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Debuts, Part 3

When he entered high school, his parents bought him a laptop. Since then, he had spent a lot of time organizing his photo collection and had the pleasure of opening hundreds of photos of women. By the age of 16, he had discovered the Dark Web and was running a thriving business with his memorabilia. There was more money in his offshore account than his parents earned in 10 years. But he was happy now. The small biblical town in which he lived offered him many opportunities to pursue his pleasures. All the children who knew the Bible believed in the story of Adam and Eve and constantly brought their friends to him and sacrificed them as new sacrifices.

The poor kids on the other side of the tracks had other options. His parents encouraged him to play music as a child, and by the time he entered high school he could play multiple instruments. As part of his 9th grade service project, he offered to teach poor children how to play a musical instrument. Three days a week he took a poor child home and taught him.

This gave him his first choice of exotic women - something other than the white middle class he had in mind. The variety was also well received by his customers. Eight-year-old Nevaeh had his first taste of the darkness. She lived with her mother and grandmother, which probably explained why she hadn't been robbed when she started visiting him. He taught her to play the violin and she learned quickly - she really had musical talent.

After her third class, when he was sure she was addicted, he told her that his service project was over and he would have to stop her classes if she couldn't pay. Of course her family had no money, and she told him that as her dark eyes filled with tears. He pretended to think about the problem for a while before finally telling her that if she came over next week he would find a solution and not tell anyone for now.

The following week, as usual, he picked Neva up from her second-grade classroom and walked her to his empty house. He took her to his room and sat her in front of his computer, the screen was dark. "Okay, I know how you can make money so you can keep taking classes with me." But here's the thing... your mom and grandma. I wouldn't agree. And if you told them what you were doing, they would most likely throw you out into the street, just like your older sister." He knew about his older sister because she was a few grades ahead of him in school. She became pregnant by a gangster friend and was thrown out of the house by her mother after a rival gang attacked the house a second time.

“So before we go any further, you need to decide what you want to do. Do you want to give up music lessons and go back to the way it was before, or do you want to keep your feelings secret from your family? "Make money to continue taking lessons? It's entirely up to you and I will respect your decision. But Let me warn you: if you decide to move on, for your own good, you will never tell anyone. Little kids like you can’t stand being outside for long periods of time.”

He sat and waited and watched her. He knew she would eventually agree because she wanted to continue taking lessons and spend that hour each week in a clean and safe place. “He was sure the food he gave her helped too. However, he wanted to be sure that she planned to keep everything secret.

She finally answered him and said that she wanted to take more lessons, whatever that was. and she understood that she wouldn't tell anyone.

“Very good,” he said, reaching past her to turn on the monitor, “take a look. This is what you will do. Each week we will spend half of your tuition on this, and I will pay the other half on your education." He waited and watched as she looked at all the pictures that appeared on the of girls who she knew, pictures of girls she was friends with, pictures of girls who treated her badly at school... but they were all sexy positions...

“As you can see, there is no man or boy in the picture – there is only you. Some of the things you have to do may be unpleasant at first, but many other things will bring you great joy. If you are ready,” we can begin. For the first time I'm helping you get ready, but from now on I expect you to come and get ready on your own right away while I get everything ready."

He sat on the edge of the bed and motioned for her to stand between his legs. He watched her face and saw her hesitate for a moment, apparently debating this with herself. Finally she stood up and walked towards him: “I know what sex is, and my grandmother and my mother tell me to save myself for my husband, but most of the girls in my area have already done itstudy in high school. At least I do it for good reason.”

“Smart girl,” he praised her as he began to unwrap his present. She was wearing a dirty t-shirt that was several sizes too big for him, and he winced by running his hands down her sides. Under her loose shirt to get her used to his touch. Without taking off his shirt, he moved his hands to her breasts. All biblical girls at this age were still completely flat, nothing distinguished them from boys, all their secret feminine contours are still hidden. That's why he was surprised to find that little Nevaeh already had thick mounds. "Mmmmm... what a pleasant surprise!" - he exhaled, cupping the developing mounds in his hands and kneading them, pinching her large swollen nipples. When he couldn't wait any longer, he pulled her shirt over her head, revealing what his hands had already discovered. “Yes, what a pleasant surprise – you are already developing your feminine figure. You should be proud of your body, stand with your shoulders back and chest forward, the female form is so seductive!”

She immediately corrected her position and he grabbed his phone and took the first of many photos for his website. He pulled and played with her nipples until they became increasingly hard and then took a few more photos and encouraged her to play with them too. He sucked and licked it, enjoying the sounds she made. Meanwhile he took more photos of them, glistening wet with his saliva.|Finally he moved on, unbuttoning her worn jeans and sliding them down her dark, slender legs, his eyes glued to her most private hiding place. “Today I will reveal you to the world. It will be my pleasure to be the first to greet you and show you what your feminine form is capable of.”

He turned her around, stood her in front of the bed with her jeans half pulled down and asked her to fold her arms under her breasts while he took a few more photos of her young, untouched body. When he was satisfied, he laid her back on the bed and removed her clothes. When he first took it apart, he was fascinated by the color contrast. His hands on her dark skin, the pink of her inner lips compared to her outer ones. He took one shot after another, holding them open, his hands on the photos, her arms reaching down to spread them wide for his pleasure...| When he couldn't wait any longer, he knelt between her legs and leaned down to smell the first sweet scent of untouched femininity. He talked to himself more, mumbled, "So cute...okay, let's get started," and then pulled a drawer out from under the bed. The box was filled to the brim with phallus-shaped objects of varying sizes and he rummaged through it until he found a few items that satisfied him. He arranged them on the inside of her thigh: a pink suction cup with a long white stick, a thin-tipped marker, and finally a silver mini magnetic flashlight. He took a few photos of them standing next to her fresh, untouched pussy and then laid them on the floor.

He knelt between her legs again, wanting his first taste of the darkness. "Okay, you'll like this part, I promise," he grinned at her. He opened it with his fingers and marveled again at the contrast of colors. His first taste was a long, slow lick that started at her puckered hole and only ended when he was able to suck her turgid clit into his mouth. He heard her moan in pleasure as he continued to lick and suck on her untouched feminine secrets, and smiled at her flesh. He could have spent more than an hour just eating her, it felt so good, but knowing time was passing, he reluctantly pulled away and stopped to take a few more photos, before he made the fool.

"It'll be a little fun at first, but with time you'll learn to enjoy it," he told her, using one hand to spread her wide open again. He swirled the pink lollipop against her clit for a minute, enjoying the sound of her shuddering breath, until he finally unwound the suction cup and began pushing the end of the stick into her virgin tunnel. She sobbed slightly, the feeling was unfamiliar, her body unfamiliar with the penetration. He just smiled and continued to push the sucker deeper into the dark skinned girl until she was devouring it all and the head of the sucker was pressed firmly against her wet hole.

He paused to take a few more photos, licking her clit and tasting the nipple that had been there just a minute ago. "Mmm, cherry!" He smiled at her as he began to slide his cock in and out of her little hole. When she got used to the feeling of the stick moving deep inside her, he pulled it out, placed it on the floor and picked up a fine-tipped pen.

He was a little surprised that the suction cup didn't hit her hymen like it usually does with church girls, but he knew the marker would because it was twice as long. Plus, it was twice as thick and he had to work hard to get it.began to open her virgin hole. As he began, he used his other hand to massage and play with her clitoris, encouraging her to play with her budding tits as well, beginning the long road to her first orgasm.

He pushed the marker further and further in, opening it well out of the suction cup's reach for the first time. To his disappointment, he ran out of markers before reaching their barrier. He had to admit that her hymen had already broken at some point in the past. But his disappointment didn't diminish the lasting impression, and he began to push the pen deeper and deeper into her, the white contrasting with the black. At the same time, he continued to play with her clitoris, listening to her moans and breathing harder and harder until he could smell her arousal.

And then he stopped, picked up his phone to take more photos, and told her to spread her arms wide for him so he could see the end of the marker buried so deep inside her. Satisfied with his photos, he pulled out a marker and reached for a magnetic flashlight, its silver casing reflecting the light. “Okay, this is the last one, it's a little bigger and will definitely open you up. Be brave, Nevaeh,” he said to her and shone the flashlight into her tight hole.

Her body refused to penetrate the flashlight and pushed away from it. He heard her whimper in pain as she pushed harder and harder. He changed tactics, thrusting his finger into the little girl for the first time, fucking her deeper and faster until she was slick with her own juices again. Then with his other hand he opened her wide and pushed a second finger into the little girl, stretching her wider than ever before. She whined again in pain but didn't resist him. As his two fingers entered her tight tunnel, he began to pulsate her, spreading them apart and then letting them come together again. He continued to work the walls of her virgin tunnel until he felt them give and stretch to accommodate his demands.

He pulled one finger out, leaving the other to hold her open, and guided the flashlight back to her now stretched hole. This time he managed to light the end of the flashlight in its now open hole. He paused to take more photos, pleased with how wide he had opened them. He took a series of photos, letting the light fall deeper and deeper onto her slender feminine figure. The silver color contrasted perfectly with her dark skin and he was confident the series would be a huge hit with his customers.

As the light was firmly planted in her now exposed cunt, tears streamed from her eyes and he quickly snapped a few more photos to commemorate their first time. Then he hung up the phone, held her, stroked her hair and comforted her. “Shh, baby, the worst is over. Just relax and you will get used to the feeling. It's time for your reward, let's feel good again, shall we?" He started paying attention to her growing breasts, kneading and licking them, in between telling her how she would grow into a woman's figure and be absolutely stunning. He then moved down her body until he was kneeling between her spread legs again and could lean down again to taste her sweet nectar, using his mouth to push her higher and higher until she finally gained her freedom and not fell on another. sideways, her body shaking from her first orgasm. The flashlight was still firmly in its now open hole.

He took a few more photos of her lying there, raped and exposed, recovering from her first taste of female pleasure on her body. When she finally started to move, he helped her to her feet and handed her the violin she was playing. “Time for a lesson! You definitely deserve it today, Nevaeh! Now I want to see you in good shape! The fact that your very private feminine space is still filled is no excuse, my girl! Now let's listen to you play what you learned last week," he told her as he continued to photograph the slim, dark-haired, naked girl who stood with her legs spread slightly apart to make room for the foreign object that was she still divided. She started playing and he continued taking photos, enjoying the sight of her and admiring her ability to focus on her craft.

The class lasted almost an hour and he barely had time to clean and dress her before his mother came home from work, ready to drive the girl home. "See you next week, Nevaeh!" He told her, hugging her tightly before she walked out the door to get into his mother's car.

He spent the evening downloading and going through all the photos and selecting the best from the series to add to his dark website. He sent out teaser invites with photos of her with her arms crossed and her jeans pulled down to let his users know there was a new series they could purchase. he was quite satisfiedreaction as well as the tidy sum of money he earned from the photo series.

Every week she would come home with him and while he was setting the stage for the week, she would go into his room and take off her clothes. Sometimes he prepared costumes for her, and sometimes it was just her at the photo shoot. But everyone kept their promise. She did exactly as he said and never said a word to anyone, and he continued to teach her the game until she was completeaccomplished.



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