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Undercover: Abandoned, but not alone

Abigail woke up on the beach, she remembered the storm and nothing else, I must have slipped overboard, she thought. She was still wearing dress pants and a white T-shirt, but she had lost her shoes. She stood up, brushed the sand out of her brown hair and looked out to sea, her green eyes taking in everything. She was twenty-four years old, fit but not muscular, five feet seven inches tall. She looked around the beach, it looked like an ordinary desert island with palm trees and the like, for some it would be a paradise, but not for her, she already had her own paradise, her yacht, that's actually what it was called. She loved the water, which was probably why she joined the Marines.

Suddenly she heard a noise: a car engine, not as abandoned as she thought. She walked through the undergrowth toward the sound and found herself on a dirt road. A truck stopped less than a foot in front of her. The men who came out didn't look friendly, she started running but despite her move they had a truck and she left. The men caught up with them easily. The two grabbed her and threw her into the truck.

They put a bag over her head so she couldn't see, but she realized they were looking at her butt and imagining her naked. She imagined it would be too long before they saw her naked. They got where they were going and she was forced to come out. They led her into the building. When the hood was removed, she discovered that she was in some kind of cell. She sat on the floor and waited. As she waited, she thought about where she was: her last position was between Indonesia and Australia, and the men looked like Indonesians, so she could sail far away.

Then three men entered. They opened the door and everyone came in with a big bulge in their pants. Abigail got on her knees and the men pulled out their throbbing hard-ons. As soon as someone grabbed her head: “Stop!” The voice had an American accent. A white man in a light suit and sunglasses came into view.

“Fuck off,” he ordered. After they left, he entered the cell “on his feet”

She stood up and he slid behind her. "I'm sorry, but this is the only way," he whispered, sliding his hand down her shirt and pressing it against her C-cup breasts. "My name is Carter, I'm from the CIA." and need your help

“Sergeant Abigail Edwards, Royal Marines,” she replied "The leader of these people is Riley, and he has a huge passion for brunettes," he said, sliding his other hand down her pants. She felt his fingers. massage her pussy through her underwear.

"What can I do?"

“Riley and his boys are fighting back, we just need some information, it's getting dangerous and you have to use your body”

She had to admit that the danger and mystery turned her on, and it also helped that his dark features made him rather handsome.

“I will”

“Okay, this is for the boss”

She was put back in the truck and driven to the port. There she was brought on board the yacht. Your yacht. The yacht only had two tables and could only accommodate three people. She went down to the second deck which led into a room that had a kitchen on one side and a seating area next to the stairs on the other side, on the right was the master bedroom which was located in the bow of the ship , on the left there were three smaller rooms, a storage room, bathroom and another bedroom.

Abigail went into the bedroom and waited there. While she waited, she rummaged through her drawers and found a pair of purple underwear. She undressed and washed in the small sink. She was putting her bra on when Riley came in. He was about six feet tall, like Carter, but had blonde hair and blue eyes. He was built, but not too strong, and had the charisma of a salesman.

“I was just,” she began "I'm trying to look sexier," he said, picking up the bra and tossing it aside. "Don't, baby," he gently pushed her onto the bed and took off his jacket and tie before climbing on top of her. He ran his hand over her round breasts. They were just the right size to hold in his hands. “They’re perfect,” he said. He squeezed her left breast, leaned down and started sucking her nipple. With his other hand he pushed her panties aside and inserted two fingers into her pussy. Her pussy was already hot and wet. “Are you ready for me?”

"Abigail" she said, he removed his fingers and tasted them "You taste good Abby, let's take these off" he said blaming her panties, she lifted her legs and he pulled them off her smooth tanned legs and threw her in the corner.

Then she stood up and helped him take off his shirt. "You know, I think you need to stay naked while I'm around," he said, squeezing her ass while she unbuttoned his shirt “Lay on the bed,” he told her.

She lay on her hind legs, ready for the missionary position, and watched him undress. He pulled down his boxers and eight inches of him flew out, rock hard.

Finally he reached the top. She was ready andcool. He pressed his cock to her lips. “What should I do?” He asked

“You know,” she replied

“Remember me”

She hesitated, he tried to get out: “Fuck me,” she said “I’m sorry”

"I want you to blow my brains out," she said, surprising even herself. He pressed his entire length against her. She sighed in pleasure, his cock was finally inside her.

He began to pull out slowly, leaving only the head before inserting it again. Every time he stuck it in, a wave of pleasure rolled through her body.

“Faster,” she asked He sped up and her moans also interrupted my words, "Fuck me, baby," he fucked her so hard she was sure the whole ship was rocking.

She wrapped her legs around him as if she had a second body. Sweetness flooded her face and a huge wave of pleasure washed over her.

He stopped letting his entire length inside her, leaned forward and locked his lips with her. He continued the kiss and started moving his hips in and out slowly, but that was enough, she broke the kiss and started moaning softly. "Wow, you're very sensitive, aren't you?"


“I think it’s my turn,” he said, pausing “OK”

He rolled onto his back and she knelt over him, pushing the head of his penis through her lips. She placed her hands on his chest and caught his length in one stroke. She began sliding up and down his cock, allowing him to freely touch her smooth body. He gasped as he stared at her breasts and pussy, her body on fire. He liked her tits, they were a really good size, not big and not small, he pinched the nipple and she screamed a little. “I’m sorry,” he said, putting his hand on her small butt. He grabbed her soft ass and ran his fingers along it. He gently felt her bottom with his middle finger. Finally he pushed it all the way in. It was tight, very tight, like a virgin.

“You still have your anal virginity?” He asked rhetorically She nodded and he decided to just sit back.

Abby was breathing heavily, her eyes and sweetness coursing through her body. She changed the speed so he wouldn't come to his senses so quickly. Her pussy was wet. She felt his finger on her ass and heard his question, but she concentrated instead of climaxing. She opened her eyes and found him looking at her. “You know, you can go,” he said, and at that moment she collapsed next to him.

In five minutes “second round”; he asked, she nodded "Like a dog"; he offers.

Abby got on all fours and he got behind her. He grabbed her waist to give himself better leverage. This time when everything started quickly, he was tempted to play games and he had other things to do. Abby didn't and he knew she was already moaning in pleasure as he slammed in and out of her. It wasn't long before she felt him slow down as he reached his climax. A white, sticky jet streamed into her pussy and he let out a satisfied moan. He collapsed next to her with a smile on his face. "It was fun!" he half screamed

"Yes, it was"; - she replied, reaching down and licking his cock.

“ I think I have something on my balls,” he said. She took his scrotum in her mouth and sucked it “Good girl, now go and get yourself sorted out”;

Abby took a shower in the small bathroom, she was tired, covered in cum and still a little dirty from falling overboard. She let the warm water wash everything away. She felt dirty with pleasure, but that was what it was, and he wasn't as bad as Carter made him out to be.

She came out refreshed, but still unsure of what she was doing. She dried herself off and returned to the bedroom. She was surprised to find it empty. She found a loose beach dress, put it on with black panties and went searching. She found him walking down the stairs with a butt plug in his hand. “ I brought this for you so we could stretch your little ass a little.” - he said, as if he had bought her a gift. She leaned over the side of the kitchen so he could insert her. He pulled down her panties and carefully pushed them up her ass. She didn't find it unpleasant, it was just strange. He then placed a metal collar around her neck. “If you wish to go ashore, this will ensure that my people understand that you are among the men”; he explained. After he left, Abby went into the bedroom and collapsed onto the bed. It had been a long day and who knew what the next day would bring. She was a sex toy at the moment and hadn't had a chance to help Carter yet.

This is my first story, so I welcome comments, instructions, and advice.great.



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