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My name is Roger and I grew up in central California with my mother Karen and my father Charles, my sister Susan, who is one and a half years older, and my brother Scott, who is three years younger. Dad was in real estate, things were going well for him, and mom worked with him in the office. Susan and I were two very different types: she was stunningly beautiful, outgoing, confident, made friends easily, and seemed confident in almost every situation. I, on the other hand, was average-looking, at least when asked, shy to the point of introversion, insecure in any social setting, had few friends and didn't know what to say or do in almost any situation. Situation. I liked her but rarely showed it in any significant way and she mostly ignored me. However, I had a very rich sexual fantasy life with her at the forefront, but I had long since resigned myself to the impossibility of anything actually happening between us. This continued until one day I had to go to the toilet, the door was slightly open, I went in without paying much attention, sat down to do my business and only then heard the shower running. Note that the layout of the bathroom was unusual: it was “L” bathroom. It was shaped like a toilet just inside the door and the sinks and shower were around the corner of the L. As soon as I was done I looked around the corner and saw her in the shower. The curtain was sheer and it was a hot day, so she didn't have to turn on the hot water often. At first she had her back turned to me and her body was a real revelation! Long, muscular legs, a beautiful ass, dreamy dimples, a tiny waist and the smoothest tanned skin I've ever seen. She started to turn around and I hid around the corner so she wouldn't see me. Her front was much better than her back, with (I would say) better, firm and round B-cup breasts that seemed to defy gravity, dark areolas the size of a half dollar, and nipples that stood proudly in the cool water. Her pussy was practically hairless and I could see almost everything there. My cock was painfully hard as I enjoyed her beauty, but then she did something I'll never forget - she took a round-handled comb and put it in her mouth! I wonder what she's doing, I couldn't look away. She took it out of her mouth and began to slowly push it into her pussy, moaning as it entered her! Once she had pulled the six inch button in all the way, she started fucking herself with it, her firm tits bouncing to the beat! I couldn't believe what I saw! I pulled out my penis and began stroking it in time with her, and since her attention was elsewhere, she didn't notice me. As I watched, she threw her head back, stuck her hand as far in as she could, and moaned deeply as she reached her climax. Determined not to get caught, I put my cock away and slipped out of the bathroom before she could even realize what I had seen. I went into my room, closed the door and finished struggling, imagining her naked body dancing in front of my closed eyes. It was the strongest orgasm I have ever experienced. Since then, I dreamed of replacing that hand with my penis and jerked off with joy many times, imagining her fucking herself before my eyes as if I was seeing her for the first time. I never saw her naked again after that, but whenever I saw her, all I had to do was remember what I saw and apologize and jerk off again. I was too shy to talk to girls, so I consoled myself with fantasies about them.

A few years after I saw Sue in the shower, Dad bought a 500-acre piece of land in southern Oregon with a ranch and horses and took us all there for a long summer vacation. There were several bunkhouses attached to the ranch house, each with ten bunk beds, and all of us kids sat in one of them. Every evening Susan went to the toilet to change and when she got to the sleeping hut she was only wearing a thin nightgown that barely hid her well developed tits, but she went straight to bed so I saw very little. This continued until Scott woke up early one morning, got dressed and went to see the horses. Soon she woke up, got up and went to the window to see what the weather was like. From my vantage point on the top bunk I could see that the light from the window was behind her and I could see the silhouette of her naked body through her nightgown! Her body was beautifully full, with shapely calves, muscular but not overly bulky thighs, flowing into a slightly boyish, firm ass, a wasp waist, and C-cup breasts that still seemed to defy gravity. I pretended to be asleep and enjoyed her vision. She stood there for a few minutes, then leaned forward and rested her elbows on the small desk in front of the window, her dress falling away from her body and giving her a better view. If IWith a quiet noise she turned her head to me: “Good morning.” “It's wonderful there,” without getting up from her elbows.

"Is it true? I also like the view from here."

"What kind? You can't see anything from here.

"Oh yes, I can - you." She smiled, not understanding what I was talking about and thinking I was just complimenting. “A vision of beauty! In fact, I can see your body through the dress. I really like what I see too!”

"You can not!"

“Okay, but I can.”

"Prove it". As she put her left hand inside her nightgown, she began massaging one of her breasts and asked, "What do you see now?"

“Your left hand is on your chest.”

Instead of throwing something away, she smiled and said, "Would you like a better view?" Come on down." Since I couldn't believe she had just said that, I got up from the bed, walked over, pushed my chair away from the table, sat down and sure enough the view got a lot better!

"Wow, you're more beautiful than I thought!" Hottest body I've ever seen!"

"Thank you." She cooed. "But how many times have you seen the body of the girl?"

"I found one of my father's magazines with pictures of naked women doing things with men and stories about what they did."

"I saw it too. Compared to these women, I have to think a little girl!"

"If you ask me, they can't light a candle for you." They look, well, artificial, and not just the breasts, but... I can't explain it. While they may be considered sexy, the fact that they will do almost anything to anyone for the price lowers my opinion of them from pretty to prostitutes. In fact, when I look at magazines, I automatically replace them with you, especially when reading stories. Oh shit! I shouldn't have said that!

With a smile on her face, she turned her head and said, "Don't worry about it." I took it as intended - a compliment. I know you masturbate while reading and looking at pictures and even put me in my place, but everyone does it, so why get upset about it? I noticed that since you sat down, you haven't taken your eyes off my chest."

Of course, I immediately turned away from them when she said that, but my eyes seemed to have a mind of their own and immediately returned. She saw this and laughed: “Typical guy!” No matter how many tits, boobs, breasts or whatever they are called, you just can’t get enough.”

"Give me a break! It's all ink on paper." then he pointed to it, almost touching the right one: "It's flesh, part of your very sexy body, and it moves when you do it."

"You mean it ?" as she took the breast in her hand again and massaged it vigorously, then grabbed the nipple and, using it as a handle, shook it, causing the breast to jiggle on her chest.

"Now you're just teasing me!" and then thought about what I had just said, "Not that I'm complaining. I like that look.

"I'm sorry. That wasn't my intention, I was just playing. I’ll make it up to you – would you like to feel them?”

Amazed and strangely angry at the same time: “Do you really think I will refuse?” Are you serious?”

She hesitated for a few seconds, took on a serious expression and looked into my eyes: "Yes, that's me." I want you to feel my breasts."

When I heard that, I immediately reached out and took one of them through her dress. She sighed slightly and reached for my hand, pressing it tightly to her chest and holding it close to her chest.

“Do you like the way you feel?” as she rubbed my hand firmly over her nipple.

"Oh dear God! This is much better than I imagined!" Choice".

She removed my hand from her breast and began pulling the nightgown over her butt, over her waist and over her breasts. This surprised me, but of course I didn't complain. Finally before me was what I had dreamed of for years: a perfect view of her entire body, with amazingly defined abs tapering toward her ribcage, with well-defined musculature, an artifact of her gymnastics and cheerleading, a pair of perfect C. His breasts were shaped in such a way that Isaac Newton would admire his ability to defy gravity and his flawless skin without tan lines. I had to wonder when she'd had a chance to sunbathe naked, but dropped the subject for now.

"Well, what do you think?"

“I can’t believe you’re doing this!”Why…”

Still leaning forward, she turned to me, smiled and said, “ You may not know this, but I noticed you in the shower many years ago and decided to give you a show with my brush. Did you like it?"

"LIKED??? Are you kidding? I jerked off several times because of it!” I screamed. "Why didn't you tell me?", with a confused look on his face.

“The emotional wall that your shyness built around you did not stand up to careful scrutiny, and I saw something in your nature that greatly attracted me. I know you don't like to talk about it, but do you remember the fairy tale "The Little Match Girl"?

"Oh dear God! I haven't thought about this story for a long time!", begins to confuse: "When I first heard it, I wanted to take with me this offended barefoot girl who forces her to play matches on the street in the winter for sale." I take the alcoholic father in my arms, wrap her in a jacket, bring her to his house, set her in front of a crackling fire, feed her, let her sleep in a warm bed, tuck her in, kiss her on her forehead and show her that there is love in the world that she hadn't seen since her mother died, before she froze to death and desperately lit matches to stay alive."

When I finished, I cried I already did.

Sue stood up, dropped her dress to the floor and gently pulled me into her arms. "I'm so sorry..." I'm so sorry. Please forgive me, but it's your gentle but extremely strong protective nature that makes me feel like nothing bad will ever happen to me as long as I am with you. I haven't found that in anyone else, and that's why I want you to be my first lover - to show you that there is someone who cares about you and appreciates who and what you are, and not just in a frictionless way respects relationships. Nature and slim pickup lines. I am confident that you will never intentionally harm me or allow harm to come to me, even if it means sacrificing everything, and that is incredibly attractive in many ways. I decided this holiday was the perfect time to tell you how I feel. She kissed my cheeks to dry my tears, we began kissing in earnest and, amazed at what she just said, I responded by taking her breasts in my hand again and massaging them firmly, I reached out my other hand out and started to feel her firm ass. She sighed contently, leaned back on the table in front of me, I saw her perfect body and my hand on her ass slipped between her cheeks and found a wet spot I wasn't expecting: her pussy! I ran my fingers up and down and said, "I've wanted to do this for years!" How far do you want to go?

"As much as you want. I'm still a virgin - even though I started dating pretty early, no guy I've dated has treated me with respect, they just wanted to get in my pants. That's a serious disadvantage of being as beautiful as I'm told I am, and I'm sick of it! I wanted to kiss myself, but as soon as they grabbed my tits, which they almost always did, I stopped immediately. They always got angry and accused me of instigating them. I ended up giving up on dating,” she cried quietly as she stood back up. I ran my hand down her back, pulled her naked body toward me, and wiped away her tears with a kiss, just like she had done for me. She relaxed and leaned down again, “I liked where your hand was. Feel it more! Show me your strength!

I moved my hand back to her butt, caressed her pussy lips and squeezed her butt, caressed her right breast for hours, then I took my hand from her butt, reached out, grabbed the other breast and started massaging. She grabbed them, then grabbed both erect nipples and pulled them towards the table, extending her breasts into a cone shape. She spread her elbows until both breasts touched the table, then I pressed her nipples against the wood and rubbed them. I loved letting them go and watching them get back on their feet and I couldn't resist doing it a few more times. She moaned each time and began to breathe faster.

"Ooooh, I've played with my tits many times, but they feel so much better now!" Come on, suck them. "I know you want it." The rougher I got, the more she seemed to like it, so I suddenly pulled my head back and sucked as hard as I could. Her breast was pulled to the side a little, slipped out of my mouth with a loud bang!, bounced back and hit the other, causing both of them to bounce up and down and shake before returning to their original shape.

"You! That hurts! Do it again!| Panting, I said "Okay!" and did it several more times, spurring myself on with her enthusiastic moans and sighs.

“I've wanted to do this for a long time!” What else will you let me do?”

She sighed and said, "My body is yours to explore." Do whatever you want."

Armed with this knowledge, I picked her up and leaned in to kiss her. She responded in full French, and When I understood her, I joined in enthusiastically, exploring her mouth with my tongue and torturing her tits. She pulled me towards her, pressed my hands to her breast (awww) and continued the kiss. When we finally pulled away, in one gentle motion she took off my pajama top and I pulled down my pants. We were both naked now and I ran my hands down her back up to her ass where I paused and ran my fingers over her pussy lips for a while, then back down to her waist, around her sides and up her tits. , paused and massaged again, then moved to the back of her head and pulled her in for another sensual kiss. When our bodies were fully together, my cock was between her legs - she reached around her back, grabbed my cock and pressed it against her wet pussy, then brought her legs together and pinned it there. I started pushing it back and forth while rubbing her pussy lips. She broke away from the kiss, took a step back, fell to her knees and took my six inch cock (well, five and a half inches). Sue on me!) in her hand and stroked it, smearing her pussy with juice.

“This is the first penis I’ve ever felt – it’s beautiful,” hard and soft at the same time. There's only one thing that helps: it should be wetter!”, then she licked the length of it and took the head into her mouth. The feeling of her warm wet mouth surrounding my cock was amazing, I took her head in my hands and started pushing it in and out a little. She slowly started sucking on my cock, rocking back and forth until I felt it touch her throat.

She pulled back and said, "I want to get it down my throat if I can." I hope I can stop myself from vomiting. I saw girls doing that in a magazine and it looked fun!”

“Of course you can try.”

"Fine". and went back inside.

I grabbed the back of her head with both hands and started fucking her mouth, going deeper each time. During the first dozen thrusts she coughed and gagged, but each time it subsided a little until I felt the head of my cock enter a difficult place: her throat.

"I think you get the point!" I gasped and she threw her head back and said breathlessly:

"Me too!" Keep going!" and entered her again until I felt her nose touch my pelvis.

I wrapped my arms around her neck and thought I could feel the head of my cock down her throat, so I pulled back a little , just to be sure, and I was right! The feeling was incredible! I massaged her neck and said, "It's all the way in!" You're an amazing cocksucker! She seemed turned on by my dirty talk and left it for what seemed like an eternity standing, then she moved away just enough so she could breathe through her nose, and then went back down to the ground. I started stroking him inside and out, followed by a wet slap!, slap! noises, and we settled into a rhythm of a few deep thrusts, followed by pulling back enough for her to breathe, then breathing back in. I knew I couldn't last that long and sure enough, I felt the orgasm beginning. . I gasped, “I’m going to cum!”

She pulled back and gasped, "Do it to my face and my tits!" Shoot me!

I pulled back willingly, grabbed my cock, jerked it twice, started to cum, and the first shot hit her all over her face and hair, and then several more all over her neck and chest. I reached out and rubbed her tits, enjoying the slick feeling.

“Wow, that was huge!” She said, “Although I have to admit my experience is a bit limited.”

“You could have fooled me!” I said.

She playfully slapped my butt, stood up and started wiping the cum off her face with a nearby towel. She returned to the table, spread a towel on it, lay on her back, spread her legs wide and asked, "Do you want to play with my pussy?" This was the first time I had seen it up close, and there With her legs in that position, it was completely exposed to me. Without saying a word, I leaned forward and rubbed her pussy, gently at first, then more confidently as she expressed genuine pleasure at my touch. She took my hand in hers and guided my index finger to the little hard spot and said, "Here's my clitoris too." It's very sensitive, so take it easy at first. Here, let's "get some lube for you," and he ran his finger over her vagina and gasped as she entered.her. She let go of my hand and I plunged the entire length of my finger into her and began stroking it in and out. When I remembered where she wanted me, I went back to her clit and rubbed it with more force.

“Brother, you understand it quickly, don’t you?”

"I've always wanted to do this since I saw you in the shower!" And of course much more." I continued doing this for a few more minutes when she asked me to change things up a bit by saying: “Stick two fingers in my pussy and rub my clit with your thumb.” If you want, you can even press it to your fingers.”

I was already in heaven, she wanted more and who was I to deny her that? I did as she asked and she squealed as my fingers ever so gently entered her love tunnel. Then I began stroking inside her, tapping her clit with my thumb and slowly increasing the pace and force until she was begging me to squeeze her harder. I started moving my thumb towards my fingers until her clit was between them and while watching her face I hit it hard and held it there, rubbing vigorously.

“OHHHH!! THAT HURTS!! STOOOO... P!" …. "DON'T STOP!! OHHHH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! And she arched her back, her face contorted and her arms flailing as her pussy spasmed and throbbed on my fingers, spilling her love juice onto my hand and onto the towel as a powerful orgasm overcame her. When I felt her vaginal muscles begin to relax a little, I rubbed her clitoris firmly between my thumb and fingers and roughly pulled her toward me until she held her tight again, and I held her there as she continued to climax. This continued for about three minutes until her hands fell on the table, her feet fell down, she took a deep breath and passed out. Fearful of this turn of events, I pulled my fingers away from her and watched, thinking I had killed her. Seeing that she was still breathing, I took the opportunity to slap her chest and marveled at her ability to wiggle and bounce and then return to her original shape. Then when she didn't respond, I lifted her legs again until they were on my shoulders. I reached with both hands and spread her pussy lips as wide apart as possible, positioned the tip of my cock at the entrance to her hole and slowly pushed it into her incredibly tight vagina until I felt my balls hit her ass hard. I enjoy the sight of my penis disappearing into her body. I was finally where I wanted to be because I saw her naked in the shower and started fucking her, watching her tits bounce back and forth in time with my thrusts, grabbing both of her nipples hard and immediately stretching her tits away from her chest as she slowly regained consciousness. As her eyelids began to open, I released her nipples, sending her incredibly juicy tits back to their usual place on my chest, flopping obscenely before finally calming down and my swollen man (boy?) hood almost completely pulled out. I grabbed her tits and used them as handles, quickly pushing them back in and fucking her with the energy of years of frustration and pent-up sexual urges keeping me going. She looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes, smiled and said, “You know, … Uhhhhh … I haven't said you can do that yet. This … Ohhhh … rape!"

After pulling my penis almost all the way out, I said, "Well," my cock was hard, your tight little pussy was soaking wet and waiting right there for me, of course you didn't say "NO"! and it seemed like that was exactly what needed to be done!", emphasized by a particularly strong thrust into her.

She grunted at the shock, "UNNGH!" Don't get me wrong: I'm not complaining. It was … Ohhhhhhhhhh! … Was a little surprised when I woke up and felt like I was ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo grig one Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oo, that's it, "That's it."

I arched my back so I could fill my mouth with breast, bit it just enough to keep it there, and continued fucking her for a few more minutes, moving it up and down her breasts in time with my thrusts and animalistic grunts took off. and her squealing and moaning as I fucked her pussy deep. I let go of her breasts, reached out and grabbed her by the neck, squeezing her hard enough for her to stick out her tongue, and with that grip I slid her body back and forth over my penis while her face turned an interesting shade of pink assumed. She grabbed both of my wrists but made no attempt to stop me from squeezing her neck as I continued to push her back and forth on my cock, accompanied by her strangled yelps, squeaks, moans and various animalistic noises.

Suddenly she put both hands on my stomach and slowly pushed me away until my cock, dripping with her juices, flew out of her pussy and said

"We better stop - if Scotty attacks us, we'll have to pay a hell of a price." You know how much he loves to betray any of us whenever he can.

Disappointed after seeing it thoughI confirmed the validity of her statement: “These are numbers. Just when things were getting really good! Crap!" I moved to her head, pulled her towards me until her head fell off the table, tilted her head so her mouth was in the perfect position to accept my painfully hard cock, put it to her lips and said, " Here. "Finish me with your mouth!" She opened wide and I pushed her in roughly until I felt her nose on my balls and ran my tongue over them to get all the juices out. I grabbed her breasts with both hands and was so close to orgasm when I started that it only took half a dozen thrusts, watching her throat arch around my cock, feeling my juices rising, and telling her, "I'm cumming!"! Swallow it all!" as I cummed down her throat. Her throat grabbed and massaged my cock as she swallowed, and when I was sure I was done, I pulled out so she could breathe. After a minute, she gasped and tried to cum To breathe: “Hmmm, I taste good!” And your sperm too. I never realized how good it was.”

“It’s good for you too! I can’t wait to be inside you again.”

"Don't worry, I want your cock inside me when I'm awake." And often." as she deleted the most obvious evidence of our debauchery and began to dress. "You'd better get dressed too." Scott came in about ten seconds after I finished buttoning. I never understood how she did it, but I was very glad she could!

He chirped, "Hello. What happened?

Sue groaned and said, "Watch out!" That's a happy man before breakfast. He must be up to something.

"Okay, I'm happy, but I ate breakfast, unlike you sloths. Why does it smell funny here?”

I cringed when he said that and thought quickly, "It must be those four bowls of chili I ate last night."

“Take my advice bro, stay away from that chili… and open the window!”

"Got it. What's happening today?

"Hank needs to saddle up Annabelle for a ride. I'm thinking about having my mother pack me lunch and go to the plateau to look at this old homestead. Would anyone like to come with me?”

Sue replied, "No. We were just going to hang out here and be happy there wouldn't be school for a few more months." looks at me lustfully. "Bon Voyage".

I added, "And don't let the rattle bite you - it might not survive the impact." Do you have your .22?

“Fuuuunni! And yes, I do it. He pulled the Colt Woodsman semi-automatic pistol out of the holster and checked that the magazine was intact and there was nothing in the chamber, then put it back in the holster: "All oiled and ready." See you later."

As soon as he left I turned to Sue, picked her up, gave her a quick kiss and said, "Thanks for saving our asses!" How do you do that?"

“As if I knew. I just have the thought that something is going to happen and I've learned to listen and respond to it. How do you think I knew you were looking at me in the shower? Of course I didn’t see you.”

“For all you know, I could be a serial killer who cuts you into little pieces and carries your body across three states. Of course you keep your severed tits as a souvenir.”

“Then you would be greeted with both eyes full of fingernails and one crotch full of knees.”

“Remind me not to make you angry.”

"Fine. But if you wanted to kidnap me, tie me up in an old run-down mansion, and rape me for, say, three days or so, my clairvoyance would probably short-circuit beforehand."

"I'll remember that, but correct it Tell me if I'm wrong - it's not rape if that's what you want, is it?"

"A girl can have an amazing life, right?"

"A man can too," he grabbed her through her shirt firmly on the breasts, "But my fantasies haven't come close to reality, at least not yet, so I prefer reality, right?" ;

I reach my hand down to feel my still hard cock. "Yes "I think so too." What I really want is for you to fuck me senseless, this time with your cock and as many times as possible. Oh my god, it was incredible! How did you do that?"

"I am not completely sure. I think I mimicked your reaction and went with the flow. Careful study of specialist journals over many years has also helped.”

"If that's your superpower, girls will throw themselves at you!" In fact, you already have someone who wants to do it ASAP."

I turned around and said, "Where?" I'm going to rip her clothes off and come after her! Someonce!"

Sue rolled her eyes, turned her back, pulled me in for a long French kiss and when we were back in reality she said, "She's here and hungry in many ways, as I'm sure you are too "Let's have breakfast and make plans for the day. I need you in my pussy, my mouth, my ass, my arms, my legs, between my legs, between my tits, in my head, in everything. I love you brother" .

"I love you too. I just didn't know how much until now. And I want to be in your pussy, your mouth, your ass, do you really want that in your ass? Between your tits, your arms, your legs, fuck anywhere I can get it. Let's eat!"

**************************************** 2 ** **** * * ****************************

We had a wonderful breakfast - at least that's what everyone else said, but I was fine too busy to say. All I could think about was getting Sue naked again, this time less likely to be bothered by her snotty little brother, and sucking and fucking each other for as long as we could. As it happened, Sue was ahead of me, had already discussed it with her mother, omitting the details, and was warned to return before dark. Now all we had to do was get food and drink, as well as the usual picnic supplies and, as it turned out, a few things that Sue had packed in advance, and off we went with me on Brutus, a surprisingly flexible stallion, and Sue on Passionflower. : Roan strawberries that we got from Thailand. The horses galloped along as we admired the scenery and pointed out interesting trees, rocks and anything else nearby, and I loved watching their beautiful bottom bounce in the saddle. She stopped her horse, stood up in the saddle, looked around and said, "I remember an overgrown side path around here somewhere, but I can't seem... oh, here it is!" and pointed to the right.

"I see nothing".

“That’s because you’re on a horse. Get off and take another look.

And sure enough, there it was, heading gently downhill for a few hundred feet. She dismounted and we led the horses through the bushes into a completely secluded clearing with a fallen tree on the side. Sue began laying out the picnic on the double beach towel she had brought while I busied myself tying the horses near a small stream that provided plenty of food for them. She bent over to pick up a dropped bottle when I looked her way and saw her tight ass pointing right at me. Looking at her smoking face. The hot body gave me an idea. I walked up to her and said, “I want to kiss, caress, caress and touch any skin you want to show me.” We have all day to laze around.

“Ooooh, that sounds like fun!” Here … “ as she slowly began to unbutton her plaid shirt and pull it off her shoulders, revealing her beautiful cleavage. “What’s that like first of all?”

"Great! Oh, are you wearing a bra? I don't see any belts. I wish I had known I would have been riding in the front as I was driving, turning around and watching your tits bounce." As I walked up to her and unbuttoning her shirt, I reached out and started feeling her shoulders with both hands and gently pulling her towards me. I leaned forward and started licking her cleavage while my hands moved to her neck.

She grabbed my head and pulled me to her neck and my tongue ran over her skin and said, "That feels so good." You really know how to make a girl feel special. I wrapped my arms around her neck and started squeezing a little, then pushed her head back with my thumbs and bit her neck and chin. As I did this, she began to breathe heavily and sigh, pulling her shirt even lower and stopping not far from her nipples. I didn't notice right away and moved further towards her mouth, touching her lips with mine. She opened her mouth and began to run her tongue over my lips and I mimicked her movements with my tongue. We began kissing, lips touching shallowly at first, and then as our lips began to dry a little, the tips of our tongues barely touched each other's lips. I took her head in my hands and began kissing every inch of her face, finally returning to her mouth. She began to breathe heavier as I kissed her a little harder, then, as per the script, we both opened our mouths and felt the tips of our tongues touch. Soon our tongues intertwined and began exploring each other's mouths and I forgot where we were or if the rest of the world even existed. All I knew was that we kissed and that was enough for me. We pressed our bodies together and it became clear that there was more skin, so I grabbed her head, pulled it back gently and ran my mouth over her breasther breasts and started licking and biting them. I felt her bend down and pull the shirt around her waist, undoing the last few buttons and letting it fall wherever she pleased. I immediately grabbed the nipple and sucked most of her right breast into my mouth while my hands explored her bare back. It was obvious that she was completely aroused and I bit the breast until she moaned in pain and pleasure and then let it slide through my teeth until only the nipple was left in my mouth. She grabbed her left breast, pulled it out as much as she could and said, "The other one feels left out!", lowered her mouth and started sucking on the nipple once she had taken so much of her breast into his mouth as possible, bit down hard, lifted his head and stuck it out as far as possible. Seeing a golden opportunity, I released the tit in my mouth and licked the underside of the other, accompanied by her enthusiastic moans and muffled grunts. She released it from her mouth and it fell onto my face. I grabbed her around the waist and raised my hands until I cupped both breasts, squeezed them until her nipples met, took them into my mouth and bit them pretty hard, then I slid my hands down her body, opening hers belt and unzipped her pants. I moved my hands to her back and slowly pushed her pants over her ass, squeezing and massaging every bit of skin. At this point it was clear that she wasn't wearing any underwear top or bottom and I grabbed her pussy and made lewd, sloppy noises while sucking on her tits. In the end we mutually came to the conclusion that this standing thing was intended for birds, and we went to the towel, and I shook off the remnants of my clothes, lay down and began ironing in earnest.

"I want you to eat my pussy!" "Turn around," she gasped, grabbing my head, pulling it away from the breast I was preoccupied with, I obediently turned around until her pussy was right in front of me all the while I was vigorously licking her pubic hair. Way to her ass, into which I lightly stuck my tongue.

“It seems like you missed the mark, bro.”

I raised my head and said, "No, I didn't do that." Consider it a preview of the attractive moments to come." Immediately he plunged back into her pussy, reached with both hands, spread her lips wide and began , fucking her with his tongue while he flicked her clit with his thumb. While I was at it, she moved her body under mine, took my hard cock in her hand, put it in her mouth, drawing on her previous experiences, guided it up to her throat, and I supported it and stroked it in and out out. We stayed like that for quite a while, pleasuring each other while the rest of the world patiently looked away. On a whim I pushed my cock as deep into her mouth as I could, sucked her clit deep into my mouth and bit it, gently at first but increasing pressure until she bit my cock back. It was both pleasant and painful: her body twitched and shook, she struggled to breathe and tried unsuccessfully to push me away. Finally her bites were too painful, I pulled my cock out of my mouth and released her clit.

Panting, she said, “At least let me breathe sometimes.”

“You seem to like it hard, or am I wrong?”

“It's normal to be a little stubborn, but I want to survive!”

"Oh, you're so old fashioned!" as I inserted a finger into her wet pussy, then pulled it out and began to slowly push it into her ass, holding her legs open with my shoulders.

"Kinky! This should be considered 'exit only'.

"Not for me!" My cock fits in there, at least I've seen a few pictures of girls with cocks in their asses and they seemed to like it. Besides, you said you wanted it, right? I squeezed my finger and moved it back and forth there. Finally, I pulled it in as far as I could and began to stroke it lightly in response to her initial discomfort, but this stopped when I felt her bottom begin to relax.

“Just stick with my pussy for now. We will “get there eventually” and she took my cock back into her mouth.

"Fine. Here I am! And I inserted my thumb into her vagina, then brought my index finger and thumb together, rubbing them over the thin membranes and eagerly licking her clitoris. She moaned and arched her back as I manipulated her pussy and ass at the same time, apparently getting used to the penetration and liking it. I pulled my mouth away from her pussy and said, "It's a shame we didn't bring ropes. "I want to tie you to a fallen tree and handle you as much as I want."

“Don’t think about anything – look in the backpack we brought with us. There's about 20 feet of good, strong rope and IExpect you to put it to good use, and I will as soon as I can no longer stop you.”

"You've certainly thought of everything, haven't you?" and leaned forward to continue licking her pussy.

“And I’m not even a Boy Scout. Take your mouth off my pussy and put your cock in there,” spread your legs wide.

What could I say? I turned around, aimed carefully, impaled her with my penis and slowly buried it completely inside her.

“Oh my God, how good! I'm one of the lucky ones who has a nice hard cock to play with."

I thought about it as I fucked her with long, slow strokes and said, "You lucky?" I'm lucky to have a sister with a hot body and a tight pussy to fuck!"

“As often as you like.” Can you do me a favor? Pull it almost all the way out, wait ten seconds for me to tense up, then push it back in as deep as you can.”

"Fine"; As I walked away I asked, "Won't this hurt?"

“Oh, maybe a little. Wait… Impale me with your hard cock! NOW!" and I made him come back to her as fast as I could while she screamed/grunted. She was right: her pussy was almost completely closed and it took a determined effort to push my penis back into her. She made animalistic noises as I entered her and I had no intention of giving up as I entered her repeatedly. Surprisingly, it was like the very first penetration - wet, tight, almost but not quite sustained, followed by a gradual surrender to the inevitable - every time. Again and again. When I started to hope that this would never end, she looked me in the eyes and said, "Go to the end and stay there!" Fuck me like I was a dog!" while somehow squirming underneath me, so that my cock served as an axis for her pussy. Don't ask me how she did it… it just happened that way. Now she pushed her ass against me and started lifting me up with her body and when I realized what she meant, I joined in and she became my hot slut. I've seen dogs fuck before, so I thought this would be the best approach. I started fucking her as fast as I could, like a dog, but it soon became too tiring and I switched to a more leisurely pace, wrapping my arms around her entire body. Pinching, rubbing, kissing, biting shoulders and neck, slow mutual cat-like caresses all over her body, her breasts being the main object of attention as my swollen penis plunged into the depths of her passion. I was as close to becoming one with another person as I had ever been before, and it was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. I made dog noises as I fucked her with long, slow strokes while she made her own version of animal noises, then I slowly lowered her shoulders until her head was on the towel, reached back and began pinching and squeezing her clit stroking as my penis impaled her repeatedly and her breasts rubbed against the towel in time with my thrusts. As for me, I slid my left hand down her toned abs to her pussy, removed her hand from her clit and replaced it with mine, thinking about more than just rubbing her. Instead, I grabbed it tightly and pressed it against the underside of my penis, and with the next thrust he pulled it down and disappeared into my vagina. She twitched and made a guttural sound that greatly surprised and pleased me, and I held her clitoris firmly in contact with my cock, quickening the pace and feeling the muscles of her pussy begin to flutter as the orgasm began. washed her, accompanied by her grunts, moans and screams, which I muffled by stuffing a piece of towel in her mouth, "We can't make you make too much noise, can we?" At the same time, her pussy was squeezing my cock , her body tensed and she indulged in a huge orgasm. Her twitching muscles squeezed and massaged my penis as I penetrated briefly and deeply, holding her clitoris inside her. Each time I felt her muscles begin to relax, I pulled out her clit, squeezed it hard, and roughly guided it back inside her, onto my cock, prolonging her orgasm. Eventually it became too much for me and with one final deep thrust I squirted a huge amount of semen into her uterus for hours. When she felt this, she screamed through the towel, her hands shook briefly and she went limp beneath me. I collapsed onto her body, completely exhausted, but my slowly softening cock was still deep inside her. She turned her head and spit out the towel,

"OH DEAR GOD!! I almost fainted again!"

"It's all part of the service, ma'am." Take it? Service?” She rewarded me for this stupid joke with a slap in the face.

“You have definitely done me an excellent service. I can't imagine it ever getting better, but I'm willing to try.

“No pressure, right?”

"None at all. HowDid you know you had to do all that?”

“Some of the stories in my dad's magazines are quite colorful and I would often jerk off to them and replace the girls in the stories with you. I never thought I could get you to do all that, not get drunk, tie you up, or force myself on you.

Finally my cock flew out of her pussy accompanied by a seemingly endless fountain of cum and girl juices, I rolled over and lay down, holding her beautiful naked body to me and massaging her gently as we both enjoyed the wonderful afterglow. Sue wanted to get up, heard Brutus neighing, looked at him and saw his huge penis hanging between his legs. He was downwind of us, smelling our activity and caressing the sides of the passion flower as his penis hardened. She didn't want that, she neighed and twitched and tried to get away from him.

"Oh, poor Brutus," Sue said. "She doesn't seem to be in the mood."

"Wow! Look at the size of his cock! I wish I had one that big!"

"I don't!" Something that size would tear me apart. Not a very good way to die.

"I can think of worse ways. Hmmm... fucked to death It has an interesting ring to it. I'll tell you what: Let's take all these picnic things off the towel, put a log on it, lie on your back, bring Brutus to you, tie your hands to the saddle horn and your legs to his butt so that he holds you. “in the perfect position to slide his cock into your pussy and slowly push it as deep into you as possible.” - said with a sly smile. “Then I’ll get on and take a nice long ride with you underneath me, slowly impaling myself all over his cock. When it comes, I expect it to come out of your mouth!”

"After that, I expect you to cut up my body into small pieces and scatter them across several states and keep my severed tits as a souvenir, right?"

“Atta girl! Now you have the idea!

"Perverted! But now that you mention it, being tied to a tree trunk and forced to endure whatever torture your obviously twisted imagination can think of sounds interesting. But first, I'm hungry, and I'm sure you are too. So Let's have lunch while you think of a suitable torture for me.

"It works for me!" and I ate a wonderful P B, B & J (peanut butter, bacon and jelly). Struck by a sudden inspiration, took I took the top piece of bread from the sandwich, smeared the contents all over her breast and said, "Oh, how clumsy of me!" licking it up, careful to make sure it all disappeared, spurred on by her giggles and sighs. Ten minutes later her breasts were clean, although very wet.

"I love it when you're so playful!" And she took her sandwich and spread it on my quickly hardening member: "Honestly." Now it's my turn to clean you up!" She leaned forward and started , licking my cock then putting it in her mouth to make sure she got it all.

“This hits me in the balls.” Clean everything up.

"Yes indeed!" and she put my cock in her mouth, stuck out her tongue and licked it too.

"There". Breathing heavily: “Everything is clear.”

“You're doing a great job cleaning for such a dirty girl. Oops, there's a little jelly on your chin. So... I "get it" by licking her chin, then touching her lips, and we spent the next eternity kissing. Then it dawned on me - here she was, allowing her to do almost anything, and all I wanted to do was sit down, bend over a little and just enjoy the sight of her naked body lit by the sunlight filtering through the leaves. She took a sip of beer from time to time and managed to sneak into the basket. As she did so, she created a surreal atmosphere with ever-changing patterns scanning her body stretched out on a towel, and it was the most peaceful feeling I've ever experienced, and what's more, in that moment, everything she needed to do was lying there and let me look at her, knowing that she wasn't the least bit shy about being completely naked in front of me, exuding a confident aura and loving watching the way her stomach rose and fell as she breathed, the subtle play of her abdominal muscles as she breathed she moved a little, she looks at me with a Mona Lisa smile, and a little Sodom in the mix lit up her face and my world, with a stupid grin on my face.

I reached out my hand to stroke her belly and she stretched lazily, looking like a Siamese cat just waking up, and I decided she was desperate for affection, so I did it without having to bother with that Batting an eyelash, he gave her a smack on the foot to turn it over and start again. Oh, those dimples on my lower back! I have something on them and she's great. Noan inch to the left, not noticeable, to the toes and back to the buttocks. Oh, that firm, smooth ass! "Hmmm, I think something needs to be kissed in the worst possible way!", he turned her around again, spread her legs and carefully went down, making a winding path through all the tissues underneath and from time to time stroking her clitoris. To mix things up a little, I ran my tongue over her abs, right halfway between her breasts, to her neck, to her chin, and finally to her lips, and while she was enjoying it, I pushed my cock in incredible ways Way into them. tight cunt, stroking and pulling out three times, continuing to lick down and back of her body, then another blitzkrieg of cocks until she started complaining.

"Shit! Are you going to fuck me or not?

"Sure, but we have all day and I'm wondering what else you think is needed for a proper picnic/lovemaking."

Smiling, I walked over to the picnic backpack, mine hard cock swayed with every step, and began to rummage through it. When I pulled out the rope, I was in for a surprise: underneath was a 20-inch dildo that was much bigger than my cock, and a bottle of K-Y lube. I took her out, brought her the dildo and asked:

“Jesus… Didn't you think I was big enough for you?

“To be honest, I was in a hurry and grabbed it without looking. I don’t know if it suits me or not.”

“Let’s find out,” and I brought it to her.

“Here, get it wet,” as I offered it to her mouth and inserted two fingers as deep as I could into her pussy. She opened her mouth as wide as she could as she spoke; “&Hello; Okay, but I don't know… mfffg." as I put it in her mouth and started stroking it deeply, I slowly rolled it down her throat as she made gurgling noises and tried to push me away with her hands.

I pulled out the dildo, put it on the towel, went back to the backpack to get a rope and went to Brutus to get one of the saddlebags and said, "None of that - you have no choice at the moment." "I tied her wrists and wrapped the rope then around her slender waist so she wouldn't stop me from doing what I wanted. When I had my ass at the right height to do what I imagined, I inserted the dildo into hers again mouth until it protruded from her throat with grunts and sighs and began to stroke it deeply. Finally, I stuck it back in and left it there while her chest heaved in a futile attempt to breathe, grabbing her by the neck and massaging the dildo into her skin. "This is so pleasant!"

Deciding it was wet enough, I slowly pulled it out of my mouth and said, "Here, this looks like it fits pretty well!" Now about your pussy." I changed positions, pushing my cock in down her neck so she wouldn't complain, I moved my hand down her body, stopping briefly at her juicy tits for a quick torment, and then down to her pussy, using both hands to spread her as wide as I could while she writhed and choked on my penis. Believing she was as ready as ever, I gripped the dildo firmly at the base and pushed the first two inches of it into her pussy. She tried to scream around my cock, but all she managed to do was vibrate, which was very cool by the way, and I went an inch further into her. “Only five centimeters left. Do you think all this suits you? took my cock out of her mouth. Sighing, breathing, coughing: "I don't know." There is a feeling that this is close to damage to the cervix. Keep going until I tell you to stop.”

"Okay, but if I don't hear you telling me to stop, I'm going to keep pushing until it completely disappears inside your pussy." I grab a sock with my free hand to gag her and shove it into her in the mouth . until she could only make gurgling noises as I twisted and squeezed her pussy with the dildo, slowly going deeper and leaving about half an inch left. Judging by her arched back and bent wrists as they tried in vain to escape the ropes, I decided she had really hit rock bottom, so I started fucking her with long, deep strokes, accompanied by her grunts, moans and muffled screams every time she reached rock bottom inside her. . . Finally I saw that it was almost completely inside her sopping wet cunt, so I continued fucking her with it until it was far enough away that her pussy finally closed and said "Wow!" Everything OK! Good girl! Brutus looks more likely now! with a mischievous smile on his face. I pulled the gag out of her mouth, leaned forward and began kissing and exploring her mouth as she struggled with the rope holding her hands, obviously trying to get to her pussy, although I wasn't sure whether she wanted to remove the gag. Dildo or …something else. Curious, I untied her hands to see what she was up to and she immediately went to her stretched out pussy and grabbed the end of the dildo, pulled it almost all the way out and then started fucking herself with it. While I was enjoying the show to the fullest, I covered KY with two fingers and started by gently pushing and twisting both fingers into her ass until I went as far as I could and said, "I thought your pussy was tight!" Your ass is even tighter! I wonder if a dildo fits in there? Let’s check if my dick fits in first.”

"No! Not yet … I'm not ready … Glaggmmmph." as I put the sock back in her mouth and tied her hands, this time at her ankles so as not to impede her legs. I pulled to her muffled scream quickly pulled the dildo out and was surprised to see part of her pussy sticking out of her body and then disappearing again. I pushed my fingers back into her ass and rolled them back and forth until I felt her sphincter begin to relax . He pulled my fingers out, applied a generous amount of lube to the penis, then placed the tip on her wavy star and pushed it gently forward at first, just enough to bury the head inside her. She arched her back and tried to spit out the gag, but I wouldn't stop until I was all the way up her ass. Slowly, inch by inch, my cock entered her anus as she shook her head in slowly fading protest as I felt her body begin to accept the penetration. I held it about halfway and said, "Your ass is so incredibly tight!" You do realize that I'm going to bury my penis there whether you like it or not, right? She reluctantly nodded in agreement and I continued to assault her ass until I was well and truly balls deep. "I'll just leave it at that until you get used to the idea of ​​being my sex slave, so just accept being fucked in the ass as much as I want." As I did that, I started to feel myself most of the way and then slowly came back again. Her eyes filled with tears and seemed to lose focus, and when I saw this, I took it as resignation to her fate and began to fuck her ass intensely. Surprisingly, she didn't seem to loosen up much as I fucked her, and the tightness made me cum much sooner than I wanted, so I pulled out the empty beer bottle, grabbed it, and forced it roughly down my throat. in her ass to get her used to the stretch. To liven things up a bit, I pushed the dildo about halfway back into her pussy while she moaned and screamed, making for an easy double fuck. I grabbed both of them and started stroking them in there at the same time for a few minutes. Finally ready to continue fucking her ass, I pulled out the bottle and quickly replaced it with my cock, stroking it in and out and letting the dildo stick out of her pussy. Each time I entered her ass, I slammed the dildo and forced it deeper until she was really seen all the way through as she let out a muffled "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuenikikikikus Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu). uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuish SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS] & RDQUO; Noises around the gag. When I felt her ass begin to throb around my cock and, through the dildo, the muscles around her pussy, I knew another orgasm was coming. I pulled both my cock and my dildo almost all the way out, quickly counting to five and forcing them both back as far as I could. I could, felt, heard and saw her shaking and trembling as another powerful orgasm pushed me over the edge again and I came into her bowels as she convulsed. I admit I only had a small amount of cum left in me so my orgasm was a shadow of the previous one, but the sight of her body coming down from the peak of orgasm was more than enough compensation. I carefully pulled my now completely soft penis out of her ass and slowly removed the dildo from her pussy, which surprisingly remained wide open. I couldn't believe how far into her body I could see and admired the sight while it lasted.

I moved away from her, released her hands from her ankles and pulled the gag out. Then I started kissing her tenderly, hoping that I hadn't hurt her so badly that she would never let me touch her again. Luckily she returned the kiss and I was whisked away from my self-created purgatory to heaven.

“Roger … it was wonderful! My wildest rape fantasies don't come close to our reality, and I have a feeling we will for a long time to come, if we're lucky. One thing is for sure: I'm in a lot of pain there, so it looks like we're done for today."

"Well, yes and no," as I laid down next to her and gently ran my fingertips over her body, pleased with the feel of her skin against mine. She purred softly when I felt her and we must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew it was sunset and we had to get dressed, pack our things and go back homereal world.

**************************************** 3 ****** * * ****************************

The following week, Sue and I went about our normal vacation routine, confident that we still had plenty of time to further deepen our new relationship. Sure, we took plenty of opportunities to grope, kiss, and generally caress each other, but the urgency had waned enough that we were content to spend an hour of relaxed lovemaking behind one of the outhouses or a day in one find shabby setting. Mansion for a few hours. Scotty was the first to notice the change in our dynamic, but he didn't seem too interested in why it was happening, preferring to ride his favorite horse across the plateau.

One day Dad, Scott and I packed a gun of our choice and plenty of ammunition for a day of target shooting: My favorite for me was a 1917 Eddystone .303 bolt action rifle converted to a 30-06 with 200 rounds of 220 grain ammunition. Metal jacket, surplus Korean War ammunition in five stacked stripper clips, and the 1911 ACP .45 pistol my grandfather received during World War I, Scott brought his beloved Woodsman with four magazines, three blocks of ammunition, and a Winchester 30-30 lever action. and Dad insisted he brought a Ruger .44 Magnum carbine that lashed out like an angry Army mule, a Colt .45 revolver, and a Moisin-Nagant 7.62x54 with ten de-stack magazines, to start (and end) World War III. as well as lots of paper targets and coasters. . We took a decent lunch and a six-pack of beer, saddled our horses, and set off for a certain ravine a few miles away, where we had previously placed a piece of steel one square inch in diameter at a distance of 300 yards. We shot paper targets at 30, 50 and 100 yards and had a field day punching holes in things. During our absence:

“Mom, can we talk?”

“Of course, Susan. What's on your mind?

“I don’t know how to tell you this”

"Come on, you know we can talk about anything, right?" Are you "not pregnant"?

"NO! You know I take pills, and besides...

"Yes, my dear, but nothing is 100%. Drop it!"

"Well, Roger and I got a little naughty."

“Identify some.”

“We kissed, caressed, saw each other naked,… had sex,” Sue said, her bottom lip trembling.

Karen sighed and said, "Let's go to our bedroom to discuss this," taking Sue's hand and leading her there. They went in, Karen closed the door quietly, sat on the bed, reached out and patted the mattress next to her.

“Sit down and tell me as many details as you want.”

Sue did as she was told, slowly describing at first how it all began: “You know how shy he is, and it hurt me to see him avoid social situations, so I decided to try to get him out of his life She then described our relationship with my mother in detail, from the show in the shower to our first visit to the animal shelter and a picnic that same day. As she continued, everything began to unravel and she spent the better part of half an hour writing down what we were doing and how it made her feel, while our mother listened patiently and began to get aroused by secretly talking rubbed the thighs. together, and Sue went into more detail. When Sue had nothing more to say, Karen turned to her and kissed her on the forehead. "Thanks for telling me. The question now is: Do you want to go ahead with it or was it just a holiday?

Surprised by her mother's response, Sue said reluctantly: "He…… He was firm and assertive, sometimes even assertive, which surprised me a lot, but also gentle when needed. He seemed to know not only exactly what I did and didn't do with him, but also how to be attentive, loving and sensitive. He's great at it too kissing, although I have no idea why: He says he's never been with a girl.

"There's nothing unusual about that - usually reserved, but aggressive in bed or... wherever. As for kissing, you probably taught him without realizing it by your reaction to what he did. It's not uncommon for a man to care more about pleasing you than just himself.

"I'm pretty sure he wants to continue our relationship, and to be honest, so do I."

“I noticed how different you guys acted when you were together shortly after we got here, and I became curious as to why that was, even though I suspected I already knew. Now I have to tell you a story. I lost my virginity to my brother, your Uncle Dave, when I was about a year younger than you are now. It all started innocently enough, with kisses and caresses, but both of usI realized how we felt about each other and it got to the point where we fucked as often as possible, even though it wasn't as intense as you two, at least from your description. We never got caught and it took about a year before things actually ended amicably when I met Charles. “He knows all about it, by the way,” she openly rubs her pussy through her jeans as a wet spot appears on the fabric. "Oh my God! I'm so excited thinking about what we did and your vivid description of how you and Roger do it! If you'll excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom to masturbate.

Sue was a little shocked by the swear words and also by the fact that her mother was rubbing herself right in front of her eyes. She decided to go with the flow and started rubbing and squeezing her breast, reaching out to her mother and gently took her hand, "Don't go," and began to unbutton her shirt, "I'm horny too, thinking about your brother fucking you and what Roger and I did." Stay here and do what you have to do. I think I want it too,” took off her shirt and unclasped her bra. By this point Karen was too horny to argue and she too began to undress until they were both naked. For the first time in a long time Sue saw her mother naked and certainly for the first time in such a context she took a closer look and really liked what she saw. Long, slender legs, an impressive ass, a tiny waist, beautiful, barely saggy 36 C+ cups, plump lips, a face any model would envy, and striking blue eyes. If this was a preview of what she would look like in twenty years, she would have a long and beautiful life ahead of her. Karen began stroking her pussy and Sue soon joined her, masturbating aggressively right in front of her mother, both arranging pillows so each could watch the other dry themselves.

After a while, Karen realized it just wasn't working: "Damn!" That's just not enough! I wish your father was here! I need a cock inside me! Well, any port during a storm,” he reached over to the bedside table, opened a drawer and pulled out a fourteen inch double dildo and a bottle of lube.

“Isn’t this a lesbian thing?” Why do you need it? – Sue asked, fascinated.

“It was a joke gift from a colleague in the office. I like the size and have used it, but have never had the option to use both ends at the same time. He won't bend over far enough to get it in my ass while it's in my pussy."

She put some lube on it, lay on the bed, put it in her pussy and started fucking herself with it. At this point Sue was also very horny and after watching it disappear into her mother's pussy she decided to take it to the next level by removing her mother's hand from the dildo and gripping it tightly she began to use it fuck and shortly afterwards he grabbed her breast and caressed it. Remembering what we had done, she grabbed Karen's clit, pushed it into her vagina, and pulled it inside her with the next pull of the dildo. Karen responded by throwing her head back and letting out a long moan as she grabbed her other breast and stroked it in time with Sue stroking her pussy. They continued this for a while until Sue said, "If you don't have another, I'll use the other end!", reached for the lube, smeared it on the open end and prepared to insert it into her mouth. pussy, and in one smooth, quick motion she pushed in until she felt her mother's labia on hers. They looked at each other for a while, then they both started moving back and forth, stopping every now and then when their pussies touched to just rub their clits together, and then continued to fuck each other senseless at the same time. Luckily no one was in the house at the time, otherwise they would have heard both of them moaning, grunting and occasionally screaming as one of them bottomed out, usually in Karen's pussy. After about five minutes, Karen had a huge orgasm, accompanied by loud moans and screams, and Sue pulled back slightly, reached into her mother's pussy, grabbed her clit and twisted/pulled it to prolong the orgasm. . It worked and Karen continued to squirt for over a minute. When it finally subsided, she lay back, completely relaxed. Sue wasn't finished yet, so she grabbed the dildo and pulled it back until it fell out of Karen's pussy and then started fucking herself deeply with it. Karen looked at Sue, sat up, grabbed the dildo and continued fucking her daughter with it, then leaned down to lick her clit and reached out with her other hand to fondle her breasts. This caused Sue to orgasm and Karen bit her clit and pulled on her left nipple until Sue finally finished cumming. Exhausted, they both sat down, Sue took out the dildo, leaned over to her mother,gently grabbed her head, brought their lips together in a quick kiss that turned into a long and very unchildish French kiss as each caressed the other's breasts, pulled back and said, "Well, there's another taboo." , Please tell me?

With a satisfied smile on her face, Karen said, “Absolutely!” Plus, this was my first lesbian experience and it was wonderful! Thank you very much."

"My … Well, with pleasure," he leaned in for another long kiss. "Speaking of taboo, will you do that with Roger?" "We can keep it in the family!"

" Only if you let your father fuck you at the same time, although I can't say if he wants that. "I think you'd like a cock as big as his in your pussy," while Sue sucked on one of her mother's nipples.

He lifted his head and ran his tongue over his mother's firm breast. "How big is she?" It's an interesting idea, but I think I'd like to talk to Scott first. Or would you rather take his cherry, so to speak?”

"Oh my God, you're really into it, aren't you?" As she picked up the dildo and slowly slid her hand over it, she said, "It's so big," and stopped her hand so that it was left eight inches open, " A little smaller around it, and he really knows how to use it too.” I wonder if Scott wanted to fuck you first? He's all yours when he's ready. I'll settle for sloppy seconds," and started sucking on her daughter's breasts again, feeling her whole body and started stroking her pussy with her fingers.

She grabbed her mother's head, pushed her face into the breast she was sucking, and said, "Oooooooooh, that's incredible, keep going!" I'm pretty sure he'd love to fuck me - after all, he's a Guy. Bite your nipple hard!” which Karen did, then Sue grabbed her mother's head and pushed it away, pulling her breast away from her chest until the pain was almost too much, and then shook her mother's head to hers shaking tits. Karen picked it up and continued tormenting Sue's breast until it popped out of her mouth. Then she grabbed the other one and did the same.

Sue leaned back as Karen played with her body. “I think we want to do this more often, right?”

"No doubt! I have a feeling that our family will never be the same.

"Not the same - better!" - said Sue, caressing her mother's firm body.

They leaned in for another kiss, which turned into a "I just remembered that I'm going to make a roast dinner tonight." Karen said, panting as Sue licked her feet. “Let’s go to the kitchen and start preparing the vegetables.”

"Fine. Do we have to get dressed?" and licked Mom's right leg towards her pussy.

"Hanks is in Portland for a week and the boys are going to have too much fun to get back before sunset, so we have at least six hours." I think aprons alone will do the trick."

"Wouldn't it be great if they came home and saw us in aprons with our butts bare?"

"Maybe next time. For … OOOOOOO …” Sue went to her pussy and started fucking Karen with her tongue, “… Now I think that more or less dre … EEEEEEKkkk!”, Sue clamped her clit between her upper teeth and her tongue, “What did I say?” Oh yes, dressed would be better.”

"Damn! It would be interesting to see the look on their faces when they saw us!" They kissed deeply for a few minutes, then got up, went naked into the kitchen, put on aprons and started preparing dinner.

As Sue rubbed her butt, she rummaged through the fridge. "Where the hell did I put the celery?"

"Right here. I already understood that.”

"Thank you. One thing is for sure: your father is going to have to fuck his very horny wife tonight! After our third time, I will talk to Roger about your arguments and find out what he thinks about the whole situation. The way he treats you Hardly looking in a bikini lately makes me think that maybe it won't take too much encouragement to get him to fill your pussy with daddy's cum."

"Is it true? I didn't realize it, but I liked the idea. Maybe we could get Roger to fuck my throat at the same time. I guess I'm a pretty good cocksucker. Awww… you shout. Too emotional at the moment?”

“Damn bow. Since your pussy and mouth are busy, would you let Scott fuck you in the ass too?”

“If he wants to fuck me, I’d prefer one-on-one in the first half.”Dozens of times. After that we'll see. Besides, if all the guys are busy with me, what are you going to do? Fuck Parker's dog? How many mushrooms do you want?”

“A dozen or so should be enough. Why should I settle for an Australian Shepherd when Brutus is right there in the paddock?”

"Mom! I know you have three children, but even taking that into account, he would break you up. I don't remember - did I mention Roger said what he would do to me and Brutus?

"Yes, Dear, and if I ever get a terminal illness, I'll ask Charles to do this to me." After he fucked me for the last time, of course. I hope they find my head with my mouth pierced on a fence post in Idaho first. "

"And don't find your tits in our freezer."

"Good idea. When we put the roast in the oven, we don't get dressed and jerk off to Brutus.

"Oooh, that sounds like fun!" I understand where Roger gets his perverted tendencies from."

“It’s all in the family, darling, it’s all in the family.”

When they were finished in the kitchen, they just put on their shoes, went into the pen, knelt on either side of him and played with his vagina until his cock was fully erect and hard. Karen reached out and touched it carefully: "Oh my God, it's huge!" This is the first thing I've seen up close. They both took it in their hands and started licking it, then Sue pulled it to her chest and started rubbing it against her chest. Seeing this, Karen leaned forward and did the same and they fell into a rhythm, rubbing him between her pressed breasts. He stayed in place as he was rubbed until his cock began to twitch and throb. When Karen sensed this, she screamed, "He's coming!" and found herself directly in the line of fire. He showered her with what felt like liters of sperm. When he was finished, Karen lay down on the comfortable blanket and Sue got on top of her to share the horse cum, and then Sue slowly pushed her right hand into her mother's pussy, using his cum as lubricant, well above her Wrist out and fist. fucked her while Karen ate her pussy until they both came like Atlas rockets lifting astronauts into orbit. Afterward, they took a long bubble bath while the house filled with the wonderful smell of roasting meat, and cut and sewed some old clothes they found in the dresser.

When we got home we were pleasantly surprised to see both of them in very short shorts that showed off their butts and camel toes, tank tops that were cut high enough to cover most of their perky breasts, almost to the nipples, to show off, and mom's stiletto heels. inexplicably introduced, and nothing more. From time to time, while dinner was being served, nipples would appear, accompanied by a playfully embarrassed exclamation and the tips returning to their place. I don't think Scott blinked for five minutes. All of us boys put tissues on our knees to hide our unpleasantly swollen penises. To be honest, I don't remember anything other than what we had for dinner. Sue later told me it was incredible.

After dinner, we kids cleaned up the kitchen and Mom and Dad disappeared into their bedroom, warning us not to disturb them unless the house was on fire. We knew exactly what was going on and let them do it as long as they wanted.

**************************************** 4 ****** * * ************************

“Okay, I'm not complaining, but… Why such revealing clothing? while Charles hastily undressed and helped Karen take off what little she was wearing.

“While we were alone, Sue and I had a long, open conversation about sex. No, not the one you're thinking of. Much more intimate. Honestly, it got us so excited that we ended up making lesbian love on the bed. I really wanted you to be there, but since you weren't there we had to improvise.

"With that stupid dildo Ian gave you, I guess?" It's so hot! Now I wish I was here! Give me one stroke at a time with you and Sue as we make love."

"We'll make love later." Fuck me hard now! We can take our time the next dozen times, but FUCK ME NOW!”, lies on her back and urges him to rape her body. Chas spread Karen's legs and unceremoniously pushed his entire hard cock into her wet pussy in one quick thrust, while Karen desperately tried to tell him everything between thrusts. She finally gave up and they concentrated on just rutting the animals. He started in the missionary position, fucking her pussy hard as the bed creaked and rumbled as Karen moaned and grunted. “Be my slut!” he grunted, her code word for doggy style, and she immediately went to her knees filled with 20 cm Chas’ Penis. She loved it when he basically spanked her and rammed his hips into her ass, and they kept going until they said, "Smash my clit on your cock!" Let it penetrate me, "Spank!" “ OOOff! Lying on her back, he reached for her pussy, grabbed her clit and pushed it into her, roughly pressing his cock against it and holding it there with two fingers. She screamed, "I'm cumming!" OOOffh” slap … Slap, “Leave it at that and… AARrrfG … bis ich fertig bin!" Ohrfeige, Ohrfeige “AAAAAAAAAAAA”, Ohrfeige … Schlag ins Gesicht: „AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! SCHLAGEN!!! Charles konnte sich nicht länger zurückhalten, als er eine riesige Ladung in sie schoss. Er blieb, wo He was completely spent for now by the time her head hit the mattress, pulled his fingers out of her pussy, tugged on her clit, and fell onto her back. As his cock slowly deflated, he asked, "When did you think of that trick with your clitoris?" This was something new, at least for me.

Pants, trousers … "I didn't do it," as his cock flew out of her. She maneuvered until his cock was right in front of her face. "Here, lie on your back and I'll suck you a little."

As Karen pounced on him, "HHmmmm&hellip" I'm still waiting for an answer.

“Mmmm,” she moved her mouth away from his penis, “Not until your cock is inside me again.” Verb … Splyuk.

"At this rate it won't take long" as she sucked out everything she was worth. After a few minutes of determined sucking, he became hard again and she began to take him deep into her mouth.

I hold her head in my hands and say, “I’m ready.” Let’s do the “split bamboo” pose.

“Oooh – I love it,” he laid her on her side, straddled her left leg, put her other leg on his shoulder and slowly inserted his penis into her until he was deep inside her. The sight of her naked body was magnificent and he began to slowly stroke it and caress her breasts. She purred like a contented cat as her breasts moved across her chest under his hands.

“Okay, tell me where you learned this trick.”

“From Susan. She described it to me and demonstrated it with a dildo.”

“The question arises: Where did she learn that?”

“Bury yourself in me and suck a tit. I'm just telling you as long as you keep sucking tits and fucking pussy."

“It works for me!” as he did as she asked. She grabbed his head and started talking.

“She found out about it… Roger." He held his head, gagged for a second, then, surprised, stabbed him deeply with a spear and then calmed down.

"Good control. He did this to her several times while they were making love.

He suddenly let up get rid of her breasts, "ROGER???!" When she …”

"Remember our deal. Let's get back to the breasts … NOW!" Completely turned on by the thought that Sue could even be fucked, let alone by her brother, he started sucking on her breasts again and passionately stroking his cock inside her. "That's better!" She OOOffff fuck about a week after we got it Nnghh… Here and Sue says they will keep going MNNmmmn as long as they want. Honestly I wonder where he learned that from - maybe OOOOO from one of our books - maybe "Kinky Sluts," although I can't remember anything like that.

Charles left his cock where it was and let go of her breasts. "Or, more likely, it was a racist memory: like the father , said the son."

"You would like that! Remember, I had a lot to teach you when we first met.”

"True, but you spent a whole year doing this with your brother before we did it." You did have more experience, but I admit I learned pretty quickly."

"Allowed. Now the question becomes: What, if anything, should we do?

"We can continue fucking now," he reached for her pussy and gently rubbed it around his cock.

With a lustful expression: “Have you heard of the Flying W?” Position?”

"No. Let's try! Where do you want me?

Karen lay on her back with her legs crossed over her chest. "Lift my ass up until I find balance on my shoulders, ride me and slide your cock right in my ass and fuck my pussy with the dildo." . Hold me with your foot."

"Where did you learn that? It sounds painfully wonderful."

"I didn't teach that, I will over time catch up,” Chas smeared his penis and fingers with oil and thenShe inserts two fingers into her ass to prepare it for expansion. She seemed ready and he slowly entered her little by little until half of his cock disappeared into her shit, firmly grabbed the 20 inch dildo I used on Sue and pushed it into her pussy until he closed at the end. Then she started slowly stroking his cock in her ass. She grunted and bit her bottom lip to keep from screaming in pain/pleasure as he rammed his cock into her. As soon as he felt her sphincter relax, he reached into her pussy, grabbed the dildo, pulled it out until it was at the base of his cock and began fucking her in long strokes, matching his movements with the dildo synchronized. Karen grunted as he double fucked her, fuller than ever. She reached over, removed his hand from the dildo and took the silicone gripper to fuck herself while he tortured her ass. Finally he was fully inside her and picked up the pace as she began to fuck herself against his movements. They continued this for what seemed like an eternity, with Karen really getting into it, imagining that the dildo was actually Roger fucking her pussy while Chas fucked her ass, and then expanding it to include Susan French kissing her while Scott fucked her doggy style. Feeling like she was about to cum, she pushed the dildo all the way into her pussy, grabbed her clit, pushed it to the end and rubbed it there roughly, bringing her to a huge orgasm. Hour, already on the verge of cumming, felt her ass squeezing his cock, driving it deep inside her and pumping his seed into her colon. By this point they were both completely spent, he slowly pulled his soft cock out of her ass, gently helped her onto the bed, reached into her pussy to grab the dildo, pulled it out and dropped down next to her as she slowly eased herself regained their form. feelings.

He turned his head and looked lovingly at his wife: “So it’s a flying W!” We have to remember that!

"I don't think we'll forget this anytime soon!" as she enjoyed the way he gently stroked her body with his fingertips for a while. He grabbed some wet wipes, gently wiped his penis and asked, "Would you like to finish cleaning my mouth?"

Karen turned to him, "No problem," and took his limp cock all the way into her mouth, making sure it was nice and clean. They kissed and caressed each other for half an hour, then Karen noticed he was getting closer to another erection.

“You're getting hard again!” My God, you have a lot of stamina today!” She stands under him and says: “Let's do 69.” Then she slowly took his reborn penis into her mouth and ran her tongue over each member , which she could reach as he lowered his face to her pussy. Chas began to gently caress her outer lips, stroking her clitoris from time to time. She held his hips with her hands and took her time, stroking his manhood past her lips in an icy motion, all the while controlling her breathing: inhaling through her mouth to draw cool air onto his wet penis, she breathed then out through her nose. Chas moaned at that, partly because he liked it when she did it, but also because her clit was vibrating, which she liked. He released her at the pace she preferred as she moved his cock closer to her tonsils, occasionally tugging her teeth along his shaft to add a sense of danger to things. Sensing this, he gently bit her clit and then filtered it through his teeth, making it vibrate. She winced slightly and bit down a little harder until he stopped humming, pulled her clitoris out slightly, wrapped his lips around it, and spit it through his teeth and out of his mouth, making a muffled Eeeekkk! caused. of her around his penis. Finally the mushroom head reached the entrance to her throat and she paused for a moment, exhaled fully, moved along his shaft until it blocked her throat, and tried valiantly to inhale, drawing his penis down her throat instead of air. That told Chas everything he needed to know: she was close to orgasm and in a state of suffocation. He had realized a long time ago that he had better agree or he would have to pay hell later. Smiling, he sat up, reached down and stuck two fingers in her pussy, placed his thumb on her clit and very slowly pushed his cock further down her throat as she continued to try to breathe. She arched her back and tried to push him away, feeling the growing need for air, but he knew what to do now: shove the rest of his cock down her throat while she resisted and continue finger fucking her . She screamed around his cock as her self-preservation instincts tried to suppress her excitement, but Chas wasn't having it and waited impatiently for her to pass out. When her hands stopped pressing against him and began rotating instead, he inserted another finger into her pussy.felt her muscles contract in conjunction with her orgasm, impulses leaping from her oxygen-starved brain, then every muscle in her body spasmed as the intense orgasm reached its climax/consciousness left her. At just the right moment, he pulled his penis out of her mouth, releasing a long stream of cum from his orgasm, caused by her neck muscles massaging his cock as her chewing muscles spasmed and her jaw tensed. If she timed it wrong, she could bite right through his penis. Eventually she went completely limp, her eyes rolled back, and she lost consciousness. Panting with exertion, Chas checked her breathing, kissed her, gently moved her arms and legs into a more comfortable position, sucked on both nipples, climbed over her body to lie next to her, and contented himself with running his fingers over her cancel. firm breasts as she breathed, still unconscious. After a few minutes she began to come to her senses, the orgasm that had begun when she passed out started again, she moaned and thrashed as it washed over her and subsided, then she took a few deep breaths and reached for her husband. Breathing heavily: “Am I dead?”

“No, darling, but it was just touching for a while. And look,” holding his flaccid penis, “it’s still there.”

"Thank God! How close was it?

“Almost too close for comfort. Was it worth it?

"Is it worth it? If I never have an orgasm again for the rest of my life, I will die happy! You must be the most attentive husband and best lover a woman has ever had.”

They kissed and caressed for almost an hour, enjoying their love, until his penis came to life, assuming the position of the lotus flower, placing the head of his manhood at her entrance, moving towards each other and her sex merging with his. and did tantric sex. Love by biting her neck until he reaches shared satori. As they looked into each other's eyes, grateful that they were both sex experts but aware that they had learned something new from their children, they silently agreed that this would be enough for the moment, showered together and left fall into bed. They both fell asleep within seconds of cuddling naked.

As dawn broke they woke up, kissed passionately and Chas, knowing she liked a little penetration to start the day, pushed the morning wood into her pussy with about a dozen thrusts, pulled it out and they did as usual continued and prepared for sex. Affairs of the day. After that was done, they sat on the bed and discussed what, if anything, they would do with Sue and me.

Given her history, Karen was in favor of allowing us to continue: "I did the same thing and it didn't affect my ability to find relationships outside of my family." We are the most devoted couple I have ever met.

"I'll give it to you," she kissed, "But how can we be sure it will work for them too?"

“We can’t be sure about anything, but a ban won’t work at all. They will continue like this no matter what we say, so I think capitulating to the inevitable is our only alternative at this stage.”

"You may be right, but I still think we need to discuss this with them." Let's think about it for a few days to make sure we're on the same page, or at least in the same chapter, and then sit down. “


**************************************** 5 ****** * * ************************

When we woke up the next morning and Scott was away doing whatever he wanted, Sue took off her nightgown, I started kissing her naked body while she told me about her conversation with her mother, including what They did what really upset both of them next. from us, and with her enthusiastic consent, I rammed my cock into her right in her bed, not even caring about getting caught. We fucked in the missionary position for a good, even fantastic half hour and both came within seconds.

“This is how you start the day right!” - she exhaled.

“I have no arguments. Let’s have breakfast, I’m hungry!”

Now that the cat is out of the bag, our relationship has become more open. Dad was hard to read at breakfast - he looked at Sue differently: after seeing her in almost nothing, he felt more comfortable looking at her than looking away. As for me, I couldn't tell what he was thinking. We will inevitably have to sit down and have a long, good conversation. Meanwhile, Sue and I continued to fuck at every opportunity except when Scott was around, that wasn't a problem before, but since he had seen her breasts, well, most of her breasts, he started hanging around her, probably in hoping to see it more. It became painful! However, we still found itTime for it, although not as much as I wanted. Things changed when Dad wanted to sit with us and Mom insisted that Scott be there too, thinking it would be better if he found out on purpose now rather than accidentally later. Chas saw her logic and agreed, but still had doubts.

A few days later: “Everyone is in the living room!” - Dad's baritone voice echoed throughout the house. "Family meeting!"

We went in and sat down, Sue and I sitting together at one end of the couch and Scott in his preferred chair. Sue took my hand and I felt it shaking. Mom sat on the other side of the sofa and Dad stayed standing. He cleared his throat: "Let's say this openly." take a deep breath and look directly at us: "We know that you, Susan, and you, Roger, have sex..." Scott, sit down! And decided: As long as you both know that we have doubts about this, there is little we can do except send you both to schools on the other side of the country, which would cause irreparable destruction to our family. We want you both to know that we have chosen to tolerate this without necessarily approving it. The question now is, how far will you take this? …. "Any of you?" … Nothing?

Still holding her hand, I turned and looked at Sue, but saw that she was already looking at me, so I continued, "We haven't thought much about it." Sure, we have a great time and I love her more , than I can express, but as far as the long term goes... I don't think we'll get married and start a family if that's what you want to know. All I can say is that I want her to be happy. If her happiness lies in the arms of another man, I will be very happy for her, just as she will be happy for me when I find a woman to share my life with. Just like you, Charles, “ I turn my head to look at my mother. "And you, Karen, are happy together, no matter what may have happened before you met." I decide that Scott doesn't need to know his mother's story yet. Mom tensed, then relaxed and smiled when I finished.

However, the Pope insisted. “What if one of you doesn’t like what the other chooses?” What then?

I looked back at Sue as she turned to her father. "We will raise any concerns we have and discuss them, but in the end we will trust each other's judgment," as I squeezed my hand.

“Or I kill him, cut his body into small pieces and spread them across several states,” with a big grin on his face. Mom, Sue and I laughed, but Dad and Scott looked both shocked and confused.

“Oooooh, where that came from Scott, do you have anything to say?”

"I suspected something was going on between you two, but I didn't think it would come to this." As he stood up, he walked towards us, held out his hands and we took them. "I'm happy for you both, but Sue, that won't change my fantasies about you."

"I would not have expected this. In fact, I think this could add a layer or two.”

We kept things open and kissed passionately to show our affection for each other while keeping our lovemaking private as always. We also started sleeping together, which doesn't necessarily mean we have sex together. Scott accepted it as normal pretty quickly, but we could hear his bed creaking as he jerked off frequently. It made us smile and one night I whispered to her, "You should really let him fuck you a little." It might ease some of the sexual tension he causes when he sees you in that practically see-through nightgown.

“I’m waiting for him to ask me,” she whispered in my ear.


“You heard right!”, and we kissed each other a little, caressed each other and fell asleep.

**************************************** 6 ****** * * ****************************

Hank finally returned from Portland and everything was back to normal. However, he noticed that we were opening up more and more to each other, but he kept it to himself. We went target shooting as a family several times, went on long rides, and generally spent more time together. In short, we were closer than we had been in a long time.

One fine Thursday over breakfast, Dad announced that he and Mom were driving to Bend to run errands and visit friends in the area for the long weekend. “I trust that the three of you will behave well and run the house at the right level. Hank will be there if you need anything, but otherwise spend four lovely days without us. I put a piece of paper with phone numbers on the fridge in case you want to". We had a "good time" round. They hugged and smacked, packed up the car and set off. The first day was very lazy and on the night, which was particularly hot, Sue said: "It is too hot!" If you don't mind …”, looked at us, did a sensual striptease, stretched and yawned right in front of us, and climbed into bed naked. Scott's mouth fell open and he couldn't take his eyes off her. She lay down, ran her hands over her stomach and chest, squeezed them and lifted the sheet inviting me to come to bed with her. Looking at Scott with a big smile on my face, I put on my normal underwear and took off my t-shirt, revealing a very hard penis, climbed into bed with her and ran my hands over her body as she slowly pulled the sheet over us, just as I French kissed her. Soon my cock was inside her and we fucked slowly to keep it quiet, although I'm pretty sure he knew what we were doing: it was pretty loud in his bed that night! First I emptied my balls into her pussy, her orgasm following shortly after as I pressed my mouth to hers, pinched her nose and inhaled, letting the air out of her lungs to calm her moans and sighs. We heard, "Thanks, guys." Goodnight" from Scott's bed and we all fell asleep. The next day we took lunch and rode to the mansion, where we spent most of the day enjoying each other's company enjoy.

Friday went much the same way,

One muggy Saturday evening, Sue, tired from a long ride with me and a few hours of sex at our picnic area, finished dinner, showered earlier than usual, and told us she was going to bed early “You two can clean.” up the kitchen. Finally, I made dinner, so now it's your turn to clean up. Have a nice evening. “I’ll be sleeping when you come,” and made his way to the animal shelter. Shortly after Hank arrived, "I'm done for the day." Do you need anything?

“No, we're fine. Sue has gone to bed and Mark will pick us up in about half an hour to go to the cinema in town. Goodnight."

"Trust me, I will," we couldn't tell from the look on his face. We heard him get in his truck and drive away.

Five minutes later we got a call. "Hello?" Hey Mark, how are you? …...Really? A pity. Well, I guess we'll see you tomorrow. Good luck. Yes I know. Bye."

"Don't tell me he attacked us."

"He didn't do it, his truck did." The generator sat down.

"Shit. Looks like we're alone tonight.

I turned on the radio to listen to music while Scott spread a towel on the dining room table to clean his gun after shooting that day. He had just oiled it and put in a new clip when we heard a knock coming from the direction of the sleeping hut. I turned my head: “What was that?”

"I do not know".

"I see".

“You won’t fool me for a second. You just want to fuck Sue some more, don't you? At least I saw her naked and I would be happy if you thanked her for me. I threw him a pillow and went to investigate. When I quietly opened the door to the apartment building, I immediately realized that something was wrong - Sue wasn't in bed and I didn't see her anywhere. I kept walking and heard, “Fucked your brother?” Whore! I'll show you what it's like to have a real man inside you!"

"Sue? Are you okay?" and heard a muffled "horn"...AGGhhh.", . As I started to run, I saw Hank kneeling at the table, Sue under him, her legs shaking and his hand squeezed her neck. “You bastard!” Let her go!”

He turned around and didn't let go of her neck as I got closer and tried to pull him away from her. He laughed at my feeble attempt to protect her and swung his free hand, "Oh God, your fucking brother." As his massive fist hit me square in the solar plexus, he threw me back against the support post of the bunk bed, hitting my head hard that I saw a bright flash, and then collapsed on the ground. "I'll take care of you as soon as I'm done with her," and went back to raping Sue. Although I didn't lose consciousness, it felt like my brain was separated from my body, I was running out of breath and my head was spinning from the impact, but I could clearly see what he was doing to her without closing it can do something about it. He started choking Sue again and started pulling down his pants. A few seconds later I hear a noise at the door - the sound of a gun being drawn back to load a bullet into the chamber, then Scott's voice: "Let it go."Leave her, otherwise you'll die!” Hank turned around in surprise: “What a sweet little gunslinger!” It couldn't hurt a fly. POP! And I saw a red stain on Hank's shirt, just above his waist, and I heard the dull metal drumming sound of an empty shell casing hitting the wooden floor. "You son of a bitch! GO WITH HER NOW!”

"YOU'RE DEAD, LITTLE MAN!" as he let go of Sue and turned to Scott. POP! POP! Two more red spots and spent shell casings appeared, and Hank grunted as the bullets hit him. He started to approach Scott, I heard three more shots and he slowed down but didn't stop. Another shot and he collapsed on the floor, turning to face me. There was a hole right between his eyes that was bleeding profusely. His eyes looked into mine, then I saw Scott's shod feet coming toward him, holding the woodsman's muzzle about a foot from his head, and I heard three more shots and then a click. Blood covered the floor and my face, and Hanks' pupils dilated fatally. Just before he died, I found enough strength in myself to raise my hand and give him the finger. I'm pretty sure that was the last thing he saw and to be honest I was glad of it! Scott turned to me, but his voice was barely audible: “Watch out for Sue.” “I would be okay,” even though I wasn’t at all sure I would be okay. He ran to her, grabbed a blanket to cover her, and the father, who was trained in first aid, insisted that we all be thrown out. "Sue?" Talk to me!" She screamed and reached out to him, hugged him and sobbed. "You'll be fine." "I'll take care of you." , holding onto the headboard for support. Scott heard me, looked back, "Whoa, bro!" and a second later I felt his hands under my arms guiding me to a chair. "Don't go too far "You have a severe wound on your head and have lost a lot of blood." When I looked down, I saw a huge puddle of blood slowly spreading across the floor and I felt dizzy. He pressed a towel over my bleeding head and looked at Sue. “Sister, could you come here and help Roger?” I saw what he was doing: distracting her from the trauma and focusing it on my trauma. She seemed to have come back to reality and rushed towards me with the blanket she was wrapped in, realized what needed to be done and set about doing it, replacing Scott's hand with hers. “Go to the phone and call Dr. Henderson. Bring him here now!” I smiled at her sudden transformation from traumatized victim to empowered victim, and Scott ran off in a flash. Sue leaned in and gave me a long, sensual kiss as the blanket slipped from her chest. Despite my condition, I reached out and felt it. She pulled away, made sure the towel was still on my head properly, smiled and came back for another kiss.

The next three hours were a series of doctors, the police, the first ambulance ride of my life, several people asking the same questions over and over again, and finally a nice warm bed with an IV in my arm and where - then something squeaked behind me. Me and my parents stand in front of me looking worried. “Mom, Dad, I’m fine. The headache that … Well, the mother and father of all headaches … no, great-grandmother … Oh my god, all of Adam and Eve's headaches are almost gone and the little owl on my head hurts just a little. I'll be fine! How is Sue?

“She's doing better than expected considering what she's been through. As for the little lamb, it required eleven stitches, you have a mild concussion and will need to be monitored for at least the next twelve hours. Oh, and... Dad looked me straight in the eyes: "Absolutely no strenuous activities for the next two days, including You-Know-What and You-Know-Who."

"Shit! Where the hell is Hank? They both looked very shocked, obviously thinking I had brain damage. "I want to kill him again!" They breathed a sigh of relief and then burst out laughing. Scott came with that Officer came in, taking his statement at the station, immediately walked up to Sue, who was sitting on the bed next to me, and took her hand, "What's wrong, sis?" as the officer spoke, our parents out of earshot.

“Better, thanks to you. I have a wonderful pair of brothers!”

“Don’t warn me, I just did what had to be done.”

“You are too modest. Come here - I want to kiss you. – He leaned forward, she gently took his head in her hands and kissed him, which couldn't have happened. as “sister” classified; in any way, shape or form. He whispered in his ear, "Whatever you want from me, I mean anything, tell me and it's yours." You saved my life. Kiss me!" She and Scott kissed deeply again, keeping an eye on the adults, not wanting them to get the wrong but actually right idea.

The officer walked up to Scott, shook his hand and said, " You are a hero in every sense of the word.” It is truly an honor to meet you. Please stay in touch.”

“I will,” Scott said, shaking his hand, and the officer walked away.

Dad got our attention by putting his hand on Scott's shoulder, "I was told there were three rapes and murders in Portland last week." They had fingerprints, but they couldn't match them to any of their records until they took them with them compared to Hank's. They matched. Scott, you saved Susan's life and possibly Roger's life too!" Mom hugged Scott tightly and quietly shouted, "My hero!" and Dad joined in the hug.

Hearing a commotion outside, Dad went to the door and saw a huge crowd of reporters, camera crews and photographers shouting and jostling to get into the room. Dad held out his hand and said in his best commanding voice, "ANYTHING!" Shut up!" The sudden silence was startling. He has such a profound influence on people when he needs it. "I only allow one reporter and one “The camera team allows entry, but only if you all behave!” he looks over the crowd. Pointing to a reporter: “You and your team.” Everyone else … I don't want to hear any noise. Got it?” They grumbled and obeyed. They closed the door behind the journalists and began interviewing Scott. After all, he was the hero of the moment. A question: “What are you doing with the money?” - stops him.

“Um, what money?”

"They do not know?"

"Obviously not. Again: What money?

“One of the victim's fathers is a wealthy Portland businessman. He offered a reward of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars for the person responsible for the criminal's arrest. That's you!"

“Oh my God, I had no idea. All I can think about right now is spending some of the money on the funeral of Hank's victims. Can I think about it and call you back tomorrow?

He looked very pleased with his answer, “Okay,” and as he finished questioning the rest of us, he said, “Mr. Cartham, can we come over and chat in the next few days?

“Of course, but call first. The interview is over for now.

“Thank you” and shook Dad’s hand. “You have a great family.”

“Trust me, I know. I am a very proud father!”

Everything calmed down and the doctor came to check on Sue: “How are you?”

"Better. I'm still shaking, but the pain in my neck has subsided."

"Fine. Bruises are minimal and should go away within a week or so. Also, I'd say your brothers intervened before he could do any significant damage. I'd say we can release you tomorrow, but if you talk to a counselor If you want, we can extend this for another day."

"I think I have enough support from my family. Thank you for your concern, but I think Roger needs your attention more than me."

"Agree. Take care!” came up to me: “And you?” Is there any new pain or concern?” He checked my papillary response with a small flashlight and nodded at what he saw.

“Not really, the headache is almost gone and the spot on the back of my head only hurts a little.”

"Fine. X-rays showed no damage to your skull. As he gently moved my head from side to side, I asked, "Does your neck hurt at all when I do this?"


"After what I see here, you'll be fine." I'll give you parents a tip on what to look out for, but other than that I don't see any reason why you can't go home tomorrow. I will ask the nurse to remove your IV.”

“Thank you, doctor.”

"Welcome back". Addressed to Mom and Dad: "Sorry, but visiting hours are long over, it's time for you to go." Please visit me before you leave and I will give you detailed instructions on how to care for your stitches."

Dad shook his hand, thanked him and after he left he looked at both of us: "Sleep well, see you in the morning." I love you both!" They said goodbye, gave us a kiss on the forehead and left. About Five minutes later a nurse came to remove the EKG leads and IV from my arm. “Good night,” she turned and left.

Sue turned to me: “Alone at last!” If you feel like it feel readyI want to sleep with you tonight.

"Until now? You couldn't hold me!" As I got up from the bed, I untied the back of her hospital gown, pushed it aside to reveal her beautiful body, lifted the gown, climbed in with her, and pulled the blanket over both of us. Pressed against her, I reached out and grabbed her right breast, feeling my penis begin to grow, and carefully inserted it halfway into her vagina.

“Remember what the doctor said – no strenuous activity, but, hmmmm, it feels so good to feel you in my body, especially after what happened today.”

“I just want to fall asleep while I’m inside you. I love you. Good night".

"I love you too". And what was most surprising, we fell asleep.

At the nurses' station: "Helen, you have to see this." Come with me". They quietly opened the door to our room and stood there for a long time, watching Sue and I sleep soundly and cuddle together. Whisper: "Look at him - even in his sleep he has a big smile on his face, and if I didn't know better from where they were standing, I would swear they were making love." See! He simply moved his hips towards her.

Helen pulled her away from the door. “Considering what they went through today, I would say they deserve some comfort.” Leave her alone…. On the other hand, we have to examine him every hour for medical reasons. He ended up suffering a concussion.”

And no, I wasn't there when we woke up the next morning. But shortly afterwards ……

*********************************** Sequel follows.**************************



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