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The Way Home_(0)

That night in the van. Introduction: Dean secretly watches Cherise until... Cherise, Sally and Dean are sprawled out in the back seat of the van as Ann drives through the darkness. The shows were great, the atmosphere was great. Sally playfully tickled Cherise, thinking Dean was sleeping. Unable to resist, Sheri's laughter increased as the bold tickling gradually aroused her to the point where she succumbed to the pleasure of the touch. Don watched their ghostly figures with eyes barely open, hidden in the darkness by long eyelashes. Cherie moaned as the wicked, stroking fingers found their target. Her pants were opened for direct contact to be carefully removed. She came again, then again, harder, and again. Dean couldn't resist the sounds any longer. First he slid and cupped Sheri's breasts; She cried out in surprise, increasing another instant orgasm. "Yes / Yes!" Cherie screamed. Dean took off his clothes. The hot summer night and the sexual heat made him burn. Sheri's friend Sally pulled down Sheri's panties and Dean moved down, licking her slowly with a soft, tingling tongue. It was too much. Cherie wanted to do “this thing” immediately! She spread her legs and pulled him in to kiss him. His hard manhood slid straight towards her narrow door. He slid it up and down her entrance to lubricate his next move. Dean slowly guided the tip into the moist fold of his fertility. She gasped, stood up and pushed the head of his cock all the way into her vestibule. Now he crawled forward, moving just a hair's breadth, then stepping back and just maintaining contact. His strokes repeated the brief penetration. Cherie moaned again in agreement. Dean leaned forward to work on her pubic mound, enduring his short, probing thrusts. She came again and Dean rode all the way while she kissed her passionately. She pulled back and squeezed his cock hard. With just a few squeezes, Sheri milked Dean's seed and spilled it into her squeezing love chamber. They moaned together as Dean moved in and came back to her. They leaned forward casually, Dean too excited to go all soft. After a while the pleasant stiffness returned and the exciting, orgasmic lovemaking continued.

Then another, deeper feeling came over Cherie. The internal hormonal surge warmed her in a new but strangely familiar way. She knew it! She was pregnant!!! She pulled Dean closer and he felt the love. It was right and they felt right! Dean whispered his invitation and Sheri agreed to stay. He had put her to bed in his royal sanctuary and now instinctively continued selective reproduction. Sheri was so beautiful that Dean suddenly had an unexpected need to have children with him. After a psychedelic night full of deep love, they both felt connected to each other. Sheri stayed and moved. Dean planted the seeds until the fourth week without menstruation, and a home test gave a clear signal. Dean got Sheree pregnant! They married the following week in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Dean bought tickets to Paris and they flew out of Tahoe. They came to Paris and had even more fun on their honeymoon. Just a sip of champagne here and there and a walk through the artist alleys. Then they heard about a wild party club. Entry was $100 but everyone said it was mandatory.

It was wild in the club. Cocaine was obtained and consumed openly, and the smell of weed was mixed with other perfumes. Cherie noticed a girl taking some money. Cherie showed Dean how the girl puts some money in her pocket and then blows the Frenchman, and giggled. Dean said, "That was hot!" Cherie replied, "I could do that too! Would you like that? Dean paused, then said slowly, "If you want, then... I'd be happy to." It would be great to know that you like this idea! I would like to see your skills. There are no restrictions here!” Cherie looked around: the pregnancy hormones were already making her even more excited. She saw a man watching the party girl intently and walked towards him. She gave her attention and the man reached for his wallet. Bills in Sheri's hand, she put on a condom, took off her panties and bent over the chair with her skirt pulled up. The man fucked Sheri gently and steadily, but it didn't last long. He was already so engrossed in watching that Sheri easily squeezed one out of him and kissed him on the cheek. Dean kissed her deeply and said, "I can't believe how hot that was. “Did you really like it?” Cherie nodded and smiled. Dean kissed her again. They watched the scene and Dean had a few drinks. She and someone smoked a joint, then Cheri took more money and blew him. They finished and went back to their room to have wild nude sex again. At breakfast, Cherie counted out $700 for the throw and the putt. The next day they decided to continue their adventure. A night train with its own compartment took them to Amsterdam. Dutch coffee with cocoa and a hookah with hashish in the set set the mood for several more days of tourism. Then they found a kinky sex club. At the club, Sheri wore a revealing dress.underwear and just watched what happened. The men approached, but nothing happened. Then the man handed over 300 guilders and Sheri sucked him dry. A few more people showed up and two more came to pay for the game. The night ended almost $1,200 richer for one couple or another. After some sucking, Sheri wanted Dean to enter her too. They fell asleep together, hugging each other. The next morning they ate hashish and cocoa; After breakfast we decided to stay longer. Dean really enjoyed watching Sheri meet strangers and suck them off. They began spending three or more nights a week in clubs. After three weeks in Holland, they spent another month in the sex clubs of Copenhagen, secretly saved $25,000 on the island of Jersey, and then took the QE 2 home to New York. On the high seas, Dean found several elderly widows seeking affection and offered to please them if they were worthy. He found a “normal” lady who was willing to pay more for dinner. Sheri grinned and agreed to try to find a salary and a date at the bar. It was her third month of pregnancy and she was hornier than ever. Dean ate dinner, went out on deck and then took his girlfriend up to her room for a nice, long fuck. After two rounds she paid him £800, agreed and also gave him a £100 tip. Over five evenings, Dean earned £6,000 plus a bonus for a lunch meeting. The honeymoon was more fun than Dean and Sheri could have imagined. The financial results were exciting and vicious. They decided to move to Europe after the baby was born and see how things went there. They boarded cruise ships and went clubbing while raising their baby Lisa. Six months later, Sheri became pregnant again and this time they had a boy who they named Jesse. They spent their summers on the river and their winters in the Caribbean. Depending on the season, they preferred the resorts of St. Maarten or the Adriatic, where wearing private clothing was not required.

A few years later they moved to Japan. Dean taught English and Sheri worked as a hostess at an exclusive men's club. She lit a cigarette and poured drinks to get tips, but if you tried to touch her under the table that could be solved. The magic of local mushrooms opened up new ideas for them.

“Japanese families slept naked under the same blankets in their tiny rooms with paper walls. No privacy was possible or expected; They took hot tubs and swam naked. They found that with prolonged soaking in sufficiently hot water, contraception is not required for the session. The heat temporarily inactivated the sperm. They all took a hot tub with the hottest water possible. Then Dean announced that they were all over 18.

Now the whole family could have any intimate sexual relationship with each other if they wanted. Incest sex within the family has been legal in Japan since the 1880s, but this has not always been respected. It was legal, but it was best to keep it secret for now. The children smiled and moved closer to each other, testing their developed bodies for possibilities. Dean and Jesse went into the hottest bath to prepare the cum for submission. The girls whispered and giggled as they waited for almost an hour. They drank water and then the men came back. Lisa grabbed Jesse's cock and squeezed it gently, getting an immediate reaction. She rubbed it lightly, making it harder than ever. Jesse kissed her and cupped her sweet breasts as she played with him. It was the perfect size to take indoors. Jesse was...taller than the other boys, but not too tall. Lisa has developed well. Her hips were wide and there was a gap between her legs. Her nipples were large but not huge, but they were surrounded by a large area of ​​dark color. They touched and felt around and then Dean said, "Let's go back inside." Inside they dried off and all laid down on the central futon. Jesse and Lisa placed more emphasis on pleasing each other. Jesse ate Lisa and turned her into a wet mess. He then slowly inserted his young boner into his hot older sister as her parents watched as they trembled from the new pleasurable feeling of connection and the secret thrill of the forbidden taboo aura it brought. Kissing and fucking led to the inevitable source of teenage ejaculation. Mom Cherie watched enviously as her daughter and son cleaned up with tongues and fresh towels. Young Jesse was so excited that he didn't even give in. Lisa was lying in front of him, so he simply slid back into her tight teenage love box. Lisa purred as her brother's spoon filled her again. Papa Dean and Mama Cherie kissed as they watched their virgin children explore this new sexual realm. They agreed that moving to Japan was the right choice for now. They concluded that two hours was the limit for sex without the protective warmth of a hot furo bath. Dean cummed in Sheri's mouth so the kids could watch, and then Lisa said, "I want daddy to cum too, mommy!" Cherie laughed and replied, "That idea won't be met with resistance from any of us... I want to Blow Jessie yourself!” Dean quickly got hard as he looked at the boysLisa's sexy eyes. Without saying a word, the hot teen daughter took her dad's hard erection between her lips and licked the swollen head like Tootsie Pop. Mom Cherie followed her son's hard cock. Sheri poured out a load of cum and the taste made her want something more... She needed his cum, fresh and alive, on her fertilized balls!!! She said nothing, but immediately decided to carry the child with her own son. No one would know or find out, but no one here cared. She fell asleep and dreamed of another child. When she woke up, she found Dean eating his daughter while she sucked her brother off. Sheri jumped on the ropes and sucked Dean until he was numb while he ate her girl out until she was shaking and trembling with multiple waves of orgasm. Jesse squirted inside Lisa and Mom rubbed some into her pussy. She then motioned for Jesse to enter her. Now everyone felt the freedom of open family love! Jesse kissed his mom and then rocked her like a steam engine. Then he shot a huge load of cum into his mom! She kept him inside so all of his sperm could remain in her egg tray. She wanted a child from her new husband-son. That morning Jesse sprayed his mother Sheri with cum four more times. He ate his sister out once or twice while he was fucking mom. Dean knew his son would probably impregnate Sheri without protection, and he kissed her deeply as Jesse pumped out his cum to fill her again and again. Everyone loved each other completely. Just three weeks later, Sheri received news of the baby's birth. Jesse would be a father now! They were all very inspired by this idea. Lisa said that she also wants to have a child, but not in the near future. So, to be on the safe side, they kept time limits for baths and sex. The children loved each other day and night and, as far as possible, also joined their parents. Japan was full of perverted art and sex clubs. At a parents' evening, they saw live footage of sex shows and other risky activities. show. “Maybe we should do something like that one day?” - asked Dina Sheri. "Much easierreplied."



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