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I always get what I want. That's how it works, that's how it's always worked. I like to use my power to cause harm, it's too naughty. It feels too good to pass up, it excites me more than anything I've ever felt. Just the thought of it now makes me want to stick my fingers in my wet pussy. I think I just know what a man wants, I know what I want, and I know how to get it. Power belongs to those who care the least. But it's not that simple: you need someone to go onto the battlefield and play the game. Without challenges it's no fucking fun.

My name is Kitty, I'm a cold-blooded slut. I steal boys and throw them away when I get bored. That's pretty quick. What can I say, I love challenges. The relationships there are just boring. No burning desire, no uncertainty about what lies beneath men's clothing. It's not just about the first touch, sometimes it's fun to confuse people again when they think the game is over and bring them back for the second round. You know. In any case. I have long red curls down to my ass, a sexy hourglass body, gorgeous legs, bold red lips and thick black eyeliner that accentuates my olive green eyes.

It's Friday night and my phones are ringing again with the same boring number flashing on the screen. I rolled my eyes, knowing he would just beg me to come back to him because like all men, they can't seem to stand losing to me. I hit the reply button and apply a fresh coat of bright red lipstick. "Sorry, I can't answer the phone right now, please leave m-" - I started in a mocking tone.

“Kitty, what the hell is going on?” - Alex asked confused.

"I don't fully understand you"; I answered.

“Let me refresh your memory: Last week we spent two days on my bed making love to a kitten. Then you don't call, don't write, I'll see you three nights later with any injections around you.

“Call it like it is, sex, Alex, we’re both adults”; I answer and look at myself in the mirror again.

"Apparently only one of us here is an adult!" he shouted.


“Look, let me come over so we can talk about this properly”; he practically begged. I shrugged my shoulders in front of the mirror. "I go";

"Where?" he asked.

"I don't see why this is so important, I have to go anyway, I'm late." "We'll talk later," I said, hanging up and turning the mute switch on before putting it back in my purse. I looked at my outfit again. I wore a short black bodycon dress, knee high boots and a leather jacket. There was a knock on the door. I frowned, I wasn't expecting anyone. I put my purse on the bed and walk down the hall to the door. I looked and thought through the peephole. He was a tall, strong-armed man who wore a band t-shirt, a cap, and black skinny jeans that made his legs look great. I knew who it was before my eyes fell on his perfect blue eyes, slightly hidden beneath his tousled dark brown hair.

I stepped back and shouted, “Who is it?” even though I know exactly who it was. I had to pull myself together because I knew all too well that the passion I felt for the man standing on the other side of the door was too great.

“This is Lewis”; - he said, as far as I remember, in a hoarse voice. I waited a bit because I didn't know what to say, but mostly because I was playing an endless game. One that he and I have played many times. The only person capable of defeating me, but that was almost forgotten years ago, but not entirely.

"I... I don't know why I came here"; He admitted. But I couldn't buy his words, even if they irritated me. Even though I wanted it. I fully understood that this was just part of the game. I took a deep breath and opened the door. Watching him step back as his eyes roam over my body is just a little too long.

"I'll go, maybe this can wait for another time?" I asked, banishing all emotion from my voice and becoming age-defying with all the nerves in my body. “Just wait,” I told myself.

“You look incredibly beautiful, kittens”; He said, using his pet name for me as if it was still a part of my life.

"I'm late"; I told him I was going back to my apartment, picked up my purse from the bed and walked back to the door while Lewis stood there hesitantly. I walked past him, closing the door as I passed. Click. "Wait"; - he said and put his hand around my wrist. I felt my body weaken under his touch, even now it still had the same effect on me. But I didn't let him notice, instead I looked at him annoyed.

“Lewis, you are no longer part of my life, I am no longer one of your games”; I hissed at him. He came closer and his voice was like silk, enveloping my skin: "Who said I was done with you?" I pulled back but was trappedage-related wall. His lips are close to my neck, his body is pressed against mine. My pussy was desperately close, even though it hadn't even been touched yet. All parts of the game. “Do you know who you are, kitten?” - he asked, but didn’t expect an answer: “You’re a dirty whore.” You are my dirty whore” - he whispered in my ear and moved closer to me. His fingertips touched the inside of my leg. “Do you know what I should do with a girl like you?” he asked.

“You won’t do anything”; I said, using all the power of my mind to push him out of my head. I was about to push past him, but as soon as I moved he pushed me further, grabbing both of my wrists and pinning them to the wall above me.

"Do you want me"; - he whispered in a commanding voice. I tried to break free, but I knew I couldn't stand him. "It does not matter"; I answered.

"Oh really"; he smiled, “because I think it is entirely appropriate”; He kissed my neck and bit it gently. I bite my lip to suppress a moan. “You smell delicious”; - he said and sank his teeth into my neck. He was moving too fast for me to hold him. I groan, my fingers scratching against the wall. “Are you still going to reject me?” - he asked when he saw my wrists, and an evil smile appeared on his lips. I knew my pussy was begging him, felt the tension between us as he touched my skin, felt my erect nipples under my dress, prominently displayed even though I had decided not to wear a bra. And yet I resisted him. I hurried past him towards my apartment, remembering that I had forgotten to lock it. But his hands on my hips pulled me back towards him. I didn't dare speak, I knew my mouth would betray me. “Kitty, I need you”; - he said and turned me desperately to his eyes, I felt how his package was greatly aging me. The four words I had to say were that I had won the war. I leaned forward, my heart beating fast. His lips touched mine and squeezed me hard, his arms pulling me closer. Electricity exploded in me, at least a drop of pleasure appeared in this kiss. We fell backwards into my apartment and the door swung open. We let go of him for just a second as I pushed myself against the wall to stay upright. Lewis slammed the door behind us. Before I knew it, I was lifted up against the wall and Lewis was kissing me deeper. His body is close, but still not close enough. I grabbed his shirt, my right hand went under his shirt and touched his hot skin. I needed him. My body ached, I begged for him. We slid to the floor, his top flying down the hallway toward my kitchen. His body was even better than I remembered, with some new little abs. I gasped. He pushed me to the floor and put his hands inside my dress to take off my thong, but I wasn't wearing anything. “Fuck me, you’re so naughty”; He said, lifting up my dress and then lowering his mouth to my pussy. I moaned as the pleasure rushed through me. Within minutes I was ready to cum. He rubbed my clit and licked my soft pussy. He held me with his other hand as I squirmed. "LEWIS!" I screamed as he brought me to orgasm. I keep licking myself until I cum. He smiles and licks his lips as he unbuttons his jeans. “Want me to fuck you, kitten?” - he asks me.

“Yes, Lewis, fuck me,” I beg. He thrusts his hips out and pushes me down with one hand.

"UH uh uh." He smiles. He pulled down his jeans, revealing his boxers with a very large bulge. He also quickly takes them off and gets angry with me. his cock is a few millimeters away from my dripping pussy.

“I'm a dirty slut, fuck me. “Teach me to obey you,” I say. He smiles but doesn't remember me, instead he kisses my neck and then deep and hard kisses on my lips. How he used to be. I place my hands on his hips as he kisses me, his kisses becoming more and more desperate. Suddenly I pull him towards me by his hips. His thick long cock slid into my pussy. I swear my nails are digging into his thighs.

"You cheated"; - he said between kisses.

"I needed your cock, there was nothing I could do about it," I admitted. He smiled mischievously and began thrusting in and out of me slowly at first, but then faster and faster, his hips thrusting into me and making me moan. He pulls my legs onto his shoulders, forcing him to slide deeper. I had forgotten how good it felt to have his cock in my pussy. My body began to squirm again, I knew I was close but I didn't want to cum. Not now, the feeling of being on the edge made me feel like a goddess being fucked by an angel. I couldn't believe how good his cock felt, couldn't believe how much it filled me. “Your pussy is so tight”; - he said, closing his eyes and thrusting again and again. "You're so pretty"; - he said and opened his eyes again. We made eye contact and my body started shaking. “I can feel your pussy squeezing my cock.I'm so good, Kitty, I'm ready!” His cock shot hot cum into my pussy, bringing my pussy to orgasm. He slowly thrust in and out a few more times before gently falling on top of me. I closed my eyes. I can't believe what just happenedhappened.



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