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Oculus mirror

Mirror Oculus

Protection: The Oculus Mirror is a mirror in which the more you look at it, the more you see your evil reflection.


The old man walked slowly down the sidewalk. The cane helped him walk so he wouldn't stumble. Soon he came to a series of shops and entered one that had an "Antiques" sign on the door. As he entered the room, he looked around and noticed something was wrong. The employee came out of the back room, noticed the old man and said: “Hello, Mr. Brunner, how was your lunch?”

“Where is the mirror?” - asked the old man, pointing with the tip of his cane to the spot on the back wall where he had previously stood hidden.

“I sold it, Mr. Brunner.” The clerk answered happily.

"What? Did you sell it? - asked the old man in surprise. “I would never sell it!”

“But I got a great price for it, Mr. Brunner.”

“Who did you sell it to?” We have to try to get him back!”

“For the young lady, sir... She negotiated it. And everything in cash.”

“Did you find out her name? Your Address?

"No sir. Why? What's wrong?"

"You don't understand Roger, that mirror... it's evil." The old man said before falling to the ground.

Chapter One

Hannah Penny made a very successful living writing romance novels the pseudonym Genevieve Jones. A mousy, quiet girl in real life, whose novels showed the reader heroines with deep inner strength that carried her through the trials of conflict, failed and successful romances. Her success enabled her to live better than usual , by purchasing a Victorian country house and furnishing it with antique furniture. Her latest acquisition is a 17th-century mirror, which she immediately hung in her bedroom, considering using it as a makeup mirror.

With some effort, Hannah managed to hang the mirror where she wanted in her bedroom, opposite her own bed. It was a beautifully decorated mirror in a wooden frame with hand carved carvings all around. As she stood up and looked in the mirror, she began to look at her reflection. She saw herself as she had always seen herself; Standing, height 5 feet 2 inches; in her stockinged legs. She had a slim body with measurements of 34-28-32. Her big breasts always looked big on her small body. Her dark brown hair, which she wore loose, fell over her shoulders to the middle of her back. Her face was covered with black-framed glasses, giving her a nerdy look. Nothing like the women portrayed in her novels. Quite the opposite: shy and quiet, if not a little submissive.

When she looked in the mirror, her image seemed to flicker, if only for a second. She rubbed her eyes. She must be tired, she thought and decided to go to bed. Even though it wasn't late, she wanted to get up early and start writing her next novel. That night she slept. Not a restful sleep, but strange dreams that kept her tossing and turning most of the night. When she woke up in the morning, she knew that she was still tired and that she had strange dreams, but she couldn't remember any of them. She walked across the room, down the stairs and into the kitchen before looking at herself in her pajamas as she passed the mirror. At dawn, a good cup of coffee on the porch in the cool, fresh air was just what she needed to wake up. After finishing her coffee, she entered the house, made a second cup, turned on the laptop, and began writing.

After three hours it was time to take a break and stretch. Go upstairs to shower and change. When she was finished, she got dressed and stood in front of the mirror, watching herself combing her hair. At the same time, the image in the mirror flickered again and in an instant her own reflection changed. Swap what she wore: blue jeans with a white blouse, for a completely different look. She saw herself or something that looked like her. Her reflection wore a black leather miniskirt and a black leather bustier that pushed up her ample breasts. Almost obscene. Black knee-high leather boots adorned her feet. Her hair was tied tightly into a high ponytail on top of her head. Hannah looked away and searched for her glasses. When she saw them on the nightstand, she went over to get them and put them on. When she looked in the mirror, all she saw was a reflection of herself as she is.

What happened? What did she see? Was her mind playing a cruel joke on her? She was probably still tired from not having a restful sleep. That and too much strong coffee. That must be it. She went downstairs and went back to writing her paper.

Chapter two

The next morning she got up at her usual early morning time. She is tired. Yesterday she worked all day and wrote until late at night. When she finally called it a night, she had already gone to bed, but her sleep was again interrupted by strange dreams. dreamsIt bothered her, but nothing she remembered when she woke up. After drinking her usual cup of coffee, she went out onto the porch of the house and found a large package waiting for her. When did that come? She thought. She heard no delivery. Not a single bell rang. Strange. She brought the package into her house and placed it on the table. It had her name and address on it, but the return address was illegible. Hannah grabbed a steak knife from the drawer, cut the seal on the box and looked inside, surprised at what she found. It was a black leather corset. She took it out of the box and admired the beauty of the design. It was definitely handcrafted from high quality leather and thick bones. It laced up at the back and had a zippered flap that covered the laces. After putting it back in the box, she went outside and sat down to drink coffee. Where does it come from? She didn't order this. No one she knew would send her something like that.

After she finished her coffee, she decided not to write but to take a shower and get dressed immediately. She went through the kitchen, reached into the box and took the corset upstairs. I really don't know why.

After showering, she came out of the bathroom wearing only her panties and went to the toilet when she thought she heard someone calling her name, "Hannah." She quickly turned around to look, but no one was there.


She heard it again, but there was no one in her room.

"Hannah." It was just a whisper.

As she looked around the room, trying to understand what was going on, she looked in the mirror. Something pulled her closer to the mirror. She looked, saw her reflection, and then it changed. This was her picture of what she saw yesterday. But this time she called herself.

“Hannah. Hannah.” It said. "Put this on."

She looked like she was in a trance. Hannah turned around, went to the bed and picked up the corset. She looked in the mirror again. Her reflection smiled. "Put this on." echoed in her head. Hannah bent down and stepped into the corset, lifting it over her hips and pulling it down to her waist. It fit her petite figure perfectly. From just above the hips to the chest. I pick her up. Pushing them out. Proud. But it didn't completely cover her breasts. Or rather, the cups lifted them but only half covered them. Half of her silver dollar-sized halos were visible from above. She tried to pull him a little higher, but every movement of her body caused him to slide down. She had to tighten her shoelaces. She reached behind her and was able to grab the laces, but couldn't tighten them with any strength. Then she remembered there was something else in the box. Going downstairs, she approached the crate and found two metal laser hooks at the bottom. With their help, she managed to grab the laces and tighten them. She started at the bottom and worked her way up. I tied the laces to keep them in place and then decided to do it again. Starting from the bottom, she pulled the laces even tighter. After half an hour she was able to tighten the corset very tightly and reduce her waist by almost two inches. She then used one of the hooks to hook the zipper flap and pulled it up so that it covered the laces. Then she went back up the stairs to look at herself in the mirror.

She was amazed at what she saw. The corset accentuated her curves like never before. The chest is pushed up and out. Her nipples, the size of bubblegum drops, jutted out from the top. There was no point in pushing them back down as they just kept popping up. The only problem she encountered was that the corset made breathing a little difficult and caused her to breathe shallowly.

Since she was home alone all day, she wore jeans and decided not to cover her corset. Instead, wear it as is. She returned to the mirror several times throughout the day to look at herself. By evening she had already gotten used to it. That evening she decided it was time to go to bed. She struggled for over an hour but couldn't find a way to grab the zipper. She couldn't open the zipper and couldn't reach the laces. She couldn't reach the laces or take off the corset. Tired and frustrated, she took off her jeans and climbed into bed, still in her corset. That night she masturbated to orgasm before falling asleep.

Chapter three

For the third night in a row, she slept poorly and woke up even more tired than before. She forced her to go back downstairs, drank a cup of coffee and went back out onto the porch. Another package was waiting for her. Not square like the one with the corset, but long and rectangular. She carried it inside and into her bedroom before opening it. Inside were a pair of black leather boots, the likes of which she had never seen before. They had high heelsheals so that the shoe owner walks on their toes. Like a ballerina dancing on pointe.

“Hannah, put them on.” He whispered loudly. And again: “Hannah, put them on.” She heard it in her mind. She looked up at the mirror from her bed across the room. Her black leather-clad reflection smiled at her. Red ruby ​​lips tell her to put her shoes on. She took off her robe, slowly slipped into her high boots and began to tighten the laces. I work with the correct boot first and then the second boot. The boots fit perfectly, so her feet were bent down a lot. Her legs, unaccustomed to such extreme positions, soon began to cramp her calves, but she didn't stop until they were both fully laced. The tab at the top of the boots went all the way around and covered the top of the laces that tied them. The doors needed something to hold them in place. She looked into the box and found two miniature padlocks. She picked up the first one, closed the valve and locked the lock. It slammed shut with a constant clicking sound. She repeated the same thing with the other leg.

Suddenly she realized what she had done, as if coming out of a trance, and she panicked. She searched the box in vain for the keys to the locks, but there were none. A storm began to brew outside. The wind was blowing hard and the rain was falling fast and heavy. Hannah started to cry.

She spent most of the day in her room trying to get used to the boots. She found it difficult to walk, although she learned that she could keep her balance by taking small steps. Her reflection compelled her to move on. By nightfall the rain had eased and she could stand in her boots for up to twenty minutes before having to sit down. She fell asleep on the blanket wearing only a corset, boots and panties. Dreams prevented her from sleeping peacefully. In the middle of the night she half woke up and masturbated again by reaching between her legs.

The next morning she got up and, without covering herself or making coffee, went straight to the porch and found the third package. She knew what she had to do and took him back to her bedroom. Going up and down the stairs in boots was hard work, but she managed it eventually. She was very tired due to lack of sleep. Her legs hurt constantly and she felt dizzy because she couldn't breathe properly.

She put the box on the bed and looked in the mirror. Her reflection appeared as always and she was examining herself in her corset and boots when the reflection changed again. She saw herself in a leather miniskirt and bustier. This time she had a black whip in her hand.

“Hannah, open the box.” It called to her.

"No". She answered.

“Hannah, open the box.”


The image waved its whip. He went through the mirror and hit her on the left thigh and buttocks. It burned terribly.

Hannah winced.

“Hannah, open the box.”

"No." She said with tears in her eyes.

The whip struck again. He hit her again on the left thigh and buttocks.

"No." she exclaimed. "I don't want to." As she tried to move away from the mirror.

"Hannah, open the box." The mirror spoke and the whip stabbed her again.

Wherever she moved, the whip hit her, piercing her body sharply and painfully. She tried to go to the toilet but was stopped by the whip. When she tried to go to the door of her room again, the whip stopped her until she finally gave in, gave in, and went to the bed. She opened the box and took out the first items with shaking hands. These were several sets of thick leather cuffs lined with fur.

“Put them on”; - said the mirror.

The first set went around her ankles and was covered by her boots. Miniature padlocks secured them in place. Hannah cried while completing chores. Attach the second set around her thighs just above her knees and the third around her wrists. When she reached the penalty area, she pulled out a close eight. She pulled out the chain and attached each end to the handcuffs at her ankles. Tears continued to stream down her cheeks as she took the next item out of the box. Short 10” Bar. Her reflection told her to attach the ends of the bar to the cuffs on her thighs. She did this, knowing that walking in ballet shoes would be even more difficult now that she could not close her legs as long as the dumbbell remained in place.

Hannah felt completely trapped, even though there were many more things in the box.

3” Next came a hard rubber ball with a strap net attached. Hannah's mind screamed no, but she knew she had to obey if she didn't want to be whipped again. She opened her mouth wide and stuffed the ball into her mouth. She squeezed harder and harder with her handsuntil there was a bang as the ball finally lodged in her teeth. His jaw was stretched to the limit. Almost to the point of contortion as she maneuvered the tangle of straps around her head. The first set of straps went through the middle of the ball, wrapped around her head, and buckled behind her head. As soon as she fastened her belt, her reflection asked her to tighten it. She pulled the zipper up a notch. The whip flew out and hit her in the upper left chest. Hannah screamed in pain, mostly muffled by the gag in her mouth, and doubled over in pain as the reflection said, "Body tight." She quickly reached behind her head, grabbed the buckle, and pulled the straps two notches tighter, until the straps cut into her mouth, almost cutting it open. A second set of straps ran along her nose on either side of her face, met at her forehead, and continued as a strap above her head to connect to two straps wrapped around her face behind her head. The third and final set of straps went under her chin. It was humiliating to button them so tightly, but the reflection was watching her.

The next item was the leather hood. This scared Hannah. She definitely didn't want to put it on, but the whip hit each of her breasts a few times and she tried to pull it over her head. It had holes for the eyes and a hole for the nose, with two tubes leading into the nostrils to keep the air open. They hurt a little when inserted, but not as much as a whip. She put the helmet on and began tightening the laces on her head. She made sure to pull it harder, knowing that otherwise she would taste the whip again. From the top of the helmet to her neck, she pulled the sides together and tightened the laces tightly. The skin hugged her face tightly, almost like a second skin. Looking in the mirror, she smoothed out any wrinkles on her skin and tied her shoelaces. All you could see now was her teary blue eyes as she pulled the one-piece leather collar around her neck and placed it over the laces. After attaching a miniature padlock to the collar, Hannah knew her fate was sealed. The leather hood was only removed when the mistress freed it from the collar. Madam. This is what the reflection began to tell her: This is who she was. Your mistress. Hannah.

She looked into the box and pulled out a leather belt. A second belt was attached to the belt. She placed the belt around her waist as instructed and fastened it tightly. An additional strap hung at the back between her legs. This time the whip cracked near her, but not on her. She jumped in surprise. "On the bed. On my knees like a dog. Hannah obeyed with difficulty and quickly climbed onto the bed. The whip cracked again. "Turn around." Hannah did as she was told and her bottom was now facing the mirror. “Push it in.” The whip cracked as she barely licked her ass. There were two stoppers on the leather strap that hung from the belt. The first was a thick, ribbed dildo. The second was a tapered butt plug.

Hannah sobbed, reached behind her and began inserting the butt plug into her ass first. The tip of the cone-shaped plug passed her sphincter and opened her. As she continued to squeeze the cone, it grew wider and her anus stretched painfully. One inch, then two. The third centimeter went in and it hurt terribly. The whip cracked again, licking her ass, and she pushed the last inch into her ass, her sphincter closing around the tapered end of the cone. She had never felt so full down there in her life.

Next came the ribbed dildo. It was thick. She rubbed it over her pussy, letting her love juices lubricate the bulbous tip. Her lips parted naturally and the tip slid in, stretching her wide. She began moving it back and forth in the hole, inch by inch. It penetrated deeper and deeper. The first two inches were lighter than the next two inches. The five and six inch models were even more difficult. The walls of her bottom hugged the dildo like a seashell. She felt every raised edge of the dildo enter her sex, every inch of it penetrate her. She now had seven of twenty inches inside her and the tip was pressing against her cervix. She just couldn't get past the last centimeter. The whip hit her ass once, twice, three times before it could fully penetrate her. There was a very small alligator leather clip on the belt just in front of the base of the dildo. Hannah didn't understand what this was for until her angry reflection ordered her to part her lips and rub her clit. Hannah obeyed. Between the plug in her ass and the dildo in her pussy, her bottom was wet and as she touched her clit it grew larger.

The whip hit her bottom again. “Secure it”; There was a team. “Secure it.” The whip hit her again and again ass as Hannah opened the alligator clip and very carefully attached it to her swollen clit. "Now secure it!" The voice commanded as the whip hit her ass again. Hannah let it go and it immediately lashed out, trapping her sensitive nub between its teeth. Hannah screamed into her gag as she fell face down on the bed. Both hands moved between her legs.

“Now buckle up,” her reflection ordered. "Immediately!"

Hannah pulled it up between her legs and clipped it to her waist belt. She pulled the belt tight through the buckle until it rested deep between her buttocks and sex. Then she added a lock. Thick, heavy lock. He attached both dildos and the clit clamp to her side. She cried a lot. Partly because of the pain, partly because of her situation. She had never been so trapped before.

The whip cracked and the reflection commanded her: “Get up!” Hannah jumped out of bed. A chain appeared in front of her, attaching the handcuffs to her wrists. She could no longer use her hands.

She looked in the mirror, her evil reflection standing with her hands on her hips and laughing at her.

“You will be my slave.” - said the reflection.

Hannah shook her head.

The reflection made a movement and Hannah's arms rose above her head and stayed there.

The reflection spoke again. “You will be my slave.” And again Hannah shook her head: No.

The zippered eyeholes on the leather hood closed, leaving her in complete darkness. Her arms stretched above her head as she struggled to balance on the toes of her ballet shoes.

Chapter four

Time passed for Hannah. She didn't know how long. Protocol? Light. The watch is not that simple. My arms raised above my head hurt. Her legs screamed in pain because she was cramped in her ballet shoes. Due to the lack of oxygen, she was constantly dizzy as the corset blocked the full expansion of her lungs and she could only breathe through tubes in her nose. Her jaw hurt. Her ass ached from the butt plug being pushed into her and the walls of her penis were stretched to the maximum as the ribbed dildo filled her to the hilt from the front. The alligator clip dug horribly into her clitoris. The worst thing was that the dildo came to life. Vibrant. Exciting for her. To the brink of orgasm and then stop. It was playing with her mind. Trying to get away with it drove her crazy, but it didn't happen. Every time she thought she was going to explode with bliss, the vibrations stopped. She had never been so angry in her life. It drove me crazy. She couldn't remember how many times.

Suddenly the flashes opened before our eyes. Hannah stared into the mirror. She saw her reflection. How she was tightly bound in slavery. She thought to herself how erotic she looked.

The reflection flickered and was replaced by her evil reflection. Your mistress.

“You will be my slave.”

Hannah shook her head again, slower this time. "No." The zippered eye holes closed again and the dildo in her penis came to life.

"No." Hannah moaned into her gag.

The hours came and went. Hannah went crazy. If only she could feel her orgasm coming. Only one.

The zippers opened and moments later Hannah saw her angry reflection in the mirror.

“You will be my slave.” said the mistress.

This time Hannah nodded.

Whatever was holding her arms above her head came loose and Hannah fell to the ground.

“Crawling slave” The reflection said. “Crawl to your mistress.”

Hannah got on all fours and crawled as quickly as she could to the mirror.

“That’s it, crawl to your mistress. Crawl like a slut. It mocked her.

As she approached the mirror, a hand attached the leash to her collar. “Go, go and crawl to your mistress, you dog bitch,” said the reflection, pulling on the leash.

Hannah went to the mirror on all fours.


Months passed and there was no sign of Hannah Penny. Finding no signs of crime, police opened the case as a missing person case, which was eventually closed. A year later, the bank confiscated the property and everything in it from the owner. Everything was sold. The majority of the furniture was auctioned off and distributed piece by piece to interested buyers. The mirror was sold out, as were all the other items.

Jodie thought it was a great purchase. Some of her friends came over and helped her put it on her bedroom wall. |End



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