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Titkage (Chapter 14)

Chapter 14


At home, she stood in the doorway while her father examined her crotch. She had a pair of sexy pink satin panties that she wore when she left the house. Her father grunted appreciatively, but this time instead of pulling her skirt back down, he dipped his fingers under the waistband of her underwear and explored her pussy. Claire gasped in shock and immense pleasure, then blushed as her father's fingers became wet again, dripping with her slut jam.

“Take them off and sit on the kitchen bench with your legs spread,” he said. Claire was still bright red as she climbed up, spreading her legs and exposing her wet, naked cunt. Her father looked at it for a few seconds and then hit it with his bare hand.

Injured. It was very painful. And that was wonderful too. Claire had never imagined how erotic having her pussy pounded could be. She moaned and groaned again as her father spanked her again. That was excellent. Her father's palm made a wet, slapping sound as it landed on her juicy cunt, splattering her thighs with honey. She was vaguely aware that Steph had been watching from the stairs as she moaned louder and louder and eventually orgasmed and then orgasmed again. She came with each of the last three strokes into her pussy.

When this happened, she felt shame overcome her. She never imagined that she could be such a whore - that she could show her father her pussy, that she would be wet, that she would let him beat her, that the pain would bring her to orgasm. It was the sloppiest and most disgusting thing she could imagine.

Her father, in turn, wiped his whore-stained hand and cleaned his daughter's face. Claire simply let him cover her cheeks, nose and forehead with her own goo. It was no worse than Jim cumming on her; At this point, the feeling of sexual juices on her face felt familiar, tender even. He scooped a handful of love nectar from her kyum and wiped her with it until she was completely covered. He then stuck his fingers in her mouth so she could lick it clean.

"I have to clean up," Claire murmured after sucking on her father's fingers.

“No, you don’t,” her father said. “Your school friend Ben came to visit. He's upstairs in your room. I did you a favor by not letting him come down to see what a whore you are now.’

Ben? Ben had been her best friend since school. What did he do to her? Wait, didn't he say he'd come over for the holidays one day? Claire was still flushed from her orgasms. She knew she looked like a whore who had just enjoyed a good rape. She had to get herself sorted. But Steph was already leading her upstairs.

“This is my room too,” her sister hissed in her ear. “I don't know why you have your friends there, but I can't invite a girl. Just because daddy knows I suck doesn't mean you should get all the special attention. She pushed Claire through the door into her bedroom, then turned around and left her there.

Ben sat on her bed – tall, blonde, friendly. It was nice to see him, but at the same time it was humiliating for him to see her in such a state. She and Ben had had many good times with their friends before this terrible experience in Titcage began. She felt almost ready to cry, constantly remembering the time before she became a horny slut.

Ben beamed when he saw her. - Claire! - he said, holding out his hands. Claire hugged him awkwardly, trying to keep her pussy from touching him. She didn't think she could handle the stimulus of her groin pressing against the boy at the moment.

Ben hugged her for many minutes and then let her go. He looked at her and must have seen and felt the glisten of sexual juices on her face, but he said nothing.

“Hello, Ben,” Claire said shyly. She knew Ben had always been in love with her, but Claire didn't reciprocate his feelings. She also tried not to encourage it.

“And how was your vacation?” - he asked.

“Not much of a vacation,” Claire said, sitting down on the bed. “I worked at Titcage.”

- Is it true? Ben asked, suddenly interested. “I heard they are beautiful there…they degrade women.”

Claire began to deny it, but then remembered the requirements of her W class. She didn't want to get mad at Slut again.

“Oh, it’s okay,” she said. 'I like it. And I deserve it.

“Do you deserve to be humiliated?” - asked Ben.

Claire was bright red. No, she didn't. At least she didn'twant. But now she sticks with the answer. "Yes" - she murmured.

“What are they doing to you, for example?” - Ben asked impatiently.

Claire wanted to change the subject. “Oh, hey, I have a new book, let me show you,” he said. She said. She jumped off the bed and rushed to the chest that stood against the wall of the room. She leaned forward and played with the latch.

Ben said nothing. Did he even pay attention to her? Or was he still imagining Titcage humiliating her? Damn shutter! Why doesn't the chest open?

Suddenly she realized what she was doing. She was bent over at the waist, wearing a skirt and no panties. Ben had a clear view of her swollen, naked, drooling pussy. She screamed, immediately sitting up and turning to Ben.

Ben blushed a little. “Um… Would you like to put on some panties?’ he asked.

Claire knew what her father would answer. "No,"; - she said and blushed even more. “I'm fine the way it is.”

"Fine,"; Ben said and after a moment, "Well, I like the new look."

I bet you do, Claire thought. "It's just... a thing," he said. - she said unconvincingly.

“Aren't you afraid that you will be raped if you go without panties?” - asked Ben.

Claire thought about the sentence several times before answering, but could only see one answer that her class rules allowed - and in any case, it was the answer that her training tape told her in her own voice several times that night.

“If I get raped without panties on, it’s my fault,” she said. She said. And then he added, without knowing why: “That’s the most interesting thing.”

Ben now had a noticeable erection. Claire had to get rid of him.

“Look, Ben,” he said. She said, "I have a few things to do tonight." Do you think I can meet you when we go back to school on Monday? She remembered that she should compliment men. “I really like that you are here and that you can see me.”

Ben looked disappointed, but said, "Okay, sure." He stood up and hugged her tightly. He held her for much longer than he ever had before and Claire began to feel very uncomfortable. She felt his erection pressing against her groin.

Finally he let go of her and left the house. Claire breathed a sigh of relief.

The rest of the night went as usual. Claire helped prepare dinner. She pissed in the shower. She climbed into bed and masturbated with her dildo after Steph fell asleep. She lay there listening to her own voice telling her that she was a lesbian whore who could be raped. And then she fell asleep herself.




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