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Spirit of Paris. Interlude. Chapter 2: Policeman

The Devil's Pact, Interlude to the Phantom of Paris

by mypenname3000

edited by Master Ken

Copyright 2014

Chapter Two: Police Officer

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 – Bert McDaniels – Paris, TX

“3Brian45” My radio crackled.

"Crap"; I mumbled, my hands covered in the secret sauce from my Hawaiian burger. I grabbed a napkin and quickly tried to dry my hands.

“3Brian45” The dispatcher called again.

I grabbed the phone and pressed the push-to-talk button. “3Brian45.”

“We have a disturbance at 1203 D. Lewd behavior, several women, possibly under the influence of drugs, in front of the Beauty in Motion dance studio.”

“10-4, I’m ready”; I answered.

“Thanks, McDaniels.”

It's a stormy night in Paris. Officer Snyder had just responded to a similar call about a woman on a Paris bus - a woman masturbating in public - and now it sounded like several women were doing the same thing. Has a new drug come onto the market? These days there were always new designer drugs on the street - spices or bath salts - causing all sorts of problems.

I stuffed my half-eaten burger into a cheap white bag. After this call, I have to finish dinner. Hopefully it won't take too long. I started my patrol car, turned on the lights and sirens, and pulled into traffic. As I drove towards the scene of the accident, cars swerved to avoid me. I wasn't racing, it wasn't an emergency, so I drove carefully and according to instructions, slowing down at intersections and making sure cross traffic was stopped before running a red light.

As I approached the scene, I saw that a crowd had formed with cell phones held up. I stopped, got out of my patrol car, and pushed through the crowd. In the middle was a group of women having shameless lesbian sex; My cock got hard. I tried to ignore the heat suddenly coursing through my veins. My mind immediately prepared for the report I had to write: Four women, three of them about eighteen or nineteen years old, had homosexual coitus on a public sidewalk. Suspect One, young adult female, platinum blonde hair; Suspects two and three, young adult females with brown hair and possibly twins, performed oral acts on their breasts, and suspect four, adult females with black hair, performed oral acts on their breasts. Suspicion of the rectum.

This will be talked about in the break room for months.

Two men crowded in front of me. “Off the street!” – I shouted in my commanding policeman voice. “You four women are against the wall.”

The twin and the adult female obeyed, but one of the suspects came toward me, her eyes silver and glowing almost like starlight. She looked vaguely familiar; I've definitely seen them somewhere.

“Dispatcher, I need backup. I have four women who live in…”

The suspect touched my arm and I froze.

“No backup needed” She whispered. “You have the situation under control.”

"Yes,"; I nodded and then radioed: “Cancel backup.” Just kidding”.

“Is it true?” - asked the dispatcher. “We got a lot of calls.”

“The situation is clear,” he said. I radioed .

"Okay," I guess one smiled - I would do anything to make her smile. Those eyes were so beautiful and bright. I wanted to lose myself in them forever. “Officer Bert McDaniels, you will accompany me for the night. Follow me."

"Yes, ma'am," he said. I whispered, my blood burning, as she turned and walked into the studio.

"Maids, come to me," he said. She called.

" Yes, Goddess," she said. said a grown woman whose face was smeared with sexual fluids. She was pretty, wore a leotard, and had the lithe body of a dancer. She and the twin girls followed her inside.

“Okay, let's continue!” - I shouted to the crowd. “Everything is under control!” Then I followed my goddess inside.

“My maid Whitney deserves a reward for her wonderful worship,” she said. – purred the goddess and looked at the adult woman.

She turned around and I saw her profile, her nose was the same as Mayor Cummins'. "You're Darlene!" - I blurted out.

"No"; She answered. “I am much more than them. Currently. Tonight you risk a lot, but you will experience happiness in love until the end of your days. Now stretch out on the floor.

I have made. It was hard, made of waxed wood, and the cold penetrated my uniform. It was uncomfortable, the equipment hanging from my belt digging into my back and sides. So I took it off and put it aside. She stood over me, her legs resting on my hips; Through her torn swimsuit I could see her pussy, tight and juicy, surrounded by strands of light brown hair.

My cock was at its best. |“Maids, let go of his cock.”

Whitney and the twin sister, whose brown hair was in a French braid, knelt on either side of me. Her hands reached out and quickly unzipped my pants, pulling out my rock hard plate and caressing me with her warm, soft hands. Whitney smiled at me; Her eyes were an enchanting green color.

“He’s ready, Goddess,” he said. French Braid purred.

"Thank you, Marrisa." Darlene fell and pushed against my cock. I groaned; Her pussy was heaven. Dense, moist and warm. She pushed herself up and down and moaned softly. "Yes. That's exactly what I needed. She moved her hips up and down. “I want you to fill this vessel with your seed. That night she will conceive a child. Maybe you will be his father.

“Yes, Goddess,” she said. I moaned and imagined this sweet goddess with a round belly who looked even more sensual. “Keep riding me and it will happen.”

She smiled, hungry and possessive. “Whitney, your reward awaits. Enjoy his mouth.

"Thank you, Goddess!" Whitney moaned, taking off her swimsuit and sliding it over her ivory skin. Her breasts were small and beautiful and swayed and swayed as she pulled the tight outfit off her hips. Her panties were blue and her crotch was completely wet from excitement. They were off and she was shaved, her pussy red and ready. She straddled my face.

She smelled wonderful, a sweet musk that made my mouth hungry. Darlene rode my cock, squeezing and massaging my sensitive member, while Whitney placed her pussy on my face. I gave her pleasure and tried to feel her full depth. She moaned and gasped and writhed on my lips.

“Oh, thank you, Goddess!”

I heard women kissing and moaning. I imagined Whitney leaning forward, capturing Darlene's beautiful lips with hers, and plunging her tongue deep into the goddess's wonderful mouth. Their hands found each other's small breasts, pinching the nipples and squeezing the supple flesh.

My balls were foaming.

"Yes!" moaned my goddess. "I feel it. Let your desire into me! Cover me with your devotion! Let me drown in your love and adoration!”

Her hips rose and fell faster, her pussy clenching my cock. I couldn't take it without drowning in Whitney's pussy and my goddess's young cunt as it gripped my cock tightly. I stuck my tongue deep inside Whitney as my balls tightened, and then my whole body tensed as I turned into my goddess. I grunted and moaned from Whitney's satisfaction.

My cock stayed hard; Darlene continued riding me. Her pussy felt magical around me, holding life in my cock. Her sighs became louder and higher pitched. “What wonderful praise!” she gasped. "Your love is squirting inside me!" Oh yes!"

She cried out softly and her pussy clenched around me like velvet fingers, massaging me and trying to squeeze another load of cum from my balls. I would like to give her one thing; my balls were exhausted.

The happiest days lie ahead

Love will finally penetrate your heart.

She will be by your side until the end of your days.

Her words resonated with me. I was the only person in the room addressed by my Goddess.

Her hips stopped lowering and I heard more sucking. "Oh yeah!" Whitney moaned. "Thank you for pampering my nipples!" Whitney's sighs grew louder; Her hips moved faster. "Thank you thank you thank you!" - she screamed, and then her wonderful juices flooded my lips, sweet and thick, and I drank them all.

Whitney shuddered one last time, then slid off my face and lay on her back next to me, chest heaving, smile on her face. Our eyes met and she smiled at me and reached out to take my hand. I squeezed her fingers.

“Your reward hasn’t come in yet,” he said. Darlene purred as she rose off my still hard cock. “Marrissa, Rhonda-May, take care of the officer.”

“Yes, Goddess!” - the two twins shouted back.

They fell to their knees next to me and grinned like two mischievous cats, then licked my cock together, little pink tongues meeting at the top of my shaft and their lips melding together.

"Damned!" I whispered, not believing I was watching two real twin sisters kissing.

“It's hot, isn't it?” Rhonda-May asked, her brown hair loose and streaked with blonde. “It was only recently that we realized how much fun we could have together.”

"Yes"; Marissa nodded. “Last night our parents had no idea how much fun we had in our bedroom. I've come so many times. It's all the Phantom's fault.

"On the knees"; Darlene ordered Whitney.

Whitney obeyed. Darlene stroked her pussy and inserted two fingers. Whitney moaned in gratitude. I smiled, it was like watching my own porn and watching a pair of twins lick my cock just greased my head.Custard.

“Oh yes, my goddess,” she said. Whitney moaned.

“You have earned this gift, maid.”

A third finger entered Whitney's pussy and spread her lips wide. Whitney's hips shook and jerked under the pressure of our goddess. He was then pricked with a fourth finger; Whitney gasped and looked over her shoulder, eyes wide.

“You’re going to stretch me!”

"I know. You'll love it," he said. Our Goddess promised.

The Goddess clenched her fingers and then pressed her entire fist against Whitney's pussy. The black-haired woman's body shook as her pussy opened obscenely and the goddess's fist enveloped her. "Oh shit!" Whitney groaned. “I’ve never been so full!”

The goddess lowered her hand to her wrist, then pulled her back and brought her forward again. Whitney's cunt grasped the goddess's hands. The goddess pounded her fist into her maid's gaping hole over and over again as Whitney gasped and moaned.

"Shit, that's cool!" I groaned.

"Yes"; gasped one of the twins as her sister engulfed my entire cock in her mouth. "I didn't know pussy was stretched so far!"

Her sister jumped off my cock. "Mind! Kids! Then she pulled my cock back into her warm, wet mouth.

"Oh yes."

"Oh shit!" Whitney moaned. "Make me cum, Goddess!" Hit me with your fist!

"Marissa , I just had the craziest idea."

"What?" Marissa asked.

"Let's work on his cock."

"Damn, it's so hot!"

Scissors? I watched the twin sisters rearrange themselves, lean back as if they were walking like crabs, then come towards me, their legs intertwined, and then the twin pussies engulfed my cock. They were both wet and hot and then they started shifting around me, sliding up and down while their little tits bounced and jiggled.

"Oh yeah!" Rhonda-May purred. "That's all! Fuck my pussy!

My balls were close to the second boil. It was too much. I never in a million years thought that twin sisters would be fucking their pussies around my cock while a goddess was fingering another woman nearby. The slippery pussy slid up and down my length, massaging me closer and closer to eruption.

"Oh yeah!" I groaned. “Keep fucking, bitches!”

"We won't stop!" Marissa gasped. "Oh yes! I'm going to cum on your big cock, officer!"

"We always follow the law correctly," he said. Her sister moaned. "So good! Here it is!"

They gasped and squealed at the same time, squirting hot juices around my cock and lubricating their pussies so they slid up and down my cock even faster. Whitney screamed and cursed as she came on our Goddess's fist while juices ran down Darlene's hand and dripped from her elbow.

"Crap!" I giggled. My balls tensed. My breath exploded and my cum sprayed into the air, splattering white patches on the twins' stomachs.

"Blue Hell, this is fantastic!" Marissa moaned as another jet flew into the air and landed on her tits.

“Mmm,” Rhonda-May purred, catching some of my third squirt in her hand and licking it off hungrily. "Yummy".

“Your services are paid,” he said. - said my goddess and licked the cream that covered her hand. Whitney stretched out at her feet. “I need your protection and transportation for the night.”

“Of course, my goddess,” she said. I groaned as I tried to get up.

"Fine. I wish that the ship I live in will forever be a reminder of my presence. There's a tattoo parlor on 3rd Street and East Street, right?

"Yes, yes, spider monkey tattoo and Piercing.”

My Goddess’s smile was pleased and impatient.




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