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A Threesome with a Sexy Teen Callgirl

Sophie knew all about outcall appointments. As a teenage escort working in central London, she did both incalls and outcalls. Incalls took place at her luxury flat in Kensington High Street. Outcalls escort bookings could be anywhere, be it Chelsea, Mayfair, Oxford Street, or even south of the river or out of London entirely. Today's assignment was a little further north than the London escort was used to travelling. All she knew was that she'd been booked for an outcall in Islington by a married couple who wanted to spice up their sex life a little. Her boss at the London escort agency she worked for said they booked a girl once a month, though this was the first time they'd asked for Sophie. Maybe they'd seen her new photos on the escort agency website and admired her slim body and cute arse. Sophie may only have been 18 years old - a truly teenage London escort if ever there was one - but she certainly didn't lack confidence. She went right up to the door of the Georgian house and rang the bell. She was met at the door by a lady in her forties who introduced herself as Maddy. Not put off by the fact that Maddy was clearly old enough to be her mother, Sophie broke the ice by planting a long, lingering kiss on Maddy's lips and running her smooth hands over the older woman's breasts. "My," said Maddy, "you're confident, aren't you?" she exclaimed. Lucy only smiled, walked past Maddy and skipped up the stairs in the hall, making sure that her short dress would bounce up enough so that Maddy could see her sexy panties underneath. She heard Maddy follow her up the stairs. The horny young escort found the master bedroom very quickly, and in it was the other half of the couple. Craig was blonde and about the same age as Maddy. He was sat in a chair by the bed. Right away, Sophie sat on his knee and began to kiss him. Like his wife, he was obviously taken aback by the teenage call girl's confidence. But that didn't diminish his obvious horniness. Sophie felt his hands moving over her body and up her dress. Maddy entered the room and closed the door behind her. She was businesslike, and appeared to want to be dominant. "Right, young lady,' she said. "Strip down to your underwear, please." Obediently, Sophie pulled her dress over her head. Dressed only in her sexy black panties and matching bra, the sexy teenage escort sat on the edge of the bed. She did her best to look nervous - that was obviously what they wanted - but in fact the cute little escort was raring for some action. Maddy undressed completely. She was slim, and quite busty. Sophie thought she had a fantastic body for a woman who was clearly in her late forties. She too sat on the bed and Sophie noticed that her snatch was waxed right down to a single line of pubic hair. "I think it would be appropriate," said Maddy, playing the stern headmistress, "for you to lick my pussy." Sophie the sexy call girl got on all fours, and crawled over to kneel between Maddy's legs. She moved her head down and ran her tongue up and down over Maddy's labia pussy. Maddy gasped. Sophie did it again, only this time in the opposite direction. She repeated this a dozen times, noticing each time that as she passed the tip of her tongue over the older woman's pussy, the taste of her juices became stronger, and the tight slit moister. Experimenting, the escort dug her tongue into Maddy's pussy. Her client moaned loudly. Sophie continued to work her tongue, and ran it over Maddy's clit. Judging by the moans and cries of pleasure coming from Maddy, she was doing the job just right! She loved being a group sex escort specialist; it was such fun! In her excitement at pleasuring the older woman, the teenage escort had quite forgotten about Craig. She remembered him when she felt his weight on the bed behind her, but barely had time to register his presence before she felt his hands on her hips, lifting them slightly so that they were in a good position for a good doggy-style penetration. That penetration came moments later. It was hard, and it was deep; Craig was clearly as well-endowed a client as Sophie had ever come across. He began to thrust, taking long strokes in the teenager's tight, supple snatch. After a few moments she began to feel the pleasure build in her loins as Craig fucked her hard. She began to lick and probe Maddy's pussy in time with Craig's strokes. When he pushed in deep, she drove her tongue as far as she could into the older woman's snatch. When he momentarily pulled out nearly all the way, she withdrew her tongue and flicked it in quick movements over Maddy's clit. Maddy came hard. Sophie felt her mouth fill up with the older woman's juices. Craig took Maddy's orgasm as a cue to really get stuck into Sophie. The teenage escort buried her head between Maddy's legs as he pounded away. After a few strokes he pulled out of her pussy all the way and pushed deep into her arse, his cock lubricated by the young escort's copious pussy juices. The teen escort lifted her hand to stimulate her own clit. All of a sudden, she felt his cock twitch and spurt deep in her arse at the same moment that she herself came, frantically rubbing her swollen clit. Craig and Sophie collapsed on the bed. There was still plenty of time left and in a few moments the teen escort would take charge - then the real fun would begin!


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