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Collision of two worlds_(1)

Andrea Frost waited and dreamed about this day, her parents trusted her so much that they went away together for the weekend and left her home alone. Of course they kept her talk about no parties, no friends and that she was a responsible young woman! They told her that this was her chance to prove to them that she could be trusted and that she wanted them to trust her. At eighteen, she wanted her approval so she could start dating and have sole use of the car she had gotten for her birthday. Going to football games alone, driving to school, to team training and driving home alone. Andrea's body was in good condition.

Her breasts are firm and conical, befitting her age and youth. She was a size 34C and had medium sized nipples. She had dirty blonde hair, was six feet tall, and was a bit thicker than all the skinny Ally McBeal girls that seem to be all the rage these days. I lived far out of town, far from anything interesting like malls or the arena. She couldn't even walk closer than 2 miles.

On Friday after school, her mother picked her up, took her home and reminded her of the rules. She told her mother that she would obey them all! One day she wished her parents well and assured them she would be fine, and they traveled to a bed and breakfast on the Washington coast for two days. They needed some alone time and Andrea was glad they did! She decided to do her homework and also do some housework to her parents' surprise! She will show them that she has responsibility!

She went into the laundry room and sorted the laundry in the laundry basket. The dark clothes went into the washing machine and then she added soap while the whites waited to be washed. While she did laundry, she swept the kitchen and dining room, washed them, and then ordered pizza with the money her parents gave her. After all this work, she returned to the laundry room, put the dark clothes in the dryer and turned on the light to wash them. Feeling very productive, she went to her room to do her homework and after reading a few chapters and completing a few projects, it was almost 8 p.m.

WOW, this day went by quickly. She went downstairs, took the dark clothes out of the dryer, put a light load in them, turned the dryer on, put a sheet in it, and then started stacking the fabrics neatly. After she finished, she decided to drink Pepsi. She went to the refrigerator and found that her mother had forgotten to go to the store before the trip.

There was no Pepsi, no milk, no food in the house. Andrea really wanted Pepsi and she knew that she would need milk for the next three days and that when her parents got home late Sunday night they would be tired and wouldn't be able to go to the store until Monday morning. She didn't want to walk to the store two miles away with heavy groceries, and after all, it was night and she would most likely be hit by a car on the dark country roads. Everyone drove very fast here. She knew she wasn't allowed to drive, even though she had a driver's license and had completed a driving course. She thought she would go there to buy groceries just to be safe, and if her parents asked she would tell them she walked to the store.

She knew they would never know she was driving their car. She found the keys to the white Ford Probe and went into the garage. She started the car, buckled her seatbelt and pressed the garage door opener. The door opened and the light from the garage door opener filtered softly into the darkness of the night. She slowly withdrew the probe and, once safely through the door, pressed the button to close the garage door. She slowly pulled onto the street and started the car toward the store.

She was driving slowly and well, and soon she saw another car coming towards her and was watching it when her headlights suddenly caught a deer on the road. She turned left to avoid a collision and hit the oncoming car, but not too hard as she braked just like the other driver. She wondered if she had also hit a deer and if the other driver was OK. She thought she had hit so hard and was sure she had actually hurt the deer or the other driver. She unbuckled her seatbelt and got out to assess the damage.

As she did so, she was startled by a man standing at her door and asking if she was OK. She didn't see him in the dark. She replied “yes” and asked if he was the driver of the other car. He said yes and asked again if she was okay. She said yes. Andrea asked if she had hit a deer and if the man was OK.

He said you missed the deer, I'm fine but my car is a mess. He pointed to the smashed front end and driver's side panel. It looks so bad when the hood is up and the car's headlight lenses are lying broken on the ground and mixed in with pieces of the front grill. Andrea's probe's pointed nose was dented, but not too badly. But it was so bad that her parents never let her drive again or trusted her to do anything.

Andrea started crying and thought that she just wanted to go to the store and help her parents. And now she has ruined her life! The man asked if she was okay, if she had insurance papers and what her name was. She said her name was Andrea and she didn't have insurance yet because she was taking a summer job and paying for it herself. The man identified himself as Matthew and said he needed to call the police so his insurance company would cover the damage. Andrea was very scared because she thought she would go to prison and begged the man not to call the police.

“Please don’t call her. I will now find a job and pay for any repairs to your car. I will do whatever you need to do to pay off the debt. Please don't call the police. Then my parents will definitely kill me! He was hungry for sex. c beautiful young girl in his dreams. He dreamed of doing bad things to her and making her his sex slave, and now he had a chance. He knew he would have to scare her even more for it to work.

“Andrea, I have to call the police, the damage to my car is in the thousands and it's going to take you six months to a year of work after school to pay for it and the real problem is that the repair shop won't let you Let me return my car once it is repaired until full payment is received. I'm sorry, but I have to call the police. I'm sure you won't spend too long in prison.

Knowing full well that she would only get a fine if he called the police. “PLEASE don’t call her, I’ll do anything, but please don’t call her.” Andrea whined and begged.

Matthew said, "Okay, but you have to do what I say tonight or I'll call her, okay?" Will you promise me to do exactly as I say?”

Andrea said: “Yes, I will do it with great pleasure.” “Okay, Andrea, then I will be honest and to the point. I want you, I want to have sex with you,” Matthew said. Andrea froze, her happiness gone. She couldn't believe this old man wanted her to have sex with him. She was a virgin and had never had sex. She dreamed of saving herself for marriage, or at least for a cute college guy when she graduated.

Matthew noticed that she was hesitant, so he said, "It's okay, Andrea, I'll just call the police and you can take care of her and your parents." These words made Andrea freeze and she decided to comply with his request. I mean, it's not that bad. Everyone says sex is great, and she often heard her parents having sex and knew they enjoyed it.

"Okay, I'll do it," Andrea said, thinking that after a while it would all be over and she could forget all this. Matthew wanted to make sure he had her before moving cars, so he told her to take off her clothes and sit in the back seat. the seat of her car and leaves her clothes in the car. Andrea looked shocked and said, "I can't do that here!" Someone might see me, and it's cold here."

Matthew said, “I told you that you had to do exactly what I wanted. Since you don't want to do what I say, I'll just call the police now."

Matthew began to dial a cell phone number, but then saw Andrea turn her back to Matthew and begin to pull her t-shirt over her head. "NO! "Turn to face me so I can see you," Matthew said. Andrea turned around and took off her t-shirt and then her bra. The night air was cold and the nipples on her firm, small breasts stood out. She then took off her sneakers, socks, jeans and finally her panties, revealing a neatly trimmed brown bush. Andrea placed all of her clothes on the front seat of the car and, arms wrapped around her chest, walked to Matthew's car and got in, expecting him to follow her. Instead, he got into her probe, reversed and pulled over to the side of the road, locking the car and taking her keys with him.

He got in through the driver's door, started the car and drove down the street to his house. Andrea believed he lived about a mile from her house. "Okay, follow me, Andrea," Matthew said as he parked, got out of the car and walked her to the house and inside, but he didn't turn on the lights. He told Andrea to be quiet and follow him, opened the door and turned on the light to point down the stairs. Matthew motioned for Andrea to go first and went down the stairs to the basement. Matthew loved seeing her naked body in front of him.

Matthew's wife was visiting her mother back east, but you never know what would happen, he thought. The basement was the best place for this and my video camera is also there. Once there, Matthew turned on the lights in the room, went to the entertainment center, put his keys in there, and took off his watch. Matthew told her to go to the middle of the room and lower her hands.

Andrea did as she was told and watched as Matthew circled her body, looking very pleased. Then he leaned in and kissed herShe as one of his hands cupped and kneaded her breast and then pulled on her hard nipple, sending waves of sensation through her. He continued this for about ten minutes, moving from chest to chest, and then asked her to undress him. Andrea slowly unbuttoned her shirt and then pulled it off her shoulders. From too much desk work and too little exercise, Matthew had developed a slight stomach, but his arm and chest muscles were strong and he had a beautiful tattoo on his arm. Then she untied his shoelaces and took off his shoes and then his socks. Then, still on her knees, she unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and unzipped his pants, revealing a very large bulge in his shorts.

She pulled down his pants and pulled each leg down as Matthew lifted each leg. Then she pulled his jockey down and his thick cock sprung free. It appeared to be about 6 to 8 inches long and thick. It arched upwards and was very warm. When she finished taking them off, Matthew asked her to take his cock in her hand and suck it too. She took the cock in her right hand and about half of it was still sticking out. She knew he wanted her to put it in her mouth, so she licked the head and tasted the salty taste, then put it in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. This seemed to make Matthew very happy.

Matthew then told her to move her fingers up and down the shaft of his cock a little, taking as much of the shaft into her mouth as she could. As Andrea did this, she heard Matthew moan in pleasure. She did this for about five minutes and then Matthew grabbed her head and tried to shove his cock down her throat for a few minutes but her little throat couldn't get in and she was gagging and he stopped and pulled his cock out of her out mouth. He said he was sorry. He ordered her to lie down on the sofa, then knelt between her legs, kissed her lips, then her neck, and finally reached her breasts. Andrea was excited as he kissed her and as his hands played with her breasts and nipples.

As soon as he placed his warm, wet mouth on her breasts and then on her nipples, the pleasure increased. But then his head moved towards her pussy and it scared her. No one was looking at her pussy and here was this old balding man watching and then he licked her pussy and she wanted to run away but he held her and licked her pussy and her clit and soon it got so good that she forgot about the strangeness of her pussy. The. Soon she was nearing climax and pushed his head into her pussy and came hard. She was stronger than ever. As she relaxed, Andrea felt Matthew rise and then felt his weight on her, this scared her, but before she could do anything, Matthew had already pressed his hard cock against her pussy and penetrated her. She struggled with him a little, but soon he was at her hymen, and then he pulled out and thrust into her hard, ripping her virgin head off and sending a huge wave of pain through Andrea.

She slapped him and cried, but Matthew kept his thick cock in her tight pussy. The pain was searing and Andrea cried as Matthew slowly began to fuck her, thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy over and over again. After five minutes the pain seemed to subside to a dull ache surrounded by a pleasant feeling. Matthew told Andrea to rub her clit, moving in and out of her torn, bleeding pussy, leaned in and kissed her neck. After another five minutes the pain was gone except for a slight burning sensation, her clitoris felt great and Andrea was almost ready to cum again.

She kept building and finally she came and came hard, flooding Matthew's cock with her virgin pussy cream. She was very happy and relaxed until Matthew came and filled her pussy with cum. Then Andrea screamed, “OH GOD NO! I don't take contraceptives! Matthew said, "Don't worry, you'll be there on Monday." Andrea asked what he meant?

"Well, what I meant was that I recorded a video of you doing all this and I will give the tape to your parents and the boys at your school as long as you don't come to my house twice a week for sex the next two years. I'll take you with me on Monday. to get contraceptives!” Matthew pointed to the video camera in front of them, its red light flashing. Andrea cried because she knew she had to do this. “Now I want more from you, so stand up and put your hands and knees on the floor.” - said Matthew.

Andrea sank to the floor, felt a slight pain and saw a lot of blood and several white streaks of sperm on Matthew's still hard penis, on her thighs and pussy lips. She couldn't believe that despite all the pain and blood, she also felt joy, great joy. Matthew went to Andrea and told her to suck his cock. She said no, but he grabbed her hair and when she screamed he pushed his cock into her mouth and held it there. She had to vacuum it clean.

Her tongue shot out the cum and blood and it was disgusting at first because she had lost her mind, but it wasn't really bad. Soon Matthew's cock became hard andWhen Matthew was happy, he took it off, stood behind Andrea, pushed her rations and head to the floor and then placed the tip of his cock between her buttocks and pushed himself into her, pushing her shoulders down so that she had nowhere to go. She had to take his cock. If she thought the pain in her pussy was bad, then the rape of her ass was even worse. She just prayed that it would go away, like the pain in her pussy would go away. Matthew fucked that dream hard in the ass, raped it, took it and made it his.

He fucked and raped Andrea's ass, filled with hatred and memories of all the girls who had denied him dates, who had laughed at him and used him all these years. Matthew raped her ass until she went limp and then he came and fell on her breathing so hard he couldn't move. Finally he held his breath and pulled his cock out of her ass. It was full of shit and blood. Andrea lay quietly and cried as Matthew first wiped his cock, then picked her up and helped her into the guest room, sitting her on the toilet and turning on the shower. Then he helped her shower and washed her whole body. He took the shower head and washed her pussy, squirting lots of water in it, rinsing away his cum and then washing her ass too. When he was finished, he took Andrea into the guest room, tucked her in, and let her fall asleep. He knew he had a lot to do.

First he took the videotape, made a copy of it, and hung the original above the ceiling tiles in the kitchen. He then returned to Andrea's car and drove it to his house, then concluded that he had plans. In the morning he called a friend and offered to repair Andrea's car by Sunday evening. He grabbed a Polarod camera, took a few photos of his car and went inside. He set the alarm for 6 a.m. and went to bed. He woke up, went into the guest room and found Andrea still sleeping. He put her things from the car on a chair, went into the kitchen and made Andrea orange juice and toast. He carried the tray and the small vase of artificial roses back into the living room and woke Andrea up. It was now 7am. “|Andrea, how are you? Did you sleep well?" - asked Matthew. Andrea woke up from a deep sleep feeling sore and very tired and then remembered last night and all the sex. She started crying and Matthew told her to shut up, drink some juice and eat some toast and she would feel better. She did it and felt better. “Matthew, I have to go home. I have to tell my parents all this.” - said Andrea.

“Andrea, why do you want to ruin your life?” - said Matthew. He showed her photos of his wrecked car and then a videotape. “Do you really want to face the police, your angry parents, and all the people at your school?” Andrea knew she was broke and screwed. If she went home, she would go to jail, she would have to face her crazy parents, and her sex tape would be broadcast throughout the school. On the other hand, she really didn't want to have sex with this man twice a week for two years. “Is there anything I can do to change your mind about sex?” I mean, you already have me. You have my video. Is not this enough? Let me make amends and I promise not to. Tell someone.”

Andrea begged. Matthew thought about all of this and then said, "First, I want to have sex with you all day today." And I'll make a deal with you. For every girl you help me seduce and trap, I will exempt you from a year of sex. "Isn't there a girl at your school that you hate or despise that you could help me build and fuck?" Andrea thought about it as Matthew lowered his head to her breasts and sucked on her nipples and then his head to hers Clitoris lowered, sucked and licked. Um, maybe Lisa Gearing, she's been a slut to me ever since Brad told our friend Courtney he liked me more than her. Maybe I could help Matthew fuck her. Mmm, that feels good, Andrea thought as Matthew's mouth sucked on her clit and she neared climax. It's not that bad.




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