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A New Brunette Call Girl and Two Guys

Martin and Steve were good mates. In fact, they were such good friends that they very much enjoyed taking part in sexual activities together - albeit indirectly through the booking of young London escorts! About once a month they would go clubbing together and followed that with an incall appointment with an escort. Each month they would try to get a slightly different girl - a blonde, a brunette, a redhead, or maybe an Oriental or Afro-Caribbean girl. This month they'd been looking through the online gallery of their favourite high class London escort agency, and found a particularly sexy looking new escort girl. Her name was Sara, she was nineteen years old and she had mid-length, curly black hair which fell about her shoulders in a sexy way. But what they liked most about her was her cheeky smile which hinted that she was a little minx who would be up for anything. A quick call through to the escort agency confirmed that not not only was Sara up for anything, the sexy incall and outcall London escort was longing to experience her first appointment with two men! When they arrived at the horny call girl's incall flat in Chelsea, the two guys didn't waste any time getting to know the sexy brunette escort. She'd met them at the door wearing just a thin, see-through nighty. Within moments the nipples of her perky 32B breasts were poking through the material as she began to consider the prospect of having two cocks inside her. The young brunette loved sex, but she was a bit unsure how to handle two men at once. So she'd sought the advice of some of the more experienced female escorts at her escort agency in London. The advice was as such: if you have a tight pussy, don't try to take two cocks in it because it just won't work. Instead, you take one in your pussy and the other in the ass. Sara was a little disappointed to hear that she wouldn't be able to have two dicks in her pussy at the same time. Although she absolutely loved anal, the hot new escort had been looking forward to having her pussy stretched by two cocks. But she was probably too tight - she knew this because lots of clients commented on just how tightly her little snatch wrapped around their cocks. In fact, even another escort girl who had fucked her with a vibrator on one of their days off had said that it was the tightest little pussy she'd ever come across! Steve in particular loved anal sex and was looking forward to penetrating the sexy young callgirl's cute and tight arse while his friend Martin would delve deep into her pussy. Before very long the three of them were on the bed and Sarah had her work cut out stripping the guys of their clothes. She was pleased - and just a little wary - that they both had very big cocks. She couldn't imagine how her petite body was going to accommodate both of them at once! But the sexy new escort girl knew she would have to manage it somehow, and she'd taken the precaution of making sure she had plenty of lubricant. It wouldn't be needed for her pussy, which was already dripping wet at the prospect of taking those two mighty cocks inside her, but she would definitely need some in her arse, just to get things started. When they were all naked, the horny young escort lay on the bed with a cock in each hand, pumping and priming them ready to fuck her. In return, Steve and Martin both reached their fingers down to her pussy and began to play with it, finding her clitoris and making the sexy young callgirl squeal with delight. When they were both hard enough to really give the horny young call girl a thorough penetration, she rolled on to her side. Behind her, Steve had got hold of a tube of lubricant and had started greasing up her tight arsehole. In front, Martin continued to work her clit. She felt like she was already going to come, but she knew she'd have to hold out for their two big dicks. It was clear that the two men knew exactly what they were doing. When Steve was satisfied that her arse was sufficiently lubed up to take the meaty length of his cock, he nodded to Martin. Martin rolled on to his back and guided the new escort to sit astride him. As soon as she was in position, he guided her down so that her tight pussy sank down on his cock. She was indeed very tight, and Martin enjoyed the sensation as his cock began to bury itself deeper and deeper inside her. Martin had settled himself with a few introductory thrusts. He pushed Sara's legs back so that the horny young escort was lying back on top of him. Steve kneeled between both their legs, and positioned her arse so that he could penetrate it. Her pussy was already full of cock, so when another one began to creep into her arse she began to wriggle and squirm with delight. Steve nudged his cock into the tight arsehole, inch by inch. Within moments the horny young call girl was screaming with pleasure, the earlier stimulation having already brought her to the brink of orgasm - and the boys had only just got inside. They looked at each other over her writhing body, and started pounding away once more.


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