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A Helping Hand from a Hot Hungarian Callgirl

Only a relatively small number of London escorts are available for travelling outside of London. However, there's a significant demand for outcall services in the area immediately outside the M25, and there are several gorgeous London escorts who are prepared to fulfil horny clients' needs in these locations.One such escort was Tamara. The Hungarian escort beauty was tall and busty with the most striking deep blue eyes that you are likely to see. On this particular day, Tamara found herself on an outcall date in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire.  The twenty-year-old escort in London was an exceptionally fit and athletic young lady which was lucky because the outcall house was at the top of a rather steep hill. Her client was called Tony. His happiness was evident when he opened the front door and his eyes lit up. He was a short and stocky man in his early thirties. He had evidently just showered, and was still wearing a towelling robe. He invited Tamara in and offered her a drink and a shower. She quickly accepted - travelling in the height of summer was sweaty business. When the sexy young eastern European escort emerged from the shower, she found that her client had kindly left out a matching towelling robe. She slipped it on and tied the cord loosely around her narrow waist. Picking up a glass of orange juice she had left on the hand basin, the Hungarian escort made her way into the living room. Tony was reclining on a large leather sofa. His robe was partly open and Tamara could see a growing bulge underneath it. Walking over to him, the sexy young escort knelt down and placed her cool hand on the exposed flesh of her client's thigh. He exhaled slowly and slid further down into the soft cushions, inviting her to go further. She slowly untied Tony's dressing gown and laid it open, exposing his long hard cock. When she saw the length and strength of his erection the cute young escort smiled and bit her lip coyly. Carefully taking it in the palm of her right hand, the sexy Hungarian escort began to stroke it up and down slowly. After a moment she paused and, stopping briefly, slipped off her own dressing gown so she could kneel naked in front of her client. For Tony the pleasure was intense and continuing to grow - the cute young escort in front of him kept smiling and looking at him as if seeking approval. All the while, her soft hand gripped firmly and worked up and down the long shaft of his cock. At the top of every stroke she gave a little squeeze, as if trying to coax the cum out of his balls. To add to the effect, the cute Hungarian escort slid her fingers under his scrotum and began to gentle tease and tickle his testicles. Tony lay back, enjoying the sensation of Tamara's hand pumping his shaft. She began to jerk his cock a little quicker. Her fingers became firmer on his balls, giving light squeezes to tease him into coming. It didn't take long. Tony felt the sap rising in his cock, and began to gasp. Tamara took this as her cue for a short burst of pumping hard and fast, and moved her face to catch the load as it spurted out. Tony came, groaning. He'd obviously been saving up for this, because the load of hot cum that splattered into Tamara's face and ran into her mouth and down her chin was the biggest she'd ever experienced - and at such close range it hit with some force. Greedily, the Hungarian escort licked as much of it into her mouth as she could. Like all London escorts, Tamara loved to give her clients a helping hand!


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