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What Mom Knows She Fucks In Vegas

Mom knows what she's doing in Las Vegas

Summary: Mom, son, girlfriend and busty temptress get nasty in Vegas.

Note 1: This is the fifth part of an ongoing series about incest (although it is much more complex than just an incest story). I highly recommend you read the first four parts, as the complex storylines can get confusing without more information... but here is a very brief summary of the series so far:

In WHAT MOM DON'T KNOW WILL FUCK HER, 18-year-old Curtis goes to a Halloween party in a costume made for his absent father and ends up fucking his beautiful mother.

In WHAT MOM KNOWS HER FUCKS HER AGAIN, Curtis finds himself in a fantastic threesome with his mother and his fantastic girlfriend, semi-famous weatherwoman Miranda Collington.

In WHAT MOM KNOWS IS FUCKING HER ASS, Curtis begins dating the much older but sexually exotic Miranda while continuing to fuck his mother; And as the title suggests, Curtis is handed his mother's ass on a legendary evening where he performs the tri-fecta and penetrates his mother's mouth, pussy and ass.

In WHAT MOM KNOWS HER FUCKS IN THE AIR, Curtis joins the Mile High Club on an epic first class flight to Vegas with his mother, his famous girlfriend Miranda, his mother's friend and former lover Ellie, and a very submissive flight attendant.

Mom knows what she's doing in Las Vegas

Only when the four of us were waiting for the taxi to take us to our hotel did the conversation and the power struggle resume.

Ellie tried to set the tone for the crazy weekend: "I just thought I'd go to a wedding."

"AND?" Miranda asked, confused by Ellie's point of view.

"Well, I was packing for a wedding, not a weekend with my submissive," Ellie smiled, looking directly at my mother, whose face was red. Ellie added, keeping an eye on my submissive mother, "If I had known, I would have brought my toys."

“Like what?” - Miranda asked.

"Ben Wa balls, Alexis loved these things in her cunt, handcuffs for discipline, Alexis was desperate to be put back in her place after wandering around for so long, and strap-ons for some good old fashioned fucking," says Ellie Liste .

Miranda said, "Well, they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and I'm sure you can find all of that and more, but first of all, how are you going to seduce Brittany?"

I smiled at how such a submissive, glamorous sex toy like Miranda, who submits to my every desire, can be so possessive over a Domme like Ellie. Miranda made it clear that Ellie would not be able to make my mother her submissive until she completed the task Miranda wanted...seducing her ex-boyfriends. Groomé the day before the wedding.

Ellie smiled, broke eye contact with my mother, looked at Miranda with a silent look that spoke volumes, and then said, "That'll have to wait until tomorrow."

The taxi arrived before anything else could be discussed or promised and we all sat quietly during the short ride into the heart of Sin City, which was quite ironic considering how much we were all planning on sinning.


Arriving at the hotel, Miranda, the perfect example of excessive decadence, whispered to my mother, “Go back to the crime scene, Alexis.”

Mom's face seemed to be constantly flushed and her cheeks turned red again. She smiled. “I remember it like it was yesterday.”

“Do you remember what?” - Ellie asked, joining in the conversation.

Mom mumbled, “N-n-nothing.”

Miranda replied with a challenging smile on her face, "This is the hotel where Alexis and I played for the first time."

"Is that true?" Ellie asked, her voice curious but disapproving of my mother.

Miranda, always prone to shock, added: "Yeah, a few bottles of wine, a porn movie on TV, and bottles of wine suddenly have a different use, don't they, Alexis?"

My naughty mind automatically imagined my mother and my girlfriend fucking each other with wine bottles.

Mom blushed again. “You make it sound so dirty.”

Miranda said, "Well, you actually fucked me with a bottle of wine and then made my face orgasm, if I remember correctly."

I gasped.

Mom gasped too. - Miranda is not here.

Ellie added: “A bottle of wine, hello Miranda. Good to know."

Miranda shrugged, turned to me and said, "That was the night your mother became my mistress."

Ellie shook her head. "I can't believe you didn't came to me, Alexis."

Mom apologized: "That wasn't planned, sir..." Mom suddenly froze when she realized what she had almost said.

"Come on, Alexis, say the words your body and mind want to say," Ellie ordered, stepping closer to her.

I grabbed my mother's hand and dragged her towards the main entrance.

Ellie shouted, "It's just a matter of time, Alexis, it's just a matter of time."

Mom was shaking when we went outside. “I won’t last the weekend, Curtis. Now that she knows that possibility exists, she will be relentless.”

- Do you want to obey her, mom? - I asked, trying to show concernstrange circumstances.

"Yes! No! "I don't know," she replied angrily.

"Tell me about Cancun," I asked.

"It was a crazy night," Mom said, shaking her head, although her eyes lit up at the memory .

"That's good?" - I asked.

“Depends how you look at it,” Mom shrugged.

“Tell me,” I ordered.

“Let’s go for a walk,” Mom said, grabbing my hand like we were a May-December couple, which wasn’t unusual in Vegas.

“The first night in Cancun I met a man in a bar and went back to his hotel where we had sex. It was the first time I had been with a man since submitting to Ellie, and when I returned to the hotel the next morning, Ellie was furious. She ranted, "This trip was about you and me, Alexis, not because you're a fucking scumbag."

I apologized and literally felt overwhelming guilt, like I had cheated on her. The look of disappointment on her face only made me feel guiltier and caused me to go to great lengths to make her happy.

I remember her saying, “You need to be punished, don’t you, my pet.”

I happily agreed and was just glad that her anger had subsided.

“Will you submit tonight without question or hesitation?” - she asked, although the question was really rhetorical. She didn't ask, she said.

I agreed without thinking about the consequences, just desperately trying to make her happy.

"Okay, now go get some sleep, tonight is going to be a very long night for you," she said, her tone suggesting something extreme.

That evening she dressed me in a pink dress that made me look like a real Barbie without underwear and took me to a club. She spoke briefly to the large bouncer, who nodded and led me to the back of the bar into a small room. Within seconds I realized I was in a glory hole. I looked at Ellie with pleading eyes and she said, "You wanted cock, tonight you're going to get cock all night long."

The cock was sticking out of the hole and Ellie ordered, "Suck it, Alexis." When you leave here tonight, you'll never want a cock again. I realized that she would use tough love tactics like my dad did to my little sister when he arrested her for smoking and forced her to smoke a whole pack of cigarettes one after the other until she smoked the whole pack. She tried to force me to become a lesbian through harsh disciplinary measures. However, my need to make Ellie happy at all costs, to obey her unconditionally, forced me to sit on a wooden stool and, after one last pleading look at Ellie, which evoked no pity from me but only a sickening nod, I opened mine mouth and took the stranger's penis into my mouth.

As I rocked back and forth on the first of many cocks that evening, Ellie came up to me and whispered, "Good girl." The condescending words were intended to seem humiliating, and they were, but the need for her approval and hers Praise made me more willing to submit to her every whim.

I don't know how many cocks I sucked that night, at least thirty, and I swallowed every load before Ellie finally asked, "Have you learned your lesson, my pet?"

I still remember my answer: “Yes, madam, I will always obey you.”

“Wow,” was all I could manage, even as my well-used cock drew attention again.

Mom concluded, “It was a promise I kept until I met your father and realized that if I ever wanted to have a normal life, a normal family, I would have to leave her cold, which of course seems nice. “Now that’s ironic.”

“I think, yeah, we’re not normal at all,” I laughed quietly.

“If it’s not true,” my mother smiled and kissed me. Mom broke the kiss and added, "I should also mention that your cum is still leaking out of my ass."

I shrugged and thought about kicking her ass in the airplane bathroom a few hours ago. “Well, if you would only wear panties.”

“Bastard,” she said playfully.

“Bastard,” I corrected.

“Yes,” she smiled, “you dirty bastard.”

“Shit mom, you’re holding me again,” I pointed out, literally pointing.

She gave me a quick squeeze and said, “Maybe we should get back to the madness.”

-Can you resist, Ellie? I asked.

"For a while," she said, although the look on her face told me she wasn't convinced.

“Let’s play it by ear, Mom,” I said, squeezing her hand.

“Okay,” she agreed.

“Ellie will be busy with her assignment tomorrow,” I reminded her.

“Which she will undoubtedly achieve,” predicted Mom.

“Is it that good?” I asked if our hotel was visible now.

“She doesn’t take no for an answer,” Mom replied.

“But you resisted her,” I remarked, trying to increase her resistance to the powerful seductress.

“It was because of you,” said the mother, adding: “I wanted a child.”

“Well, thank you for that decision,” I laughed.

"Well, you've been thanking me pretty thoroughly lately," she teased.

When I reached the hotel I said, “Welcome to the jungle.”

Mom quoted Guns and Roses, which convinced me even more how cool she was: “We have fun and games.”

"You're perfect".“Mom,” I praised and meant it seriously.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” Mom smiled.

I texted Miranda and found out our room was on the top floor, the penthouse. As always, I was thrilled with mine. We went to the elevator and as soon as the door closed my mom and I kissed like two horny teenagers.

When we reached our destination, Mom broke our kiss and, her face red with the hunger I had only seen in her eyes a few times, said, "Promise me you'll fuck me tonight."

“That’s a promise I think I can keep, Mom,” I replied.

“Fuck, I want you inside me now,” she said.

As we got off the elevator my phone rang and Miranda said she left us a key card at the front desk and that Miranda and Ellie were at the bar having a drink. “The key is at the reception.”

“Well, those are the numbers,” he said. Mom replied.

The elevator doors began to close and I pressed the open button. "The thought of submitting to Ellie makes you nervous, doesn't it?" I asked.

“The thought of submitting to her makes my vagina leak,” the mother admitted.

I pulled her back into the elevator and waited for the doors to close, took off my shirt, quickly threw it at the camera above and pressed the button to stop the elevator. The elevator stopped abruptly.

Mom smiled playfully: “You are a naughty boy.”

Knowing we probably only had a few minutes, I wasted no time and ordered, "Pull my cock out, slut."

She obeyed and corrected me: “Mommy bitch.”

With my finger still on the stop button, I watched as she eagerly took my cock, which had last been in her ass on the plane, into her mouth and bounced up and down like a porn star.

After a few seconds I ordered, “Bend over and fuck yourself.”

She quickly obeyed, using the handrails for stability, lifting her dress over her bottom and leaning on my stander. Watching my cock slowly disappear inside her was just as exciting as ever. Soon my entire cock was in her already wet pussy and she bounced away from me.

Her moans echoed throughout the small room. “Oh god, baby, your cock feels so good in mommy’s pussy.”

“Tell me who you belong to,” I grunted, her hard thrusts giving me great pleasure as I seemed to penetrate her deeper than ever before.

"Yes, baby, you're mommy's," she moaned, her breathing already ragged.

- And you will never disobey me? - I asked.

"No, baby, I'll always be a good mommy," she whimpered, clearly enjoying the depths my cock reached.

The intercom went off and the man asked, “Is anyone there?” If yes, press the blue intercom button to speak.”

“We don’t have much time, mommy-whore,” I said, “Come and get your son.” Come and get your master. Come and get your master.”

That was all I needed as my mother screamed, “Oh fuck yes, Curtis, be my master, use me whenever and wherever you want.”

I felt her cum covering my cock and pulled out. and started stroking my cock. “On your knees, Mom.”

She quickly fell to her knees, rubbed her clit with her left hand, opened her mouth and begged, “Come on, Mommy, Master. Mark me as yours. Shoot.” Your white slime in mom’s face.

“Then we take the elevator back to the first floor, you go to reception and take the room key that Miranda left for us with my cum on her face,” I said. “Oh God, you dirty bastard.” Do you want to humiliate mom?" she asked. The second passed between her eye and hit her nose, and the third hit her lips and chin. The sight of my cum on her face was so hot that I wanted to give more.

I released the elevator stop button and pressed the lobby button.

She stood up, her face covered in cum, her legs still twitching from her orgasm, and said, "You're turning into a perverted little bastard."

“And you like it,” I teased as the elevator slowed down on the eleventh floor.

I grabbed my shirt and quickly put it on just before the door opened.

The young couple entered the elevator and both couldn't help but notice mom's cum covered face.

Both were visibly surprised, but following proper elevator etiquette, they turned away and said nothing.

As the elevator started moving, Mom turned to the red-faced brunette and asked, "Where are you two from?"

The girl mumbled, “T-T-Texas.”

“On your honeymoon?” Mom asked, pretending she didn’t have a face full of cum.

“No, we’re just dating,” the visibly awkward girl replied.

The guy looked at me and I shrugged as if to say, “What are you going to do?”

Mom asked the girl, “Is there something in my hair?”

"Forgive me?" - asked the girl, shocked by the question.

The elevator was approaching the lobby when Mom said something even I couldn't believe: "Is my son's sperm in my hair?"

Both the man and the girl's mouths dropped at this ridiculous statement.

The elevator door opened and Mom said, “I’ll be right back, son.”

"Hurry up“Back up, whore,” I ordered, finally speaking.

They both looked at me as my mother walked out of the elevator into the rather crowded lobby.

The girl asked, “She’s not really your mother?”

“No,” I lied: “She just likes shocks. She's actually my English teacher."|"Good job, man," the guy said, clearly impressed.|His girlfriend glared at him and they walked away, the guy was obviously looking for my shitty mother.

Mom was standing in line behind a few other guests who had come to check in, not noticing that she was sticky and that people were looking at her.

I watched with amazement and a sense of power as my mother obeyed such an emergency order. She turned to me and winked, surprisingly her look wasn't awkward.

When it was her turn, she spoke to the receptionist, who looked at her carefully, but after listening to everything her mother said, he checked her documents and gave her the room key. Mom came up to me, gave me the key and then said, “Miranda texted me to go out for a drink with the girls.”

“Okay,” I said, wishing the drinking age was eighteen instead of the ridiculously conservative twenty-one.

“It’s girl time,” Mom smiled and kissed me on the lips.

“It worries me,” I admitted.

"Me too," she shrugged, "but Miranda will be there to protect me."

“Have fun,” I smiled.

“I can’t imagine this being as much fun as it was,” Mom smiled.

“I hope not,” I giggled in response.

Another kiss and she was gone. I took the elevator and entered a room whose description was not true. It was huge. I spent the next twenty minutes looking around before taking a much needed shower.

When I came out I heard all three of them laughing and left the bathroom wearing only a towel.

"By the way, we're talking about a boy's toy here," Ellie said, but her tone suggested she wasn't saying it in the form of flattery.

“Ladies,” I said, trying to be polite.

"Go dress sexy, we're going to dinner and the show," Miranda said.

I asked. “Which room is mine?”

“Our room is the first on the left,” Miranda said.

“Cool,” I said casually. I left the ladies and got dressed.

Strangely, the rest of the evening passed without incident. I later learned that during their brief time as girls they had apparently agreed that there would be no sex talk, flirting, or puns for the rest of the evening. In a way that was good news because I was a little tired of the excessive sexual tension between Ellie and Mom that was making her so nervous.

Dinner was amazing, the show and Cirque de Soleil were amazing and walking around under the lights late at night was the coolest thing ever. By the time we got back to our penthouse room we were all exhausted and crashing pretty quickly.

Miranda and I rented a room together, and Mom and Ellie shared separate rooms, although Ellie seemed to emphasize that they would be sharing a room for the rest of the weekend.


The next morning started amazingly: I was woken up in the best possible way - with a blowjob. Miranda opened her eyes and slowly moved up and down on my cock.

When she saw me waking up, she smiled: “Good morning, sleepyhead.”

“Good morning, my beautiful,” I replied.

"I bet you tell all the girls that wake you up like that," she teased, returning to my cock.

“Now that you mention it, it’s true,” I agreed, thinking about how many times my mother had woken me up like that.

“You’re a whore,” she joked, briefly taking my cock out of her mouth.

“There are worse things,” I joked.

"And Mom's facial was naughty," Miranda commented as she began deep-throating my cock again.

I groaned, “I didn’t think she’d be able to handle it.”

Five minutes later the conversation continued after I injected sperm into my boyfriend's body in nice weather. “Your mother always had cum on her face at the bar.”

"Really?" - I asked, surprised at my mother's complete obedience.

“Yeah, that was fucking hot,” Miranda said, still stroking my cock.

“It was,” I agreed.

"Your mother can be really wild, and being in a town where no one knows her gives her freedom without having to worry about the consequences," Miranda explained.

“Like the last time you two were in Las Vegas,” I smiled.

“For example,” she agreed with a smile.

Positioned between her legs, I smiled, "I think it's time to return the favor."

She purred, “You treat me so well, baby.”

“I bet you tell that to every eighteen-year-old you bring to Vegas,” I teased.

“All of them,” she played along as my tongue began to lick. As much as I loved fucking Miranda and Mom, I enjoyed the sweet intimacy that came from pussy licking. I love hearing her breathing slowly increase, I love hearing her moans increase because of me.

Hearing Miranda coo, "Oh, Curtis, don't stop," "Yes, baby, I love your tongue, baby," and "Oh God, you're making me so fucking wet" only increases my desire to satisfy.

I wasn't in a hurryenjoy the slow build of Miranda's orgasm. Finally, ten minutes later, more or less, her moans became stronger and I realized that she was on the verge of euphoria and sucked her clitoris into my mouth while I pushed two fingers into her very wet pussy.

“Fuuuuck,” Miranda screamed, wrapping her legs around my head and shaking as her pussy juice leaked out.

I savored her sweetness as her body continued to tremble because of me.

When she finally released me from the embrace of her legs, I went over and kissed her tenderly.

When I broke the kiss a few seconds later, she smiled, "Damn, I taste good."

“You’ll never hear me complain,” I joked.

She leaned in and kissed me again. This time there was a tenderness in the kiss that I had never felt before. It wasn't the intense urgency that there often was, and it wasn't full of hungry passion, but something more, like we had entered another world where only we existed.

As she broke the kiss, she suddenly seemed nervous and vulnerable; There was an insecurity in my confidence that I wasn't aware of. , celebrity friend. Our eyes met, time stood still and for a moment it was just us and nothing else mattered.

Finally, the woman of my dreams said words I could never have imagined. “I love you, Curtis.”

These three words and my name and I were speechless.

She kissed me tenderly before placing her vulnerability on the sleeve she wore. "I know it sounds crazy, you're just a boy and we haven't known each other long," she continued between sweet kisses. "And I don't expect you to reciprocate, but I had to let you know."

They say when you fall in love, you just know it. As if every other relationship was just a blimp on the way to true love. I knew I lusted for Miranda, I knew I really liked her, but the moment I looked into her sincere eyes, behind the beautiful appearance, behind the sexy seductress, I saw the real Miranda... the girl behind the woman, the girl who longed for unconditional love, not superficial love based on looks and sex. No, behind the tough, confident exterior was a vulnerable woman who wanted someone to love the real her. I knew immediately, just like I know the sky is blue and the grass is green, that I loved her. Not the pantyhose-wearing sex goddess I masturbated to as a child, but the sweet, caring, sassy, ​​warm, funny, quirky and a million other qualities that made me fall in love. And in that moment, looking deep into her soul, I took her heart and owned it. “I love you too, Miranda Collington.”

She shook her head. “I didn’t say it for you to say it. I..."

I put my finger to her lips. "Shhh, my sweet Miranda. I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it. As I spoke, it was my turn to kiss her quickly and tenderly between each reason. “I like your commitment.”

“I like your smile,” I continued kissing. just her upper lip.

“I love your compassion,” I added, repeating a gentle kiss on her lower lip.

“I love your sarcastic wit,” I said, kissing her left cheek.

“I love the sparkle in your eyes,” I praised her and kissed her other cheek.

“But most of all, I love your heart, Miranda,” I finished as our eyes met. I hoped she saw the sincerity in my eyes as much as I saw it in hers.

We kissed like two lovers.

After a moment, her sweet smile turned mischievous. She rubbed my legs in stockings and asked, “Don’t you like my legs in pantyhose?”

“They’re fine,” I shrugged playfully.

She laughed before adding that she instantly went from insecure and vulnerable to sexy and confident: "So the fact that I'm a submissive who likes to swallow cum and take cocks in my ass doesn't matter either?"

I shrugged my shoulders. “Those are great bonuses, like your tight pussy, your dirty mouth and your lesbian tendencies, but I have a mother for all of that.”

“You bastard,” she said, hitting me playfully.

“That’s a bitch, thanks,” I joked before standing up. “I really need to go to the toilet.”

I grabbed my robe and went into the bathroom. When I returned, Miranda was also wearing a dressing gown and was on the phone.

After she hung up, she said, “Room service is coming soon.”

“Okay, I’m hungry,” I said, looking at my watch. “Is it really eleven now?”

“That’s what the clock says,” Miranda joked, showing off her sarcastic wit.

We left our private room and I was surprised that mom wasn't up yet.

A moment later, Miranda said worriedly, "Oh no."

"What?" I asked.

She gave me a note.

I read the notice:

I have Alexis for today...

Mistress Ellie

“I hope Alexis is okay,” she said. - said Miranda.

“Me too,” I replied as I wrote to my mother.


Are you okay? Where are you?

A minute later my mother replied:

I'm doing well. Ellie is determined to have me, but she also wants me to look perfect for her if she wins, and I will, as she says, become her forever toy.

She booked usFull body massage, manicure, pedicure and spa visit.

She said she would reinvent me... whatever that means...

I'm nervous and worried...

I don't know when we'll be back.

I love mom

The satisfied mother was fine, Miranda and I had breakfast together and showered, where I shot my second morning load into Miranda while we had a long fuck session in the steamy shower.

After getting dressed, Miranda and I had a great day enjoying the views of Vegas. We went to hotels, ate at Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab and just enjoyed life as a normal couple...something we weren't normally allowed to do. We held hands, took photos of each other and together. It was surreal and one of the most beautiful and rewarding days of my life. We weren't just sexual partners, we were a couple. It was also funny to see all the double takes we got from the other tourists: Miranda in black knee high socks, a red leather skirt and matching five inch heels, and me in jeans and a t-shirt, dressed casually...a casual look to say the least strange pairing.

At the end of the day, I just enjoyed being with Miranda and I think she felt the same way. There was no sex talk, innuendo or discussion of plans for the evening, we were just a couple enjoying Vegas like so many others.

Mom wrote to me around 2 p.m.:

I bought tickets for the evening performance. Meet me at Excalibur at 7 p.m. This is a midday show so don't eat early. The show is called “Defense of the Caveman.”

Kisses Mom

After a wonderful day with my beautiful girlfriend that made me fall even more in love with her, I started thinking about the evening.

When we went to Excalibur, I said to Miranda, "We don't have to do this."

"What to do?" She asked.

“Ellie and me, Ellie and Mom,” I said.

“Oh yes, we do,” Miranda grinned, “I always finish what I start.”

"That's very true," I laughed, before saying sincerely, "You're just enough for me."

“How sweet,” she said, stopping and kissing me. “Of course you think that me and your mother are enough for you.”

“Well, you two are a handful,” I replied.

“I hope you meant it in the plural,” she smiled, pressing her breasts against me.

“Really,” I laughed when we arrived at the hotel.

“So the plan remains the same. We’re fucking Ellie,” Miranda said as if it was that easy. - Us?” I asked.

“Yes, we are,” she smiled back.

How?" - I asked, quite sure that Ellie had no interest in me at all.

"Still a work in progress, my love," Miranda said as we reached our final destination.

I looked around for my mother, but didn't recognize her at first as I walked past her. Until she said, “You don’t even recognize your mother?”

We stopped and turned to see that my mother had indeed completely changed. Her long, signature brown hair had been replaced with the lightest hair I had ever seen, and it was cut short. "Mummy?"

"In the flesh," she smiled her sexy smile, still very much alive.

“Wow, Mom, this completely changes your look,” I said, not sure if I liked it, especially since I liked long hair.

“I hope you like it, baby,” she purred, winking playfully.

“I like everything about you,” I smiled back.

Miranda said: “Nice outfit, Alexis.”

Mom wore a blood red blouse, a black leather skirt, black over-the-knee stockings and five-inch heels.

Mom shrugged her shoulders. “Ellie insisted I buy this outfit.”

“Well, it works. Where is the drama queen? - I asked.

"Tonight on a recon mission to seduce Brittany," Mom replied.

Miranda laughed. “Reconnaissance mission?”

“According to her,” my mother shrugged, “she takes this task and the so-called reward very seriously.”

“How do you feel about that?” I asked.

"Well, away from the real world, it's a lot easier to just let whatever happens happen," Mom shrugged.

“Good philosophy,” Miranda agreed.

“Let’s enjoy the show,” my mother suggested, taking my right hand. Miranda took me from the left and we entered the show as an adorable threesome.

The next few hours were filled with delicious food, a hilarious comedian, and constant banter under the table from my two beautiful companions. When the show ended I thought I might burst.

Ellie wrote to her mother:

DON'T COME TO THE Stag Party!!! I will complete the task, but I will not allow Miranda to appear.

Mom showed us the note and Miranda agreed not to go. We finished our drinks, they did, I drank the lemonade and my ladies perked up.

Miranda whispered in one ear, "I'm going to eat you as soon as we get back to the room."

Mom whispered similar lines in my other ear: “Mom has dirty plans with her evil son, she's trying to get rid of me and Ellie.”

My cock was hard and both of my horny ladies reached my erect cock at the same time.

They both laughed and Miranda suggested, "Let's get out of here."

“I agree,” my mother said, hunger clearly visible in her eyes.

I teased, “Was Mom interested in spending the day with Ellie?”

“I almost ate it at the spa,” my mother admitted.before adding: "Ellie teased me with touches, drowned me in innuendo and taunted me about future events."

"AND?" I asked.

“And I felt like I was her representative again in college,” my mother admitted.

"AND?' I squeezed.

"And I fucking loved it, you bastard," Mom admitted, slapping my leg.

"Well, let's take this conversation somewhere where we can wear a lot less clothes," I suggested .

“This is Vegas, he could be anywhere,” Miranda joked.

"Okay, let's go back to the hotel and have a good old-fashioned threesome," I said.

"It's more like this now," Miranda smiled as she stood up.

Fifteen minutes later we were in the bedroom and I was lying on my back, Mom straddling my face, the smell of her pussy intoxicating me while Miranda rode her sweet lips on my cock.

I enjoyed the crazy reality I was living in. I greedily licked my mother's pussy while my submissive mother friend generously sucked my cock. None of us were in a hurry, we were just having fun together. Five minutes turned into ten before Mom and I orgasmed almost simultaneously as I shot my cum into Miranda and Mom filled my mouth with hers.

Then my mother and I teamed up with Miranda. We kissed, licked and nibbled on her breasts for a while before both teasing her stockinged legs with our lips and hands. We spent ages worshiping Miranda's feet thoroughly until she was begging to be fucked.

"Please eat my pussy or fuck me, this teasing is driving me crazy," Miranda moaned, writhing on the bed.

Together Mom and I did both, with me sticking my cock in Miranda's slutty pussy while Mom rode Miranda's face at the same time. Then mom leaned over and started licking Miranda's clit, making her even more aroused.

"Oh fuck yes," Miranda roared as my cock entered her, and after a long, slow burn, the sudden change seemed to bring her to an apocalyptic orgasm within seconds.

Mom greedily licked and sucked Miranda's clit as I continued to fuck my girlfriend, Mom is submissive, hard and deep. Even after everything I'd done with my mother and Miranda, it felt strangely surreal.

Twenty seconds passed, thirty at most, before Miranda begged, her words slightly muffled by her mother's cunt: "Harder, fuck me harder."

I went from slow thrusts to hard, deep penetration as each forward thrust slammed into her body.

Since Miranda had already gone several hours without an orgasm, it took less than a minute of the double onslaught of my powerful thrusts and licking of Mom's clit for her to explode like a balloon. Her juices flowed out of her, bathing my cock as mom licked and licked.

Miranda shook and trembled as her orgasm ripped through her. I continued pounding her wet box. “Oh God, more, more, mooooo,” she screamed.

“Eat my pussy, slut,” my mother ordered, which turned me on very much.

My obedient girlfriend obeyed, putting her hands on her mother's ass and pulling her mother's pussy to her mouth.

Minutes passed as I continued to fuck her, getting closer and closer to shooting my second load of the evening.

Mom, close to her own orgasm, sat up and pressed her pussy to the submissive's face. She used my girlfriend's face roughly while she fucked herself to orgasm.

The hot lesbian scene finally got my balls boiling as I continued fucking Miranda.

“Fuuuuck,” Miranda screamed as her second orgasm in just a few moments ripped through her.

I decided to give Miranda a hot double facial and continued thrusting in and out of her until mom's orgasm passed before I pulled back and ordered, "Move, baby."

“You dirty bastard,” Mom teased, obeying my command.

Miranda's face was glistening with pussy cum as I pumped my cock.

Mom dove back into Miranda's wet, dripping cunt and began sucking up the sweet pussy juice.

As Miranda opened her mouth to moan, I filled it with my cock.

Despite the awkwardness, Miranda somehow took my cock into her mouth, eagerly rocking back and forth, taking all eight inches of my cock into her mouth as her body continued to shake from one orgasm to the next.

Her mouth was a warm refuge and I held back my orgasm as long as possible, watching in awe as my mother licked her pussy and watched Miranda greedily devour my cock.

Mom's pussy licking tongue worked its usual magic. Миранда вынула мой мой член изо рта and закричала: "Фуунула вынула мой член изо рта" uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

As her third orgasm hit her, I slammed my cock hard before shooting rope after rope of white goo into my still orgasmic girlfriend's face.

Miranda was surprised by the first jet that hit her cheek, but she turned her head and opened her mouth to catch the second and third jets, a look of complete satisfaction on her face.

Mom and I also collapsed onto the bed with the same feeling of contentment.

I was already falling asleep when my mother's cell phone rang. Mom sat up and said, “It must be Ellie.”

“Well, look at it,” he said. Isuggested.

Mom, naked except for her stockings, went to her purse and grabbed her cell phone. She read the message briefly and said, “She did it.”

Miranda asked, “You like it, don’t you?”

“That’s what she says.” Mom nodded, her head obviously already understanding the meaning of the text.

“How do we know for sure?” - Miranda asked.

Mom replied, “Miranda wants proof.”

Mom returned to bed with her phone when it vibrated again. Mom looked at him and as her face turned red, she turned her phone to show us a video clip confirming the task was completed.

Miranda and I watched a short video of Brittany kneeling in a booth and licking Ally's pussy. We couldn't see Ellie's face, but there was no denying that the demanding words came from her. “Look at me, bitch. Tell me how much you love my pussy.”

I would have liked to hear Brittany's answer, but the clip ended frozen as Brittany looked up, her face glistening with pussy juice and she seemed to be looking directly at us.

“Damn delicious”; Miranda said, giddy with excitement about getting revenge on her ex Mark.

"And what now?" I asked Miranda.

Mom said, her tone expressing acceptance rather than fear, "Well, there's no doubt that Ellie will expect me to obey her unconditionally the next time we meet."

“You don’t have to,” he said. I said, not wanting Mom to do anything she didn't want, and I immediately felt guilty towards Miranda and used Mom as leverage in our twisted game to get Ellie to fuck me.

“Ooooooh, yes, I know,” she said, her eyes twinkling.

Miranda asked, “You want it, don’t you?”

"In Despair"; Mom replied. “I wanted to submit to her again and again. It took all of my courage to resist the temptation to submit again, but now that you are an adult Curtis, I think it's time to do more than just submit to Ellie.

I understood what she was trying to say but still couldn't understand it even though it made sense.

"I'm sorry Curtis, but I don't love your father, I love Ellie, I've always loved Ellie," he said. - said mom and tears ran down her face.

I put my hand on Mom's arm and said warmly, "It's okay, Mom."

Silence hung in the air as this new revelation hit the air. Mom finally spoke, her devilish side clearly returning and realizing her decision pretty quickly: "Of course I won't submit to Ellie until she submits to you."

“You don’t have to, Mom,” she said. I have said.

"Yes I know"; Mom smiled and kissed me: “I will only submit to her if she agrees to our relationship.”

Miranda smiled. “Delicious.”

“Really, very tasty”; I agreed.

Mom yawned. “I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a long, eventful day.”

Yawning is contagious and I yawned too. "I love you mom".

"I love you too"; she smiled back.

"And me?" Miranda asked playfully.

I turned to her: “You’re not so bad yourself.”

"Bastard"; She said, playfully hitting me.

Mom said, "It's hard to believe I brought you two together on a whim."

I smiled. “I love you both.”

Both women placed their heads on my shoulders and after a few minutes we were all asleep.


The next morning I was surprised to wake up the old fashioned way...alone. My two lovely ladies left and I looked at the clock; it was almost ten.

I grabbed my bathrobe and went in search of my beautiful submissives. Both my mother and Miranda were having breakfast on the balcony and were already wearing their beautiful day dresses.

"Good morning sleepyhead!" Mom joked.

“You need to go and clean yourself up,” she said. Miranda added.

Mom added, “Ellie just called.” She wants us to come to church early, she has a surprise for us.”

A lot of ideas came to mind as I nodded and went into the shower.

Thirty minutes later I had showered, shaved and dressed, and there was a limo waiting for us downstairs. The three of us sat in silence, contemplating the day ahead, while Mom was on the verge of submitting to Ellie. Ellie would unknowingly submit to me, and Miranda would enjoy the glory of knowing she had humiliated her ex for the last time.

We arrived at the church an hour early and met Ellie at the back door. Ellie, who had never looked better in a dark green dress, smiled and said, "Good to see you, my pet."

“You too, lady,” she said. Mom answered without hesitation.

"Follow me"; Ellie said as the three of us followed her into the church and into the bride-to-be's dressing room.

Standing in a wedding dress was clearBrittany was confused.

"On the knees"; Ellie ordered.

“Yes, madam,” she said. Brittany shakily obeyed, refusing to look anyone in the eye.

“Damn cool”; - said Miranda.

"Miranda, I thought it would be fun if she felt your pussy juice on her lips as she walked down the aisle and kissed her husband for the first time," she said. Ellie explained.

"Brilliant"; Miranda said: “This is even more insidious than I could have imagined.”

"Why thank you?" Ellie replied, visibly beaming at her latest conquest.

Miranda added: "Actually, I think I can bring up the topic of humiliation."

"Keep going"; - said Ellie.

“Let Curtis fuck her and then she can walk down the aisle with the cum dripping out of her vagina,” she said. - suggested Miranda.

“Or ass”; Mom suggested.

"Please don't"; Brittany gasped as we talked about her as if she wasn't there.

“Do you want this video to go viral, bitch?” Ellie hissed in a “don’t you dare fuck with me” tone.

“S-s-sorry, lady,” she said. Brittany stuttered, clearly petrified by Ellie's threat.

“Pussy or ass, pussy or ass?” Ellie asked everyone to sing.

Miranda lifted her dress, sat on the sofa and spread her legs: "Come on me, whore bride."

Brittany's face burned red with a mixture of humiliation and anger as she slowly obeyed the command, crawling awkwardly in her long dress.

When she reached Miranda's feet, Miranda slipped off her heels and stuck her stockinged foot into Brittany's mouth. Brittany gently sucked on Miranda's toes while Ellie turned to her mother: "So now I'm going to get my prize."

Mom blushed but said, “Not so fast, Ellie.”

“We're not trying to comply, are we?” - Ellie asked.

“No, but I need to clarify something,” he said. - Mom said and it sounded much stronger than I actually thought.

"Yes / Yes?" Ellie said, trying to keep control of the situation.

"Yes... I do..." he said. Mom responded, emphasizing each word and controlling the inner turmoil she felt.

“Well, I’m all ears,” he said. - Ellie replied with obvious curiosity.

"I'm ready to leave Ted and move in with you, ma'am," she said. Mom began.

Even Ellie was surprised by this news. She murmured, “Y-y-you, y-y-you.”

"Yes, I've always loved you, Ellie," she said. Mom admitted that she moved in with Ellie.

Ellie blushed. "I can not believe that".

Mom kissed Ellie tenderly, my cock begging for attention.

Miranda interrupted the intimate moment and ordered, "Beg me to eat my pussy, Brittany."

“Oh, please don’t make me do this,” she said. Brittany begged.

Ellie said, "That's an asshole because you don't seem to be a good listener." Curtis, go fuck the bride-to-be."

I was incredibly excited but at the same time fascinated by the conversation between mom and Ellie and was torn.

Brittany begged Miranda, "Can I please lick your pussy, Miranda?"

“On your wedding day?” – Miranda asked.

"Yes"; Brittany admitted, her face red with embarrassment.

“Suck the whore,” Miranda ordered.

Brittany leaned forward and began licking her future husband's ex-girlfriend's pussy.

“Go fuck her”; Ellie ordered.

Mom surprised Ellie: “But fuck Ellie first.”

"Excuse me?" - asked Ellie.

Mom stood her ground and said, "I will submit to you unconditionally, divorce Ted and move in with you, but you must understand that I love my son, Curtis and I are a package deal."

"There were never any terms stated, if you submit to me you are now my slut, is that clear?" Ellie threatened.

Mom stood her ground: “Either you accept Curtis, or you go home empty-handed.”

“Why are you a slut?” - Ellie stammered, looking at my mother and then at me. Time seemed to stand still before she turned back to her mother, her tone clearly annoyed but no longer angry. “Is that the only condition?”

“Yes, madam,” she said. - Mom answered, immediately turning from firm and strong into submissive.

"Damned!" Ellie swore and turned back to me: “Well played.”

Miranda moaned, "You eat pussy much better than your useless fiancé."

“You better be as good as Mom and Miranda think you are, a stud,” she said. - Ellie said, challenging me.

“You better be as good as you say you are,” he said. - I objected and played her game.

I walked up to her and ordered, “On your knees, Ellie.”

Ellie grinned as she walked towards me. “I’m not a submissive Curtis.”

When she reached me, she quickly unbuckled my belt, pulled down my pants and underwear, and then pushed me onto the couch next to Miranda. LiftShe lifted her dress, straddled me and slowly lowered her pussy onto my erect penis.

"Damned!" I moaned as her warmth enveloped my cock.

“Your mother is right, Curtis, you have one hell of a cock,” he said. Ellie smiled and started riding me, her big breasts bouncing up and down. I wanted to take her in my hands and suck her erect nipples, but her dress refused me.

As she rode my cock, she somehow squeezed her cunt around my cock, creating new sensations that I had never experienced before.

Noticing the effect her cunt was having on me, she asked, "You like it, don't you, big boy?"

“Fuck, you’re tight,” he said. I giggled.

“Cooler than your slut mother?” Ellie asked, pressing her body perfectly against my cock.

I admitted, “Fuck yeah.”

“And don’t forget it,” he said. She purred and pushed her tits into my face, which only added to my frustration that I couldn't fit them in my mouth.

Ellie increased her ride on my cock and soon I started moaning a warning, "I'm coming soon."

Somehow her pussy gripped my cock even tighter as she continued riding it, her tits bouncing in front of my face and within seconds her pussy was milking my cock as I spurted my hot seed into my fantasy teacher.

“Hmmmmm”; She moaned, smiled, and felt like she was clearly in control of the situation.

She got off me, went to my mother and ordered: “On your knees.”

I watched as my mother immediately fell to her knees.

“Do you want to taste my pussy filled with your son's sperm?” - asked Ellie.

Mom admitted, obviously hungry as hell: “God, yes.”

“Lick it up whore, return to your place between your Mistress’s legs,” she said. Ellie ordered with a beaming face, showing how happy she was to finally have my mother between her legs again.

I watched as Mom leaned forward and licked my cum from the still erect Ellie.

I was torn from one lesbian scene to the next as Miranda screamed, "Fuuuuck, I'm cumming, you little slut."

I turned around and saw Miranda pulling Brittany's face deep into her filling cunt, covering the bride-to-be's face with an excessive amount of pussy juice. Miranda, trying to humiliate Brittany as much as possible, began moving her hips up and down, literally washing Brittany's face with cum juice.

Luckily I was eighteen and my freshly fucked cock was ready for round two. I stood up and lifted the white wedding dress to see that the slutty little bride wasn't wearing panties, but a white garter belt and stockings.

Brittany tensed her buttocks as I walked up behind her.

Miranda ordered, releasing Brittany's face, "If I were you, I would relax." Curtis’ cock is significantly bigger than the piece of shit you want to marry.

Brittany looked around, her makeup was messed up and her face was shiny. “Please fuck my pussy.”

“As you wish,” he said. I obeyed and easily slid into her amazingly wet cunt. “Damn, her pussy is wet, Miranda.”

"Is that so?" - asked Miranda. "Licking your future husband's ex-girlfriend's pussy made you break up with Brittany?"

“Y-y-yes”; - she murmured in shame and was already moaning when I crashed into her from behind.

“You know, you’re fucking another guy of mine,” she said. - Miranda noted.

“S-s-sorry” She whimpered as my cock filled her completely.

“Everything is fine,” he said. Miranda shrugged. "I'm sure Curtis wouldn't mind fucking you whenever you want a real cock."

"Th-thank you, ma'am," she said. Brittany answered, surprising us both.

Ellie explained: “She is my gift to you as you give me back my whore.”

"Isn't that thoughtful?" Miranda smiled and turned to watch her mistress lick her pussy.

“That’s what I thought,” he said. Ellie smiled.

“Oh, fuck me harder, fuck me harder,” he said. Brittany screamed, forgetting she was in church.

I decided to add to her humiliation and wanted to cum by fucking her ass. I pulled back and without warning rammed my cock into her ridiculously tight ass.

“Holy shit, fuuuuuuck, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Brittany moaned as she took all eight inches of my manhood out her back door.

“I want you to cum in your ass from my cock, slut,” I ordered, trying to impress Ellie with my dominant authority.

"Kkkkkkkkk" Brittany whimpered as her left hand touched her pussy and began rubbing herself frantically.

“Ahhhhh”; Ellie moaned as her long pent up orgasm burst out of her and crashed onto her submissive, my mother.

I watched this lesbian performance in awe as I continued to rape my girlfriend's ex-fiancée. It wasanother new high in the last few weeks has been one after another.

“Cum in her ass, baby,” Miranda purred.

“I will, baby,” he said. I promised and added, "But after I just got into Ellie's slut, it might take a while."

Ellie turned her gaze to me and repeated as a question: “Ellie whore?”

I went all out and felt in control of the situation and ordered the huge teacher, "Get between Miranda's legs and start licking."

Ellie glared at me, my mother watched from her submissive kneeling position as I continued to pound the bride's tight ass.

"Oh my god, I'm so close!" Brittany moaned, unaware of the tension between us.

Ellie waited a minute, but as expected, she went to the couch, fell to her knees, and climbed between Miranda's legs.

I winked at Mom, who was visibly amazed at the change in power, and Miranda winked at me and moaned as Ellie's tongue began to lick her pussy.

I rammed the bride roughly, treating her like the fuck toy she was, wanting to ram her ass hard. Sensing that she needed a verbal push to cum, I bombarded her with nasty names: "Come, my ass, my bride, cunt, our pussy." I want you to think about my big cock in your ass when you walk down the aisle, when you say your vows with my cum in your ass, when you kiss your new husband with pussy juice on your lips. Come on, you fucking whore.

& ldquo; fuuuuuuuck, yeeeeeeeee, & rdquo; - she screamed as her orgasm overcame her.

Her ass gripped my cock and milked it as I filled her ass with my white seed as her orgasm continued to flow through her.

I had barely finished spraying the seeds when there was a knock on the door.

“Brittany, are you okay?” - came a voice trying to open the locked door.

Brittany's eyes widened as she replied, "Yeah, I just hurt my toe."

We all quickly renounced our sinful ways and began to look respectable.

Ellie, her own face glistening with pussy juice, took control. “Have a nice day, bitch.”

“Thank you very much, ma’am,” she said. Brittany replied as she stood up. “Shit, cum is leaking out of my ass.”

As Miranda, Mom and I left the way we came, Ellie grabbed the matching white panties that were part of Brittany's garters from the table and quickly helped put them on the excited and spoiled bride.

“I want the cum to flow into your underwear as a constant reminder that you have a Mistress and a Master. That is clear?

"Yes"; Brittany replied as there was another knock on the door.

"Open up, Brittany," another voice called.

We left the room, Ellie following us with the biggest smile on her face.

As Ellie walked outside, she took my mother's hand and said, shocking us all: "I love you, Alexis, I accept your condition of submission to me, I can never let you go again."

“I love you too, Ellie,” she said. - Mom answered: tenderness and sincerity, which was about love, not submission.

Miranda took my hand and whispered in my ear, "I told you I'd bring you Ellie."

“Yes, yes, you did it,” he said. I smiled.

The four of us walked through the church as couples, ignoring the strange looks from the other wedding guests.

“Miranda, I’m glad you could do it,” she said. Christina, Miranda's colleague, said.

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world,” he said. Miranda smiled, the four of us could hardly contain our laughter as we realized the true meaning of Miranda's words.

“You look radiant,” he said. - Christina added when she saw Miranda's beams.

"Well, having a younger boyfriend has really rejuvenated me, I feel eighteen again," she said. Miranda said, squeezing my hand.

"Great"; Christina laughed. “We’ll talk at the wedding reception.”

"Surely"; Miranda agreed.

I watched the black beauty with a stunning bubble butt walk away and Miranda joked, "You too?"

"What? No, I just...” I babbled.

“Never eaten chocolate?” - asked Ellie.

"No"; I stood.

Miranda smiled as she led me into the church. “Well, we have to change that.”

Mom and Ellie laughed as I realized once again that I had the best friend in the world.

I could hardly control myself during the ceremony.

Brittany walked down the aisle with her legs slightly bent, the effect of my big cock in her ass having unexpected side effects. Her face was ruby ​​red and she was very nervous as she said her vows while my cum was leaking out of her ass. Finally, the confused look on Mark's face was absolutely priceless as he could clearly smell his bride's face as he kissed her for the first time as his wife.

Once the service was over and we were out in the fresh air of Las Vegas, Ellie.dragged my mother into a taxi and supposedly back to the hotel.

Miranda gave me another strange look and said, "You said you loved me, right?"

"With all my heart"; I confessed and took her hands in mine.

"Do you want to do something fucking crazy?" she asked.

“Crazier than fucking a bride in the ass before her wedding?” I asked, raising my eyebrows.

"Actually yes"; Miranda smiled. “Crazier than fucking a bride in the ass, crazier than fucking your mother in an elevator, and crazier than seducing Ellie like we did.”

“I was interested in you,” he said. I answered, wondering what else she could mean. The only thought was Christina, but that wouldn't overshadow the madness of everything else.

She knelt down in front of the church and my eyes widened, thinking that was too bold even for her. I started to say, "Not here," but she was interrupted by the shocking words that came out of her mouth.

"Curtis Charlesworth, will you marry me?" she asked with the same vulnerability as this morning.

My heart melted and I knew the answer without even thinking about it. I picked her up, kissed her passionately and dropped to one knee myself, deciding that if we did it we would do it right. “Miranda Collington, will you marry me?”

"Yes"; She smiled and I stood up and kissed her with a mixture of tenderness and passion.

When the kiss finally ended, Miranda said, "So we really have to hurry if we want to get married today."

"Today?" - I repeated, surprised by her words.

“Well, while we were in Rome,” she shrugged and led me to a taxi. “But first I need a dress.”


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