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__There are two very lustful women in our family. Mother and daughter. Will Dad cope and find harmony between them?…

Let's find out...

___My dad (Ben) and I (Millie) had our “super secret.” I was a real daddy's girl and would do anything for him. I was his spoiled little brat and we both loved it. I started doing little sexy things to get his attention. Mom (Lena) was angry and told me to put on a bra... or button my robe. Dad smiled at me when she wasn't looking.

When mom went to grandma's like she did every weekend... oh god...

I loved lifting up my dress and “pretending”; adjusted her panties in front of him. I always left the bedroom and bathroom doors open and let him see me half naked. He always helped me with buttons or zippers at the back. I asked him if this or that suited me and held her naked in front of me. I could tell by the way he breathed or the slight tremor in his hands if it turned him on... and it was...

I always pressed my small tits and pussy against him when we hugged and held him for a long hug. I loved feeling him getting half a hard on and moving my pussy over it. I whispered something sexy in his ear like: (“...Dad, your aftershave turns me on.”) and (“…Dad, why does my vagina get wet sometimes?”)…then I breathed in his ear and kissed his neck.

I took his hand and let it rub my chest or butt as I walked away. I lay on it every chance I got when my mom was away, even for 20 minutes.

Poor dad didn't stand a chance, but I still didn't mind sex. I had to arouse him even more because... I was determined to try sex with daddy... I wanted it so bad...

I touched myself as I thought about it. I had wonderful dreams about it, and when Mom stayed over at Grandma's, I used the handle of my hairbrush to imitate Dad's cock inside me at night. With my bedroom door open, I moaned so Daddy could hear me and had an incredible orgasm... and said, "Oh, Daddy!"

Sometimes I heard him and my mother having sex. I was so jealous of the way she moaned and felt his cock inside her. She could have just shared... that's all.

Dad's painful thoughts...

My daughter Millie has grown quite small. Her sexual tricks to get my attention were getting out of control. Of course my wife Lena noticed and said she didn't know what to do, so I would "take care of it." She only knew what Millie did when she was around. God, if she knew what Millie did when she was gone, she would go crazy.

Mom Lena thought...

I was glad I never told Ben how I grew up. Millie was just like me. I also followed my dad and... oh how I love the memories of that time... Dad built me ​​a big playhouse and we fucked there all the time... so hot and exciting... and... That's where I had sex with a girl for the first time... both hot and exciting. All I know is that Millie is going to have sex with Ben.

I'm wondering if I should tell Ben about my past so he can be prepared for the fact that I "just know"? will happen. I'd rather tell Ben about the first girl I had sex with...,

it was my mother.

…yes, that happens. If the public knew what was going on behind closed doors, they would be shocked. I wasn't the first girl this happened to. I've spoken to other girls who have had this happen to them. We compared notes and everyone said they liked it.

My mother started fondling me when I was a teenager and one thing led to another. We liked it and...still do. Now... I fought the urge to pet Millie. Her sexy body drives me crazy sometimes. I wanted Ben to be happy, so I decided not to get involved with Millie... but things started to change.

Millie recently started coming to me. She was at the age where she was interested in anything sex related and I just couldn't resist her sexual interest in me.

It all started when she watched me undress and commented on how she hoped her breasts would be the same size as mine. One afternoon she asked me something while Ben was at work. I was naked and had just gotten out of the shower. She asked if she could touch my breasts. The heat in my pussy flared and I couldn't refuse. She took advantage of this and soon started sucking on my nipples.

I couldn't stand it and then carefully felt her breasts. Soon I felt her touching my bush and one of her fingers running over my wet slit. I tried and now found my hand stroking her slit. Out of breath, I told her that Ben should never know about this and we slowly lay down on the bed.Bed. Every day after school we played with each other's bodies. I just let it happen and each time we moved on. We moved forward and were now in the 69 position, licking our pussies until we both reached climax. We were both in girl sex heaven.

We still had sex with girls, but she told me she really wanted sex with Ben. I told her I would just stay away and let you guys “take care of it.”

Ben thought...

I had to find something that would take Millie's aim away from me and point her at the guy or something. She was already masturbating, I could hear her! She knew how to turn me on and I'm just a man.

Secretly?…..I tried not to think about sex with her…. I was losing this battle, and quickly. I pretended to fuck Millie while having sex with her wife. Damn, it really improved our sex life. Millie was like a younger version of Lena and it really turned me on. I even had wet dreams about fucking Millie while sleeping next to Lena. For now... Lena didn't know that.


I had to find a way to have sex with my father.

The next event began with him massaging my back one evening. Mom went somewhere and I “demanded” I could not sleep. I really just wanted him to sit on my bed and be with me. His big, warm hands rubbed my back so well that it excited me very much. I lay on my stomach and slowly rolled onto my back. I hoped he would rub my forehead. He rubbed my legs, arms and stomach but nothing else. Now I had tits and I dreamed of him massaging them. I ask him to massage a spot on the side of my only breast. He took a finger and rubbed the spot I was pointing at.

(“No, Dad, use your whole hand.”) I asked. He smiled and slowly started to feel my entire breast. I closed my eyes and let out a “purr.” Satisfaction. I took my hand and felt the other breast, just like hers. Now I felt my breasts being fondled. I rolled over to him and said in my spoiled boy voice... - Daddy, could you please rub them both?

I didn't wait for an answer. I pulled my nightgown off my shoulders and lay on my back, exposing my bare breasts. I was sure he was going to rub my chest.

Dad thought...

Damn, she is so cute and I love feeling her tits. I intuitively sensed where this would lead. I leaned close to her sweet face and whispered, ("…I'll rub your tits if you do me a favor.") ("…anything for you, Daddy.") she replied. (“…I want to take a photo of your beautiful body tomorrow, okay?”) I said.

“Just a photo, Dad?” she asked. I said yes. "I don't want anyone else to see this, okay, Dad." I assured her that it would stay here at home. A photo of a naked girl was circulated at her school, after which the girl left school.

She reached out and started kissing me, but not like a daughter, but like a very sexy girl. I couldn't and didn't want to stop her. She had the power to make me very horny and she knew it. She wanted sexual games from me and was determined to make it happen. I hoped her photo would satisfy her. Secretly I wanted to see her photo before I had sex with Lena. I thought this would satisfy my desire for hot sex with Millie.

Let's see if this works for me.

The next evening Lena left for a few days to visit relatives. I had Millie wear a long nightgown, no bra and no panties. She was very excited and did it. I took it from the office where my camera was installed. I was a professional photographer and captured her pose on the chair. I had her take off her dress and lift one leg to expose her slit.

I made her arch her back to show off her beautiful tits. She loved it and became inspired very quickly. I placed the camera exactly where I wanted it. She was breathing quickly, just like me. I took a photo.

She was disappointed, that's all, but she couldn't wait to see the photo. I said, "Come to the computer with me and we'll watch it together." I removed the chip from the camera while she sat next to me at the computer. She held my hand and watched as I prepared everything. I noticed she kept rubbing her pussy a little. I was ready to show it.

The photo was hot, it showed her legs, her hot pussy sticking straight out, and her tits with her nipples sticking out over her hand. She came and sat between my legs. She leaned back against me as I photographed every detail perfectly. I improved everything. I put some light makeup on her eyes and her nipples looked harder now. Her slit was now glowing with glistening wetness.

She grabbed my hand and placed a finger on her slit.

That's not... what I meant when she inserted my finger into her pussy. She was getting hotter. Shefelt my cock against her ass and she moved on it. She kept feeling her breasts. She was a hot girl between my legs and obviously wanted some sort of sexual satisfaction.

She was very hyperactive and excited. "Oh daddy!" , that's a wonderful picture, when can we do more? Please hurry." - she said out of breath. I said "soon". and picked her up. I told her that this photo was our "super secret", okay? She hugged me, pressed her pussy on my cock and started her Rubbing her pussy on it. She kept at it and got faster.

I realized that she was going to orgasm with me. My boner was ready to burst through my pants. She rubbed and rubbed and then her body shook, she moaned and pressed herself tightly against me. Her legs began to weaken as she enjoyed the experience. She slowly massaged my penis and moaned softly.

I was stunned by what just happened because I wasn't prepared for it. She even went so far as to squeeze my cock into my pants.

I picked her up and carried her to her bed. I laid her down and kissed her forehead. She was still moaning with her eyes closed...

I felt like I needed a drink to calm myself down. Damn, she pushed me to new heights.


Millie just had to tell me about the “photo shoot” in confidence. and how hot it got.

I thought...

...he never wanted to take a sexy photo of me... but... hmmmmm... a photo of Millie in a sexy pose, oh yes... I want to see that and get horny too. Millie took me to Ben's computer and we watched it together one afternoon. For me it was great. He put her in the sexiest position I could imagine. Her hot legs, young perky tits and pussy looked very hot. He made her look like a very sexy model or movie star. I just watched it and enjoyed the growing excitement.

I was very hot and so was Millie. The next thing we knew, we felt each other. We couldn't wait to get to my bedroom and Millie was under my skirt pulling down my panties. I got on the floor and took off her shorts and panties. The time had come for us to orgasm on our tongues in a desperate fit of excitement.

We moaned and licked until our tongues began to fuck. Oh damn... She is so hot and her warm pussy tasted so good. She knew how to make me come and sucked my clit with her fingers on my G-spot. I licked and finger fucked her hot pussy. We both moaned and twitched our pussies as super orgasms overcame us. I almost fainted from the pleasure. Millie loved feeling my big tits and kept licking my wide open bush making me twitch her clit. We just lay there in bliss.....


It was Friday evening, Lena was taking a shower and getting ready to go to her mother. I heard giggling. Lena and Millie shower together?….I was jealous of lucky Lena who could see sexy Millie naked and wet in the shower…and much more...


Ben smiled to himself. Ben already knew that Lena and her mother had sex with each other. How?….Limo driver Arthur. They returned many years ago and he remained loyal to Ben. Ben owned a large company and Arthur was his personal family driver for many years. He carefully told Ben about Lena and her mother. They had sex in the back seat of a limo. There were darkened windows and a raised, solid partition between them and Arthur... they thought.

They didn't know about the tiny video camera Ben had installed for customers. Lena told Arthur to “go for a ride.” And then there was sex between Lena and her mother. Ben and Arthur watched the video and laughed at it. "...At least she's not cheating on you with a man!" Arthur and Ben laughed.

Ben wondered what he should do next. All he knew was that his horny wife and daughter would have a “girlfriend.” Sex in the shower… at this very moment. He decided to take a bold step...

He undressed, went into the large master bathroom, opened the shower door and walked in with them. The girls got scared! and let out a loud scream. Ben ignored her and started showering like he always did... except... he had a huge hard on. The girls began to calm down and were now giggling. “Dad, you look hot.” ​​- Millie said. Lena was shocked and stuttered. She tried to say something about... 'Honey... your daughter is here!'... I... oh my god... you have an erection... she can see it... oh my god God."

Ben still ignored her, but then turned around and smiled. "We can save water if we all shower together, right?" The girls giggled and said, "Oh... right!" and then gave Ben the shower of his life.

They both lathered him up and Millie went straight to Ben. Then they both stroked himSoapy Hardon as they all started taking hot and soapy showers together. Ben groped her wet, soapy tits and everyone began a huge orgy of kissing and feeling.

Ben was allowed to feel Millie's tits and pussy together with Lena. The girls felt together with Ben. The girls got on their knees and took turns sucking Ben while he felt "together" four of the best tits he had ever felt. The girls were so hot that they both tried to give Ben a blowjob at the same time. His balls were fondled, Lena and Millie soaped up his ass and started sticking their fingers in his ass...they started jerking him off faster.

Ben couldn't take it anymore... He couldn't hold back and started shooting cum, huge loads of cum into both mouths. Lena and Millie caressed each other and both experienced luxurious orgasms. They moaned as Ben slowly sank to the ground in ecstasy. The sensations continued and Ben now joined them and caressed their pussies….


“Good morning Sir and Miss Millie, how was your weekend?” - said Arthur. Ben and Millie sat in the back holding hands and both said, “Great!”

Ben said, “Arthur”...….”go with me,”

Slowly the solid partition rose (the video camera turned on automatically) as Arthur said:

"Yes indeed!" |...



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