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The Bisexual Escort Duo for a Highland Fling

Charlie, being a true Scot, was very patriotic. Although he lived in London, he got back home as often as he could, loyally drank malt whisky, celebrated Burns night and always cheered on his country in the rugby and football. Naturally, there were many aspects of his highland home that Charlie really missed, chiefly the sexy Scottish girls he'd had so much fun with in his younger days. Still, if you live in London and you have enough money there are ways of getting around problems like this and the way Charlie preferred was to hire the occasional sexy escort duo to take his mind off this sexual homesickness. On this particular day, Charlie had decided that he felt like spending some time with a pair of horny and bisexual female escorts from his favourite London escort agency. Their names were Lara and Jade. Lara was blonde while Jade was a redhead, and both horny escorts were slim, busty and raring to go! Charlie had seen them both previously on an individual basis, but never together as a bisexual escort duo. So Charlie phoned the escort agency and booked an incall appointment with the two London callgirls, at the same time taking the opportunity to make a special request about what they should wear. When Charlie finally arrived at the bisexual escorts' incall flat near Marble Arch, he was very pleased with what he saw. Both Lara and Jade were wearing short and sexy tartan skirts with white stockings and tight fitted shirts. Although neither of the two female escorts was Scottish, they'd clearly done their best to accommodate their client's desires. As the escort duo were standing next to each other by the big double bed, Charlie took the opportunity to put a hand up each skirt. Feeling between the girls' legs he put his hands on a pair or perfectly trimmed pussies, each with just a short covering of smooth pubic hair. The two bisexual callgirls who were unable to hold themselves back any longer, fell on Charlie. Lara began to unbutton his shirt while Jade fell to her knees and took his trousers and boxers off. Within a few seconds his cock - which was rapidly stiffening - was taken into the warm embrace of Jade's mouth. She was an expert giver of OWO, and after just a few strokes of her lips, Charlie was rock hard. Clearly Lara wanted a slice of the action, too. She was kissing Charlie full on the mouth, and reach down with her other hand. Charlie felt her fingers around his cock. She gripped it gently, guiding it in and out of Jade's mouth and giving the occasional squeeze to keep him as rigid as possible. Then, as suddenly as they had started, the hot escort duo broke off and began to undress each other. Their tops came off quickly, revealing the fact that neither of them were wearing bras! Both of the bisexual escorts had medium-sized, C-cup boobs and the sort of sexy bodies that Eastern European escorts are famous for. The tartan skirts were next, and then the girls were naked apart from their white, stockings. After a quick lesbian snog they quickly went back to fondling Charlie. Soon they had him completely naked, lying on the bed. The girls were in a bit of a bind at this point, desperate to get their hands on each other but each equally desperate to have their client's cock inside them. Jade made it first, sinking down on to Charlie's shaft as he lay back on the bed, her long red hair swinging around as she bent her head forward, gasping as she took in his length. Charlie felt the warm flesh of her pussy enfold him. He would have admired the fine sight of Jade's breasts bouncing up and down as she began to ride him if, at that moment, Lara had not straddled his face. There he was presented with the inviting prospect of a tight and juicy pussy to get his tongue around. After a few moments they got a good rhythm going. Charlie placed his hands on Jade's hips and began to thrust upwards into her tight pussy. The young redhead escort clearly found this very arousing, and was soon groaning while reaching over to feel her bisexual girlfriend's breasts. Lara the blonde callgirl, for her part, was discovering that Charlie had a very long tongue indeed as it penetrated her and sought out her clit. Charlie thrust harder, and within a few moments he had come. The very last of his hard, upward thrusts into redhead escort Jade's tight snatch sent her into euphoria. The only person left high and dry was Lara. She dismounted and lay flat on her back with her legs spread, waiting in eager anticipation for her turn as Jade began to coax some life back into Charlie's cock. It wouldn't be long before the second reel of the highland fling with the escort duo took place!


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