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The holiday that changed our lives. Chapter 3: The Big Joke and 4: The Call

Chapter 3: Big Joke

Margaret really made me suffer by insisting on staying in the cottage all day and teasing me by walking around naked, even though three windows were open to the street and she was clearly visible to anyone who passed by. . From time to time she played with her pussy and when she got very wet she begged for my attention and swallowed some of the sweet flowing nectar. I didn't need Viagra, my cock was hard all day!

Shortly after we had lunch and I had taken the used plates etc to the kitchen, I came back into the living room and saw her sitting on the sofa grinning and looking at the large window overlooking the street, her fingers buried in her pussy . She was just about to reach her first self-induced orgasm (to my knowledge, or at least witnessed it) when I looked out the window and saw an old man standing there watching her. When she calmed down, she waved at him and after he waved back, he left. "It was good," she said, "especially with the audience, but I'm still very wet - are you still thirsty?" Without a moment's hesitation, I was back enjoying her plentiful supply of nectar. She didn't let me bring her to another orgasm, reminding me that she didn't want to get too tired. "Are you ready for this conversation?" she asked.

"I really enjoy the long lost fantasy of the black man and his big equipment, but will this new, more energetic approach to sex be too much for you?" she asked. She continued, adding that she didn't know what came over her, but she liked it, and that's what I gathered from my reaction last night. Looks similar to me too. She said, "I really love you and need you, so I don't want to upset you, but I really enjoy sex with your new boyfriend John, but how does that make you feel?" I could tell she was really so horny that Her pussy was leaking so much juice that it was running down her leg, so I said, "Let me show you how happy I am - come here and let me clean your juices again." and added, "Feel it “How hard my cock is, and I wasn’t anywhere near Viagra this time.” While I enjoyed washing her again, she tried to explain to me how much she wanted John and that she really felt like she should experience a black cock at least once in her life, reminding me that hers Time must soon be up. I told her that I loved her too and that I was willing to do anything she wanted sexually because I knew what she was up to and wanted her to be there, to which she replied, "You better be there - who did it too?” I think I wanted to clean up her dirty pussy?”

“I think you better call John and invite him to fuck your loving wife good,” she demanded, and I was more than willing to oblige.

Chapter 4: Phone Call

My hands were shaking so badly that I could barely pick up my phone, let alone find and dial John's number. How exactly do you ask someone you barely know, or at least just met a few days ago, that you want (and I really WANTED) to come over and have sex with the loving wife you've been with have been together for almost forty years? Okay, she was married once before me, but that still meant she only enjoyed sex with two people.

Before I could dial his number, Margaret called out, "Put on speaker, I want to hear what John has to say." I paused, thought about what to say, and then excitedly dialed the number. The call took forever but was finally answered. Margaret smiled expectantly, but I was confused - I barely had time to say "Hello John" before he helped me by answering, "Is this the call I was hoping for?" "Yes, of course," replied I willingly. “Margaret wants you to come to us because she has a really bad itch and wants you to scratch it!”

“Okay, then I’ll probably come over tonight,” he replied, “but first, a few questions. Were you close?" Margaret's smile widened as I dutifully replied, "Just the cleaning because she's saving herself for something better - she's always teasing me." "Okay," he replied, "do you lubricate her pussy well?" "She's very good at it herself," I replied sheepishly.

When he realized we were talking on speakerphone, he asked M. directly: “Do you know the cuckold lifestyle?” "A little bit," she admitted, "I did a little research on the internet this morning while you two perverts were comparing notes." "That's why she's so horny," I thought to myself. “Then how many times did you have an orgasm today?” - he asked. Margaret looked a little embarrassed, but answered honestly, "Two by my lovely husband, who did the cleaning work, and another magnificent one, made by myself, while a man walking down the street was watching me - my first, by." "I don't know." Why did I waste all this time not doing DIY? “Well, you did"You'd better stop drinking or you'll be too tired when I get there and then I can guarantee the fun will continue," he replied. He completely ignored me and asked M. if I had been so lucky - "not since last night." To his answer: "Okay, keep him horny", she replied: "I plan to, I like it when he is so horny.” that he doesn’t know what to do with himself and is so attentive to my wishes.”

“Just so you know, I won’t use condoms,” he told us. "I only ever go bareback, but I don't think the risk of pregnancy is a concern for you right now, and I wanted to make sure Cookie was fed after I took his wife." M replied, "It's fine, Chris likes a cum filled pussy as he happily cleaned my last night leaving the biggest deposit ever, but you probably already know that!"

“I’ll see you around seven,” he said, ending the conversation.

- What do we do until then? Margaret asked worriedly, although I thought I had a few ideas, adding that my first order of business would be downstairs since she had drowned herself during the phone conversation. This task was repeated several times for what seemed like an eternity, until just after seven there was a knock on the door.

In the meantime, I tried to find out what M had discovered in her research. After visiting several cuckold sites, I knew that some of them were a bit extreme, so I was worried about what she found and what she wanted to implement. She was a little suspicious of her findings and said firmly, "You'll just have to wait and see, my dear cuckold." This was the first time she had used that term, and it almost made me dirty my pants, or I would have , if I had worn them, as she had even told me to take them off that morning when I returned from my walk. I insist that I take Kara naked to the garden. “But Rita, our owner, can see me when she looks like that,” I argued. “She’s lucky,” was M.’s only answer.

A fairly pleasant, if somewhat frustrating, hour passed until shortly after seven o'clock there was a knock on the door.




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