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Young helper

Uncle Dave divided the girls into different bathrooms and forced them to shower to keep their bodies squeaky clean. They were asked to braid their hair and wear only a robe when they returned. He loved girls' long hair. . . In this case, having his hair up to his chest and his hair up wouldn't interfere with the "other" planned activities he had in mind.

At the same time, he washed himself at the sink in the master bedroom and applied a scented body lotion. He also had the girls reapply their makeup and added some scented pink lip gloss that he couldn't wait to apply to his powerful cock once he wanted to take them to the "nasty" or more perverted side of his body. fantasies. They poured him more beer as they entered the living room in their princess robes. They saw the previous liquid and began drinking from the familiar 40 ounce cups.

"I can't believe how crazy this stuff feels in my body," Megan said, putting the glass down.

“You mean decent, right?” Haley mused, drinking a third of the drink in one go.

"Yes... it's closed. So what's next, Uncle Dave? Is your BIG Barney ready to throw us some more cream? Megan asked, looking at his crotch as he stood next to the table. - Unless... . . I can promise you girls that it will soon be HARD and COMPLETELY ready to use in just a few minutes. Let's go to the master bedroom and see what fun we can have there. The girls finished their drinks and followed him. They noticed that he had probably unintentionally spread a large, thick sheet on the huge bed. that their parents notice their naughty behavior, especially when it comes to liquids.

"I brought a few toys that I think you'll like." He got a pair of blindfolds, several 12 inch wide velcro straps, a dildo that looked exactly like a thick 10 inch cock, a jar of chocolate whipped cream and a few other items out.

“First I need a volunteer,” he said. Both girls smiled and looked at each other.

"I'll go first," Haley said boldly, not knowing what to expect. “Should I lie down on the bed?” - she asked expectantly.

"Yes. "Just sit on your side for a second so I can put this over your eyes," he asked, placing the bandage on her forehead and then lowering it down to obscure her vision, being careful that it was attached at the back. We call this part of our game “Trust.” This is a version of what we did before. . . But things are about to get a little weirder and, most importantly, you girls are going to do something to each other. . . But of course I will share my body whenever I want.” The girls laughed at his comment.

“If you don’t want me to see ANYTHING,” Haley said, “then this thing works just fine.”

"Great . . . Now just sit back and relax. You have to trust us to take your enthusiasm to the next level. These sessions will be slightly longer than the five minutes we did before. Meghan and I will leave the room for a second to discuss things and then we'll get started. Haley heard them leave and Megan giggled in the other room and then they came back.

"I need to get you closer to the corner of the bed, Haley," Megan said, helping her friend crawl to one of the corner posts of the four-poster bed. “Now lie on your back and raise your arms above your head. "I'm going to use one of those Velcro straps to tie the wrists together," she said. Megan and her uncle quickly wrapped her wrists, but also put another strip of Velcro into the ring and wrapped it around the bedpost.

In this new position, Megan pulled her butt towards the edge of the bed so that she was stretched out. As she was placed in this position, her robe opened and a six-inch gap in the terry cloth left her bare breasts partially exposed. As she lay there, her young breasts sank into her chest, and with the long braids down the sides of her face, she looked more like a little girl than a middle-school-aged beauty.

Hayley remained silent, curious to see what they had planned. Slowly she felt her robe opening at the waist and then the sides, and she was quite certain that she was now fully exposed to her gaze and future actions, causing her nipples to begin to harden in anticipation .

Suddenly she felt a mouth grab her small breast and start sucking on her halo and nipple. The feeling was exciting and soon the second mouth was doing the same to her other breast. Tongues moved back and forth and their buds, now completely numb with excitement, clung to her. This continued for several minutes and then both mouths moved away and two hands slowly moved down her shaking body to her wet pussy. She wanted to see what they were doing with their legs carefully spread, most likely each oneFrom them.

Suddenly a finger or some kind of probe began to gently rub her labia and then exclusively her exposed clitoris. Whoever it is. . . knew exactly what they were doing and because it felt so good, she didn't care. To increase this stimulation, her nipples were stroked again, but this time pinched and twisted, manipulating all three areas at the same time. This caused Hayley to start breathing much faster and a distinct moan escaped her trembling lips. This continued for about another minute, causing her body to tremble again, leading to a second climax. But then it stopped.

"Time's up," she heard Uncle Dave say as her wrists were untied and she felt her robe being buttoned and tied.

“Sit down,” she heard Megan say, and soon the blindfold fell from her eyes and only Megan was standing there.

“It was amazing, but pretty quick,” she said as she slid off the bed.

"It's my turn," Megan said, "and I don't want to wear this robe anymore," she said, taking it off her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor, showing her naked figure to her friend. She jumped onto the bed and spread her legs slightly. Hailey noticed that she had a prominent hood over her clitoris and the beginning of her inner lips protruded between her labia. She wanted to take her boyfriend with her immediately, but when Uncle Dave entered the room, she stepped aside and let him take the lead.

"What . . . no bathrobe? We have a sex maniac in our room? Looks like we'll have to tame them! Go ahead and blindfold her, Hayley. It's time to take the tension to the next level." He waited until Megan's eyes were closed and then asked her to lie down on the bed, but with her legs spread and her hands in front of her, but close together, to kneel. As Haley wrapped the Velcro tightly around her wrists, Dave carefully pushed her closer to the center of the bed.

"I'll be right back," Megan heard him say, and just as he pulled her aside, he had to do the same to Hailey. They were gone for a few minutes and she heard a moan from the other room and then someone moving on the bed behind her. Suddenly she felt what she thought was Uncle Dave's cock sliding between her legs. . . and the key word was 'slide' as he started moving his erect cock back and forth which started touching her pussy from below.

“How does it feel, Megan?” - she heard Hayley say.

"Large!" She said as the man's long cock continued to move back and forth.

“Do you notice how slippery his COCK feels? How do you think he got like this?" - she asked pointedly.

"I'm not sure," Megan whined, becoming more and more aroused by the man's actions.

"That's because I licked his cock for him...and it tasted really good in my mouth," Haley said pointedly, moving right up to her ear. “I moved my tongue ALL the way and licked his wand. I thought he was going to shoot his cum again, but he wanted to come here with his BIG COCK just for you!” Hayley then snuck under Megan's opposite side as she lay on her back looking at her friend's naked breasts. Megan soon felt Haley's lips sucking on her breast, which hung slightly as she lay on her knees, and then her hand cupped her other breast.

“I love touching and sucking this girl with firm tits,” she said between each playful suck. "Isn't it great if I pinch them like that," she said, taking both nipples between her fingers and thumb and squeezing the two little cupcakes.

“Ohhhhhhh... it feels... . the best. My pussy is on fire when you pinch and he rubs his COCK between my legs,” she moaned. Suddenly Dave dismounted and then a “thud” was heard as he gave his niece an open-faced slap.

"What the hell!" Megan said as she felt pain in her exposed little butt hanging in the air. Then a second “SMACK” was heard. Meanwhile, Haley continued sucking on the girls' tits, feeling what she must have felt as her body twitched each time he came down on her with another "SMACK." Uncle Dave opened a jar of Vaseline and applied a generous amount of ointment to his middle finger. He pushed his extended finger between her legs, found the entrance to her pussy and began moving it in and out. Dave twisted his finger over and over, driving it deeper into her love shaft.

"Oh...god," she moaned as he began moving it in and out 2 to 3 inches at a time, and as he finger fucked her, he raised his hand and "SLOW." . He bounced off the quick slap on her sweet little teen ass, but drilled even deeper into her hot hole. He checked where he placed his punches. . . and the red prints of his fingers were now visible on her white cheeks. He smiled as he continued to finger fuck the schoolgirl, giving her a feeling of satisfaction and a "taste" of what was to come.

Hayley felt her breasts being pulled and twisted Uncle Dave knew that was a signal to stop, so she slipped out. She watched as a horny man with a HUGE COCK got out of bed and smeared his cock with the Vaseline he had on his finger. Haley untied her friend's Velcro and helped blindfold her.

"I hate to admit it... . but it was REALLY amazing! The sting of his slaps shot from my ass to my pussy, and it throbbed and twitched with pleasure. I never imagined he would want to increase these HOT sensations throughout my entire body. Pooh! Stay tuned . . . I think that's what awaits you next." Hayley noticed how red Megan's face had become from her experience and how her hard nipples were sticking out, indicating her "rough" actions. Haley knew the routine, this time she put the blindfold on herself and got it. She waited patiently, wondering if Dave would insist that Megan suck HIS COCK like SHE should... . a few minutes ago, and suddenly she heard a slurping noise and a moan just a few meters away.

“Guess what Megan is doing, Hayley?” - asked Dave. Haley started laughing before answering.

“I bet she’s kneeling in front of you. . . and holds your cock in his hand and sucks you! “I’m right,” she giggled.

-Are you sure the blindfold is tight? It's like you can see through it. "Honey, let Hayley know if she guessed right." Maybe it was just how horny she was...but Megan was really enjoying the "service" she was doing to her uncle. She took her mouth off his cock for a few seconds and said:

“I LOVE sucking cock. I didn't think I would do it. . . BUT WAIT UNTIL I RETURN TO SCHOOL FROM HOLIDAY. I will suck the cock of any boy who puts his pants in front of me. . . NO SHIT!” and with that she opened her mouth again, licked the tip and then wrapped her mouth around his thick cock.

“That’s enough for now, Megan. . . Now it's Hailey's turn and she looks really ready! “Let’s kneel on the bed like Megan did, but put your hands behind your back for me,” he asked. As Haley followed his instructions, her breasts pushed forward and her shoulders straightened. Her brown hair hung down in pigtails on either side. her face, and in that sense she looked almost like a kneeling cherub.

“Walk forward a little for me. . . “That’s it,” he said, picking up a 10-inch dildo that resembled the cock he had brought earlier. Megan looked at the phallus-shaped object and began to fantasize about how her uncle would use it. He flipped the switch on the base and a quiet hum could be heard. This made Haley's ears perk up as she tried to identify the sound.

“We're going to play with some of my toys, Hailey, and this one will be a lot of fun for horny girls like you. Have you ever seen anything like this before?”

"Not really . . . Is that the thing that looked like your cock that you pulled out earlier? - she asked, feeling the man move the vibrating shaft up her sides and over her young breasts. He soon aimed his tip at her nipples and almost immediately they twitched to the right. upward, in response to his position. This position and the hands tied behind her back caused further disruption as the man continued to massage her breasts.

“Stay on your knees, but spread your legs for me, darling. . . I want to make you feel REALLY good,” he suggested and she followed suit. Then Dave moved the dildo past her stomach and slowly closer and closer to her dripping pussy. He slid his tip playfully along the inside of her legs and just as she expected him to touch her love nest... . he would move it down the other leg.

He teased her again and again, moving closer and closer to her aching cunt. Then suddenly "smack" and her body went from pleasure to pure, mild pain. After a few seconds he made his way to her pussy with the dildo. . . This time he barely touched her clit, making her tremble with excitement, but then "SNAP," his hand slapped her tight little ass again, just like her friend had explained. . . One feeling grew into another and she began to enjoy the contrast.

“Bend over, Haley, because you and Megan are going to do the same thing you did at the sleepover and kiss me. I want Megan to rub her clit for me while she kisses your lips... like she's never been kissed before, and when she touches your hard tits... . . I'm sure you would like this too. Go now. . . He said, turning slightly to see two 11 year old girls locking lips.

Megan was unaware of his instructions, but she turned her attention to her friend's light pink, glossy lips and they began. At first, Megan stood her ground. Her friend's face was covered with both hands as she began to French kiss. As her uncle had taught her before, she stuck her tongue in Haley's mouth and they began to fight, tongues moving. Satisfied that the two girls followed his instructions; He now aimed the tip of the vibrating shaft at Hailey.slippery love lips and began to gently rub her clitoris with them again, making the girl moan loudly.

He slowly pushed the tool deep into her tight cunt, just like he was about to do with his own cock. He inserted the dildo deeper and deeper and twisted it carefully. Hayley, now completely content, shook her hips as the device vibrated in her cave. And then he just left it there, stood on the bed and walked over to where the girls were kissing. Megan kept a few fingers in her pussy as she continued kissing her friend's lips.

As Uncle Dave got closer, Megan looked up and noticed how close his cock was to her lips. What would he do? . . She thought . . . and suddenly he grabbed the base of his penis and began to insert it between both girls' lips. Earlier that day, Megan would have been put off by the activity, but after sucking a man's cock just minutes before, she welcomed what he was doing.

"What is that?" Haley moaned between kisses as Dave stuck his rod between her lips.

“KISS AND LICK my COCKS, girls. I want you to move your mouth and lips all over my BIG PURPLE AVENGER!” Both girls began covering the 7 inch cock with kisses and soft pink lips. They both kept turning their heads so that their playful tongues could arouse the man. Soon his cock was covered in lip gloss (as he had previously hoped), which was an added thrill for him. After a few minutes, Haley stepped back from her shaft and said:

“This thing is in my PUSSY.. . It drives me, ah. . . Crazy Uncle Dave. . . It just makes my pussy twitch and I just have to cum. I can't kiss her anymore. . “Soon Megan and her uncle saw the girl’s body literally begin to shake… and her face turned RED.

"Uh …" . . Fucking “tttttttttttttttttttttttt” she screamed as her climax hit her youthful body. Dave took this opportunity to simply FUCK Megan with his cock in her mouth... . exactly the same as before. Haley wanted to touch her nipples as she reached her climax. Her trembling began to subside and she hoped that the dildo could now be removed. Uncle Dave took pity, pulled his penis out of his niece's mouth and turned off the device. Haley was untied and slowly rose from the bed. “Luckily it’s Megan’s turn,” she thought, wanting to take a few minutes to recover from the experience.

"Okay, girls... It's time for the main event. Let's both sit on the edge of the bed for me and blindfold you. Now they just wanted to watch what they were going to do, but they didn't make a fuss about it. Haley heard Uncle Dave opening a jar of Vaseline and wondered what he was planning to do. Soon his slippery fingers penetrated her pussy as he began to lubricate the entrance and insides with thick globs of ointment. Megan received the same treatment and soon Dave was looking at the glistening holes of the two tight, virgin pussies right in front of him.

“Okay, girls... I want you to place your hands on your ankles, spread your legs wide and lean back so your feet almost touch the bed. The girls found their footing and soon they were both rocking back, knowing that their asses and naked pussies were now COMPLETELY OPEN to whatever he wanted to do next.

"This feels VERY good, my little sluts," he said, first moving in front of Hailey and now grabbing his cock at the base, placing it against her virgin lips and carefully moving forward. . . but only about a centimeter. . . He allowed his mushroom shaped bulb to penetrate her pussy. An immediate response came from her lips:

"Oh, Uncle Dave... You will finally FUCK ME! Oh, that feels SO GOOD!” she moaned... but as soon as he heard those words, he pulled out his cock and did the same steps with Hailey, whose pussy was almost parallel to her friend's. This time he started pushing his dick a little deeper into her tight hole and she also verbally welcomed his organ into her body.

"I'm going to grab the hands of one of your girls... and just let her go wherever I take her," he said, reaching between their bodies and grabbing the hand that was resting on her ankles, which were almost touching each other. . He quickly placed Haley's hand on Megan's pussy and then Megan's hand on Haley's hand.

“I know this is a little uncomfortable, girls, but I want you to rub each other's clits and make the other girl feel amazing. The girls giggled for a few moments, trying to find that special spot on the other person's body, but as soon as the fingers started moving; They both began to moan in pleasure.

He waited until everyone showed signs of possible climax, then reached into his backpack... He pulled out a short leather whip that he had saved for this part of the day. As he watched them carefully arouse each other, he aimed the whip at their little white asses, flicked it back quickly, and then lashed it across their cheeks. EveryThe girl screamed in surprise and pain from the impact on her bare bottom.

"Oh, that hurts," Haley said, placing her fingers on Megan's clit for a moment.

"I think so," said Megan, managing to continue rubbing Hailey's pussy for her.

“Don’t stop doing what you’ve been asked to do, ladies, or there will be consequences. Continue rubbing each other's clitoris. .. no matter what happens,” and then he gently hit their bottoms with the whip again. “Trz” sounded and the girls began to respond verbally to the pain again. Dave then walked over to his niece and slowly squeezed the head of his cock. into her hot little slippery hole. He began moving his hips back and forth and soon more than half of his cock was pushed into his virgin niece.

He expected to find a layer of skin covering her hymen, but he continued his thrusts. . . none existed yet. He pulled his cock out and walked over to Hailey and decided to do the same, but when he moved forward again, part of his cock was now buried in her pussy, only the narrow sides of her walls hugging his cock. It was exciting to feel Megan's fingers trying to rub Hailey's clit just above where his cock continued to fill her love hole.

He was ready to use the whip again, but he liked it so much that he started driving his cock as deep as he could into the cute little brunette's pussy, pressing his pubic bone against hers.


“Megan’s turn,” he announced, removing his cock from the moaning girl. “It seems like you two have opened something inside me. Wasn't I the first? He asked before guiding his cock into his niece's pussy and then literally pushing it as far as he could.

"We . . . needed . . . . Candles. . . Uncle Dave. . . V. . . Party received. . . . the way is ready. . . and YOU turned around. . . I want to be the first!” Megan said, trying to speak while her uncle kept pushing his cock into her pussy lips.

"Works for . . . “Me,” he said with a smile on his face. “(clap, clap) The BIG question (clap, clap) is who will be. . . (clap, clap) The first to feel (clap, clap) my hot cream shooting (clap, clap) into their pussies!” He pulled out, walked over to Haley and pushed it in. was heard from both girls' lips as he continued to deflower the young girl with his throbbing cock. He began giving each girl five strokes of his cock as his climax grew closer. He switched positions back and forth until he finally wanted his niece to be the lucky one. Suddenly, as he entered her pussy, he felt his cum shoot up the shaft and then completely explode inside.

He held it there for a few seconds while his hips jerked at rocket speed, then he carefully pulled it out, still belching, and stuck the wand into Hailey's pussy, where it finally shot into the girl. Eventually, the constant attention paid to her clitoris caused two simultaneous orgasms that lasted for the next few minutes, causing their bodies to writhe and tremble in climax. Hopefully this will be the start of many SESSIONS, he thought, before the end of the week.over!



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