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Hot Red Head Escort Gets a Good Bone

Pete was a night manager at the Natural History Museum in London. This could be a pretty dull job at times, wandering around the huge, echoing halls late at night, making sure that nothing was amiss. Tonight it was Pete's 50th birthday, and he was planning a special treat for himself - he'd arranged for a sexy young escort from London's top escort agency to come and see him as part of an outcall appointment while he was at work. This didn't represent any great risk - although there were security guards about they all knew him well. Even if he were to be caught, the worst he could expect would be a few gags in the canteen the next day. Having explored the escort agency website he'd selected a sexy young student called Cara. She was a pretty Irish girl with long red hair, soft white skin, a tight arse and a big pair of breasts. As arranged, he was standing by the rear door of the museum at midnight to let her in. Taking her hand, Pete led the sexy young escort through the dim and darkened corridors of the museum - he had some very specific plans about where the young redhead was going to get her first fucking of the night! After a couple of minutes they arrived in one of the great halls of the museum, and the horny young redhead escort girl looked up in wonder at the huge skeleton of a T. Rex towering above them. The dinosaur was standing on a plinth which was raised a couple of feet above the floor. The young Irish escort girl noticed that a blanket had been spread on the floor between the huge bony legs of the great beast. Quietly and carefully, Pete led Cara up onto the plinth. As instructed, she was wearing flat gym shoes - the stilettos that most sexy young escorts prefer to wear would have made far too much noise on the museum's old marble floors. The sexy young escort quickly found herself lying flat on her back on the blanket, looking up into the mighty dinosaur's ribcage. Pete began to work his way up her body, feeling its gentle curves through the jeans and jumper outfit she was wearing. He stopped for a second, pausing briefly to work his hand between her legs, cupping the young escort's pussy through her jeans - she gasped quietly as the VIP client immediately found her clitoris. Next, Pete carefully unzipped the sexy and submissive redhead's jeans and slid them down her legs, before pulling them off altogether - now she was lying there still wearing her jumper to keep off the chill of the cool hall, but below the waist dressed only in a tiny white thong. Even in the dim light Pete could see that there was a growing damp patch on the fabric - clearly this was one Irish redhead escort who liked to be taken control of by a dominant older man. He put his hand between the sexy young escort's legs once more, pushing his palm into her pussy and feeling the damp squelching as the cloth of her thong rubbed against her increasingly sodden pussy. The incall and outcall escort in London began to moan softly as he kept this up, pressing his palm down firmly and rotating it so that her clitoris was ground back against the flesh of her crotch. All of a sudden, the horny older man lifted up the escort's legs and whipped off Cara's panties altogether. A moment later he had undone his trousers and his cock was out. The Irish escort reached down and ran her fingers along its length. It was hard, and she wanted it inside her. Her wish was soon to be granted. Aiming carefully, Pete pushed his long cock deep into the pussy of the sexy young escort, pushing it until he had penetrated as far as he could. A few moments later he was pumping the young escort hard as her unrestrained groans echoed off the ceiling of the hall. So long and hard was he cock that she began to come in seconds. Pete followed suit, shooting a thick load of cum deep inside the horny and submissive young escort girl.


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