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Fantasy rape

Jerry and I had been together for almost two years that night as we discussed our sexual fantasies. No matter how close we were, we never talked about our needs or wants. We had a wonderful sex life and there was no reason to talk about fantasies. That evening we were watching a crime thriller, and the plot revolved around a married couple who, in a moment of intimacy, revealed their sexual fantasies to each other. This discovery ultimately led to the man subsequently killing his wife because he didn't trust her. This got us talking and we realized that we knew nothing about the other person's dreams or sexual fantasies. We were both nervous about revealing our deepest, darkest “masturbation.” fantasies to another. However, we both felt that in order to be together we needed to know everything about each other in order to build and maintain a trusting relationship. It's better that they separate us now, before they unleash a murderous fury that we laughingly agreed to.

We decided to tell each other two of our most arousing and frequently used masturbating fantasies; The ones we knew we'd never be able to do in real life, but the thought of them still triggered mind-blowing orgasms. We had to flip a coin to decide who would go first and I lost. At first I thought of something unimportant. I could always be honest if his answers justified it once he admitted his fantasies, which I argued. I decided it would ruin the whole reason we were doing this, and my guilt demanded honesty from me. Besides, we really need to know each other inside and out, otherwise how can we build a lasting relationship? Anything else would be a lie or at least a distortion of who we really are.

I pulled myself together and told him that my hottest fantasy was being raped, being forced to do disgusting things to my rapist, and being fucked hard and painfully, but I couldn't leave. In my fantasy, a man with a big cock always dominated me with his cock and made me love my humiliation. Jerry just smiled and said, "Isn't that every woman's fantasy, I was afraid you would say something like that, like you wanted to fuck your boss and I knew you were with him every day at work, like." "This murder." would have. My gaze fell to the floor as I began, and I felt my heart pounding in my chest, my mind filled with doubt and fear as I began to stutter, "I... I... I... need... No... I mean what I want..." ... then I calmed down and said slowly, Jerry, I'm thinking about getting fucked by a really big cock... and added deeply Add air: a really huge black cock... Raping him is my favorite thing, but any kind of fuck with a black cock is my favorite thing. I care. I know it's crazy, but the thought of a huge black cock Getting cock fucked drives me crazy every time.

Jerry sat there with a dumbfounded look on his face and I assumed the worst. My heart seemed to stop beating in my chest. I rushed to explain my answers by saying, "I I think the reason I like these fantasies is because I know there is no safe way to get raped. That's why I'm sure that unless I actually get raped, it would never happen, and I doubt it. "I'll like it." Jerry, this does make me think about fucking black men, but I know I can't because the idea of ​​a black man touching me in any way really turns me off. I know it sounds crazy, but I think it's just the taboo of a black guy in my white pussy that really makes me so hot. In my fantasies, it's the thought of being fucked by a huge black cock that does it for me, rather than the actual person fucking me. I knew it sounded crazy and that's why I knew it would never happen in reality.

Jerry shifted in his seat and looked uncomfortable, and that's when I noticed his cock was straining in his pants and his breathing seemed quicker and deeper. He said seriously, "Really, Lexie, I never in a thousand years would have expected you to say that." “Do you really like the idea of ​​fucking a black man,” he asked?

I almost blurted out that I was only joking and started laughing, but his hand grabbed his hard cock and adjusted it into his pants, and I was confused at how my revelation made him both angry and excited could. I decided to be honest and replied, "Yes, I even have a black dildo somewhere that I bought many years ago to fulfill my fantasy and make it more real." Does that disgust you, Jerry?" I asked ?

“Oh my God, Lexi, I've thought about watching you get fucked by a huge black guy with huge scales a hundred times. Just the thought of you screaming and humping while he fucks you makes me cum so hard. Look at my cock baby, your confession alone made me horny as hell,” he replied.

His answer pleased and surprised me at the same time. I waswas surprised that he could imagine me fucking any man other than himself, but the excitement and pleasure of the thought of me being with a black man made my clit throb with excitement upon learning. I was pleased that of all the possible fantasies we could have had separately, we were having the same one and masturbating with the same thoughts. After Jerry told me that his favorite masturbation fantasy was imagining being fucked hard by a fit black man and having the man cum in my ass, I had to wonder if he was hoping that would actually happen. The longing gripped my pussy so much that my thighs tightened at the opportunity and a violent tremor shook my entire body as I became instantly aroused. I wanted to tell him that I needed him to fuck me, but he said his second fantasy was to sit and jerk me off, watching me play with myself and make myself cum over and over again.

I couldn't believe he just asked me to do it and told him. He just said he thought I would think he was weird or something if he asked me to. Until that evening, I didn't let anyone watch me play with myself. I could never reveal my humanity and my sexual needs to another person, although I have often dreamed of doing so. I was sure I would be embarrassed to death to try this, but it made my clit throb and I became aroused thinking about him stroking his cock while we looked at each other. His revelation that he wanted to watch me fuck a black guy also made me curious and wondering if I could actually do it, especially in front of him. I thought that if I gave in to one of his fantasies every now and then and decided that I wanted to fulfill his best fantasy in the future, he would owe me something and wouldn't be able to give in.

The thought of pranking myself in front of him started to excite me, so I got up, went to our bedroom and stripped naked. That's when I remembered telling Jerry about the black dildo I bought to use when I thought I was going to get caught by a black guy. It seemed to me that this was related to his two favorite fantasies. I had to look for it in the closet where I kept it because Jerry rarely gave me a reason to use it. Once I found it, I washed it off and warmed it under hot running water. I thought to myself, yes, I need a hot black cock inside me. Then I felt it in my hands and realized I had forgotten how big it was. My pussy clenched and a longing emptiness filled me as I remembered how full I felt when she was fully inside me. A shiver ran through my body as I thought about how Jerry saw my reaction to his size and how my inhibitions left me as I used him. I grabbed the lube I had used on him and went back into the living room. With every step, my excitement erupted from the molten cauldron of my pussy and flowed like hot lava down the inside of my thighs. Fueled by the knowledge of what I would do while he watched me, the raging hell within me consumed my pride, my inhibitions, and my ability to think rationally.

Jerry's eyes widened with a curious look as I sat on the other end of the couch, lying on my back across from him. I leaned my head back on the arm of the sofa so I could see his face and his hard cock. My thighs opened, exposing my wet wound to his gaze. I saw his tongue slide over his lips and my clit throbbed because I knew he was going to eat me. His eyes seemed to sparkle with excitement, which made him show me his cock. His bloated mass convulsed violently under his grip. I slowly lifted my left leg and stretched it over the back of the sofa. My hips began to sway as he looked openly at me. I felt like a complete whore flaunting myself so seductively. My pussy filled with intense hunger knowing he was watching me. I opened even wider as my right leg slid to the side until I lowered my foot and pressed myself against the floor, my pussy rippling with desire. I felt exposed, vulnerable and unnecessarily thirsty!

If we had a real black guy with us, I would fulfill Jerry's best fantasy and beg him to fuck me. At that moment I knew I could let the black guy fill me with his big cock and make both of our fantasies come true. I knew he could see my pussy rapidly contracting and relaxing with each hard thrust of my clit, seeing the wet expression of my arousal. I couldn't stop my hands from grabbing my gaping pussy and excitedly pushing two fingers of each hand into my wet hole. I began to finger fuck myself, opening my tight pussy while the heel of my hand rubbed my clit vigorously. I had never felt sluttier in my life as my moans were filled with the urgency I felt. I wanted to have his cock inside me, the thirst for it quickly spread through me.

“Why don’t you take off your clothes and get comfortable baby and watch my black friend fuck my pussy, are you okay with that sweetie?” I asked him?

Jerry stood upand hastily undressed himself, and when he sat back down his cock was as swollen as I had ever seen it. His cock twitched violently, bouncing under his own weight and swaying back and forth in time with his heartbeat. I saw the excitement in his eyes, his hand found his cock and he started stroking it slowly and asked me, "His cock is so much bigger than mine baby, you sure you can take all that black cock, don't you." true? "Do you really want him to fuck you here with me while you watch this?"

I felt my pussy overflowing with excited wetness as I rubbed the big black head of my clit. My hips began to tighten bending over as I teased myself with the black cock, "I have no choice baby, he said he would make me take it all, he said he would ram his naked black cock into me and cum inside me, his black ones." Sucking balls and impregnating me." My fingers began circling my clit as I placed his black tip against my hungry inner lips and began to hold him tightly to me, saying, "Oh God, Jerry, his cock is so big .” He hurts me, baby, oh damn, he's so much bigger than you. Please stop, I can't take it... you're hurting me. Ooooooooooooo Jerry, he won't stop. Please don't, oh god, it feels like he's tearing my pussy open with his black cock, my pussy is on fire... ohhhh, god he's so thick... mmmmmmmm... so hot... oh god , I feel it pulsating... so good... .damn…he's so good…so hard and thick…he's fucking me, baby…fucking my pussy so deep…aaaaaaa…..aiiiiii…..fuck me&hellip ;.yes.. yes...oh god, it hurts so much.”

“Did you want to see that, love?” Does watching me fuck my pussy with this BBC turn you on? I love the way it feels in my pussy, how it stretches me deeper than you can. Does it make you angry that when you're not home I think about black men with huge cocks raping my pussy like that? What bothers you is that I crave cocks more than you, I cum hard when I think about them. This is what you wanted to see, baby. “How much do I love fucking my pussy while thinking about men with big cocks fucking me?” I teased him. I knew if he was honest that the thought of me fucking black men turned him on more than anything else, was it because he wanted me to take bigger cocks than he had?

Jerry was fascinated by my role play and my honesty. I've never seen him so hot and excited. It seemed that the sluttier I was and the more I expressed my desire to be fucked by black men with big cocks, the faster his hand stroked his cock. It seemed strange to me, but I liked it. I liked knowing that he really wanted to watch me fuck other guys. I've wanted to fuck a really huge cock since my first time when I had a thick cucumber stuck in my pussy while I was masturbating. I saw a black boy in the alley behind our garage struggling while two neighbor girls kneeled in front of him and sucked his cock. I watched as he filled their mouths with large loads of cum from my bedroom window. He had what seemed to me at the time to be a very thick penis, two feet long. At that point I had never seen a hard penis in my life and I'm sure I exaggerated its size, but it was definitely huge. I was thirteen at the time and he was my masturbation fantasy for years. When I found black cock sites online, I knew I didn't need that special reminder anymore. It was replaced by black men fucking white pussies online, which I still see regularly today.

Seeing his excitement and the feeling of my pussy being stretched and filled, my back arched, my thighs clenched tightly as my hands pulled the black dildo all the way inside me. Jerry knew I was thinking about getting fucked by a real black man and my orgasms kept coursing through me. The knowledge that he was watching me and knowing my thoughts increased my pleasure so much that I couldn't stop ramming the dildo deep inside me until my body curled up in a fetal position and I rolled off the couch onto my knees floor as I leaned heavily into the black cock, which I pushed as deep as possible into my battered body. My upper body lay on the sofa cushion as I bent over and used my hands to roughly press my pussy against the cock that was being pushed deep inside me. I was lost in the wild electricity as if spasms were coursing through me and couldn't even think about Jerry as orgasm after orgasm overcame me!

I was neither prepared nor expecting what Jerry would do next. My eyes were closed and I no longer lived on this earth. I moaned at my love for heaven, for my thoughts, and for the black dildo I lived in, when I suddenly felt hot nakedness pressing first against my virgin ass and then against hers. It took me a few seconds to realize what was going on, and by then my ass was already thereIt burned as Jerry's extremely hard cock impaled me, opening me up to his hot, hard meat and moving wildly inside me as I screamed.

His hands held my hips as I felt his hot meat inside me, my ass squeezing him tight as I felt each thrust of his cock stretching my ass as he pushed deep inside me. It felt like a large turd was quickly sliding out of me, and the nerves he was roughly stroking radiated a pleasure that made the burn seem worth it. I felt compelled to scream how he was going to kill me, but honestly by this point my hips were already rotating, my ass was clenching and I couldn't stop arching roughly into the black cock that was still impaling me. I felt Jerry's arms wrap around my waist, his hands pushing mine away as he started pushing the dildo into me really hard. He took turns fucking my ass and pussy and told me to spread my thighs a little. I did so and his fingertips immediately began to lightly trace small circles on my clit. The contrast between the roughness I felt in my ass and pussy and the gentleness of his touch on my tight clit sent my mind and body into turmoil.

I completely lost consciousness, feeling his cock and dildo struggle inside me through the thin partition that separated them, while the sensations emanating from my lightly stroked clitoris filled every cell of my body with a pressure of cum that overwhelmed me, and my hips began to move inward in a blur. crazy hunchback. My head began to spin as my mind was filled with a rush of pleasure that exploded within me. I had to leave or go crazy, but he pinned me between his body and the sofa and all I could do was scream and wave my arms and claw at the sofa until my whole body was tense and my elbows were pressed together at my sides and I tried , curling up into a fetal position on the couch cushion as I came harder than I had ever come in my life. I was completely immobilized as he raped my ass, holding his black cock painfully inside me and now rubbing my clitoris roughly. My chest rose and fell, my body twitched and trembled as he fucked me convulsively. I felt a thrill run through me like lightning, from my ass straight down my spine to the pleasure center of my brain. The deep pulses of pure pleasure from my clitoris caused every cell in my body to condense from the pain in my pussy and leak fluid from me, flooding the black cock lodged there.

I begged him to stop, screaming that he was going to kill me, and in response to my pleas he ran his fingers through my hair, yanked my head back and pushed me down onto his rough assfuck. His body pressed against the dildo with each deep thrust of his cock into my ass. I couldn't stop cumming! My whole body pushed the cock into my pussy, my legs stretching behind me as he continued to fuck my ass. I couldn't control my body, it was shaking violently, twitching, my hands were squeezing my breasts tightly, my fingers were squeezing my nipples, hoping the pain would distract me from the hard cock moving like crazy in long strokes and fuck my ass. I loved it even though I knew my ultimate demise was near. My mind screamed NO!, NO! When I heard my voice pleading, "Fuck me, don't stop, oh my god, I love your cock in my ass, I feel so drooling while you fuck my ass... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa God, Jerry, I love you&hellip ;..fuck me…..God, you're killing me…..don't stop……can't stop, cumin..aaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidd

I felt like my first fantasy had come true, I was being raped and was helpless to stop what I was experiencing. For the first time in my life, a man raped my ass, took it and made it his, and I loved it! I heard Jerry grunting and panting and knew he was going to fill my ass with hot cum. My mind melted as I realized I was going to have a cock in my ass for the first time in my life. I wanted it, needed it and my hips began to rotate, squeezing my ass against every hard thrust he made. I squeezed his cock with my ass and met his hardest thrusts with equally strong pressure from behind. My whole being screamed for it and when it came I screamed and started milking his cock with my ass muscles as he exploded my colon. I felt hot inside me and his cock immediately became slick with lava, as if it had squirted out. It felt gross as I fucked his cock with my ass while his balls continued to pump me full. So disgusting that a shiver of excitement ran through my body as he began skillfully fucking me again. I have never felt sloppier than when I squeezed my cum back onto his fast fucking cock. I could feel his cum coating his cock and lubricating it as I squeezed him hard to squeeze every drop of pleasure out of this carnal act.

My upper body lay on the sofa cushion with my thighs spread wide as Jerry continued to fuck my ass. The feeling of the dildo still in my wet pussy reminded me of mineDesire for black cocks. My mind was filled with visions of a black man fucking my ass and my body immediately began moving greedily. It was a testament to Jerry's excitement that his cock was still erect as he drilled it into my ass.

"Jerry baby, would you be interested if two black men fucked me, one in my pussy and the other in my ass, how are you feeling with the dildo now?" I asked, my mind gently leaning over his caresses let.

“I think I fell in love with a real slut with a black cock. Hell yeah, I don't care if someone fucks my future wife. I expect them to make you cum in your ass as I watch them bury their black cocks inside my wife and fill her with their hot cum.”

My eyes filled with tears as I realized that Jerry had implied in a statement that he wanted to marry me and that he expected whoever fucked me to do it well for me. When we shared our fantasies with each other, I didn't think he would ever consider having a woman he wanted to watch black men fuck, especially one who admitted it was her fantasy. I thought he was trying to imply that he knows our relationship will fail one day and that we should just enjoy sex until that happens. "Jerry, when you said that if someone wants to fuck your future wife, they should do it well for her, what did you mean by that, who were you talking about?" I asked seriously?

"I was talking about you, who do you think I was talking about?" I thought that when I told you I loved you, you understood that I expected us to get married one day. It seems that the woman I love, namely you, needs to fuck big cocks, black ones it seems, which I cannot provide. If that's the case, and the thought of something like that happening excites me greatly, then I expect them to use you the way they need to, and make you cum as good as I know you do will. “Do you understand that?”

“Or you could marry someone who doesn’t want to fuck big black cocks, have you ever thought about that,” I asked?

“Not for a second, why would I do that?” You have been more honest about your wants and needs than any woman I have ever known. Besides, if you remember, I was the one who told you that my biggest fantasy was you doing exactly what you've supposedly been dreaming about for so long. Now I suggest you close your eyes and imagine a black guy with a big cock fucking you in the ass, and now that you've done it, you seem to like it," he replied.

I did that right after I said, “I love you with all my heart, Jerry, now fuck my ass with that black cock.” My visions became even hotter as I imagined two black men fucking me while my "husband" fucked me. looked what a big slut his wife could be! That night Jerry got me addicted to ass fucking. Until that day I thought the woman who did this was a real whore who obviously loved pain. But that night, as I lay there with my pussy stuffed and imagined black men taking turns fucking my ass, my cum dripping wetly from my pussy and his dripping out of my ass, I learned to love a nasty, slippery cock and ass fucking.

That night brought us closer together and we even started talking about getting married as soon as possible. My ass continued to hurt for a few days, but every time I sat down I smiled as the pain reminded me of the feeling of a hard cock squeezing my ass. Now it seemed natural to me to feel a hunger in my ass as intense as the longing in my pussy as I became aroused. Jerry informed me that since I had fulfilled his fantasy of me masturbating, he would figure out how to "rape" me; in a safe way. He said he'll wait a while so I don't expect it, but it will happen. That's all he told me, except that black men would be involved.

Days turned into weeks and then weeks turned into months and nothing happened until I finally came to the conclusion that he really couldn't figure out how to accomplish this or that he had just forgotten. But I didn't care, I was very happy in bed with Jerry. He even bought me a couple of black dildos so I could stick them in my ass and pussy and give him head at the same time. He also paid a fortune for “Rabbit.” An atmosphere that makes me cum in my ass for hours. I told him that as long as I have batteries for my rabbit, I don't need a man anymore. He pushed his cock into my ass, then grabbed the bunny and used it on me, fucking my ass and making me admit that I might keep it until I got another vibration for my ass.

I worked in the mortgage lending department downtown. I usually had lunch at a small restaurant near our company. One day I was walking and there were three black guys there, obviously from the hood. sat in the cabin. As I walked past them alonesqueezed my ass and said something smart. I quickly turned around, got angry and said, "Keep your fucking hands to yourself, you fucking black asshole." The guy stood up and said, "Listen bitch, you better watch your mouth because a black guy will have yours fuck white ass.”

A police officer who was there regularly saw all this, stood up and said to the guy: “Boy, this is what the law calls a terrorist threat and you can get up to a year in prison for that, especially if you're stupid is." ." It is enough to do this in front of a police officer. I would advise you to apologize to this lady and hope she doesn't want to press charges, otherwise you and I will take a little trip downtown.

The guy looked at the cop and me, but finally said, “ I'm really sorry if I offended you ma'am, I was just joking and didn't mean any harm."

I looked at him and said, “From now on, just keep your hands to yourself and everything will be fine.”

The police officer said, "It's up to you, ma'am, whether you want to report it." What I saw was considered a sexual assault and a terrorist threat. I looked at the man, saw a wedding ring on his finger and asked, “Do you have children?”

"Yes a pair. My wife is watching them at home now,” he replied.

"Then go home and hug her because that's the only reason you're not going to jail today." Then I said to the policeman, "Thank you for your help, but I don't want his children to suffer because of him is an asshole.”

"You're in luck, buddy," the officer said to the man before turning around, walking back to his chair and sitting down. He sat there and watched the three boys get up and leave.

I walked up to him and asked him if he considered this man's actions to be as serious as sexual assault and terrorist threats, and he replied, "Serious as a heart attack." You can't imagine how scared he was because I was knows for a fact that he had just left the courthouse after being paroled for another stupid thing he did. If you had prosecuted him, he probably would have served about eight years. But next time don't say anything to this guy, just call the cop, because some of these guys, and he's one of them, will hurt you.

I thanked him again and went back to work. If a guy had squeezed my ass under different circumstances, that might have resulted in him fucking me. He was a brave black man who was pretty good looking. For the rest of the day my mind kept returning to the feeling of his hand squeezing my ass tightly. When I got home my panties were wet. If I hadn't been so excited, I might have noticed three black men sitting in a van smoking weed as they watched me walk to my car in the garage. The only thing that saved me at the time, unbeknownst to me, was that they hadn't yet cut the section of cable to the security camera. But tomorrow was a different story.

Jerry came home late and when he saw me naked he apologized and said he had a migraine and needed to go to bed straight away in the dark, which he did after kissing me goodnight. I felt frustrated and the throbbing desire in my clit and the pressing longing I felt in my pussy made me face my biggest black dildo again to fuck hard. I picked up my black lover and was previously raped by a black asshole in a diner. I imagined him telling me that he was going to fuck me, fuck my white pussy, and get revenge for embarrassing him. I couldn't remember much of what he looked like because I was afraid to look at him at that moment because of the hatred I saw in his eyes. I remember thinking he was someone I could have fucked under different circumstances. I also remembered very clearly the feeling of his hand on my ass. I thought about his big black hands squeezing my ass as he drove his big cock deep into my pussy. After about an hour of cumming and enjoying being fucked by a black cock, I showered, climbed into bed with Jerry, and went to bed.

The next morning Jerry was feeling better and I told him about the events and my excitement the day before and let him know that he had missed the time when I was having a good time fucking a black guy on the couch. As I was walking out the door he stopped me, kissed me and told me he had a surprise for me when I got home that night. He didn't say anything else, so I decided to just wait and see. I really thought he had a new and amazing sex toy for me.

As I left work that evening, I was halfway to my car when I heard screeching tires. I quickly turned around and saw a gray van pulling up and two men running out the open sliding side door, grabbing me and pushing me into the interior of the truck. . I began to scream as I felt my nose and mouth covered by the cloth, trying to remember the smell that overwhelmed me as my mind went dark. The next time I woke up I was nakedYou lie on your back on a mattress, your arms are tied above your head and your legs are spread and tied to the sides of the van. I writhed and tried to free myself from the bonds, but to no avail. They put gauze or something like that over my eyes and some kind of bandage to keep them in place and I couldn't even tell if it was day or night.

I had no idea about the time of day or night. I could hear and smell. I felt open and vulnerable to whatever they wanted to do to me. I was terribly afraid, tried to free myself and asked why me? As I moved I noticed that my ass was wet and my pussy was leaking fluid as if I was fucking, but I knew that wasn't the case. Then I remembered I was on drugs or something and didn't really know what was happening to me while I was gone. I felt the truck stop, heard the door open and cool air rush over my body. I knew someone had come out and I heard two people talking and laughing, then someone opened the side door and I heard someone say, "Okay, here's your money." I felt someone between my thighs, heard the sound of lightning and then felt something hot rub against my clit and along my slit before stopping in the wet flesh of my pussy.

"No no! "Oh God, what are you...don't...please don't," I begged as I realized I was about to be fucked. I felt the man's hot penis enter me and start , fucking me. It looked like Jerry's cock, and as his thrusts became faster, I was sure it was him. I immediately calmed down and relief flooded through my body. That was the surprise he was talking about, my rape. Knowing I was safe, I began to enjoy his fucking, lifting my hips against his hard thrusts and rolling as I remembered he had said I would get fucked by black people too. I was excited. I would be fucked by black people. My excitement almost ended when I felt the hot jet of cum inside me and his rough thrusts as he pumped his balls into me. He left immediately and I heard the sound of lightning, felt him approaching the door, and felt the cool air rush over my body again.

I lay there breathing heavily, wanting to touch my pussy and make it cum. My pussy kept spasming, causing his cum to drip into my ass. I wanted to beg someone to fuck me, but this was supposed to be my rape, I wasn't supposed to enjoy it. The door was still open and a cool breeze caressed my naked body. I heard someone ask, “How old are you, brother?” and the answer was “18.” "Come on, take your payment to the white slut, this time it's for me." I feel someone enter the truck again, hear her heavy breathing and feel the cock pressing against my slippery pussy again. I wonder if he's really eighteen or if it's just part of my rape that makes me think that way. His cock is thicker and longer than the previous one and he fucks me hard, deep and mercilessly. His cock hurts my pussy and I want to grab his ass and fuck him hard, giving him the best I can, but I can't. I can only beg him to fuck me hard as his mouth finds my nipples and sucks on them roughly, almost chewing on them as my body squirms. God, I have to press his head against my tits while he rapes my pussy. I scream in both disappointment that he came too soon and pleasure that his hot cum has soaked my pussy deep.

I'm aroused, eager to cum, feeling his cock swell even more and get harder, and he uses it to drive me even deeper because instead of getting softer, he fucks me even more frantically. My legs drag as my body tries to rise under his painful thrusts as I begin to cum, my pussy moving around the mass of his cock as he fucks me non-stop. My body is mid-orgasm, my pussy squeezing his cock tightly as he pulls away from me and begins thrusting into my ass. My ass is just as thirsty as my pussy and soon he's fucking my ass just as hard as my pussy. My pussy is dripping wet but feels empty as his cock slides through the cum covered hole in my ass. I can't stop cumming and when I hear him say, "Damn slut, you really are a whore for black cocks aren't you, even my cock in your ass turns you on?" I know it's true but I Do not know. I do not care.

Just knowing that a black cock is cumming inside me makes me horny and aroused. His cock seems to be getting bigger and bigger and I start to cum hard again. As I get hard I hear his grunts and feel him fucking his cock deep and hard into my ass and feel a jet of his black ball juice squirt into me in a hot stream that quickly coats his thick cock as he roughly fucks everything that's inside your penis. black bag inside me. My ass flexes quickly, my legs straining against the restraints as I try to milk every drop into my ass. As I tense, he leans down and grabs my swollen clit between his.Thumb and index finger, press it firmly and twist it vigorously. The sudden pain causes my butt to clench violently, my body to shake violently, and my hips to twist and turn as I try to escape the pain. He doesn't let me go and soon the intense pain makes my orgasm seem exquisite in its intensity. My legs and arms pull hard on my bonds and my orgasm grows stronger by the second as he pulls and twists on my clit. My mind can no longer distinguish between the pain and the pleasure I feel as his cock slides against my contracting anus.

My ass spasms, twitches and arches as I sob in my wonderful agony. I scream about my plight until someone rams his cock deep down my throat and says, "Shut up, whore." Finally the boy releases my clit and pulls away from my ass, leaving my body curled up like crazy, while trying to squeeze my thighs together. My mind is lost as I desperately suck the cock in my mouth. I want to scream for a cock, to beg for someone to fuck my pussy, to torture it with a painful, deep fuck, but the cock fucking my mouth prevents that and I start sobbing because I can't control what do it to me or don't do it to me. . . My clit is throbbing, burning from the harsh treatment, but it throbs with the desperate need to be tortured again, sucked, licked, anything to make me cum as intensely as the boy did to me. The cock in my mouth was rougher than Jerry's and I was sure it was a black cock fucking my throat.

I felt so used, so completely enslaved to everyone using me for their pleasure. I was their slave, my feelings didn't matter and I didn't feel guilty about the whore I became because I was tied up and forced to take their cocks in any way they wanted. What else did Jerry have in store for me, I thought, feeling the hot cum running down my throat? I shook my head wildly, trying to free the cock throbbing in my throat as it continued to spit its owner's hot relief into my white mouth. He pushed my head against his spurting cock until the air in my lungs was pushed out, causing his hot cum to flow like lava from my nostrils as I choked on his thick head. Finally, he brought his thick tip to my mouth, allowing me to catch some air before ramming his cock deep into my throat again, shooting the rest of the product from his balls into my gullet. He pulled his cock from my throat and I felt a streak of white cum run down my throat onto my tongue as I tried to suck it from his tip and swallow. He pulled out of my mouth and wiped the tip on my cheek, a streak of cum dripping from my tongue onto my face as I tried to catch it on my tongue. With my eyes closed, my senses seemed to be heightened and I could feel everything on my skin. My face and neck were covered in cum. I felt it dripping from the tip of my nose but no one cared, I was just a bucket of cum, not even a human it seemed.

As the man got out of the truck, I heard someone ask in a rough voice, "How much," and someone replied, "Ten dollars for you." I heard a rude voice, "Is she cleaning up or do I need a jacket?"

“No, no jackets allowed, this bitch needs a nigga to remind her of tonight,” I then heard loud laughter before someone entered the truck again. I heard flashes and harsh breathing and felt eyes on my body. Then an intense heat spread to my groin. At first I didn't know what it was, it felt big and heavy, and although I didn't feel anything on my hips, I felt a heavy object stretching across my clitoris almost to my ribcage. As he began to lift it and then press it against my body, I realized it was a cock, a huge, meaty cock. My breathing instantly became harsher and deeper as I was terrified of what I knew would happen. My ass shifted as I searched for a way to stop him from entering me. My moans turned into screams: "Please don't, you're too big, don't hurt me, let me suck you." Most of my life I had longed for this moment, and now that it was here, I had Fear of death. I had always imagined being fucked by a huge black cock, but I never realized how big some black men could be. “Jerry, don’t, I’ve had enough, please, Jerry,” I yelled, hoping he was close enough to hear me.

"There's no Jerry here, sweetie, just a bunch of niggas wanna put some nuts in that white pussy," the man between my thighs said. I braced myself for what I was in for as he ran his thick head over my slit, coating it with the slickness he found there. He felt huge and hot against my soft flesh as he began to press against me. I felt his tip land on my ass and was immediately scared, but he pushed it back into my pussy as I screamed, "Oh my God, I can't get this inside me, please don't, no, no, "It “It hurts,” I beg him. Tears flowed from my eyes as I felt my pussy tear with confidence.Spread me so wide. It felt like softball was being forced upon me.

I cried and begged him to stop, but he said, "It's done, I paid the money, baby, and there's no refund."

That's when I realized they were selling my pussy. Jerry would never do that, I thought. What if he handed me over to them to “rape”? and they took advantage of this to use me as their prostitute. Was he even here? This man said there was no Jerry here. The pain in my pussy shot through my entire body as the man jerked his hips forward, pushing his thick cock past my tense inner muscles. I saw a white explosion in my head and I think my brain shut down for a few seconds to protect me from the searing explosion of pain that was excruciating for the time it took to get his thick head firmly inside my pussy stuck. I lay there, feeling his heartbeat echoing in my pussy, feeling the burn in my tortured inner muscles where they squeezed his horse like straps.

“Now you’re going to get fucked really good, baby. That was the hardest part, the rest was fun. Let's start slow and when you're ready, I'll give you the black cock you white sluts dream about."

I bit my lip as he started to move. God, I've never felt anything so good. My pussy already felt full and stretched just from his head inside me. My hips began to rock slowly as I felt his hot cock against my pussy. My breathing became deep and rapid as I realized the pleasure his thick girth was giving me. I've dreamed of this since I first saw these girls suck black cocks. This man is right: his cock fuels white women's dreams. My body writhed under my thongs and my pussy twisted around the huge cock that impaled me, taking over my mind and making me addicted to my body as he fucked me. He seemed to enjoy the feeling of my soft inner flesh massaging his meaty cock. Every time he pressed against me I felt my pussy opening deeper and deeper. It felt like my pussy was a big mouth yawning as it inhaled his cock. Every time his hips pulled back, his head created a suction inside me that seemed to pull on my uterus. He didn't have to fuck me fast, hard or deep to make me want to cum on his black cock. I just lay there feeling his huge cock moving inside me and my body seemed to swell with the pleasure of what he was entering. He knelt between my wide spread thighs, slowly moving his hips back and forth, squeezing my tits, rolling my nipples between his fingers as the desire grew in my head for him to fuck me hard, hurt my pussy deeply and more its huge scope.

He was so gentle with his huge ponytail, taking his time fucking me. My breathing became deeper and deeper as his cock opened deeper and deeper for me. When his thick head finally met the resistance of my deepest walls, I felt him stretching me, stretching my inner flesh until his slow, piston-like movements made me moan loudly as my legs pulled on my bonds as I pushed my pussy under held on to his thrusts. I pressed my pussy against his thick head, feeling him throb as his warmth permeated my entire body. I felt the madness creep into my mind as my hips rotated with increasing force and speed. He must have sensed my need because he started fucking me hard, driving his cock into my pussy until the restraints on my legs stopped me from fucking him deep.

I desperately wanted to see this man, to see his face when he fucks me, to know who he is, to meet the man who gives me this pleasure. I started cumming as soon as he started violating me roughly with his pussy. My thighs wanted to close, my hands wanted to go down so I could grab his ass and rape his cock, but all I could do was cum on his cock as my hips arched over my pussy as he fucked me. I thought I was going crazy because I couldn't stop coming as he forcefully penetrated my pussy with deep, painful thrusts that made my entire body convulse violently around the huge mass of his cock.

My pussy burst as I felt his cock throbbing hard and knew he was about to cum. I was still cumming hard, begging him not to cum and to stop fucking me. I begged him to tell me his name and told him he could fuck me for free. He came right then and I lost it, god I thought a volcano had erupted in my pussy as his lava like cum burned hot in my pussy. He fucked it into me roughly. The pain from the ligaments digging into my ankles fulfilled my rape fantasy and made my wonderful situation worse; Each deep thrust shook my body and tore my pussy apart as I begged him not to stop. I almost told him I loved him, that my feelings were so wild, knowing he would take his cock away from me in seconds. I felt him lean over me and touch my lips as his cock continued to spurt out hot juices. His kiss was passionate, he sucked on my mouth and ran his tongue over mine. I thought my mind had explodedas I felt his cock swell and sink like marbles into my pussy with each hot jet from his furnace. He broke our kiss and whispered in my ear, "Damn, you have a good pussy, baby," as his body twitched and his cock stiffened as he left me with the last of his ball juice. I had never been fucked so well in my life and this black man paid for the privilege.

"How can I find you?" I asked hastily before he could leave me.

"The 12th Street Leisure Club will be asking for Big John's baby, and you can have that cock any time you need it," he replied. Then he started pulling his cock out of me and I made a loud sucking noise and it felt like he was sucking the insides out of me.

I felt like someone could drive a fence post into my gaping pussy. I actually felt a coolness in the hole where my pussy used to be and I couldn't even squeeze my thighs together to stop my insides from falling out. I knew that if I survived that, Big John would fuck me in front of Jerry. The next guy that came in the truck stuck his cock in my pussy and cursed, then pushed it against my ass and started thrusting into me. He wasn't very big and it felt pretty good with his cock sliding into my slippery ass. I don't know how many other men have fucked my ass, but I know he squirted cum for days afterwards. I was used for a few more hours, forced to suck and fuck a lot more guys, and then I was driven to my house, and as they parked in front of the house, three black men cut my bonds, leaving me mine Have fun fucking everything every time. the hole of my body repeatedly. I think they thought they were punishing me for an unknown infraction, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I came to the conclusion that Jerry had orchestrated my rape and they took advantage of that by using his girlfriend as a prostitute.

When they were all limp, they handed me my purse, opened the side door, and laid my cum-covered, tired, naked ass on the sidewalk. You saved my clothes. It was already two in the morning and as they were already driving away one of them said, "Now we're even." I would kill any other bitch, but since you did me a good favor, I'll do you a favor. I finally understood who they were and why they were using me like that. Oh my God, I thought, Jerry wasn't involved in any of this and he had a surprise for me. Then I realized I was standing naked in front of my house and everyone in the neighborhood could see me getting out of a truck full of black men naked. I quickly unlocked the door, quietly went into the bathroom and began to shower. I had cleaned most of my body of cum and had just started washing my hair when Jerry went into the bathroom and started peeing. I stuck my head out and asked him when did he go to bed?

“I drank some beer and passed out around eight, I think,” he replied.

“I think I came home straight after. "I'm sorry I didn't call, but I didn't think we'd have about an hour and as it dragged on I got busy and forgot I didn't call," I lied.

“I tried your cell phone and your work phone, but both went to voicemail,” he said.

"Yes, my cell phone was in my purse on the table and we were in the conference room and I couldn't hear the landline. "Was it something important?" I asked?

"No, nothing that couldn't wait."Why are you in the shower so late?" he asked?

“I'm so tired I probably won't be able to sleep. “I thought maybe a hot shower would help,” I lied again.

"Well I'm going back to bed, unlike you I can't keep my eyes open," he said as he left the bathroom.

Then I took a leisurely shower. I even felt my pussy to see how much it was still gaping and continuing to leak cum from my ass. I started thinking about Big John, remembering how his cock felt inside me, and soon I was rubbing my clit. He and the eighteen year old were the only ones I really remembered. As I parked in front of the house, I heard men talking about “eighteen.” A year old boy who couldn't have been older than thirteen, but he fucked the hell out of me because he was so excited about fucking a white slut.

I looked at Jerry, he was snoring, so I grabbed the biggest black dildo I had and retreated to the living room where I laid down on the couch and started fucking myself, wondering how many of the men Those who had fucked me tonight would remember me. I was sure that all but one were black, and I knew that every time I saw a black man now, I wondered if he was one of them. I'm also pretty sure that every time a black guy smiles at me, I know he's one of them and blush. I loved being tied up tonight and not being able to escape what was happening to me. Even though I was sure I was safe. If I had known who they were quicker, I would have been scared to death the whole time.

TheAs I remembered the kidnapping, I realized I had left my car in the garage. Oh shit, I thought. I hastily put on a housedress with nothing underneath and called a taxi. I texted Jerry saying I was going to buy a fast food sandwich because I couldn't sleep, missed dinner and was hungry. I sat anxiously waiting for a taxi, and when I saw it approaching on the street, I grabbed my purse and ran out the door. I gave the driver the address and noticed him looking at me through the rearview mirror. I saw the smile on his face and since he was a cute black guy, I thought he was one of the guys who had fucked me before. My pussy was wet and my clit was throbbing as I crossed my legs and began pumping her, my thighs squeezing with desire.

“It's a bit late to go to the workshop, isn't it?” “It's not entirely safe for a beauty like you,” said the driver dryly.

“I’m sure I’ll be fine,” I said.

When we arrived I started rummaging through my purse for money when I realized they had taken everything I had before. I hadn't thought of this before, but how would they know where I lived? I explained that someone had taken my cash and asked if they could take the card or follow me to the ATM so I could pay them. He smiled knowingly, like he was used to it, and the way he looked at my body told me what he was thinking when he said, "It's a lot of trouble when I can just walk with you to your car and we can do it." ..-figure it out.”

My pussy was aching and my clit was pounding like a jackhammer because I knew this black guy wanted my pussy. God, I'm such a slut, I thought, I've fucked two or three dozen guys and I still want more black cock. I leaned back in the seat, spread my thighs and started rubbing my clit, looked at him suggestively and said, "I'd really like that." His eyes met my pussy, his tongue slid over my lips, he took a step back, turned into the garage, stopped at the ticket machine, hit the intercom and when the guy answered he said, "Hey Charlie, I got my fare, I." I take the car. Machine, woman, can you lift the pole so I can get it out? She doesn't have to go there alone." The bar was raised and he drove to my car and then sat in the back seat with me.

I took off my dress and watched him undress. I wanted to ask him to fuck me in the ass because I was sure I was still looking at Big John until I saw this guy's cock. He wasn't Big John, but he was damn close. I leaned back in the seat and he crawled between my thighs and started pressing his cock against me, he felt the tension and I immediately started moaning at my love for his cock. It felt good to be able to wrap my hips around this black guy and really fuck his huge cock. “Oh fuck, baby, I'll probably ride you a lot in the future... oh god, fuck me... God, hurt me... God, I like it when it hurts... big fucking black cock . .. aaaaahhhhhh yes, let me, I need it... yes, you know what I need... oh god, it's so fucking big... thick... make me cum, baby... you know how much I need it. .. give it to me hard, deep and forever... oh damn, give it to me that cock... fuck my white pussy."

He pushed his entire cock into me and when I came hard, I wrapped my legs around his thin thighs, locked my ankles and held his cock deep in my pussy. As I pressed him against my pussy, he reached back and opened the car door. I felt my body lifted by my ass and my arms wrapped around his neck as he backed towards the car door. I was lost as the cool night air caressed my body. It thrilled me to know that he was willing to risk being exposed so he could enjoy my pussy without the hindrance of the cramped back seat of a taxi. Hearing the cars drive through the garage, their tires screeching as they maneuver through the aisles, speaks to our inevitable discovery: naked, fucking in public. I didn't care, if anything it increased my excitement knowing someone could see me cum like a slut on his black cock. Nothing mattered except the feeling of his black cock chasing my pussy as I bent over him furiously. I fucked him forcefully, holding onto his erect cock, all the while he guided me to the side of the car. I begged him to fuck me, to hurt my pussy.

He pressed my back against the taxi, pushed me against it and fucked me with his cock with all the force of his arousal to give me what I asked for. His cock was so thick that I kept my hips as wide as possible while his powerful thrusts rocked my pussy, knocking me back with the ferocity of his assault on not only my body but my mind. My weight pushed me down onto his thick cock, ensuring my clitoris absorbed every hard thrust into my depths. God I felt so slutty bending over his big cock like crazy as I felt him tearing my pussy apart while I was naked in public.I loved it, I couldn't stop coming as my hands reached down and pulled him by his ass into my pussy, just like I wanted Big John. I felt my cum running down my ass in streams as I squirted all over the side of the car. His thick cock made terrible squeaking noises that excited me even more as he fucked me deeply.

When he finally got me to my feet, he turned me towards the car, rammed his cock into my pussy, bent me over and chased my pussy like any white woman wants to get fucked by a black cock. He pounded my pussy hard until my body was upright and pressed completely against the machine, and he held me tight with his huge cock as he fucked me deep, ramming his cock into me roughly as I screamed my desire. . I couldn't leave and there was nothing I could do to undo the full effect of him fucking my pussy deep while I was trapped between his cock and the car. His huge cock began to swell in my pussy, tightening its grip on my already stretched vaginal walls as his piston increased in both speed and power as he fucked me. I heard his breathing becoming ragged and knew his explosion was imminent, and my whole body craved it and hated it at the same time. His sudden upward thrust left my pussy with a tearing and burning sensation as my deepest tissues were violently stretched. When he finally came, I couldn't stop pressing my pussy against his thick, throbbing cockhead as he erupted hotly, his warmth easing the pain as he impaled me. I loved it and moaned loudly with pleasure as he filled me so deeply, but part of me also groaned in disappointment at the knowledge that he was leaving my pussy and I didn't want it to end.

I just thought it was over, like everyone else who had penetrated me that night. But to my surprise and delight, after sinking his balls into my hungry white pussy, he lifted me up until I was lying on the roof of the car. His cold metal pressed against my chest and his hands spread my buttocks, which were now level with his face. As he began frantically eating me out, ramming his tongue deep into my cum filled pussy and nuzzling my ass, my mind just seemed to melt. His tongue flew over me, licking my clit, exploring my pussy and then sucking on my dripping ass like he loved it. While his face was buried in my ass and his tongue was exploring her well-exposed muscles, a car drove by with a woman behind the wheel and she almost had an accident watching us naked in public and had to quickly hit the brakes to stop to prevent a collision. I saw her eyes trained on us and imagined she was seeing the enormous length and girth of his huge black cock flopping around hard and hard as he ate me out. As she watched, now sitting motionless in his car, he pulled me onto his hard cock and began tormenting me intensely again, while my head shook, my hips bent forward, and he fucked me completely senseless while she watched. I wouldn't care if Jerry was watching, I couldn't stop, I wouldn't stop because I couldn't stop cumming all over his beautiful, animal-like cock.

I was out of control, I had been sexually overwhelmed all day and now I couldn't get enough of black cocks. I begged this taxi driver to fuck me in the ass and he simply replied, "Whatever you need, baby," before he moved his thick head to my ass and started fucking it into me. I screamed as he fucked me quickly, driving his huge cock into my shit and I loved it, loved feeling my asshole being stretched and filled. I looked at the woman and she was rubbing her clit roughly while she watched him fuck my ass and I knew she wanted to be me and that made me cum as I felt his thick cock fill mine with cum filled ass slid. My hands were pressed against the car as I subjected my ass to his punishing thrusts as madness filled my mind. Fuck me, fuck me... Oh god, fuck me in the ass, baby. I fell into an abyss of lust that I couldn't escape and motioned for the woman to join us.

I watched as hesitation filled her mind, and then as I waved my hand again I heard her groan, saw the door open and her walking toward us on unsteady legs. As she came towards us I said, “Fuck her, she needs to feel your cock too.”

He smiled, turned to her and ripped her dress off, popping buttons everywhere. Then he ripped her panties off, lifted her to the side of the car and told me to put my cock in her and I did and she moaned as he fucked her hard with his thick cock. Her eyes were glassy and I'm sure she had never felt so hot in her life. She was a beautiful MILF with big diamond engagement rings on her finger, and I'm sure she probably never cheated on her husband, but she was lost because of this man's huge cock that screamed, "Oh God, he's like this." big!" I've never felt like such a big cock....oh god, fuck me...oh fuck...aiiiiii...oh god I have a black cock in my pussy and I love it ..... .fuck me...pleaseDon't stop, damn, I'm done... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...; aaaaaaa Damn, it's so hard... much more than my husband's... oh god... oh god, I want to fuck you again and again... every day.

“Get ready baby, I’m going to cum in this pussy and fill it up,” he told her.

“Oh my God, I’m not taking any more pills”

“Then should I take it out and cum on your face,” he asked her.

“NO!...oh God, no…cum inside me…don't stop…God, I'm cumming….doit…cum…arrggghhhhHHHH….OH GOD, a black man is cumming in my unprotected pussy…. Oh god yes...fill fucking hot Oh shit you're still cumming...oh god I love your big black cock......cccan...can't stop cumming . I saw her legs wrapping around his hips and her pussy moving wildly on his cock as he forcefully fucked his cum into her pussy. If she didn't use Plan B quickly, there was no way she was going to be brought to her knees. His cum flowed around his cock as she pushed him as deep inside her as possible.

When he finally stopped thrusting into her pussy, he lifted her off his cock to the sound of her frustrated moans and said, "Well ladies, it would be fun if you two cleaned that black cock with those beautiful lips and tongues "I am." I will come back." Work. I quickly fell to my knees because I knew exactly what he needed and I wanted to please this big black man with a cock. She learned quickly and soon had his cock between her lips as we shared our own cum, licking and sucking it from his cock and balls. His cock started to get hard and I sucked it seriously because I wanted his cum in my mouth. The woman soon realized that she could also help empty his balls and we took turns trying to shove his cock down each other's throats. He soon started pouring large amounts of black bullet juice down our throats as we greedily sucked it from his tip while the other pumped it into our mouths.

We were both still on our knees and watched as he took my purse and placed it next to me, then threw his business card into our cars, got in and drove away. I looked at her and there was a big spot of cum on her chin, and I leaned over and licked it off her, and for reasons I can't explain, I kissed her and smeared the cum all over her tongue with my own while they embraced each other passionately. I had never kissed a woman before, but I knew this wouldn't be the last time we would kneel naked in public and caress each other's clits and asses. We both tried to get up but it took a few moments as both of our legs were weak from the fucking we had just received and so long we were on our knees servicing his black cock orally. We exchanged business cards and I assured her that I would call her and ask if she would mind Jerry coming over to both of our houses. The thought of fucking a young man made her eagerly reassure me that everything would be fine as long as we all stayed apart.

She tried to put the dress back together but it seemed hopeless, but she managed to get it home. I put my house dress back on, took my driver card and put it in my purse along with Rose's. She admitted that she had never cheated before tonight and was just getting carried away by our sexuality as we openly fucked in public. That and the size of Adam's BBC. We reluctantly kissed each other goodbye, but we both knew it was time for us to go home. I stopped at the ATM before grabbing a few hamburgers at a 24-hour fast food restaurant and heading home. I thanked God that these people hadn't taken my credit and debit cards sooner. Jerry was still snoring when I got home and I slowly ate my burgers and thought how great it would be if Big John and Adam fucked me at the same time. Jerry would have loved it. I bet and planned to find out soon. For the first time since being thrown into the truck, I felt full. It felt wonderful to have Adam fucking me the way he did without me tied up and unable to fuck him back. No one had ever eaten me like he did. God, he made me feel so needed and wanted as he flipped me up and ate my ass and pussy. And when he started fucking me again, I lost control. He fucked me the way I always imagined being fucked by a black man.

I knew I could tell Jerry everything that happened, but I didn't want him to feel left out. I planned to invite Rose over and let him fuck her after watching us explore each other's bodies. She was over forty and would have loved to fuck Jerry if she hadn't been too tired from tonight. We also have dildos if needed. I'm lying lazily on the couch twirled her clit as she thought about eating Rose's pussy. I knew she had shaved her pussy because when I inserted Adam's cock into her I noticed how smooth and hairless it was. As we kissed on our knees, I caressed her quite well, knowing that she had the body of a much younger woman. I wondered if she had made it to her house without being discovered with her clothes torn. I knew this made her want to rip her clothes off so the black man could fuck her. I watched it happen and my pussy got soaked as I thought he was doing this to me. Every woman wants to feel like she's arousing a man until he can't control himself, and I know Rose loves that action. She was helpless to stop him from doing anything after he showed her how much he wanted her pussy.

I still didn't know why Jerry surprised me. Of course it wasn't my rape, but this fantasy came true very successfully. The only fantasy I had left was that Jerry would watch me get fucked by Adam and Big John. My ass hurts like hell now and is literally dripping cum, which is good if one of these two decides to fuck me in the ass. My whole body felt spent and sore, my ass was burning and I loved it. All the fantasies I've known all my life, and some of them, have come true in the last twelve hours or less. I thought of Rose's soft lips kissing and licking the pain that resided in my tired and tortured body as I finally fell asleep, still lying on the couch.

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