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Alexandra's training

Chapter 1: Understanding Space


What is that annoying noise?

Drip, drip, drip, is my roof leaking?

I don't need this stress right now.....

I feel so sleepy, so heavy... so broken... I can't move...


“That damn noise,” Alexandra thought.

"Dammit, let me get up and get some water before I get another fine..."

The pain shot through her body and she immediately felt dizzy. It's time for me to stop drinking so much coffee!

Alexandra slowly opened one eye, it would be better if she didn't do that...

Both her eyes opened in fear and it only took a moment before she realized she wasn't in the apartment. It was secured with red velvet ribbons, which were in turn attached to the center of a circle of reflective glass material. Alexandra suddenly understood why her body was in so much pain.

She was tied to the table with her upper body bent over, her butt in the air and her head down. Thanks to a metal bar that ran from one wrist over her shoulder to the other wrist, her shoulders obeyed the table perfectly. There were metal rings around her wrist that held her in a vice. Her light brown hair was beautifully pulled back into a ponytail that was tied securely with a rope that hung down her side and was very heavy. Alexandra's legs are either locked or wide on either side of the table to allow her to balance sufficiently to relieve the intense pressure on her arms in short intervals.

Where the hell am I, why am I stuck like a gimp, and why is it cold and where are my clothes? How did I even get here? What the hell is going on here! A hundred thoughts ran through her mind every second.

Her entire body was naked except for a pair of strange leather panties that completely covered her pussy from the front and looked like a thong at the bottom where the underwear transitioned into assless underwear. Alexandra immediately noticed that she was in some kind of abandoned warehouse, because it was cold, damp and very spacious.

It was characterized by the feeling of being far removed from any other company.

She couldn't see anything but reflective glass and had no way of knowing exactly where she was.

She looked at the reflective glass, licking her lips nervously, wondering if someone or a group of people behind the screens were watching her as she lay there. It wasn't a pleasant feeling and Alexandra wondered if a crazy serial killer had caught her and was going to kill her. She started shaking...

Her pale white skin stood out against the shiny black leather she wore. Just 8 bricks and a 5ft 2in miniature. Alexandra knew she was small and petite. She knew she was sexy and had small, full breasts. Her pink mounds, which she affectionately called her nipples, swelled in the cool atmosphere. She had very little fat, but was slim and had curves in all the right places. Her toned arms and legs showed off her gymnastic skills.

Her full lips were always a natural pink color that always matched her striking green eyes and sensual red hair. She was a woman who had her choice of men, but she was herself and knew what she thought without having to conform to society or caring what others thought of her.

She was one of the greatest people you could meet.

As Alexandra's head began to clear she began to panic, she had to go home, nothing had been done to her yet but it was only a matter of time. She began to twist and squirm in her bonds, quickly realizing that she was bound tightly and her heart and mind were racing for a way out.

A noise from somewhere in the room stopped her thoughts. She froze, her heart seeming to race at full speed as her eyes scanned the room for the other person's presence. Alexandra didn't even realize she had stopped breathing until she hit the ground hard.

"Strike". The white-gloved hand stayed where she had just been injured and gently rubbed the bandage!

Awww!!! Alexandra took a deep breath through her mouth and screamed! Her answer was met with a laugh: “Son of a bitch...

Another slap to the other butt cheek greeted her.


A deep voice greeted her.

“Alexandra, let’s be on our best behavior. We have a whole week and I'd rather enjoy it with as few bruises as possible. Isn't that the best way to handle this whole situation?"

Alexandra was too shocked to respond until she saw his hand rise into the air again...

“What do you mean we spend a week together…” Is this some bad joke?... Okay, listen, if you let me go... I have money... Please let me go, whatever you want... Honestly, take my car, whatever always, just put it on “Don’t hit me anymore.”

The man approached the glass and came into Alexandra's line of sight Glass reflection. The man was at least 15 centimeters tall and was wearing black jeans and a pearl white silk shirt. This man was trained and completely natural. His pecs bulged beneath his shirt with health and vitality. a brown paper bag with holes cut out for eyes and a slit for a mouthpiece. Three things can be said about this man.

He ordered.

He was smart.

And he was black!

His hand slid from Alexandra's ass, just under her leather covering, straight to her pussy and he began rubbing her little private area. He deliberately rubbed himself, approached her and whispered in her ear...

"I'm going to fuck your ass all week until all you can think about is Black Dick."

Panic overtook Alexandra and she felt his lips kissing her neck and slowly licking her neck while he leisurely played with her pussy. Alexandra tried to move her body away from his hands and lips, but he simply used his other free hand to simply wrap it around her slender waist and bring her back into the perfect position.

After several minutes of this attack, Alexandra was wet in shame and completely angry!

This masked man stepped back from her, his right hand dripping with her juices, and began pulling his cock out of his fly!

“Have you ever tried BBC Alexandra?”

Alexandra's eyes widened as she saw him pull out what looked like a weapon.

It was large, dark chocolate in color and I'm sure it was almost as long as her arm.

"From where do you know my name?"

Alexandra's question and interest soon died on her lips as she saw him expose his penis. He deliberately pulled out his penis like he was unrolling foil. His cock was rock hard, throbbing, angry and impatient, veins everywhere, she could see it throbbing and he was using her juices to lubricate the entire length of that cock. Soft, curly dark pubic hair marked the base of his cock, and her gaze traveled the entire length, revealing a large, onion-sized head. It has been brought to brilliant perfection.

The masked man didn't take his eyes off Alexandra, he made her look surprised and afraid.

That was the usual reaction of everyone who saw it! And yet he never tired of this new expression of horror appearing for the first time on a woman's face.

Then the next question is: Can I take everything? Will it hurt? I'm dying? He loved the game of expressions that changed so quickly on the woman's face until they came to the conclusion that they had to take every inch of the hard black cock.

Without averting his gaze, he moved slowly and deliberately behind her. He watched her face in amusement as she tried to resist, it only gave him the sweetest sight of her tight but round ass shaking and flexing. This masked man loved anal sex, he specialized in ass fucking and always went balls deep no matter how many times he destroyed a woman's ass.

He finally got into position, but climbed onto the harness and stood behind Alexandra.

He let the weight and length of his cock hit Alexandra's back. “Let her feel the warmth, length and strength that I bring with me,” he thought!

"I'll tame this bitch in just a few seconds."

Alexandra felt the heat and weight of his cock hit her back and she stopped moving as if she had been hit. She heard her masked attacker giggle again. Her anger was rising within her... His pearly white, partially hidden teeth met her death stare as he began to rub her pussy again.

“I know you're crazy, but you have to watch me fuck your ass and you'll love it, okay? It will hurt, but you will endure it. You will have to suffer, but you will get through it.

The masked man slowly pressed a button and a mirror appeared under her left wrist, right in front of her eyes but far enough away that she could see with complete clarity what was about to happen to her ass.

The masked man slid his cock down her back until it slid down her back between her buttocks,

He used his juice soaked hand to lubricate her ass, she immediately clenched at the touch and his cock immediately twitched, obviously his cock found the movement attractive. The masked man raised himself up so that it looked like he was sitting on her ass, positioned his cock at the entrance to her rosebud and very carefully began thrusting forward.

Alexandra had never felt such an obvious invasion in her entire life.

The constant pressure she felt caused her knees to buckle.

The masked man began to expose her ass, his body allowing gravity and time to take over her muscular control. He slid past her first barrier and continued with slow but steady movements, overcoming her second barrier.

“Uuuuuuuu... Oh no!...please, I can't... Take it out!...too much...Oh no!”

Alexandra felt like she was about to be torn in half. Her eyes bulged out of their sockets from the pressure placed on her body and her ass quickly lost the battle. She started screaming and begging him to stop, but with every second she felt fuller. Her back, completely arched in response to this intrusion, was really starting to hurt, her stomach was starting to bulge as more and more inches of her cock entered her ass.

Alexandra saw her masked attacker lose his cock inch by inch in her ass, heard his moans and sighs. It must have been hard for him too, she wanted to rip his cock off with her ass! That would be damn right for him. As if he realized what she was thinking, he grinned again, then deliberately moved a few inches away, then moved his body closer to her ass. The masked man tilted his face forward slightly and dropped a thin line of saliva into the crack of her ass and watched it flow down to her ass. At that moment, Alexandra realized that this masked man wasn't going to stop until he had put every inch of his cock in her ass!

"Take it." Alexandra, take this cock, I want my balls slapping against your pussy. Take that 13 inches, who the hell takes that?”

Alexandra's ass swelled obscenely as the masked man used brute force to ram the last two inches of his BBC into her tight, stretched ass.

“Fuck, motherfucker, I’m going to kill you, do you know who I am? Get out of my ass.

The masked man completely ignored Alexandra's words and sighed in bliss. Now he was safe, balls deep in her ass, and he was in heaven. He gave her five hard thrusts that shook her entire body, and Alexandra's scream was a great reassurance that she would behave. The masked man knew he had to give her time to get used to it, and as a gesture of kindness, he pressed a button in his pocket and Alexandra felt the vibrating bullet come to life. It was deep in her pussy and she didn't realize it until she turned it on. The masked man rises from time to time.

“Please... Sir... uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu or His reaction was to move inside her ass.

"I think it's time for you to stop talking, let's keep your mouth busy..." Robert, pour it down this woman’s throat!”

Alexandra crawled around in a panic, useless and pitiful.

“Awwww... Please... Sir... I can't... now. . Help me!


"Did you just call Superman?

Alexandra, you know he is not a real person, Superman will not come to your aid because he is not real."

The masked man moved inside her, stretching her muscles. Pain shot through Alexandra as he worked the walls of her anus like a pussy!

“I would laugh, but I'm too busy with your tight ass! Damn... I should have done that years ago! »

He began to move in longer strokes, Alexandra's knees repeatedly buckling and shaking with each hard and earth-shattering thrust!

“Robert, where are you?”

A shuffling sound could be heard behind one of the reflective glass panes. In view of Alexandra. Robert came out and stretched slowly, as if he had just woken up from a dream! Yawning, he approached Alexandra. Robert was completely naked and shaved from the waist down. He was a handsome man of Italian descent with dark brown hair and surprisingly deep brown eyes, whose facial features closely resembled those of Antonio Bandares. Robert smiled brightly and casually walked towards Alexandra. He was just as well built as the Masked Man, but since he was stockier and at least five feet tall, he looked impressive.

This man loved himself, he was perfectly tanned and his body radiated good life.

His penis was already hard, probably from sleep, sticking out right in front of Alexandra.

Never a slow woman, Alexandra closed her mouth, but the masked man sensed her actions and gave her five more quick pumps, which echoed through the room along with her scream. When Robert saw her open mouth, he took the liberty and stuck his penis straight down Alexandra's throat. . The noise Alexandra was making suddenly stopped and the source of air and sound stopped.

Her neck was sticking out, the imprint of his cock was so deep in her throat! Her body shook as she tried to push Robert's cock out of her mouth.

Water immediately flowed down Alexandra's face and her body shook violently as she tried to clear the blockage in her throat. For the first time in her life, Alexandra didn't know what would happen to her. She felt like she was about to break in half or explode. Given the way the masked man was fucking her and that guy Robert was bending his throat wildly, Alexandra was sure she was going to pass out!

Robert grabbed her by the head of the cock and the rope and started shaking her mouth like he was fucking her pussy. He pulled hard on the rope tied to her hair to allow his cock to penetrate deeper. He pressed his pubic bone to her face. While Robert fucked her throat, he kept her nostrils closed.she had to breathe through her mouth. He moved closer to the table to put the eggs in her mouth. He stood on the custom-made footrests and base of the device. Then Robert grabbed the bar on Alexandra's back and shoulders and leaned back with it so that his cock was in the perfect position to fuck Alexandra's throat. Robert took his time working Alexandra's throat, and his pressure was only half-hard. He doesn't have time to think about whether Alexandra can breathe, he doesn't care that she has to learn to breathe through her ears or she'll die trying. Robert began passionately to drive his penis down her throat with insane force. Alexandra vomited frequently and was never allowed to completely suffocate or vomit. The masked man loved the sight and secretly counted every second that Alexandra spent without breathing.

“This slut can suck a cock, I'm glad I'm only half hard, I have more throat for that! Robert will heal your throat very well, don't worry, princess. You dirty fucking slut princess, you want more don't you, let Robert take more now...take it”

He rammed his cock deeper into her throat, causing her body to tremble as the air and sound were cut off. , then without warning he pulled his cock completely out of her throat so she could breathe.

“Look, Alex, I'll call you Alex, I like that pet name better, I'm cute, unlike the man in the mask. The Crusader is here!

Robert chuckled at the joke.

The masked man responded by fucking Alexandra deeper and moving closer to her ass to pump deeper and harder. Then the masked crusader pulled his cock out of her ass.

“Aaaaaah.... Ooooooooo”

Alexandra immediately spat out a portion of Silva, which fell to the floor next to Robert's feet. Alexander swallowed air greedily, still coughing and spitting saliva. Her face turned a disturbing red color. Alexandra took a few more breaths and began her verbal tirade...

"I'm going to kill you, you damn smurf."

This elicited a deeper laugh from the masked man and Robert simply said

“Aren’t Smurfs little and blue?”

Then the masked man pressed his cock against Alexandra's gaping butt and shoved his cock deep into her ass, making Alexandra scream even louder, then Robert shoved his cock straight down her throat. He was completely occupied with her throat and was now getting hard. Now he stabbed her in the throat as hard as he could without killing her or breaking her neck. Saliva flowed from the corners of Alexandra's mouth. Her eyes began to blur due to lack of oxygen and tears.

Robert realized that Alexandra's mouth was stretched as wide as possible and also belatedly realized that he had cut off all of her oxygen. He began pumping her throat slowly, never exhaling enough for her to breathe, and then he fucked her windpipe hard, Robert's ass flexing under the strain. "

"No more name-calling, okay, Alex? This is happening, and we'll both continue to hurt you as long as you relax a little more, okay."

Every few words, just to emphasize his point, Robert pumped her mouth vigorously and quickly, then slowly and gently. While the masked man fucked her ass with long hard strokes. The masked man continued his spanking on Alexandra's ass and his handprints left marks on her skin. There are pink handprints everywhere.

Alexandra began to turn blue as Robert realized that he had been throat fucking her for a long time and was not allowing her to breathe. He slowly pulled it out of his mouth. Gave her a few slaps to bring her back from the brink. Alexandra realized that in order to get revenge on these two men, she had to live and somehow let them do what they wanted her to do!......

Then Alexandra fainted!

Chapter 2: Abuse

Alexandra began to look around as if she were in a dream. Her hands were no longer tied and she was now lying on her back, covered with a warm blanket. Alex wanted to return to oblivion, but the slaps began to irritate her and she began to speak when her hands suddenly and firmly squeezed her sides.


The towel was ripped from Alexandra's body, her legs spread in a flash and she felt the masked man's cock enter her ass again. The masked man fucked her ass missionary style and kissed her neck deeply, just the way she liked it! She realized that her body was responding on its own, and as soon as her legs wrapped around the masked man's waist, he began fucking her ass in earnest. She kept hearing and feeling his heavy balls slapping her ass.

“Alexandra, I can feel your pussy twitching in your ass, I can also feel your tight ass squeezing my cock. You love getting pounded in the ass, don't you, Alexandra? Your damn ass is going to look like a tunnel when I'm done with the plumbing. your depths.

Alexandra had no words, she could only feel that she was close to orgasm. Her lips turned dark red, her face flushed, and her body turned pink from exertion. Masked man with big handslifted her limp arms above her head and he grabbed both of her hands in one hand, sucking on her nipples and fucking her without restriction. His free hand grabbed Alexandra's neck and began to squeeze slowly but deliberately. Alexandra was stunned by this behavior and her eyes begged the masked man to let him go. After 30 seconds without breathing, she felt her whole body becoming hypersensitive and her heartbeat increasing in her chest.

Alexandra's panic caused a hyper-orgasm that intensified due to the lack of oxygen. Her face turned red, then purple, and then the masked man started fucking her faster, harder, and deeper while simultaneously sucking on her nipple and choking her.

Alexandra exploded with huge multiple orgasms as her eyes rolled back into her head. Her whole body convulsed with the shock of this orgasm. The masked man continued to squeeze her throat until Alexandra flooded his waist, legs and chest. Only then did he let go!

After a while, Alexandra came to her senses and realized that she was still being fucked, even though the masked man was now giving her slow and deep thrusts.

“Glad to see you back in the land of the living. I knew you were a dirty little girl, but who knew you had a fetish for erotic smothering? Kinky little thing. »

The masked man grinned and then winked at her. He began to speed up very confidently, and Robert lifted Alexandra's chin as if he expected her to give mouth to mouth, but he simply straddled her face and immediately began fucking her. The throat is full and deep. Robert waited patiently for her to come back to life before properly fucking her mouth. Robert was on his knees, riding Alex's face while his ass was on her forehead and his cock was touching her lips. His positioning was great as all he had to do was move forward to ram his balls deep into her throat.

Robert squeezed Alexandra's chin to force her to open her mouth wider and go deeper into her throat.

He started fucking her throat mercilessly, but often managed to let her breathe. A few minutes after deep-fucking Alexandra's throat, Robert began pumping pre-cum quickly and deeply into Alexandra's mouth. Robert became obsessed with watching her throat expand and contract with each of his back and forth thrusts. His cock was ready to release the liquid, so he lifted Alexandra's head and thrust down her throat one last time, remaining in her throat as her narrow, wide tube milked every last drop unless she came from him . Exhausted, he fell on her face so that she could no longer breathe.

“Damn, this slut swallowed my load, she’s not even gagging anymore.”

With that, Robert pulled out of her throat with a wet shut-down sound as the masked man, seeing the quality of the workmanship, decided he was ready to cream her insides. The masked man told Robert to pin Alexandra's arms to her head, and once her arms were secured, the masked man raised her legs over her head until her butt was high in the air. Alexandra's ass gaped open for all to see, satisfied with his work, the masked man then assumed a position similar to poking over her, guided his cock deep into her gaping ass and continued the horse fucking until her ass took the impact trembled. the weight of his body until he penetrated her ass hard and deep. Alexandra had no choice but to take every drop of this masked man's semen.

The masked man continued to fuck her gently until he went soft and slid out of her ass with a slap.

Alexandra's ass gaped obscenely, no cum in sight, the masked man had placed his cum too deep for it to come out.

Alexandra felt his cock cum inside her. She thought he must shove the cum deep into her stomach because she suddenly felt very full. Somewhere deep inside she felt a warm, sticky puddle of discharge!

She was already planning revenge... At this point, Alexandra was too tired and didn't have enough air to do more than just breathe and cover her body as best she could. The masked man covered her with a blanket and left with Robert to plan the next day and night. The masked man grinned like a Cheshire car and was happy with what was happening on the first try....

“I told you, Robert, this girl is different. I just love these naughty but seductively innocent girls, they are always the best whores."

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