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18 Year old escort teased by older man

I lay in bed thinking about the night before, I ran my fingers over my hard nipples and then slowly ran my hand down my body. My pussy was already wet from my thoughts alone and as I started to rub my clit in little circles, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was leaking cum all over my bed sheets. Last night I had one of the most erotic moments of my life. I’m an 18 year old escort and last night I had spent the entire night with my very first client. He had been older than me, by at least 20 years, he was handsome, and he had picked me out of hundreds of girls to make his fantasies come alive. When I had arrived at his home, I couldn’t believe how big it was. It was beautiful and I knew he must have been very wealthy; it was on the outskirts of Chelsea and I could only imagine the rich and famous neighbours that he must have lived amongst. It turned me on to think that out of all the girls on the escort site he had picked me, he said he loved my big blue eyes and my toned young body, and I couldn’t wait for him to ravish me. It turned out that his wife was away on business and he wanted some extra company, it turned me on that he was married, it felt naughty and bad and my pussy had been tingling all day in anticipation of meeting him. I had arrived wearing nothing but my underwear under a long coat and I could tell he was dying to strip me off. As soon as I got to his lounge, he wasted no time at all in releasing me from my jacket. He walked over to me slowly and turned me around. His big hands reached around my body and he started to undo the buttons until the coat slipped to the floor. I was stood there in my lingerie, and I heard him groan from the sight of me, his hands moved my blonde hair away from my neck and he started to place soft kisses on my shoulders. I could feel my nipples hardening instantly and they became even more erect when his hand skimmed under the fabric of my bra. He didn’t quite touch my nipples; he was teasing me, and I loved it. His hands crawled down my body, feeling every inch of my soft skin. He loved my arse and his kisses got deeper and more passionate as his hands found their way under the fabric of my panties. He quickly found my wet pussy hole and he slid his fingers in and out of me whilst he continued the sweet seduction of my neck and shoulders with his mouth. I moaned out in pleasure, he was a lot older than me and he knew exactly what he was doing. My innocence turned him on, and I was happy that he seemed more than satisfied with his choice of escort. I felt his body lower as he walked me towards a desk in the corner of the room. Bending me over the desk he lowered his face to my pussy, and I felt his long tongue flicking in and out of my holes. He was sucking on my pussy and sticking his tongue in and out of my arse hole. He kept telling me that I was perfect and beautiful and that he wanted my young body, he couldn’t get enough of me and I knew I would cum soon from his neediness alone. He pulled his fingers out of my pussy and I heard the zipper of his trousers as he undid them, he didn’t take them off completely, but he stood behind me with his trousers around his ankles. I wanted his hands back inside me, but he didn’t not yet. What he did next was one of the most arousing things that had ever happened to me. He started to wank off. I could hear him grunting and moaning as he yanked on his dick hard and fast, he was masturbating to the sight of me bent over his desk. He was filthy and I loved how carnal he was, I found myself moaning just from the thought of him wanking off to my young body. His hands skimmed the soft skin of my arse cheeks and he pulled the fabric to the side once more. His groans got louder and louder, and his hand worked faster on his dick, he was frantic he wanted to cum over my arse cheeks. Suddenly he let out a loud groan as he sprayed my arse cheeks with his spunk. He came hard and I felt the hot liquid running down my skin. I was turned on beyond belief and I could hear his breathing begin to slow as he came down from his orgasm. He spun me around and stuck his tongue down my throat, ravishing me once again. He was hot and sexy. This older man had just cum all over my young arse, I was ready to get fucked by him and he wasn’t finished, his dick grew hard again as he dragged me to the bedroom for what would be the night of my life.


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