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19 Year old Escort helped me settle into my new apartment

I had just moved to London for work and I’d been struggling to find new friends, between going to work and sorting my new apartment out, I found I didn’t have time to do much of anything. I found myself browsing an escort site looking for a nice girl to keep me company for an evening. I finally found myself the perfect 19 year old escort and I arranged for her to come to my new apartment for a few drinks and some friendly chats. I had packed my fridge full of wines, spirits and beers, I wanted to have every option available for my lovely date. She turned up at my door, when I saw her, I couldn’t believe how cute she looked. She was wearing skin tight jeans that made her arse look amazing and she had paired it with a chequered button shirt that cut off just beneath her breasts leaving her toned stomach on full show. She had long blonde hair that flowed down over her breasts and the biggest, bluest eyes I had ever seen. She was even better in real life than she had been in her picture, she was cute, but she also had a naughty glimmer in her eyes they made me instantly want to fuck her. I invited her in, and she went to sit on the rug on the living room floor as I passed her a glass of wine. I cracked open a beer and toasted her to a great night ahead. We sat chatting for ages, getting to know each other; her name was Emily and she was born in Russia, it was great just having a few drinks and a conversation with someone who listened to me. As the evening progressed Emily decided it was time for us to have a couple of shots, she was fun and young, and I liked her care free, playful attitude. She poured the shots and to my surprise she lay back on the rug and a steadily placed them onto her toned stomach. She told me I had to drink them from her. It didn’t take much persuasion and I was soon leaning over her body, using only my mouth to lift the shots. After I had just finished my second shot, I found myself leaning over her body and she started to undo the buttons on her sexy little top. She was soon lay there in nothing but her lacy black bra. Taking a slice of lime, she placed it between her juicy lips and sucked on it hard. I couldn’t resist. I leaned in and kissed her deep on the mouth. I was surprised and delighted when she didn’t pull away, instead she slowly started to caress my tongue with hers. Her tongue had a piercing and the sensation of it on mine was truly erotic. As our bodies got closer and I placed my arm under her back, skilfully flicking her bra open as I went. Pulling her bra free she was lay there beneath me with her full perky breasts on show, looking utterly sensational. I moved my mouth over to one of her pink nipples and sucked it between my teeth, I heard her moan in pleasure and my dick hardened in response. I ran my hand down her sexy waist and pushed it beneath her jeans finding her clit between my fingers I started to rub her. I could feel her pussy getting wetter as she undid the top button on them so that I could move my hand down further and poke two fingers inside her tight hole. Things started to move quickly and before I knew it, she was pushing me onto my back, my two fingers still ramming her insides and my mouth still chewing on her gorgeous nipples. I couldn’t resist pulling my trousers down, my cock was throbbing, and it needed to be released. She went down my body kissing it every inch of the way, sexily licking up and down the stem of my dick. I felt her piercing tickle my bell end as her tongue glided to the top of my cock, it sent a shiver of lust down my body. She started to squeeze my balls tight between her hands and started to rub and suck on them, they were huge and ready to burst. She leant over my dick and started doing little sharp sucks on it, then releasing in sequence.  I didn’t know how much longer I could last. She crawled up my body and slid her soaking wet pussy straight down my hard dick. I knew that was it. Seeing her breasts bouncing in the air as she moaned with delight was nearly making my dick explode.  She started to grab onto my waist, using it as leverage as her pussy fucked me harder and faster. She started to cum and I grabbed her ass cheeks hard as she bounced, helping her pussy find its release on my cock. She came hard all over me, her body carried on shaking from her orgasm as I rolled her over placing one of her long legs over my shoulder. I was about to cum inside this beautiful woman, I gave one hard push and that was it, I squirted my load deep inside her 19-year old pussy. I collapsed on top of her chest and she giggled sweetly to herself. I was definitely going to make more friends this way in the future, I thought to myself, completely and utterly fucked to the core.


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