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A Naughty Teacher gets a bit of Discipline

Being a naughty teacher in London can be pretty tough, even if you work in a posh private school like Emily. Just 24 years old, she was a biology teacher. Although she absolutely loved her job, she found that it didn't quite pay her enough to enjoy a really high standard of living. Because of this, and because underneath her prim and proper schoolteacher manner she was one of the horniest and naughtiest girls in the capital, she supplemented her income by working nights as an escort girl for a high-class London escort agency. She was a popular girl, and if she had been willing to give up her classroom career and dedicate herself full-time to escorting she could have made a lot of money. As it was, she was happy with her double life. If you met Emily it would be obvious why she did so well as a high-class escort girl. She was in many ways the classic girl next door. Standing at about five foot three, she had blonde hair and a big smile that lit up a room. Her green eyes were bright and incredibly persuasive. The naughty teacher's body was slim but not too slim, with a full bust and hips that were pleasantly rounded. Essentially, Emily knew she was attractive. In fact, she could see it in the eyes of all the boys (and some of the girls) she taught. She sometimes went out of her way to tease the sixth formers - bending over just enough to give a glimpse of her tits or her full ass. In the evenings as an escort, Emily liked to reverse roles. During the day it was her job to boss people about, and she was a surprisingly effective disciplinarian. As an escort she liked to adopt a more submissive role - giving herself completely to more dominant clients. She particularly enjoyed being spanked, and had one client, Richard, who bent her over his knee at the start of every appointment and slapped her bottom a few times before he fucked her. Tonight he had decided to take things a little further. Emily was visiting him on an outcall appointment to his home in Islington. He had bent the naughty teacher over a large mahogany desk in his study before producing a pair of handcuffs. Her hands were cuffed to the legs of the desk so that she was trapped in position. As Richard had requested, the cute young escort was wearing the uniform of a schoolgirl - the only difference being that she wasn't wearing any knickers underneath. He lifted her skirt gently and folded it back, revealing her soft, round, pink bottom. Feeling it exposed to the open air, the shackled escort eased her legs apart slightly, allowing Richard to run his hand between her legs and feel the wetness of her pussy. 'Tell me,' he said, 'have you been a bad girl again?' 'I'm afraid so, sir,' Emily squeaked. 'I'm very, very sorry.' 'I don't think you're sorry enough,' said her client, in dominant mood. 'I think it's time for some punishment.' 'Ooh, sir. Are you going to smack me again?' 'Mmmm - no. We've tried spanking before and it hasn't worked, has it? You have simply persisted with your inappropriate behaviour. Today, I think, it's time for the cane...' Emily felt a rush of nervous anticipation run through her, manifesting itself it a dribble of lovejuice leaking from her pussy. Richard clearly noticed this. 'You're not going to enjoy it, you know. This is punishment.' 'Oh no, sir,' the naughty teacher said, 'I promise I won't. Please don't hurt me sir!' 'I'm afraid it's too late to beg,' he said, pulling out a large schoolmaster's cane from behind his sofa. He lined the cane up with the horny young escort's bum cheeks, pulled it back, and gave her a good, hard slap across the buttocks. Emily flinched, loving the burning sensation. Richard admired the red line the cane had made on her bare behind. He have her a few more experimental strokes. Emily loved it. And she loved even more what came next. Richard moved in behind her and she felt him begin to ease his cock inside her. 'Oh, yes, please sir - fuck me!' She felt him thrust in and out. Richard was taking long measured strokes, fucking the young escort girl good and hard. For good measure, he changed his grip on the cane, and, as he fucked the submissive callgirl, reached into his desk draw for some lube. Carefully, he lubed up the cane handle. When it was all slippery and greasy he placed it against the tight pucker of Emily's arse and began to push it in. 'Mmm - oh yes, please sir - harder!' Richard was only too happy to comply. He fucked her hard for ten minutes and finally got to a point where he couldn't hold out any longer. He shot his load, and then wiggled the cane, knowing the extra stimulation would make escort Emily come. It did - and at the moment of her orgasm he pulled the handle quickly from her arse. The naughty teacher shouted with pleasure. He leaned over and whispered in her ear. 'Have you learned you lesson, girl?' 'Oh yes sir,' Emily replied.


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