leaving the tip of his engorged shaft between her swollen pussy lips. 'Is that what you want?' The sexy young escort shook her head vigorously and mimed zipping her mouth shut. He thrust in once more. It was all she could do not to cry out. The pressure of being silent was making the pleasure Sarah felt more and more intense. Alex was grasping her arse, pulling the cheeks wide apart with every thrust into her tight wet pussy. Within moments, the sexy brunette escort felt the uncontrollable waves of a fantastic orgasm building between her thighs. She tensed her pussy muscles, sighed, and came. Alex timed his own orgasm to the exact moment the escort girl came. He shot his load deep inside her. She'd learned her lesson well.


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