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Ghost Rape Chinese

In high school there was a Chinese girl, 18 years old; She enjoyed playing the piano and was a good singer. Quite a smart woman, I might add. Of course I was her opposite, but I wanted her with all my might.

One day the teacher decided to ask her to teach me some math lessons in exchange for a reward in class. I couldn't believe my luck. After school I want to go to the store, bring a few things that will be useful to me and go there without taking one thing or another with me; for the evening course I was scheduled for.

“Okay, you know why you’re here. Because of you I had to cancel a nice evening I had planned with my friends, so you better watch out, you idiot!”

“Do I really think I will listen to any of your words?”

I punched her in the face.

"What are you doing? Who do you think I am?

"You're my bitch, nothing more"

"I'm the woman who's going to kill you with math tonight!"

She pulled out a gun and shot me in the knee. As I fell to the ground, they kicked my ass and stripped me, then stuck written mathematical equations with a knife into my back and cut off my penis.

Because I had lost as much blood as I could before I died, she pushed the baseball tub all the way to where my cock used to be and I died.

After I died, I realized that it was some kind of terrible nightmare and that I had spent half an hour in the evening class without any help. I had to rush there with a bad body odor because I hadn't bathed and because I had just had a nightmare.

When I arrived, her mother was leaving the house. As I crept through the girl's window I noticed there was blood on my jeans, then I was shirtless and like she was some kind of ghost; She appeared right behind me and shot me in the ass, causing me to fall dead in her bed.

When I woke up, the girl slapped me in the face and asked, “What do you think you are doing?” Are you here to study or not? Because I have better things to do, you fool. I sat next to her and listened to the lesson planned for the evening.

When it was over, I imagined the gun that was supposedly in her pocket, but before I strangled her with my hands; I thought, “This is your chance, man, take advantage of it.” I decided to do nothing and kept studying until I felt like my brain was going to explode.

“Okay, so we should be fine. I hope I never have to see you again, you piece of dirty, smelly scum. If that happens, your life will be a regret." As she put her hand in her pocket, I saw the same image as hers in the mirror and crushed it with my hand."

"Who the hell do you think stole that asshole mirror?!" Break your arm somewhere else!"

“Oh, shut up, bitch!”

I answered, holding a piece of mirror in my hand. And as I approached her and leaned back against the wall, I grabbed her by the neck.

"Who do you think I'm talking to?!" Whore". I threw her hard into the bed and tore her clothes as I tied her up with them. "You will learn to respect your master, slave!"

While she screamed and crying, I came in her ass and pulled her hair. I withdrew everything I had and rubbed her breast with my free hand. Then I stuck my balls in and came. Then I turned her so that she was facing me and wanted to penetrate her pussy, also pushing my balls in before I came.

"You're doing well." I said, to which she responded by spitting in my face, to which I received another slap. I covered her mouth with my socks, rubbed her pussy and felt her resistance to my dominance. Come back. Then a brilliant idea came, at least that's how I imagined it.

I untied her and shoved my cock into her mouth. Then as I looked at the roof, I felt her touch through her; I felt her teeth quickly cut through. I looked down and saw...bleeding, no penis. "What the hell!" I screamed as I saw her laughing at me, blood flowing through her teeth.

“Do you understand what you just did to me?”

"Let me guess... I turned you into a good-for-nothing?"

After breaking my mind through pain and pride, I lost myself and broke her neck. Then I stepped back and before I knew what had happened, the window behind me was still open; Her image appeared before me.

“Stupid, you just killed me”

She said she dropped me off the house; I lost consciousness due to blood loss and a severe blow to my head on the ground. However, I was saved; I was taken to the hospital only to spend the rest of my days completely insane in an isolated room in a mental asylum, and that was the punishment I received for killing my classmate. And this happened after my spirit explained itself to the police.

“Look who wants more, idiot.” She opened her inhumanly large black mouth and bit my neck with tremendous force, then covered my mouth her hand; She made me her slut.

Every day and every night she raped and killed me for the rest of my days.Earth.



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