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Island Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The light coming through the plane window woke me up a few hours later. We still had three hours until we landed in South Africa, which would have been mid-afternoon local time. Carol was still frantic and I wasn't particularly interested in the morning after the conversation anyway, so I grabbed one of the croissants they were handing out for stew and went into the carriage.

Janie was awake and sitting alone reading when I approached her.

"Where's Jared?" I asked, pointing to the empty seat next to her.

“I got involved in this scandal with my friends. I swear I'll kill him if he spends the entire trip playing video games. He has to understand the world.

“Don’t worry about it,” “ I reassured her as I sat down. “It's pretty boring on a plane.” Although that's not that important to me, I thought. “Once we land he will be very excited to see a new country.”

"I hope so. How are you up front?

"OK. I'm a little bored myself. Liar. “Read, sleep, watch a movie. The usual.”

We talked for almost two hours and the time flew by and I remembered why I wanted this girl so much. When I looked into her soft brown eyes crinkling as she told me a funny story, I felt like I was falling in love with her. She was a lot of fun to be with and so sexy. We were soon told to prepare to head to Johannesburg to refuel and make a quick stop while the plane was washed. I returned to my seat. Carol was already awake and I told her about the landing as she was still very nervous about the flight and the hangover wasn't helping. On the ground, she kissed me and promised to meet me at home since she wasn't going to Korea. “I still have a lot to do,” she said with an evil glint in her eyes. She lightly squeezed my crotch to emphasize her point and stood up to grab her bag. I packed up my gear and stood up after a minute.

The flight attendants said goodbye to departing passengers as usual, but I got something special. My red-headed disciplinarian handed me a small bag and said with an amused grin, “Thanks for flying with us. Here is a souvenir of your trip. She quickly brushed her lips over my ear and whispered, "Maybe you don't want to open it in front of your girlfriend," nodding in response to the coaching part.

I walked down the ramp, a little nervous about what was in my bag. I had a minute before the bus section began unloading, so I rushed to the bathroom to find out what my souvenir was. I opened my bag in one of the stalls. As I walked in I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled out a pair of panties. I recognized her by the look she gave me when I was shining her shoes last night. It was made of pale yellow lace with a small pink and blue bow at the front. On her crotch was a thick white streak of feminine icing left by her overheated cunt during our nighttime adventure. I held it to my face and enjoyed its scent for a while, then tasted the salty treat she had left me. Spicy, sweet and surprisingly feminine. I reluctantly put her back in my bag, knowing I didn't have time to fully enjoy her gift right now. As I did this, I realized that there was also a piece of paper in the bag. I unfolded it and read, "I'm on my way to the next leg of my flight, which means I'm not working, just driving." This gives me plenty of time to negotiate your reward. See you soon!”

By the time I had tamed my hard-on, unfed, and headed back to the gate, our students had already flown off the ramp. Janie brought up the rear and we took them to the toilets where they were able to take a quick wash in the sink and do some basic hygiene. We walked to the end of the terminal, bought snacks, magazines and movies and then got back on the plane for our second flight. Several Africans boarded and I saw the Middle Eastern contingent again, now arguing with a new member of their rolling carry-on group who must have joined them here in J-burg. They spoke quickly in Arabic and gesticulated wildly as they made their way to the plane. I spotted a stunning Indian woman in a pink sari and a few other Koreans accompanying us on the trip to Seoul.

The flight crew changed and everyone took their seats. For the rest of the trip I was in the trainer's class, but still nowhere near Janie, who was at the front with part of the Taekwondo group. I was closer to the back of the plane and noticed my sexy stew on the other side of the plane, in the back row, chatting with one of the flight attendants, plump butattractive blonde. The red-haired vixen was still in uniform but wasn't working on this flight and was sitting in a seat in the back row. They looked at me and both started giggling. I wondered what the hell she wanted to tell her friend about our arrangement. I shook my head, realizing I would find out soon.

Shortly after 3:00 p.m. local time we took off on our second 14-hour flight. The plan was to arrive in Seoul around midday after another overnight stay. Flying halfway around the world really sucks, but at least this airline had some unexpected perks!

Everyone strapped in to take off, and once we were at altitude, the film began. The lights were dimmed and most of the passengers were watching the latest teen vampire movie. I wasn't very interested and was just pulling out a book to read a bit when a familiar perfume hit my nose. I looked up and saw those cool green eyes studying me. My redhead beauty is back. She silently waved me down the aisle and into the back of the plane. I followed her down the aisle and watched her nice, full ass jiggle under her uniform skirt. I was wondering if she was wearing a spare pair of panties or if she was naked there! This thought immediately filled my penis with blood.

As we approached the rear galley, two more flight attendants appeared with a service cart. One of them was my chubby blonde slut, she grinned and whispered to us: "You still have about 15 minutes until we get snacks and drinks."

We went into the back room and she closed the curtain. She immediately lifted her skirt and answered my question. There's no way she's wearing her underwear! I enjoyed the sight of her pale pink pussy topped with a small streak of fiery orange curls. Her skin was creamy white, without a hint of tan, and her plump pussy lips were slightly parted, revealing just a hint of the pink treasure within. I fell to my knees in front of her and ran my hands over her silky thighs. My palms reached her round, firm buttocks and I grabbed her like I was drowning, pulling my face to her fragrant genitals. She smelled of jasmine and her own subtle scent. I ran my lips over her pubic area and reached the top of her cut. My stubbly chin lightly brushed her velvety labia as I kissed the pad of her clitoris. She sighed, grabbed my hair and pulled me closer to her. My fingers were now deep in her ass crack and spreading her thighs from behind. She adjusted by lifting one slim and flexible leg and settling into the rumble seat, giving me access to her dripping slit.

I stood back for a moment and enjoyed the enchanting view of her secret garden. A thin strip of red hair ended just above the clitoris. Below her labia were smooth and hairless. They were pale and swollen and now opened wide in front of me. In between, her dark pink inner lips hung plump, begging for attention. They were glistening with her juices and I ran my tongue along the frilly edge of one to where it met the other, covering her pleasure knot. I brought my thumbs together and placed them next to her hood, gently lifting on either side until her own little erection was fully exposed. This beautiful pink nub was almost the size of the tip of my pinky finger and protruded from the fleshy folds on either side. My searching tongue swirled circles around her love bob until she was dripping with my saliva and her own honey. I covered my teeth with my lips and gently bit down on her pleasure center, eliciting a shaky gasp from her open mouth. Then I quickly sucked her hanging curtains of flesh into my mouth, pulling and stretching them with my teeth and sliding my tongue between them to tickle her piss hole. I got a little taste of her piss as I moved along her drooling pussy towards her love tunnel. I ran my tongue along the grooves of her vagina, now deep inside her, savoring the rich, salty taste of her nectar. She was so wet that her thighs were slippery and shiny and her legs were shaking uncontrollably and threatening to give out.

I grabbed her ass with both hands again and this time lifted her onto the kitchen counter. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a sheer yellow lace bra that matched my souvenir panties. I quickly dropped my pants and shorts and her cool hand grabbed my swollen penis and began stroking it. I unzipped the front of her hook bra, exposing her soft white balls. Her nipples were small, hard, pink nubs set in rippled areolas and sitting on a beautiful, swaying udder of tit flesh. I sucked first one, then the other, pulling her pink tips deep into my mouth and caressing her diamond-hard nipples with my tongue. Now she was breathing heavily and her finger was drawing circles of precum on the tip of my penis.

I aimed my hard man meat at her wet slit and looked deep inside.into her enchanting green eyes as I slid into her to the hilt. Her pussy began to clench around my cock and she closed her eyes and bit my lip as her orgasm washed over her. I began pumping her warm, wet pussy, thrusting deep into her womb and slapping her ass with my heavy balls with each thrust. She reached out and grabbed my ass, pulling me towards her with even more force. I placed a hand on the red curls on her head, entwined my fingers in her magnificent mane, and pushed my tongue between her parted lips. After several minutes of ecstatic coupling, she reached another shaky climax and I pumped my seed deep into her cunt as she pushed her cunt onto my spurting head, sucking every drop I had to give her.

As my cock slowly withered under her warm softness, we looked at each other and smiled. “We weren’t even properly introduced,” he said. I giggled. She gave me a bright smile, her hands still squeezing my ass.

“I know your name from the manifesto – it’s Dave Connor. My name is Sharon. Sharon Kelly.

“Nice to meet you, Sharon,” he said. I have said. “I definitely give this airline my highest rating on Trip Advisor.”

She laughed as we pulled back and my cock left her tight pussy with a light pop. “They don’t call them the friendly sky for nothing. “

We put our clothes back together and made ourselves presentable. I was about to make a meaningless comment when all hell broke loose in the cabin.

My first thought was: This is definitely the most exciting trip I've ever taken, and I haven't even gotten off the plane yet...

My second was: Something is seriously wrong here!

Sharon and I peeked out from behind the curtain and saw several Middle Eastern people standing in the hallways, one of them brandishing what looked like a white pistol. I had heard of plastic guns made with 3D printers that could evade TSA inspection and wondered if this was one of them. One of the men grabbed the blonde flight attendant in a death grip and held what looked like a ceramic knife to her neck. He shouted orders to the air marshal and told him to drop his weapon or he would kill the girl. The plane dropped like a stone and my stomach churned as we free-fell for a few thousand feet. The marshal finally obeyed and as he placed the gun on the floor of the plane, the hijacker jumped at him and rammed the knife into his neck. The poor bastard fell to the ground and bled to death within seconds. The flight attendant fell to her knees in the aisle and sobbed. Passengers screamed and one woman vomited in fear. Several other attackers were holding hostages, and I could hear crashes and screams from the front of the plane as they tried to break down the cabin door.

One of the hostages was a burly man, probably a poor choice for a skinny, knife-wielding terrorist. The attacker looked at the dead marshal and the passenger took advantage of the distraction, diving under the knife and grabbing the attacker by the arm. A short struggle ensued in which he quickly disarmed himself, stabbed the car thief and threw him to the ground. Several other men seemed inspired and jumped out of their seats toward the terrorists. I saw at least two die in battle, but also others

He was luckier: he overpowered the knife-wielding goons and disarmed them.

Now the plane was more stable, but was below cloud cover. I caught a glimpse of the vast Indian Ocean below as I quietly crawled out of the galley and hid behind a service car a few rows down the aisle. I motioned for Sharon to stay behind me and look out from behind the cart. One of the burqa-clad Arab women sat two rows up and appeared to be retrieving something from the hand luggage they had brought on board in Johannesburg.

At that moment, several members of the Passenger Resistance Movement rushed toward the gunman in the middle of the plane. I had to admire their courage, but they had no chance. He began firing at them, carefully throwing off four people until his next shot missed and shattered one of the windows. Hurricane-force winds ripped through the plane as cabin pressure decreased. The pilot must have recognized the problem because the plane fell out of the sky again in a prolonged free fall as he lowered our altitude to a level where we all wouldn't suffocate. The bandit howled in rage and threw his now empty pistol at one of the surviving heroes as passengers screamed throughout the plane. Protected from the deafening chaos, I began to push the car in front of me down the aisle.

I could see the terrorist in the burqa pulling another plastic pistol from the bag in front of her, obviously intending to replenish the leader's supplies. I quickly pushed the car forward until I was next to her and took the gun from her.outstretched hand before she could do so. She squealed and began scratching my face with one hand, fighting like a tigress to prevent me from gaining control of the weapon. Suddenly, bullets started shooting out of the gun as she reflexively pulled the trigger.

Purely by chance, the first bullet hit her boss directly in the forehead. As my weight pulled her arm down, several shots pierced the emergency exit door and entered the wing, while others pierced the floor. As she unloaded the weapon, an ominous crunch could be heard from below and smoke poured from the left engine.

The plane shuddered and sank rapidly toward the ocean below. I caught a glimpse of a beautiful tropical sunset outside one of the windows before the terrorist bitch I was holding headbutted me in the face. I let go of her hand in pain, but before she could do any more damage, Sharon hit her in the head with a metal coffee pot from the galley.

It became clear that our plane didn't have much time left in the air and would descend into the dark water below us. And sure enough, the pilot turned on the loudspeaker system and announced that we were making an emergency landing on the water. He called on everyone to take emergency positions. Sharon pulled me back to the galley where there were two jump seats. She buckled up immediately, but I found it difficult to understand the unfamiliar mechanism. As soon as I found the lock we went into the water.

I jumped out of the seat and hit the partition painfully. For a moment I had the impression of screaming, jumping and flashes of light, and then everything went dark.




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