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Valentine's Day gift


It all started a few months ago when we went to the doctor's office and my wife, Dr. Miller scored. A look at Dr. Miller and you knew she had a thing for women. She had very short and neatly cut blonde hair. She was about 1.75 meters tall. and 110 pounds. She behaved like a man, but had enough feminism to understand that she was a woman. The kind doctor made my wife stop and pay attention, and I quickly realized why.

As we were leaving, my wife asked me if I wanted Dr. Think Miller is cute? I told her “yes” and she replied, “ That's what I thought and she even made me wet. If I was ever going to be with a woman, it would be her." I never knew my wife felt the same way, and that made me jealous at first, but as I thought about it a little, the thought of bringing my wife with me really occurred to me watching another woman.

Then I came up with the idea of ​​a Valentine's Day surprise for my wife.

My wife's name is Kim, she is 5-11 years old, she has long blonde hair and endless legs. She has big 44D breasts and a perfectly round ass. Everywhere we go she attracts attention and acts very sexy. She has the face of an angel that you never get tired of looking at. This is the story of how I gave my wife a special Valentine's Day.

“Honey, I booked us into the Fantasy Inn in Lake Tahoe for Valentine’s Day this year.” She looked at me and smiled. “Sounds fun, I’m looking forward to it.”

Finally the day came and we just checked into our room, it was perfect. Everything was covered in red velvet and there was a huge heart-shaped bed in the middle of the room and a hot tub in the corner big enough for four people. On the wall, visible from the entire room, was a large flat-screen television. The shower was clear glass and had two shower heads facing each other. If it weren't for the fact that we ordered our dinner in 30 minutes. We would jump in the hot tub. We went for a candlelit dinner and a few cocktails. I knew our schedule for the evening and tried to surprise him by being punctual.

At 9pm we returned to the room and decided to take a hot tub while we undressed and I watched my beautiful wife get into the rushing water. I opened the champagne and we drank at the start of a wonderful evening. After our toast, Kim asked, "What do you mean the beginning, isn't the night over?"

"No, my love, everything is just beginning." She looked at me as if I hadn't yet had enough of the full load as she took the remote and turned the TV on to one of two porn channels.

"That's what I call relaxation: good porn, soothing bubbles in a candlelit room." Kim replied.

At 9:45 a.m. I suggested going to bed and accompanied my sexy wife to the soft, heart-shaped bed. I told her to lie on her back, gently tied her to the bed with a soft velvet sheet and told her to relax and enjoy, that the night was nothing but pleasure for her. I began to slowly move the large, soft feather up and down her body, tracing her nipples and watching them tense and stretch. Then I moved it slowly over her flat stomach and over her gently shaved pussy, down each of her legs to her feet. Then I replaced the spring with light finger movements, pausing to spread her labia and circle her already hardened clitoris while my tongue licked circles around her nipples. She orgasmed quickly, biting her lip and lifting her pelvis off the bed with a soft howl of pleasure.

At that moment there was a knock on the door. Kim was startled and said, "Please don't answer while I'm tied up like this."

“Relax, it’s probably just more room service drinks, I’ll bring them to the door.”

I opened the door and Dr. Miller appeared right next to Ke: "I didn't know you made house calls, Doc."

"I'm here to give Kim the physical exam she's supposed to."

Dr. Miller entered the room and there was no doubt about Kim's surprise because she was just as red as the room she was in. My wife couldn't do anything but lie there. "What do you think, doctor?" I asked.

"Well, she looks beautiful and healthy, but her complexion is a little flushed, so I need to examine her carefully." She placed her medical bag on the bed next to Kim, took out a stethoscope and placed it on Kim's left nipple. I sat on the bed and watched Dr. Miller grabbed a small vibrator from her bag and began moving it up and down Kim's pussy lips. "Yes, her heart is racing pretty fast, I will be able to continue the exam." The doctor said.

My cock was very hard as I watched this woman move the vibrator up and down my wife's body, circling her hard nipples, spreading her pussy lips and then circling her clitoris. My wife's hips started moving in the sink along with the doctor's movements and I realized she was about to cum. “Not yet, darling, we can’t let either of youYour sweet nectar reaches to your waist." The doctor replied, placing a pillow under Kim's heart-shaped butt to elevate it while she pushed her tongue into my wife's wet, thirsty pussy. The vibrator worked on her clitoris while the doctor's mouth slid his tongue in as deep as he could, sucking out my wife's cum as she had a huge orgasm.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Kim moaned, her body shaking and trembling.

The doctor pulled a large rubber dildo with two heads out of her bag and slowly began inserting one end into my wife's wet pussy. She untied my wife's legs so she could spread them further and Kim took full advantage by taking as much of it as possible. After reaching maximum penetration, she left the dildo still while she stood and undressed, revealing a beautiful, petite, firm body with very small breasts with tiny hard nipples and a clean blonde pussy that she kept nicely groomed . She grabbed the free end of the rubber cock and pushed it into her already wet pussy and they began rhythmically fucking each other while my wife screamed for me to let go of her hands. I quickly agreed and she grabbed the doctor's firm little tits and began squeezing and stroking them.

Kim then asked me to squeeze her huge tits and suck hard on both nipples and I gladly did. Kim had already come twice and I could see another climax building within her. Doc took a small vibrator and started rubbing circles around Kim's clit as they fucked each other, they fucked each other so hard that their pussies were touching. I felt Kim's body begin to shake as she screamed in pleasure and came so hard that she wet the bed. She told me to lick all the juice from her slit while the doctor continued fucking her. I savored every delicious drop of cum in my mouth, sucking in every sweet part of its taste.

Seeing my wife have such a powerful orgasm gave the doctor a sudden wave of pleasure as she began releasing her juices onto the rubber dildo, which she slid in and out of both pussies. They continued to fuck each other while Kim undressed me so she could have access to my very hard cock. Once my cock was exposed, she wasted no time in pulling it to her mouth and began sucking on it, first on the head and then until my balls were on her face. She sucked greedily while her hands rubbed and squeezed the doctor's tits.

Doc slowly freed her pussy from the rubber cock and slowly pulled it out of my wife's dripping cunt. Then she started kissing the inside of Kim's knees, her thighs, and her wet pussy lips, and I watched as her tongue slid up and down the parted wet slit, pausing only to stick her tongue deep into her honey hole , to lick up all the sweet juices that flowed. The sounds of my wife moaning in pleasure and seeing her pussy being licked were so hot that I felt myself swelling in my wife's mouth and as the doctor began circling Kim's clit with his tongue, Kim began Pumped vigorously by the doctor's face, I shot a load of cum down her throat as she swallowed every drop and sucked everything she could out of me. I pulled it out of my mouth and leaned back in my chair as I continued to watch the very cute doctor lick and suck my wife's pussy.

Kim reached out and pulled the document over herself, burying her face in the wet blonde muff. She always said she could never eat pussy, this must have been the hottest moment because Kim dove like a pro, her tongue sliding up and down the pink slit. The doctor started grinding her mound faster and harder into my wife's mouth when a wave of numbness started in her spine, spread throughout her body and she exploded, exploding into my wife's mouth. She came so hard that my wife had to swallow quickly so as not to lose any of the sweet nature that filled her mouth. This drove Kim into a frenzy of multiple orgasms that lasted for several minutes, each more powerful than the last. The doctor couldn't swallow all of Kim's cum as it just leaked out of her pussy and soaked the bed and face. Kim pulled me close and said, "Now I need your hard cock, FFFUUCKKKKKK for me, please fuck me." I slammed it all the way and she continued sucking and licking the doctor's pussy while my cock was so hard could hit her pussy. I fucked and she sucked for a few minutes and then as if in unison we all came at the same time and then collapsed on the bed and fell asleep cuddled together with my beautiful sexy wife in the middle.

A few hours later I woke up to find the doctor and my wife washing each other in the shower. It was hot to see my wife soaping up a pretty blonde and my wife's body being soaped up by another woman. My cock got hard at this very hot event while I enjoyed the view. The doctor's hands rubbed soap onto my wife's big tits and Kim returned the favor as they both pleasured themselves.

The doctor then uses the pulsating shower headI started rinsing Kim's pussy and as the water hit my wife's clit, I saw her knees buckle. Doc stood on her clit for a few minutes and then replaced the pulsating water with her tongue. Kim's head fell back and her eyes closed as it was obvious she was taking great pleasure in it. Kim began pumping her pussy faster into the doctor's face while the doctor took her finger and pushed it into Kim's tight pussy. Kim reached out and pushed the doctor's head hard against her muff, simultaneously screaming and squirting hot, sweet juice all over his face.

Then Doc made Kim bend over the shower stool, lift her nice round ass in the air, and she began rubbing the vibrator up and down my wife's labia, the labia still throbbing, every third or fourth thrust the toy penetrated firmly into her hole. After fucking her pussy with the toy for a few minutes, the doctor slowly moved the vibrator up, penetrated my wife's ass with it, pushed her face into my wife's muff and began licking her wound while she fucked her ass with the vibrator. Kim motioned for me to come into the shower and sit underneath her so she could suck my cock. With each thrust of the vibrator into my wife's ass, my cock was swallowed whole, and soon I was pumping my hot cum into her mouth as she swallowed every last drop. She then experienced a violent orgasm that caused her to collapse on the shower floor. The doctor helped her to bed where they continued sucking and fucking each other for the rest of the night. When I woke up in the morning, the doctor was gone and my wife was snuggled up to me with the biggest smile on her face that I had ever seen.

My wife told me it was the best night of her life and our sex life has been great ever since. She says she feels closer to me than ever because she knows it took a lot of love to give her a Valentine like



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