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Titkage (Chapter 25)

Chapter 25


The morning after the party, Claire's parents prepared an unpleasant surprise for her.

She found them both sitting in the living room when she and Steph came downstairs in the morning. They sat separately and Claire's mother had a suitcase.

“Sit down, girls,” her father said. “We have something to discuss, and therefore you will be leaving the house late this morning. I called Titkage and Steph's school to let them know.

“What…” Steph asked hesitantly.

“Your father and I are separating,” her mother said. “I’m leaving, possibly forever. We've been having some trouble lately and we think this is the best option." She sighed. “I wish I could tell you this has nothing to do with you, but honestly it's mostly your fault. I just can't keep watching you two little tramps teasing your father. Claire, you obviously intentionally got your sloppy little cunt wet before your dad spanked you. You even had an orgasm while he was spanking you. This is disgusting and I will not stand by while this happens. I'm leaving so you can have as much fun as you want."

And with these words she took her suitcase and left. The door slammed behind her.

Steph cried. She looked at Claire. "You're a whore!" She said. "How could you?"

Claire cried too. "I don't know... I don't know..."

“Quiet, girl,” said the father. “Obviously your mother is a slut and we got rid of her just fine. But there will be some changes here. First of all, I'm picking you up from school, Steph. I've spoken to Claire's boss at Tickedge and he's ready to hire you starting tomorrow. You can go work with your sister for a change and earn some money. I love the changes Titcage makes in Claire's life and I think you will benefit from them too.

"What not!" Both girls screamed at the same time.

"Shut your mouth. You will do as you are told.” You also have to take over your mother's housework. There's not much I can do about it, but at least we can save a little money on laundry. I don't see any particular reason why you girls should change into new clothes when you get home just to feed him while you cook and eat dinner, so you'll just casually walk around naked from now on. You come home from work and go to bed.”

“What if someone comes to the door?” – asked Steph.

“I'm going to buy aprons and hang them on a shelf in the hallway. “If you have to open the door, you can quickly put on an apron to cover your melons,” her father replied.

Claire was silent. She knew what it was about. Her father was sexually attracted to his daughters. He loved seeing her naked. He liked seeing her slutty. He wasn't like that at the beginning of the year. It was her fault. She was teasing him with her slutty wet pussy and her kinky actions and now he wanted to rape his daughters. She didn't know how long he would be content with just spanking them and keeping them naked, and that scared her.

In fact, the pussy spanking was happening now. He checked both of their pussies and found that they were both wet. The special thing about it was that Claire wasn't really wet. The shock of her mother's departure left her bones dry. But her father still spanked her by hitting her pussy with his hand. He also pounded Steph's pussy while Claire watched.

At work, Claire reported to Michael and learned that her "panties" for the day would be nothing more than a pair of clothespins attached to her pussy lips. She sat on Michael's desk with her legs spread as he held the painful clothespins in place and then allowed him to force her to her knees in front of him so he could take his cock out and put it in her mouth. Claire passively gave him a blowjob and sucked his cock while he explained to her some other things that were going to happen today.

“I heard your sister is coming out with us tomorrow and it's going to be great, asshole. Everyone loved using their mouth and the kids will be really excited to learn where it came from. But today we have something for you. First of all, we are moving you to the U class, congratulations.”

Claire smiled happily at the cock in her mouth.

“I guess the next stop for you is Class T. Here, look at this while you vacuum. He handed her a card with the letter T on it.Category requirements.

Rating T


- Never gets dressed in the bedroom or bathroom.

-Does not wear bras unless requested by a man or woman of higher status.

- Spends at least two hours per week outdoors or in public with bare breasts and/or pussy.

Attitude and obedience:

-Tells close male friends that he dreams about being raped.

- Never argue with a man; obeys all men's orders.


- I never closed the door or closed the curtains in my bedroom.

- Complete one important household chore per week naked, with doors and curtains open.

- Spend an hour a week crawling on all fours.


- When friends say they want to pee, he asks if he can watch.

-Once every two weeks he urinates into a drink that another whore is drinking.


- Completely naked while masturbating or urinating.

- All of her masturbations involve secondary degradation (public exposure, pain, humiliation).

Treatment of whores:

- French kisses from a whore at least twice a week.

- Every time he talks to a whore, he insults or humiliates her at least once.

Treatment in men:

- Has a regular sexual partner who calls her Titcage. She never refuses his sexual demands.

- A new man caresses her breasts or crotch once a week.

Claire felt like the rules should worry her. Two hours a week naked in public would be much more difficult than her current diet. And it would be impossible to have a normal social life if she had to tell men that she wanted to be raped and women that they were whores. But she felt emotionless. It was now her life to accept these increasingly corrupt rules. She didn't like it, but she stopped fighting it. She happily sucked the cock in her mouth while Michael continued talking “We need to update your ID, asshole. We take new photos of your udder and pussy and it's time to evaluate the quality of your fuck. We ask people who have used you recently to rate you and put it on your badge. He leaned forward and caressed Claire's face. “Keep sucking, darling. We’re doing it now.”

He buzzed over the intercom. “Send the first man.”

The “first guy” was Jim. Claire could vaguely see him out of the corner of her eye as she sucked Michael's cock.

“Jim, you fucked that asshole in the mouth. Can you tell she enjoys sucking cock?

“Not very much, sir,” said Jim.

“Does she have good technique?”

“That’s enough.”

“How would you classify them as a cum shop?” Terrible, bad, average, good or exceptional?”

- Poor thing, sir.

Claire felt betrayed. She thought she gave Jim a good blowjob. She swallowed his cum without protest and then licked his cock clean. How could she say he was just a poor man? She wanted to cry. And then she actually cried when she realized that what made her sad wasn't that her ability to fuck was being judged by men who publicly raped her mouth, but that she was being judged badly!

"Hush, slut," Michael said quietly, patting her cheek and then using her hair to pull her further down onto his cock. Claire began to gag but then came to her senses and continued sucking.

One after another, more men came and reported whose sperm she had swallowed yesterday. Most rated their performance as “poor.” One rated it “terrible.”

“When I’m done, scum,” Michael said, “you allow me to swallow right now.” But then I'm going to piss in your mouth and I want you to keep it in your mouth without swallowing it until you're told otherwise. Once your mouth is filled with urine, you can start masturbating and continue until you cum.”

Claire tried to nod with a full cock in her mouth.

“Well, something you may not know about fuck ratings, Fucktwat,” Michael continued, “is that sluts who score below “average” are given extra incentives to improve their skills. After receiving a rating and then every two days until it improves to “average,” sluts with a poor fuck rating will have a stun gun inserted into their vaginas.”

Claire screamed in shock and almost ripped her head from Michael's cock. She would have done it if Michael hadn't grabbed her by the hair and held her down.

"You'll agree that a woman who doesn't like being fucked isn't good for anything, right, asshole?" he asked.

She tried to nod again.

“Good slut,” he said, stroking her head. feltjust as good as when Ben did it.

“Right now you’re sitting on the ‘poor’ side. Evaluation. This is a recipe for regular pussy shock. But all of these reviews come from Titcage employees and they have high standards. I don't think you've fucked any men outside of work who might have an opinion on this?

Claire nodded vigorously. Ben. He was mad at her, but surely he would have said she was a good cocksucker? She was terrified at the thought of her vagina being insulted.

Michael handed her the notebook and paper. "Write down his name and number." Claire did exactly that and never once took her mouth off Michael's cock. Something about her writing motions must have driven him crazy because as she wrote he started moaning and pouring cum into her mouth. She swallowed him, sucked on his softening cock and waited for him to start peeing.

He took Ben's name and number from her and then relaxed his bladder. Urine began to flow from his penis. Claire forced the warm, caustic liquid to fill her mouth without swallowing it, but it kept coming and her mouth was full. She didn't know what to do, but she couldn't swallow, so liquid started flowing from her lips, running down her chin and dripping onto the slutty lycra tank top she was wearing. By the time Michael's bladder was full, the entire front of her top was soaked with warm piss. Following her orders, she leaned over and started rubbing her pussy.

Michael left his cock in her mouth and dialed the number. Ben replied.

“Hello, is this Ben?” - asked Michael.

"Yes"; - Ben said cautiously. "Who is this?"

“I’m calling on behalf of Titcage. I understand that you recently had a sexual relationship with one of our whores named Fucktwat.

Ben was silent.

“We just wanted to know what you thought of her abilities,” she said. - said Michael. “She’s in my office now. She just swallowed my cum and is now kneeling in front of me with a mouthful of piss. Could you tell me, based on your sex with Fucktwat, would you rate her as terrible, bad, average, good or exceptional?

Ben was silent for a long time and then said: “Poor thing.”

"Thanks"; - said Michael and hung up.

Claire was actually crying now. Titcage turned her into a whore, and no one thought she was a good whore. She cried and masturbated with a mouthful of cock and piss.

Michael didn't comment on Ben's response. He simply pulled his cock out of her mouth, wiped it on her cheek, and pulled her hair to indicate it was time for her to get up. She did it with the urine still in her mouth.

“Keep masturbating on the way, idiot,” he said.

Claire found it difficult to keep rubbing her pussy as she moved, but she managed it by bending halfway forward and following Michael into the room where her final ID photos were being taken. She repeatedly hit her labia painfully with clothespins or accidentally pulled on the clitoral ring. It was painful and humiliating.

In the photo room, Michael helped her undress completely, tied her to the table, tied one of her hands and spread her legs. He let her continue masturbating with her free hand until she reached her climax, then he told her to swallow the piss and when she did he held her other hand. He removed the clothespins from her vagina and set them aside.

He then quickly took photos. In the new photos, Claire's face was flushed as if she had just been fucked, her nipples were erect and her pussy was swollen and wet. Then he pulled the laptop over, positioned it so she could see the screen, and got to work.

Claire was horrified. Michael created a website for them! On it was her name Fucktwat, her “birth name.” as Claire Montpellier and then all of her Titcage features, from her 32DD breast size to her damn quality: "bad." New photos of her tits and pussy were prominently displayed. He revealed that it was streamed live and could be found at

“Now it doesn’t show up in search engines, so people searching for your name won’t see it,” he said. Michael said: "But if people know where to look, they will find it." We will start uploading the photos and videos we have of you so they are available there. And this site is important to you for two reasons.”

“First, we want you to start logging your sexual activities. Whenever you find yourself masturbating, peeing, sucking cock, licking pussy, being seen partially naked, etc., you come here and record it. All you have to do is state when it happened and what it was. The electronics on your clitoral ring automatically download information about how wet your pussy was, how sexually aroused you were, etcHave you experienced an orgasm? And then this information is made available to visitors.”

"Secondly, this will improve your fuck rating." If you have made a man orgasm and think you did a good job, you need to tell him that this site exists and he can come here and rate your performance. You don't have to tell every guy that you cum, but we occasionally do phone surveys with people we know you fuck who don't visit the site, okay?

Claire was still crying. It was too humiliating to put into words. She will have no private life at all.

“Cheer up, Claire, it’s not worth crying about,” she said. - said Michael. He picked up a small black instrument from the tray. “It's worth crying about.” And he stuck the stun gun into her unprotected pussy and pulled the trigger.

Claire screamed so loudly she thought she had hurt her neck. Her whole body twitched and twisted. She had absolutely no control over her body. She pulled on the armrests so hard that she injured her wrists. Her cunt got angry and then she lost control of her bladder and started peeing. She was aware that she was drooling and the drool was flowing uncontrollably from her mouth.

Michael just watched as she peed uncontrollably on the floor. He had already put the stun gun away and even though it seemed like it had been working for an hour, Claire knew that she had only received a short shock from him. He waited until Claire's twitching had almost subsided before reattaching the clothespins to her pussy lips and then unbuckling her from the chair.

Claire needed help getting up. Michael let the naked girl lean on him and then pointed to the puddle of urine Claire had created. “This needs cleaning, asshole,” he said. he said. “The choice is yours: you can lick it off with your tongue or absorb it through your clothes.”

Claire thought about spending the rest of the day in her urine-soaked clothes. She didn't like it. On the other hand, Michael had already urinated on her head. “Clothes” She said. It came out of her mouth funny. Her tongue went numb.

Michael handed her her clothes and she got on all fours and began mopping up the urine until the floor was almost dry and her clothes were completely wet.

“Now Slut will take care of you for the rest of the day,” she said. - said Michael. Sure enough, Whore came through the door, grinning ear to ear to see Claire's current state.

“Remember your rules, asshole. “You have to insult them or humiliate them,” she said. - said Michael.

"Hey bitch!" Claire said vaguely. “You look like a slut who eats shit.”

The bitch just came up and punched Claire in the face. Claire barely felt it. She helped Claire get dressed - Claire winced at the feeling of warm, shitty clothes sticking to her tits and ass - and let Claire out into the office. Claire knew everyone was looking at her, but she was still too worried about the Taser to care. She heard Kimberly, Sarah and Samantha laughing at her. Instead of taking Claire to Claire's table, Slut took her to her table.

“Get under the table, bitch,” Saliva said. “In this state you won’t be able to work, so you might as well spend the day licking my pussy.”

A rush of panic shot through Claire's mind. She will be shocked again in two days if she doesn't improve her grade. And women don't count. She had to go to the men in the office and convince them to appreciate her more! Or in two days she will be shocked again! The thought of getting another stun gun terrified Claire.

“I have to suck cock!” - Claire objected. More laughter could be heard in the office.

The whore pushed her under the table. "You lick like a good girl and drink all the piss I give you, and I let you out every now and then to show you what a good slut you are." Then she sat on the chair and stopped effectively causing Claire to escape. Trapped under the table, Claire could only watch as Slut spread her legs, then obediently lowered her head and began licking Slut's cunt.

So she spent the rest of the day burying her tongue in the pussy of the girl she hated. Sometimes the slut would have an orgasm; When she did that, she let Claire go for a while. Claire took this opportunity to visit the men whose cocks she had sucked yesterday and beg them to let her try again. They allowed her everything. They pulled out their cocks and she enthusiastically bobbed her head up and down their rods, looking at them with loving, gentle eyes. She directed her hands to her breasts or hair and encouraged her to caress them or control her head. When she was finished, she showed them a mouthful of cum. The first man she ever sucked like that - she didn't remember himName - didn't let her swallow it, and when she returned to the whore she had to gargle with cum while she licked the whore's pussy.

The slut seemed pleased as Claire used her tongue to coat her cunt with the man's cum, and the slut came quickly. The next man Claire visited was Jim and he made her swallow the cum in her mouth before blowing him. She brought him to a quick orgasm and then stood still while he pissed into her mouth. Afterwards, she begged him to rate her higher. He looked at her and said he would think about it.

After Jim, the whore also peed in Claire's mouth. She felt a little sick from all the piss she'd swallowed today, but then she thought about her usual drinking and decided it was probably all in her head.

Early in the morning, Whore gave Claire headphones and Claire put them on. "You're a whore. “You’re a piss-drinking slut,” she said. - said her voice. The buzzing instructions made Claire forget what she was doing. It was like she was in her own little world, with only herself and a lustful voice in her ear. The licking was tiring for her tongue, but she varied her actions by occasionally just rubbing her whole face on the whore's cunt, using her fingers, or simply taking the whore's clitoris in her mouth and sucking on it. Sluthole also gave Claire a slut stick and Claire enthusiastically fucked her pussy with it and licked it. She decided that sticking her face in another girl's pussy was "secondary humiliation." for her new masturbation rules. However, she had to beg Sluthole to give her a photo of the slut being raped. The slut simply used her phone to take a photo of Claire, her face covered in slut juices and piss, she squatted under the table and masturbated, then let Claire hold the phone to watch. Claire felt weird looking at her pornography while masturbating, but strangely it helped her orgasm faster.

She sucked off four other men that day. She begged each of them to rate her average or better, but couldn't know whether they would until two days later.

She felt like shit. She was filled with impotent anger and confusion about what was happening to her. So toward the end of the day, when she looked up from the man's cock and saw Kimberly and Samantha giggling to themselves by the water cooler, she stood up, walked over to them, grabbed Kimberly by the chest, and dragged the screaming girl away. in the bathroom.

Inside, she pushed Kimberly against the wall, reached under her skirt and began pinching her clit. "Laugh at me, you stupid whore?" Claire hissed. She then pushed Kimberly to her knees, reached into her own cunt and pulled out a slut stick, then pushed her pussy against Kimberly's mouth. Kimberly squirmed and tried to escape, but Claire just held her and rubbed her cunt up and down Kimberly's face, bathing her in Claire's cunt juices. She continued until she reached her climax and then started peeing on Kimberly. It felt so good to use the whore the way she intended that Claire came immediately, shuddering with pleasure as piss sprayed from her beaver onto Kimberly's face.

When she was done, she pushed Kimberly into the puddle of piss, shoved the slut back into her vagina, and staggered out of the bathroom. She refused to think about what she had done. It was exactly what she had to do. This was exactly what Kimberly deserved. This was what all sluts deserved.




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