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Titkage (Chapter 28)

Chapter 28


The new employee was the sluttiest, sexiest person Gary had ever seen. She was a busty blonde and wore a tiny blue pleated skirt that showed off the lower curve of her buttocks even when she stood still. From the waist up she wore a ridiculously tight tube top that exposed the entire upper portion of her breasts, which seemed to glisten with a sticky fluid, and a generous portion of her lower breasts. And the best part was that she introduced herself to Gary by walking up to him and giving him a big hug.

She said her name was Fucktwat and blushed as she said it. In fact, she was wearing a dog collar with a name tag that read “Fucktwat.” Gary had to ask her twice if that was really her name and she replied that it was. Gary wasn't sure if it was a strange and unfortunate foreign name or if the girl just had terrible parents, but nonetheless, she was clearly the best person to come to Southern Fried Chicken since then. Ever since Gary started working there. He loved her slutty outfit and really hated having to ask her to change into one of the fast food chain's preferred formal uniforms. Still, she looked cute even in her uniform, and as luck would have it, the only uniform available was a size too small, so she still looked pretty slutty in the too-tight skirt and shirt everyone else was wearing.

She was referred to him at short notice by a lobbying organization. He assumed it was community service; Judging by the looks of it, it was probably a bond given to her by the judge after she was charged with prostitution or something. As she put on the uniform, he sat her in his office and explained her duties. They were simple: clean the restaurant, prepare the food, serve customers cheerfully and efficiently, and don't talk to other employees.

“It’s okay,” Fuhwat said, sitting across from him. "And..." she blushed. “If I don’t meet your expectations, you should spank me.”

He felt his cock harden at the thought. "I'm sure it won't be necessary," he said, secretly hoping so. He coughed. “Is it okay if I just call you an idiot?”

“Devil” nodded, still blushing.

He pulled her out and introduced her to the rest of the staff - Blake and Walden, teenagers, and Kelly, a sensual 19 year old brunette. They all laughed when she was introduced as “Jerk,” but they soon welcomed her into the team.

Throughout the day, Gary was pleased with their performance. She was submissive but enthusiastic towards her customers, getting the job done quickly and well and continuing to be a sight for sore eyes. Gary soon noticed that the little slut wasn't wearing any underwear under her uniform, but didn't comment on it. The customers didn't see it, so who cares? And it was great to see her pussy and ass every time she bent over. Gary could have sworn he saw a hint of metal between her pussy lips. The little whore had a piercing in her clitoris? Her pussy was definitely shaved naked, like a porn slut.

Around midday he noticed that she started acting strangely. Her legs were pressed together and she was bouncing up and down on her tiptoes. He silently tried to help her by mentioning where the toilets were, but that suggestion didn't seem to help her. Finally he looked up and saw that she had disappeared, leaving the counter unattended. He searched for her in the break room and restrooms before finally finding her in the back of the store.

It was hidden in a small room between the dumpsters and the wall, in the most remote and secluded spot in a completely open private parking lot. She was completely naked, standing upright, peeing and masturbating at the same time. Her urine pooled at her feet and flowed under the trash can.

- Shock! - he said in shock. “What the fuck...”

She started crying - but didn't stop peeing or playing with her pussy. “Please,” she begged. 'Please. Don't tell anyone. Don't fire me. Her fingers were up to the knuckles in her piss wet pussy.

“I have to…” Gary started to say.

“I’m going to suck your cock,” Twat begged desperately. “Please let me suck your cock.”

Her urine began to subside. It looked like her bladder was empty.

“Get dressed,” he said disgustedly. The idiot dressed obediently. He grabbed her hand and dragged her back into the restaurant, into his office, where he closed and locked the door.

“Bend at the waist and place your hands on my table,” he said. He couldFeel his cock swing violently. She obeyed and her skirt lifted to reveal her bare bottom. He raised his hand and started spanking her.

After three strokes it soon became clear that she would not remain silent. He pulled down her skirt and stuffed it into her mouth to muffle her screams. Then he went back to spanking her bottom until it was deliciously red. Then he took out his cock, put it in her naked wet pussy and started fucking her.

Her pussy was amazing – wet, soft, warm and tight. He fucked her until he felt like he was going to cum, then he pulled out, grabbed her hair, lifted her head, took her skirt out of her mouth and put his cock inside her. She made muffled noises as he entered her mouth and filled it with cum.

“Good slut,” he said, patting her head. He waited until she swallowed the cum.

“And what was that naughty thing you did on the street?”

“I have to be naked when I pee,” he said. - She sobbed, holding back tears. “Because… because I'm a whore. And I have to masturbate while I pee and taste my urine. And I can't use a normal toilet and have to stand.

Gary thought about it. He couldn't let that slut humiliate herself in the parking lot; This will scare customers away.

“You’re going to pee here,” he said. he said. “You can pee privately in one of the Styrofoam cups. And if you're careful not to accidentally get your slut juices or your piss on the carpet, I won't tell anyone about it."

She looked so grateful that he could marry her. Instead he decided to reach out and caress her breasts.

"But!" he continued. "Conditions!" First, we do this every damn morning and afternoon unless I feel like it. And you need to get rid of your pee cup. You can add it to the drinks you serve to female customers. But if someone catches you or complains that their drinks taste weird, you're fired, you know?

Twat nodded enthusiastically.

“Good bitch,” he said again

“Gary?” - Twat said suddenly.

“Yes, idiot?” - he asked her.

“Would you mind coming to this site and telling me if you enjoyed fucking me?” - she said, handing him the card. "And if I don't know how to fuck, you should hurt me or punish me." And…’ - she was crying now - "You can rape me, you don't need my consent." Her voice became quieter. “I like being raped.”

That night he took the whore's card home and went to the website she had referred him to. It was wonderful. It was full of videos of Twat performing lewd acts and comments about her other activities that weren't caught on video. Apparently she was a bisexual pussy licker. She fucked several different men, she fucked her sister and showed off her tits and pussy in front of her father. He could not believe it! She even drank urine straight from the men's toilet. Roosters. He rated it as “below average.” fucked and then masturbated and scrolled through the page until he came.

The next week was the best week of Gary's life. Every morning Twat would come into his office, pee in front of him, and then fuck her pussy to the brink of orgasm before pulling out and cumming in her mouth. He held her with his cock in her mouth until he could urinate and then emptied his bladder down her throat.

Then she wandered around the restaurant all day in her incredibly tight uniform until at the end of the day he fucked her again and sent her home. During the day, he enjoyed watching her mix some of her urine into every drink she served the woman. She never got caught and he loved the thought of these sluts feeding each other their piss.

On Wednesday, the other male employees realized what a slut she was and caught her from behind giving Blake a blowjob near the trash cans. He had to drag her in and slap her tits because she was so slutty - what if the customers saw it? And then he made it clear to Blake and Walden that if they wanted to use it, they could do it in the men's room at 11 o'clock every morning; The idiot came and served their cocks while Kelly tended the counter. After that it was much easier.

On Thursday it became clear to everyone that Twat would do anything they told her. They had a lot of fun at dinner and forced her to eat fried chicken. Blake peed on a piece and forced her to eat it; Walden came on the other side and she ate him too. She cried at the same time, but she did it, and besides, this slut looked incredibly sexy when she cried. Then they made her fuck her pussy with a chicken drumstick until she cums and then eat it when she was done.

They were all sad to seeShe's leaving on Friday, so they have an orgy in Gary's office to send her away. Three men practically covered her in cum, after which she had to stay naked to get back in shape and remember to bring a change of clothes. Gary watched her hide behind dumpsters naked and covered in cum for almost an hour until a slutty blonde finally showed up to take her away.




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