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Forgotten Heroes – Chapter One “The Adventure Begins.”

The night air blew fast and relentlessly over the village of Knotsville. A small, poor farming village in the center of the North Island. Although it appears poor from the outside, it lies at the center of the North Island trade route and is protected by Lord Bach and his wealthy Knights of the Fifth Dragon. You have just arrived in the village, a young man wearing a decent pelt of a river rat, protecting you from the cold of the night air. It's been years since you returned to Knotsville. Almost instinctively, you look up the hill, hoping to see your family having a late-night picnic. Even if you know that your family has been dead for years, ever since an attack by gangs and bandits destroyed the village and burned half of it to the ground.

As you walk down a dirt road, you notice a newly built, or at least new to you, pub. On the way there, you see a group of drunks drinking a waterskin filled with the most disgusting beer you've ever smelled in your life. "Yeah, look, you look familiar, boy," said a drunken older man with bushy eyebrows and the distinct smell of dry urine. “Hey boy, I'm talking to you.” - the old man says slurred as you walk past him and other drunks. As soon as you enter the pub, your ears are filled with the sounds of happy drunks and bartenders fending off the attacks of drunken men, as well as the singing of a bard and the playing of a stringed instrument. You spot an empty bar stand, sit down and order a beer to shake off the dry dust after the long walk from your campsite near Knotsville.

The bartender looked at you with his healthy eyes and gave you a quiet warning. “Better have a drink and go away, the place is reserved.” You look at him, an old fat man with a bald head glistening with sweat, looking into your frightened face. "Reserved? Well, I'll move when the village owner comes and sits his royal ass on this stand." You say in a rough voice, taking a sip of your lukewarm beer. "They told you so, young man, but take it the fight outside when it starts." The bartender said as he walked back to the front of the bar. The beer foam dissipated and you saw your reflection in the golden liquid. You see your short black hair looking as messy as it looks always, and the scar that runs from your left eyebrow to the top of your skull is more noticeable than the small scars from past battles that cover your face.

When you have finished your beer and want to check whether the rooms are still available for the night, you feel someone coming towards you from behind. "Who's sitting in my seat?" asked the huge, fat lump of a man, six feet tall and about ten feet wide. You turn around and see the monster looking at you with a cruel smile on its fat face. “You’re not, sir.” You say, turning around. -You mean devil? The fat man asked, moving closer to you, almost arching the wooden floor with each step. “Only a lord or a man with the title of lord can have reservations about anything, even barstools in dirty pubs.” You speak without looking at the man, wave to the bartender and order a second beer. “That little helmsman just told me to push off, didn’t he?” The hippopotamus said this to no one in particular in the crowd surrounding the two of you. With greater speed than you expected, the man grabbed you and threw you across the bar and out the door.

They fly past a group of drunk men hanging out outside a bar and crash into the shop owner's overturned shopping cart. The few villagers who were awake at night turn to you, expecting you to be killed or maimed. A huge, beastly man roars from the bar door, looking at your body lying limp in the pile of wood that used to be a cart. You slowly stand up and brush the splinters and dust out of your coat. - How did you call me? You grin evilly at the monster as it takes a step back, its words seeming to hurt you more than when it's being thrown around like a child's doll. “Cox Felter. He called you Cox Felter!” A random voice calls out from the pub. You run towards the fat man as quickly as lightning, but stop a meter in front of him. When you draw a line on a dirt road with your worn-out shoe, you say, "You can't get past this line when you're awake." The obese man looks confused for a second, then decides you're fucking crazy and rushes towards you with almost magical speed for a man his size.

You push your coat aside and jump up, tilting your knee toward the fat man's nose. The monster then falls completely unconscious onto the line you drew and into a pool of its own blood. You step over him and calmly walk back to your seat. The crowd looks at the monster sprawled on the dirt path and watches as one enters the bar as if nothing had happened. The people at the bar give you plenty of space so you can walk in even if you're scared and semi-conscious. You take a seat, order a drink and then ask for a room. “Yes, we have a room, it is reserved.“But I don’t think you care,” the bartender said, wiping his mug with a dirty rag. Your ears perked up and you asked the bartender, "Who made the reservation?" The old bald bartender started looking at you and then said, "The old hunter comes to sleep at dawn every day." You think you have it finally found after months of searching. It might be funny how life has a habit of making everything come full circle, you think to yourself.

“What do you hunters hunt at night?” You ask the bartender, who puts his cup down and looks at you as if he’s studying you. “What every hunter hunts... only this game is missing at night.” You look at your empty cup and the bartender gets the hint and pours you another. "So you're telling me that your hunter hunts fairies and cursed animals in the forest?" The bartender puts a full glass in front of you. “Yes, what she is chasing is to work for the medicine dealer in the village.” You swallow your beer and almost choke. "She?! You said that according to your huntress she was a woman?" The bartender looks at you and thinks you're a stupid idiot: "Yeah, she's like a woman... what does it matter?" You finish your beer and slam your mug shut. "Nothing, that's not the one I need to see." You throw two gold Finstas on the counter and wait for the change. After receiving your change, you leave disappointed Pub.

"You, boy, come here." The old drunk calls you, and you have nothing to lose, so you go towards him. - Yes, old man, what do you need? The old man looks at you and then says you're an old Talvers boy, aren't you?" Talvers, that's a name you haven't heard in half your life. “No, you misunderstood me old man, your years must be catching up with you. You. The old man takes a step back and looks at you carefully. "Maybe I know the Talvers boy wasn't such a grumpy kid." You turn around, walking away from the old man and thinking about your childhood. Hot summer. at night during late family picnics. The sun set and brought sweets for you and your sister. As you walk past the grain fields, remember helping your father and older sister harvest and harvest just before the first week of snow. It starts to snow around this time, and in a week there is more than enough time to get to the next village. As you walk along the road to the camp outside the village, you notice a large tree that seems to stand out from the others.

You notice old damage to the tree bark. You run your hand over it and see a ball engraved in the bark. Memories of that night came back to me. A raid that came out of nowhere: men on horseback cutting people down and bandits on foot grabbing anything that wasn't secured. Your father fought off three robbers with a pitchfork and a small pistol. The loud bang that came from the gun as your sister Chantal loaded the empty gun while your father chased her out of the house. Then a bullet shattered your father's skull and your mother grabbed you both and ran into the woods. You didn't know how, but a fire broke out and before you could get through the forest, half the city was already in flames. Then your mother told Chantal to keep an eye on you and headed to Lowtown, the closest town to Knotsville. You waited for what felt like an eternity and then the bandit found you. Your sister tried to fight him off with a gun but missed. The bandit's cleaver killed Chantal and you, a ten year old boy, had to fight with this demon man. You pick up a large branch that is so heavy that you can't swing it back and forth, but you manage. After the blow hit the horse and it bucked wildly. The bandit tried to gain control of the horse but was eventually knocked down and you beat the bandit to death. You look at your sister's limp body and start walking through the forest. All you hear is the sounds of prey and horses riding down the road until a lone hunter finds you wandering through the forest and stops you just before you enter the Black Forest.

The noise quickly pulls you out of your daydream and you hear the noise again. Snorting and puffing could be heard from the bushes. You might think it was a wild boar, but a boar's tusk is as sharp as any sword. You reach for the ax, which swings slightly on your hip. As you push back into the tree, you see him coming towards you from the left. A wild boar almost three feet tall, as crazy as a whore cheated out of her wages. You swing your ax at him and the boar stops attacking. He walks around you and you see his eyes are purple, this boar is enchanted. With a throaty grunt, he lunges at you. Thinking quickly, you jump onto a branch and swing from it.

The boar grunts and growls at your legs again. It looks like this enchanted beast isn't going anywhere anytime soon, so you'll have to make do with your back to the tree and prepare for a quick nap. About an hour after sleeping, you hear the sounds of fighting. The arrow narrowly missed your face and pierced a tree. You look down and see the large elf transmitter warding off the boar. At firstThree arrows are seen being shot at a boar and then a small dagger is thrown at it. The boar shrieks in pain as all the projectiles hit him on his side. The elf comes out of the nearest bush and hits him with a wooden stick, while the boar suffers from arrows and a dagger in his side. The fight was short as the boar lost blood and was patient. He attacks the elf and she jumps back, balancing on her staff. Seeing this as an opportunity, you pounce on the boar and plunge your ax straight into the boar's skull, killing it just inches away from the elf woman.

As you struggle to free the ax from the boar's skull, an elf woman approaches you. “Dammit, why are you doing this? I got it where I wanted it. He's mine by right. Said the elf in a voice barely louder than a whisper, her accent was southern, lowland, her clothing and demeanor gave her the appearance of an Orintash. "By what right? I was here first, I killed him, so by... my... right... it's... mine!" That's what you said when you finally got the axe . "May I add that you slept quite loudly in the tree and then swooped down and took my loot, just like I did when I died," the elf woman said as she nudged him with her staff to make sure that he was dead. "I don't snore, woman, besides we can share the meat if you want, because I lured the boar and you wounded it and I killed it." You said as the elf shocked at your half-decent suggestion looked like. "It's a damn beast, it can't be eaten...besides I only want certain types of meat, the most valuable parts." She said as she examined you. "I hate it when people look at me...Okay, take what you want and I'll leave the rest?" You tell her, crossing your arms. “Uh... agreed.” - said the elf and began to cut out the eyes, scrotum and liver

-You're done, aren't you? - you ask as she takes out the last pieces of heart and brain. "It's all yours." - said the elf and got up. You notice the beauty that lies within. Her face is narrow but not ghostly, her eyes are oval and a mix of blue and orange. Her lower lip is full and lush. Her ears are pointed, but you can tell they are shaved because golden hair falls over her tanned face. The look on your face screams, “What are you looking at?” but you brush it off. “The time has come and all I have left to deal with is rotten flesh.” You speak as you step over the body, sprinkling cleansing salt on the dead corpse and making the sign of Gavala, the Mother of Light, over it. With a slight shimmer you can smell the scent of white roses and the meat is cleaned.

The elf looks amazed. “Do you know cleaning magic? You don’t look like an oriental priest or monk…” You look at her and ask. “Well, how do I look?” She thinks about it and then speaks with confidence. “A bandit king or... hmm... abdicated military general who was banished from your kingdom for cruelty and inhumane methods on the battlefield. You were shocked at her almost uncanny ability to describe you almost exactly. “I am neither a bandit king nor a disgraced general. I'm just a traveler looking for an old friend. She looks at you so intently that you feel uneasy. “Did I mention that I hate it when people look at me?” - you say, turning away from her curious gaze.

"You should come with me and visit Grace, she can make you a visionary drink that will help you find your friend." said the elf. “I don't have the habit of traveling with strange women I meet in the forest who carry around the scrotum of a random boar. "Why not?" - she asked with childish innocence in her voice. laugh at her question. - Well, at least tell me your name. She smiled and said, "My name is Eva of the Orintash tribe." You won't see many Orinthash elves in the north, which is quite a pleasant surprise. “My name is Buck..BuckTalvers."



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