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Devil's Pact, Phantom of Paris, Interlude Chapter 6: Father

The Devil's Pact, Interlude to the Phantom of Paris

by mypenname3000

Copyright 2014

Chapter Six: Father

Note. Thanks b0b for reading the beta!

Saturday, September 21, 2013 – Randolph Cummins – Paris, TX

I sat at my desk in City Hall, sipping whiskey and worrying about my girl. Darlene didn't come back from dance class. Her car was still behind the school and it looked like she had just disappeared. It wasn't like her. She was a good child. Excellent students who never get into trouble, are always home before curfew and help around the house. This was a blessing as her mother died ten years ago.

One dark thought after another plagued my mind. She was kidnapped, she was killed, she lay wounded in a ditch somewhere. I sent the entire police force to look for her. Finding her was her top priority. What's the point of being mayor if I can't use my power to protect my little girl?

Door opened; My assistant Chris came in. “Sir, she has been arrested.”

"Who has?" - I demanded. “Why are you even wasting it?”

“Your daughter, sir,” he replied. “She was arrested for indecent acts in public.”

"What?" That couldn't be right.

“That’s strange, sir. The arresting officer was at the Home Office all night and then he showed up with your naked daughter and she was… covered in bodily fluids.”

A shiver ran through me. I didn't want to think about what it meant. “She is a victim. Why was she arrested?

"I don't know. But she's in the city jail.

"Go" - I said, finishing my whiskey. "My baby won't spend another minute in jail."

"Your limo is waiting outside, sir."

The city jail had recently been built on the outskirts of the city and I was cooking during the ten minute drive through the city. It was Saturday and the streets were deserted, although there was very little time left until dawn. The eastern horizon was already brightening, the gray color spread across the black sky. I drank more whiskey, wiped my red face, and tried to control my anger. Why did they lock up my girl? Heads will roll.

My limo pulled up and I jumped out before my driver could even get out and ran into jail like an angry bull, ready to kick some ass, call some names and get my daughter out of this damn place.

A prison guard was waiting for me, tall and muscular, his face was pale when he saw me. "You!" - I roared.

“Yes, sir,” he said. - he murmured and stepped forward. This guy may be a foot taller than me and a hundred pounds of muscle taller than me, but he cowered before my strength.

“Why was my daughter arrested?”

"Darlene, uh, your daughter was arrested for being naked in public and, sir, it was very clear that she was involved in some... inappropriate activities."

"She's eighteen!" What inappropriate actions could she have agreed to?

“I... uh... I'm just processing it, sir. I'm not arresting her.

“You will let her go immediately!”

“I... uh... I can't do that, sir. It's illegal."


"I'm already calling Judge Milner"; My assistant answered, holding the phone to his ear. "We'll raise your daughter quickly."

"Sorry sir, I'll do it just my job," he said. - said the security guard.

"What's your name!" - I demanded.

He turned pale. "Grant, sir."

"I'll fire you for that!"

"Sir, I comply just the laws of Texas, sir. I did nothing wrong. The union will support me.”

Chris leaned forward. — The judge sends a fax with the release order. He will place her in your care, but she must appear in court today to resolve this matter.”

"Good Good"; I nodded. "I'll make sure she's there." I glanced at the guard. "Good enough?"

– A-as soon as the documents are sent by fax, sir.

"Great!" - I growled.

The wait was endless. Officer Grant winced and continued to look expectantly at the office fax machine, then fidgeted some more. I continued to look at my assistant questioningly and he just shrugged his shoulders reassuringly. Finally, the fax came to life and printed out the release order.

“If you follow me, sir,” he said. The guard said as he pulled out his keys and unlocked the heavy steel door. We walked through the prison, stopping every few meters to open the door. “She’s here, Mr. Mayor,” he said. - said the security guard and opened another door.

The bars rattled and I heard my sweet daughter moaning in pain. I hurried down the corridor, past the cells, and then opened my mouth. My poor daughter was held in the arms of a thin man with a gentle face and swaying hips.away and raped her through the bars.

"Darlene!" I gasped. "Stop him!" He rapes my daughter!

“Hell yes!” - groaned the disgusting animal that attacked my girl. He plunged into her and it was clear he was experiencing an orgasm and my daughter continued to scream in pain. “Dear Jesus, yes! That's a grade A pussy from your daughter!” The beast turned to me and grinned, so proud that it was raping my little girl.

The cell door opened and Grant stormed in. The prisoner immediately released my daughter, backed away, raised his hands and grinned impudently. Darlene sits up and smiles at me and her eyes–

They were silver and shone like stars.

Her body was so beautiful, despite all the bodily fluids and dirt that stained her pale figure. My cock got hard – she looked like Gina, her mother. The sadness for my dead wife filled me and turned into a lustful longing for my sweet girl.

Another guard opened her cell and she approached me with predatory grace and wrapped her arm around me. Warmth enveloped me. “Let’s go,” he said. she purred. I nodded and let her lead me away.

They brought in another prisoner whose eyes lit up when he saw my daughter. He was a big guy, his arms were covered in tattoos, his head was shaved. "My goddess! You must help me!" he begged.

We walked past him. My daughter didn't even look at the prison. She would never give such a scumbag the time of day. The prisoner was thrown into a cell with the rapist. The guard pulled out his baton. I didn't care how much he hurt the damn rapist. The only thing that mattered was that my precious baby was safe. I would take her home and love her.

My cock ached, showing her how much she was missed.

My limousine was waiting in front of me, the driver quickly put out his cigarette and opened the door. Darlene slipped in first and I followed her. I sat next to her, hugged her and comforted her. She pressed herself against me, naked and flexible. Chris slipped in and sat across from us.

“My girl is safe,” he said. - I whispered and looked into her silver eyes. They were supposed to be blue, but I didn't care.

She grinned, then leaned in and kissed me. Time seemed to stand still; I kissed my daughter and her lips were sweet and wonderful. I didn't care that my assistant was watching. What's wrong with a father kissing his daughter? Her tongue slipped into my mouth and explored me while her hands roamed my body and caressed the fold in my pants.

She broke the kiss and purred, “I want your worship!”

"Yes"; I croaked, her hands unbuttoning my pants. “Whatever you want, Darlene.”

She pulled my cock out and stroked me with her silky hands. “So corrupt,” he said. She moaned and straddled my waist. “The most forbidden congress!” Insult your daughter’s flesh!

Her pussy was hot, tight and so wet that it enveloped my cock. I moaned as I looked into her bright silver eyes; Her pussy was completely buried in my cock, her young breasts were in front of my face. They were pierced with silver tendrils and had a silver star tattooed on their right chest. When did she get them?

It does not matter. I sucked on the pink nipple, enjoyed her sighs and played with the piercing.

"How wonderful!" She groaned, rose and slid down. “She will always remember this moment!”

Her hips rose faster; My hands found her ass, squeezing her cheeks and guiding her movements. Her pussy swirled around my cock, the pleasure reaching my balls. I fucked my daughter; It was the most wonderful feeling in the world. All the other pussies I ever fucked turned pale; it was so forbidden, so wrong. She was my flesh, part of me, and now I was raping her. In my darkest fantasies I wished for this, dreamed about it.

As if she had read my mind, she asked: “You've wanted to do this for a long time, haven't you?”

"Oh yes baby!" I groaned. “Since your mother died!”

She smiled. "Fine. More talk. Let her hear.

"You're just as beautiful as your mommy, baby!" I moaned; her hips rose faster. I wouldn't last long. “Ever since she died, I wanted you to take her place. I dreamed of crawling into your bed at night and finding comfort and love in your arms.”

"Yes / Yes!" she gasped. "Keep talking!"

“I stole your panties,” he said. I groaned. “I smelled them, licked them and enjoyed your fresh taste. Then I wrapped them around my cock and pretended I was fucking your sweet cunt!”

"So wrong!" my daughter gasped. “Such a pervert! I like it!"

Her pussy twitched around my cock, her head thrown back, she screamed and moaned with passion. Her platinum hair flowed around her. She fucked me harder, her hands squeezing my shoulders,Nails dig into my flesh. Her beautiful breasts continued to bounce and sway in front of my face.

“Keep riding me, baby,” he said. I groaned. “Daddy is going to cum in you!”

Her hips slowed to a lazy rhythm that triggered my pleasure. She looked into my eyes, a pair of twinkling stars on a perfect face, and then she kissed me on the lips and plunged her tongue deep into my mouth. It was a perfect kiss, our mouths locked together as tightly as our genitals. I enjoyed the kiss and enjoyed the way her vagina slid around my cock.

The first rays of sun fell on us and warmed my face.

Darlene tensed in my arms and pulled away from us. Her eyes were blue and her face was confused. She stopped fucking me, looked around, put all her weight on me and pushed my cock all the way inside her.

"Father?" - she asked in a quiet voice, all strength gone.

"Why did you stop, baby?" I moaned. "I'm so close."

She frowned. "It's like I just woke up from a dream, Daddy."

“Just keep loving me”; I told her as I squeezed her ass and moved her hips against me. “Just keep fucking me. Daddy needs to cum so bad.”

A soft moan escaped her lips, then her hips began to move. “It was such a bad dream, Daddy,” he said. - she whispered in my ear. "I got fucked by Phantom and then I fucked my dance teacher." Whitney, her teacher, was a beautiful creature who I always wanted to sleep with, but she never responded to my advances. I imagined my babe kneeling in front of a sexy black haired woman and licking her pussy.

My balls are about to explode.

“I fucked a cop and a pair of twins!” she gasped. “The tattoo artist fucked me hard by piercing my nipples and I let a bar full of men fuck me and pee on me, daddy!”

“What a naughty dream!” I moaned, my balls were about to explode.

"Then I fucked a prisoner!" Did you see that?”

"I have made!" What a cheeky act!”

"And finally I came on my daddy's cock!" She rode me faster, her pierced nipples dancing in front of my face.

My balls tensed. “And your father liked it best!”

“I'm going to cum on your cock again, Daddy!” She screamed, her pussy convulsing around my cock, squeezing the cum out of my balls.

"That's it, baby!" I groaned and then shot my daughter.

She collapsed on top of me, shaking and panting. I held her warm body close to me and enjoyed the afterglow of cum in my little girl's cunt while my hands caressed her flexible back. My cock softened but remained inside her, remaining the last bit of pleasure.

“I don’t want this dream to end, Daddy,” he said. She whispered.

"Me too, darling."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| Friday, August 25, 2017 – Astarte – Paris, France

Even with my foresight, I couldn't beat Mark.

A strong wind howled around me, a prison of gusting winds churning up earth as Mark, resplendent in his golden armor, came toward me through the ruins of Paris. He burned with energy. The powers of Moloch, Lucifer, Lilith, Dagon and Chemosh filled him. My demonic servants, shining like silver stars, rushed to my defense. Jets of water shot out of Mark, knocking him back. He didn't even need the group of beautiful silver spirits surrounding him.

I saw no future in which I could escape his sky-gold blade.

Then the Chemosh wind broke for Mark and his bright blue eyes bore into mine. I took a deep breath and raised my head proudly. For nearly three years, I ruled Western Europe, transforming the continent into a place worthy of the goddess.

“Astarte,” Mark growled. “Nine of my bodyguards died because of you.”

I gave him a mocking smile. “Only nine? I should have tried harder. How is your beloved wife?

I almost killed that bitch while she was transporting her troops across the Seine yesterday. Nearly.

His gaze became even harder. His blade cut me.

The pain was terrible. My powers were taken away from me. Mark and his whore wife have gained my foresight. I should have fallen into the abyss. I was supposed to be at the mercy of all those demons and spirits I stepped on at the height of my power.

But I didn't fall.

I was ready for this opportunity many years ago. I have prepared a vessel to occupy my mind and provide me with refuge. Lucifer thought his plan couldn't fail. But I saw this opportunity.

I opened my eyes and babbled. My ship was only three years old. But I would grow up, hide and wait for an opportunity.

"There you are"; - cooed Darlene, the mother of my ship. The young woman has matured since I took possession of her almost four years ago. She was still beautiful, but her figure had matured. She reached down and picked me up, running her hand through my platinum blonde locks. “How is my girl?Today?"

"Okay, Mom," she said. I cooed as I hugged her.

I've waited three thousand years to emerge from the abyss and rule the world. I could wait again.




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