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Two Bisexual Escort Girls Booked for a Grand Day Out

Most clients of the escort agency where Cherry and Celia worked were city types. They were city men who visited girls in central London when their busy schedule of meetings allowed. The two bisexual escort girls were not used to being booked for outcalls beyond the M25, though they knew their agency received such bookings on occasion. Today they were in Gloucestershire. It was a sunny day, and they were following their client Andrew up the side of a hill. It was a good job he'd told them not to wear heels - they would have really struggled otherwise! In flat shoes, neither escort had a problem. Both girls were real gym bunnies who loved to keep in shape for their clients. They were soon at the top where they saw views that stretched for miles. It was a very warm day with the slightest of breezes. Andrew put down the picnic hamper he'd been carrying. The call girls had been asked to spread out a large picnic rug on the green summit of the hill. 'Right ladies,' said Andrew to the two sexy bisexual escort girls, 'I think before we have anything to eat you two need to work up an appetite. With each other, if you see what I mean.' Cherry and Celia knew exactly what he meant, and didn't need much encouragement. Neither of the call girls were bisexual purely for professional reasons - the two of of them often got together for sex simply because they enjoyed it! They began to pull at each others' clothes. For fun, they'd come in matching outfits: tight powder-blue polo shirts that showed off their busty chests and tiny white shorts with plimsolls. The shirts were quickly off, and Cherry was soon fumbling with the cups of Celia's bra in order to free her breasts. Cherry began to lick and kiss her escort girlfriend's tits. She knew that Celia enjoyed tiny love bites on her boobs, and the other escort was soon moaning with pleasure as Cherry administered them. Before very long, both bisexual escort girls were naked apart from their white plimsolls. They were lying on the rug, caressing and kissing, quite forgetting that this was one of the most unusual outcall appointments they'd ever done as a bisexual duo in London. But before they got too carried away, they remembered their client. He was standing over the sexy bisexual escorts, rubbing his growing shaft through his shorts. The call girls rolled apart, leaving a space between them on the rug for Andrew. Andrew lay down between them, and the two naked escorts - both of them incredibly horny - were fighting to get his cock out. Celia won, and took it straight in her mouth. As she gave him OWO, Cherry, a graceful loser, concentrated on taking his clothes off. If they were going to be naked, so was he! After some moments of sucking her outcall client's cock, Celia let it fall out of her mouth before looking up at him. # 'Which of us to do you want first?' asked Celia. Andrew paused for a moment. 'Hmm...that's a tough decision. I'll let you choose.' Celia looked at Cherry. The two bisexual escort girls were well accustomed to working with each other, and they didn't need to talk to communicate their plans. Celia pulled a condom from the pocket of her discarded shorts and used her mouth to roll it down on to Andrew's shaft. She then straddled him and sank down, taking his whole length inside her. Although he wasn't young, Andrew was long and hard, and he knew what to do with a sexy young escort. Celia felt his cock fill and stretch her. She began to ride him with a determined rhythm. Cherry wasn't going to be left out. She swung her leg over Andrew's head and lowered herself so that her wet pussy was against his mouth. The blonde escort gasped as she felt his tongue dart inside her wetness to taste her pussy juices. Andrew obviously liked what he tasted, as he came back for more. She felt his tongue drive inside her, stimulating her clit and penetrating her pussy. The two blonde bisexual escort girls were now facing each other. Not being the types to miss an opportunity, each leaned forward a little. They just kissed at first, but then their hands began to stray so that they were fondling each other's perfect breasts, smoothing the flesh and squeezing the nipples. All three of them - the two sexy young escorts and client - were pretty excited by this stage, and there was no telling who was going to come first. Celia had a long cock buried inside her, pumping away with increasing speed and firmness. Cherry was having her pussy licked like it had never been licked before. The two bisexual escorts kissed and felt each other, running their hands over each others' soft flesh and the skin of Andrew's torso between them. In the end it was Andrew, overcome with sensory overload, who bucked and writhed as he ejaculated deep inside Celia. After him the escorts came like dominoes, first Celia then Cherry. When they had all recovered it was time for strawberries with cream. The sexy young bisexual call girls looked at each other. They could think of plenty of things to do with whipped cream before the date was up!


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